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Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation

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Brand: Illamasqua / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Mask / What it does: Enriches,

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    4 Reviews
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      24.07.2011 20:37
      Very helpful



      a miracle in a tube for anyone who wants flawless skin


      I've always been a loyal MAC fan and steered clear of other similar brands. However, I have a friend who works for Illamasqua and was intrigued to try some of their products.

      As someone who suffers from the occasional breakout, not to mention an uneven skin tone and a few old acne scars, I'm always on the hunt for a good high coverage foundation.

      I'd read about Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation on quite a few beauty blogs and I thought it would be too professional a product for a non makeup professional like me! All the reviews said this foundation would need to be blended with a wet sponge, mixed with another foundation or moisturizer before applying, or at the very least, blended with expert precision!


      The foundation is priced at £21.50 which to me seems reasonable for a high end product. You can certainly spend more on a foundation if you want a brand such as YSL, Dior or Chanel. I was lucky enough to find this new on ebay for £9.50 including postage. Illamasqua is a new brand and therefore you can buy safely from eBay without having to worry about fakes.

      Illamasqua is not yet widely available, although there are counters in some department stores or you can buy online from their own website and ASOS, among others. Luckily, Illamasqua have a helpful colour guide on their website so you can find an Illamasqua colour close to your shade of MAC, NARS, or Bobbi Brown foundation. Very helpful indeed if you cannot get to a store or department store!


      The shade I use has now been discontinued, but it is RLF 205 (in MAC I use NC20 - I have pale skin with yellow undertones). Illamasqua has a huge colour range, they even have foundations in pure white and pure black. With everything else in between!


      Before I give my opinions of the colour, coverage, texture and everything else, here is the hype from Illamasqua's website:

      "Lock away your inhibitions and bring your confidence to the fore. Loved by professional make-up artists, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation provides maximum, long-lasting coverage without feeling or looking heavy. It blends easily and hides problem areas perfectly. Create your canvas, then paint your work of art."


      When the product arrived in the post I was pleasantly surprised! I received a 30ml tube with a screw lid and neat little opening so the product wouldn't leak.


      My first impressions were that the texture of this foundation was different to anything I'd tried before. The texture is somewhere in between a gel and a cream.


      The foundation has a light vanilla scent, not overpowering, but reminded me of cake batter a little bit!


      I first used this on bare skin (no moisturiser, primer or concealor) and was pleased with the result. Unlike some of the other bloggers who've rated this foundation, I did not have to use any weird application techniques to get a neat, even coverage. The heat from your fingertips will melt the foundation into your skin, and provided you have a good colour match, this alone will be more than enough for a natural but flawless look.

      Now this foundation really is full coverage, so you'll have to use your face powders, blushes and highlighters to put the natural flushed look back onto your face! Otherwise you'll all be one colour which can look a little odd! It's worth noting that you won't need a concealor with this one, the foundation has enough coverage to deal with any unevenness, spots, under eye circles and so on.

      After applying this foundation and your other makeup, you'll be overwhelmed with how good you look! No lie! And you'll most likely get compliments from everyone! Even people who know nothing about makeup will comment on how good you look but won't be able to put a finger on why! :)


      My only gripe with Illamasqua's Rich Liquid Foundation is the longevity. Half way through the day (about 6 hours in) I noticed that it had started to separate a bit. There were patches round my eyebrows and that 'creased' look on my neck (yuk!). Now this is heavy duty foundation so it won't fade away naturally. I'd recommend carrying a makeup sponge with you so you can blend blend blend if this starts to happen!

      OVER ALL:

      I would call this a miracle foundation for anyone with problem skin. I've read other reviews saying that this will get into any scars and open pores and highlight them BUT I have scars and open pores (to some degree) and the foundation doesn't do this at all!

      The foundation does separate a bit throughout the day, but then I haven't come across one that doesn't. So I won't hold this against Illamasqua :)

      Don't be put off by the price tag here - a little goes a long way. And hey, even if you use it all within a couple of months, £21.50 for two whole months of flawless skin really is value for money!


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      14.02.2011 01:11
      Very helpful



      My favourite foundation!

      I had been looking for a foundation light enough for my skin for a while; most foundations I've come across have been much too 'peachy'. Then, while having my makeup done professionally for a burlesque event, I discovered the Illamasqua brand. Their tagline is 'makeup for your alter ego' which sums them up perfectly. Their range is very dramatic and perfect for the stage or a night out.

      I was put off buying anything from them for a while, as the products aren't cheap - the Rich Liquid foundation is £22. It's also quite difficult to find stockists - I eventually found them in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre in Manchester, although they don't appear to be at the Selfridges in Manchester city centre, which I find strange.

      I spoke to the girl behind the counter and explained I wanted a very light foundation for use on the stage - strangely, she'd never heard of burlesque, even though they had burlesque performer Polly Rae as part of their promotional video in the background. After trying a few shades I found the perfect one - and I'm very impressed with it. It's very, very thick and is only recommended for the brave - but it's perfect to create a dramatic look. I highly recommend exfoliating before use - it can draw attention to any dry and flaky patches. All in all though, it's a brilliant foundation and I can see why it costs what it does.

      *This review may appear on other review sites under similar user name*


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      25.07.2010 13:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I like this foundation and have got on well using it

      Illamasqua are a British makeup brand and I am quite a fan of their products in general.

      I was looking for a new foundation and I went to one of their counters to see if they had anything I liked. I tend to just wear high street foundations, but I am quite pale skinned and even the lightest shades are too dark and orange on me. I find this a big problem! I have shade 133 in this and it matches up really well to my skin, I am very pleased with the shade on me. This is the only shade I have, I am not sure about the other shades.

      I also prefer a full coverage foundation as my skin is not as flawless as I would like! This Illamasqua foundation is a heavy coverage and hides problem areas of my face pretty well. I always just apply with my fingers instead of a brush as I just find it easier and looks better, this product goes on well for me.

      I know some people do not like this product or have problems with it, but for me personally the shade I have works well on my skin and the formulation is opaque enough to cover problem areas. So for me personally I do like this product and will continue to use it. If you plan on buying this product I would suggest going down to an Illamasqua counter and trying it out before hand - it's also a fun way to spend an afternoon :)


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        02.11.2009 23:03
        Very helpful



        Great if you have silky smooth skin and no pores, but otherwise steer clear.

        A little sneaky swatching at a counter and the purchase of the newer 115 shade has revealed a few things.
        1-115 (for very light skin) is much paler than the 120-133-135 (for light skin in pink-neutral-golden tones)
        2-yes the reformulation makes a difference
        3-but no it's not much better. Still plagued by major transfer, sliding around the face, highlighted pores...
        I know you want to love this, I really want to as well. It's rare for a brand to listen to the public. I'd recommend instead going for the light liquid foundation or the powder foundation, both of which I've tried and rate highly.

        Illamasqua is a UK make-up company that primarily aim their products at those who want bold make-up, be it pale-faced-black-eyed-goths or brightly-coloured-punks. They are only a year old and have already sunk their teeth into the jugulars of the internet make-up guru's who can't sing their praises enough. I was watching a youtube video which recommended their palest foundations to those who can't find one light enough (I have been struggling with this for years!) and when I saw one up for grabs on a makeup artist's blog I had to try it.

        Rich Liquid Foundation is Illamasqua's heaviest covering foundation. It costs £19.59 for 30ml of foundation which comes in a plastic, screw base tube. There are a wide range of shades available from palest skin tone (shade no. 120) to darkest (shade no. 340), two white shades (100 is pure white, 105 is white with pink undertones) and one pure black shade (355). If you've ever struggled finding a colour match, if you visit a Illamasqua counter you might find it, their shades encompass many skin tones. I have been using shade 105 (the pink undertoned white) and 120 (my colour match).

        The website page for the rich foundation claims:

        "Lock away your inhibitions and bring your confidence to the fore. Loved by professional make-up artists, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation provides maximum, long-lasting coverage without feeling or looking heavy. It blends easily and hides problem areas perfectly. Create your canvas, then paint your work of art."



        This certainly gives maximum coverage-it goes on opaque and covers your face so well that it is completely uniform in colour. However, long lasting depends on a few things. Firstly, this foundation really needs setting with powder. The foundation is really creamy and without powder it will slide around the face and crease. Secondly, the slightest perspiration will cause the foundation to run down your face, so if you're wearing it, don't run for the bus. If you set it and have a leisurely day (and don't touch your face!) it will last. You can use a wet sponge or mix in some moisturiser if you want a sheerer coverage but in my experiments with this the loss of pigmentation was very noticeable and the coverage wasn't good at all, you'll want to buy a lighter foundation.


        This is a bit of a contradiction with "maximum coverage". If you have high coverage then by it's very nature it's going to look heavy because it removes flaws (and dimensions) from your face covering it in a single shade. I agree with the feeling heavy part, it doesn't feel as heavy as many other full coverage foundations.


        Well...yes and no. If your problem areas are problems due to pigmentation then yes, there's no way and redness or sallowness is going to show through this foundation. But if your flaws are texture in nature then this is a big no. This sinks deeply into pores and highlights spots with big neon signs. If you have a skin match then it will blend nicely into the jaw line.


        I'm dithering between three and four stars, it gets 3 stars for a perfect skin day and 2 for a less than perfect skin day. I've used my two shades for a while and experimenting to find the perfect application, I've concluded that the best application is all over the face with clean fingers then blend with a very slightly damp sponge (too damp and it will slide the foundation off, dry makes a mess of the coverage). Brushes are an absolute no, they leave a streaky mess. I'm going to give it 3 stars. There's just too many problems with this foundation, I'm sure makeup artists can make this work on already flawless skin, but for the average user it's a no go.

        © L Wade 2009 - submitted only on dooyoo.


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