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inm Looks Wet Topcoat

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Brand: inm / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Coat

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2012 13:54
      Very helpful



      This is a very good product to have in your manicure drawer

      WHAT IS IT?

      A topcoat for applying over nail varnish. This topcoat will protect your nail varnish but the main benefit of this one is that it gives your nails a wet look shine.  


      Apply one coat over your nail varnish and allow to dry.  Drying time is roughly 2 minutes but it can take a bit longer than this if you use a thicker coat. 


      After I have used INM Looks Wet topcoat I am shocked by how shiny my nails are and that gives me a lot more options.  Matte nail varnishes are very on trend now but I prefer a shiny finish so even though I have got lots of matte polishes I do not wear them very often, but now I have started to use this topcoat they are getting a lot more wear.  My nails do look wet after I have applied it and are so glossy that when I am out in the sun my nails gleam and sparkle.


      I like this topcoat very much and use it much more regularly than I thought I would. I think it makes my nails look sexy and well presented, it has saved me money as well because nail polishes that I would have discarded for being too matte I am now able to use with this topcoat. 

      It dries quickly but is deceiving because it always has a wet look so you have to touch it with your fingertip to check if it's fully dry. Be careful when you do this because if you touch it before it's properly dry then you will leave the marks of your fingerprints on the surface and that spoils the immaculate shiny finish. 

      I use this a lot and replace it very often compared to my nail varnishes.  The only thing I have to complain about is that it is slightly tinted with pink so it will sometimes alter shades slightly if they already have pink or even blue tones.  It looks nice over a French manicure but I avoid using it over the white tips because the topcoat gives it a very slight pink colour instead of fresh white. 

      This topcoat does not set very hard and I think that is because of the shiny effect. I don't think it does very much to protect my nail colour but that is not why I use it, I change my nail varnish every day or two so do not ever have it on for long enough for it to chip but if you wear your colour for as long as possible then this might not be protective enough. It has chipped a few times, if you repair it immediately you can get a seamless finish but if you leave it then the topcoat will start to peel. 


      INM costs £6.25 a bottle and does not last for very long. I replace my bottle every month and have just finished a bottle today that I started on the 1st of November. 

      5 Dooyoo Stars 


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