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Iroisie Ultimate BB Cream SPF25

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Brand: Iroisie / Texture: Cream / Type: BB Cream / Texture: Cream / UV Protection Factor: SPF 25

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    1 Review
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      04.06.2013 11:07
      Very helpful



      Still trying to find a B.B. cream that suits me

      Being a bit of a beauty product addict, I always like to try out new things and vary the brands that I use. One of my most exciting discoveries has been finding online companies that provide beauty boxes. The idea is that you will be sent a box every month, which will contain a selection of various make-up, skin care, fragrance products etc for you to try out, and I have been trying a few from different suppliers. I received a sample of this Ultimate BB Cream SPF25 by Iroisie in a previous delivery from Amarya. You can find further information at www.amarya.co.uk, where you can also buy the full size product which costs RRP £29.90 for a 15ml bottle.

      Product description: "Iroisie products are made with the best marine ingredients (from the Iroise Sea in Brittany) and plant ingredients proceeding from organic farming. Soin Parfait Ultimate BB Cream SPF 25 combines natural pigments to guarantee a unique and efficient coverage.
      It contains organic anti-UV ingredients that reflect the light and a unique combination of organic ingredients: Beta Maritima, Tomato Seed oil and Cranberry Seed Oil, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce the hyper-pigmentation to soften blemishes and protect the skin. Tomato is rich in lycopene, a strong antioxidant which helps to neutralize free radicals and cranberry is rich in omega 3 and 6: your skin is hydrated, protected and looks radiant and homogeneous.
      Certified organic by Ecocert."

      B.B. Creams (short for Blemish Balm) launched in the UK some time ago, amid a flurry of media buzz and lots of hype regarding their miraculous benefits. There are loads of different varieties available now, but I still haven't been able to find one that suits all of my requirements. I was impressed by the sound of this Iroisie version as it contains a high SPF and is certified organic, so I expected it to be very good for my skin. The product description is so grandiose that it really built up my expectations, and also gave me a giggle at the pretentiousness of the language used.

      The texture of this B.B. cream is smooth with a creamy consistency like most liquid foundations. I applied it directly to my face using my fingertips, and found that the best technique was to apply only very small amounts at a time and blend well, rather than applying a large amount and smoothing out. With larger applications the B.B. cream seemed to set and left darker patches on my skin, whereas it was much easier to achieve a natural and even looking result when working in small areas at a time and building the level of coverage. I have very pale skin and although this is described as "light", the shade is not quite light enough to get a proper match against my skin and there is a distinct line of contrast visible between my face and neck. I do like my natural colouring and try hard to find pale make-up products that work with this, rather than ending up with an orangey coloured mask. I also like to use sun protection to avoid tanning or damage to my skin, and this B.B. cream contains SPF25 which is higher than many make-up products offer. This B.B. cream claims to soften the look of blemishes as well as giving overall uniformity and a radiant complexion. Personally, there are a few little problem areas that I like to conceal with make-up, including dull grey skin underneath my eyes, slightly enlarged pores, and some areas of redness around my nose. This cream gives an excellent level of coverage and really does seem to even out any flaws giving the impression of a smooth and even base, and gives a similar result to using a full foundation, but with the added benefits of natural organic ingredients and a high SPF. The finished look gives me the appearance of healthy, radiant skin with small blemishes made completely undetectable.

      Now for the bad news... That perfectly polished, natural, healthy looking, glowing skin lasts for not even a few hours. I have combination type skin and am well aware that I can often get oily patches start to appear around my T-zone throughout the course of the day. With this B.B. cream my skin went into overload and produced an excessive amount of oil, the likes of which I have not experienced since my pre-skincare routine grungy teenage years! By mid-morning my face was completely slick with oil and had a messy shiny look all-over, which in all honesty made me look quite unwell. I mopped up with blotting papers - it took two whole papers to reduce the level of shine and get my complexion looking clean and fresh again - but later on during the day, even more oil built up and my entire face was covered in a shiny oily layer once again. On my first two tries of using the B.B. cream I did not apply any moisturiser first because it is supposed to help protect and hydrate as well as concealing. I thought that maybe the lack of moisturiser was throwing my skin off balance and causing it to turn excessively oily, so on my next use I first applied my normal light day cream moisturiser, but still ended up with the same oily results from using this B.B. cream. Because this was not only affecting my T-zone area, but covering my whole face where I had applied the B.B. cream I can only say that this product really does not suit my skin type at all, and even the areas of normal skin on my face ended up oily as well. I was really disappointed with this lack of staying power, and it is far too high maintenance to be blotting frequently to manage the excess oils. I did not bother with using a mattifying powder over the top of the B.B. cream as this defeats the point of using an all-over cover product and would have spoiled the initial light and dewy finish.

      The 1ml sachet I received lasted for three uses with a tiny little bit leftover, so from a full sized 15ml tube I would expect to get at least 45 uses, and if used once a day would last for a month and a half. I know this is supposed to be a high quality product with certified organic ingredients, but based on performance I think this is far too expensive and I would not be likely to purchase it myself. It does make my skin look good initially but the effects are not long lasting and the shiny, greasy results are certainly not what I was looking for. I really like the concept of B.B. creams but this is another failed product in my opinion, and my search for a suitable variety continues.


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