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Jane Iredale Purepressed Blush Barley Rose

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Brand: Jane Iredale

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    4 Reviews
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      17.05.2011 16:34
      Very helpful
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      Worth buying but expensive

      I was first introduced to Jane Iredale, Pure Pressed Powder based about two years ago, when I visited a local salon and had a facial. I had talked to the beauty therapist about my ongoing problems with acne, and it was recommended that I change to a brand of make up that was more sensitive and kinder to my skin.

      ****Who is Jane Iredale?****

      Jane Iredale is the creator of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics which was founded in 1994. Jane Iredale's background prior to this had been in film, theatre and television. She now owns the leading brand in mineral based cosmetics and has supplied make up to the medical profession as well as the beauty industry. It is reported that this range of make up has been supplied to world - renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

      Jane's metholodgy is that true makeup artistry comes from enhancing the wearer's natural beauty and, as a result, allowing her personality to shine. Her make up line further claims to contribute to the lives of women by aiding the health of the skin.

      ****About the product****

      Pure pressed powder, like all of the Iredale makeup range is based on micronized minerals and is made without fillers and binders (such as talc and mineral oil) and without chemical dyes or preservatives.

      Plastic Surgeons have recognized the benefits of the line and were confident enough to use it on skin that had just undergone laser resurfacing. It not only effectively and safely covered the redness but also provided essential sun protection. Jane Iredale herself allegedly underwent laser treatment and demonstrated this point by immediately using Pure Pressed Powder on her face.

      Pure pressed Powder base comes in up to 20 shades, to suit all skin colours and types. Therefore, if you are buying the product from a salon I would recommend that you request a tester first, so that you can find your perfect match. The official Jane Iredale website also has images of the different shades so you can pick out your ideal shade. Some of the shades have only subtle differences between them. I am pale and initially picked a 'golden glow' shade. However, I realised that I was omitting an 'orange glow' rather than a golden glow! I now use a natural colour and add a bit of blusher, which looks more natural.

      The Pure Pressed base is a 4 in 1 product and the claim is that it can be used as a foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen (factor 20). For the sunscreen to remain effective the product must be reapplied every four hours. If you are travelling to a hot country, I would still recommend you use a sunscreen rather than relying soley on this product, however for every day use this is a great benefit of the product.

      The Micronised minerals which make up the product reflect the light, which leaves the user with a seamless and flawless coverage. It is claimed that celebrities such as Danni Minogue and Nicole Kidman use this product due to the natural coverage it achieves.

      Jane Iredale Products are not tested on animals.

      ****How to apply****

      The product comes in a gold compact case, complete with a light sponge which you can use to apply the product to your face. Instructions advise that you can choose to wet the product lightly to ensure the concealer takes full affect. However, I would not recommend this, nor would I recommend using the sponge. The best way to apply the product is to buy a good quality cosmetic facial brush, lightly rotate it in the makeup (dry not wet) and apply to the face in a circular motion until full coverage is achieved. Don't forget to lightly brush over the neck area so as to ensure a seamless finish with no make up lines. You should only need a small amount of makeup when using a brush, as the product sticks to the bristles and permeates the skin. Jane Iredale recommend purchasing the handibrush to go with this product, which can be found on their website and costs approximately £20. This is the one I use, but don't forget to clean it every month or so with a gentle cleaner or shampoo.

      ****My opinion****

      So would I recommend this product? In the main, yes. For sensitive and acne prone skin, mineral makeup is a good option, because it is kind to the skin and does not leave unnecessary traces of chemicals or overly block pores. Through a combination of vitimins and good external skin care, I have eliminated my acne over the last year, and I am now just trying to erase the scaring through good skin care and general skin maintenance. I will continue to use Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base because I know it is not damaging my skin or blocking my pores. So although it may not be actively improving my skin, it is certainly not damaging it like many other make up brands were. The sunscreen is also an additional benefit. Someone once told me 'you wear your skin every day, you need to take care of it.' Never has a truer word been spoken.

      In terms of coverage, I feel that Pure Pressed base is good, but it could be better. Despite it being a four in one product, I have to wear additional concealer underneath my pure pressed base, in order to hide my scaring. I would say my scaring is light - moderate in visibility. I use Jane Iredale Disappear concealer, and then apply the Pure Pressed base over the top with a brush. When used in combination, I am able to achieve a generally flawless and seamless look which leaves people saying that I have great skin. However, without the seperate concealer, I don't think I could achieve this look with the pure pressed base alone. For a 4 in 1 product, this is not ideal.

      The price of this product is what will put a lot of people of buying it. An average price for this product is about £33. However, once you have bought the first product, you can get a refillable version, at approximately £25. You just then insert the powder box into your original compact case. Although I do like the product, I feeel that it is somewhat over-priced. Some people say that the powder lasts for months, hence value for money overall. However, I go through about one compact every 6 weeks or so. Perhaps very little product is needed for people with already perfect and flawless skin, but for those of us with average or problem skin, it simply wont last as long.

      One further thing to consider is that you cannot buy this product in high street stores. As an exclusive product, it is only available in certain salons, or on the internet. I would recommed searching around on various internet sites for the best deal, as I was charged nearly £40 at a salon. I can now get the refillable compacts for about £23 - £26 online.

      ****Would I recommend?****

      Yes due to the healthy mineral base and seamless coverage, however I will only give this product 3 / 5 due to the high price and the less than perfect coverage without additional concealer.

      ****Recommended websites****

      http://www.janeiredale.com/ - This site has a mineral makeover 'stay and play' room where you can try out different shades for your skin.

      www.MineralBeauty.co.uk - The website I often order my product from which has refillable compacts and delivers the product efficiently.

      Thanks for reading!


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        08.03.2010 21:25
        Very helpful



        Great product but too many problems for the price

        Jane Iredale was one of the first mineral-based make up ranges. It's specifically designed for sensitive skin, primarily people whose skin is recovering from treatment such as resurfacing.. This means you are very unlikely to have a reaction to it and makes it particularly suitable for people suffering from skin conditions including acne and rosacea. As with most mineral make-ups it claims to be good for your skin, I'm not convinced it made mine any better but it certainly didn't make it any worse which is a worry with a lot of products.

        The product itself comes in a compact with a mirror and sponge for application. You can use a brush instead but you will need to buy this separately. The product is quick and easy to apply and gives a natural looking finish. I usually struggle to find foundation that matches my skin tone but didn't have a problem with this brand. The coverage is not heavy which is great for a subtle look but means you will need a separate concealer if you have a lot of imperfections or scars on your face. It also benefits from having an SPF so protects your skin from the sun while you're wearing it.

        This powder is certainly not cheap I paid over £30 for mine but if you shop round over the internet you can get it a bit cheaper - around £26. I also encountered a number of problems such as the compact being quite flimsy and becoming loose after I had it a few weeks. This resulted in a make-up bag full of (very expensive!) powder every time I took it out with me.

        I do like this product but there are a number of factors which make me reluctant to buy it again. I'm going to try out some other mineral based foundations but I would be prepared to return to using this one if others weren't as good.


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          29.06.2009 22:20
          Very helpful



          This really is the perfect base for anyone that wants a flawless look that lasts

          Do you have trouble finding a foundation to match your skin tone? Well with over 20 shades to choose from, Jane Iredales Pure Pressed Base is a sure choice. It caters for people all around the world with its global shades and it blends in perfectly to any skin type.

          You can use this base in so many ways there is bound to be something to suit you. If you use it with a wet brush you can apply it as concealer, if you use the applicator provided its a foundation and if used with a powder brush... you got it, its a powder! This product is so versatile everyone is bound to love it.

          Personally I use it with a powder brush. I swirl it around the compact, tap off any excess and apply to the skin in small circular movements, buffing it into the skin to create a flawless finish. The compact is so handy I can then easily pop it in my bag and use the sponge applicator provided to top up in the day if needed, however this is rarely the case.

          The compact is a gold case with applicator and mirror enclosed and comes in a little blue pouch to stop it getting scratched in your handbag.

          The pure pressed base also contains an SPF which is great for those sunny spells as it will protect your skin and keep you looking flawless at the same time.

          This product is so easy to use and so versatile that its a must have for anyone despite its price. This may be more than you would normally pay for a foundation but this is no normal high street brand. Only high quality ingredients go into Jane Iredales products. There is no oil so it does not cause spots or blackheads, there is no talc so it does not dry out your skin and there is no artificial fragrance or alcohols so is great for the most sensitive of skins.

          This mineral makeup is so light you could even sleep in it without it causing your skin any problems which is great for those late nights out. It does not rub off or sweat off so it lasts all day and/or night.

          I really would recommend this product to anyone!


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          25.06.2008 20:16
          Very helpful



          a brilliant foundation which blends perfectly and is available in many different colours

          Some foundations which I wear really do play havoc with my skin; some of them are too oily and look really bad when I apply them, some give me dry skin and others block my pores and give me spots. I have lost count on the amount of money which I have wasted on foundations over the years, if I don't like the look of it when I apply it or I find that it dries or irritates my skin them I'll throw it in the bin straight away regardless of the amount of money which it cost me. On one occasion I spent £30 on a foundation which I only bought because I had heard that it was really good, only to throw it in the bin after three uses because it made my skin look all dry and blotchy. I had almost given up hope of finding the perfect foundation for my skin until my mums friend recommended Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base to me. Albeit it is a little expensive but it does the trick and is perfect for my skin; A 9.9g Compact costs approximately £33.

          I had never heard of Jane Iredale nor her range of products before until my mums friend recommended them to me about 8 months or so ago. Apparently Jane Iredale set up her cosmetics company in 1994; previous to that she had appeared in various films and television adverts. Since 1994 her range of products have become really popular in America that Plastic Surgeons believe that her products are safe to use on skin which has been subject to operations such as face and eye lifts. Jane Iredale's range of products have become so popular over the last 14 years or so that they are now available world wide and not just from America.

          The Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base is supplied in a rather attractive gold coloured circular compact. When the compact is flipped opened there is a mirror on the top side and the powder and applicator are stored on the bottom; quite similar to any other compact foundation which you would purchase. On the front of the compact there is a J embossed which is obviously the Jane Iredale Logo, you also get a small navy blue coloured velour pouch in which your compact slides into so as it doesn't get bashed and damaged inside your make up bag or handbag if you are taking it out and about with you. The applicator which is supplied with the Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base is a small circular pad which is white in colour and has a soft silky upside and a velvety application side. Like the compact case the applicator also has the same J embellished on the top side of it.

          Before purchasing my Pure Pressed base I had to first find out which colour was best suited to my skin tone, I have quite a tanned complexion so I opted for the Golden Glow shade of Pure Pressed Base. There are loads of different tones of Pure Pressed Base to choose from so there is a tone which will suit the lightest or even darkest of skin tones. According to the Jane Iredale Website there are another 23 tones of the Pressed base to choose from; so there is a wide selection, which is really useful considering most foundations are only available in a small range of different tones. The Golden Glow coloured tine which I choose is best suite for people whom have medium skin tones which have yellow or gold undertones, which applies to me as I have quite a tanned complexion.

          I find that applying the Pure Pressed Base is a really easy task to do as it only takes me a couple of minutes to achieve a perfect flawless coverage. There are a few ways in which you can apply it to your face; basically it is just the way in which you prefer, with me I tried a couple of various techniques until I found the one which looked the best and was easier for me to do. The first option is to apply it using the applicator sponge/pad which is supplied with the Pure Pressed Base. To apply using this method all you need to do is swirl the pad lightly around the compact and tap gently so as you remove the excess powder. Then apply to your face and neck as you would do with any other foundation; applying the foundation in small layers until you have the desired look is probably the best way. I found that using the applicator was a quick and efficient way of applying the foundation to my face although I did think that it was too easy to apply too much of it and sometimes it often gave me an uneven complexion. The applicator is a good way of applying it if you have time and patience to take your time and get the best result; however for me I am often in a rush and don't have the time to apply it in this way so I use an alternative.

          The other method which I use to apply the foundation is to apply it using a brush and work the base into my face in small circular motions so as I get perfect even coverage. There are lots and lots of different brushes on the market which you can use, some are cheap and others are expensive. The brush which I use to apply the Pure Pressed Base is a brush called Mac Pro which only cost me about £10 from an online cosmetics website. Basically if you choose to apply the foundation using a brush then choose one which has good soft bristles which don't fall out from the brush shaft easily. When applying the foundation just lightly swirl the brush around and tap off any excess and then apply to your face and neck in circular movements so as you get even coverage. I find that using the brush gives the best coverage as it seems to get the foundation into all the little creases on your face such as the eye area and around the nose.; where as the applicator which was included with the Pire Pressed Base was rather difficult to get into these areas and resulted in a patchy appearance. So if you are going to apply using a brush then make sure that you choose one which has good quality bristles and one which feels comfortable to use. The Pure Pressed Base should be applied onto clean, moisturised skin. This foundation is quite concentrated so a little amount goes a really long way.

          After the foundation is applied to my face it looks glowing and the coverage is perfect and is achieved in a mater of 2 minutes or less. The best thing about the foundation is the fact that I can wear a light or white coloured blouse to work and not have to worry about it rubbing off on my clothes, if I'm am cuddling up on the settee with my partner watching a film then it also doesn't rub off onto his clothes. Once applied in the morning the foundation lasts right up until the evening before I wash it off before going to bed. Most foundations which I have used in the past only last a short while before they start to fade away and need reapplied again, but with this one I can wear it all day without needing to check it to see if it looks ok. If however I think that there are a few little parts which need touched up then I can do this easily and quickly using my brush.

          In the eight months or so which I have been using the Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base I haven suffered from any of the problematic skin problems which I had experienced prior to using it. It makes my skin look radiant, glowing and flawless, it blends in with my natural skin tone perfectly and it doesn't make me look as if I have foundation on, it just gives me a healthy glow and it covers up any spots or marks I have on my face. The best thing about this foundation is the fact that it covers up uneven skin tones perfectly as well as scars, rosaicia, etc. I have a scar on my forehead which is still quite pink in colour, some foundations don't cover it up and you can still see it shining through, but with the Jane Iredale foundation you wouldn't even know there was a scar there.

          The Pure Pressed Base is a 4 in 1 product, it can be used as a foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen, so even although this sounds like an expensive product you are really saving money as you will only need to use this and wont need to by separate SPF sunscreen, concealer etc. The Pressed Base is made from Micronised Minerals, natural antioxidant extracts of Pine Bark and Pomegranate. The Micronised Minerals reflect the light so as you get an even flawless coverage every time you use it. The built in sunscreen is SPF 20 so you don't have to worry about applying separate sunscreen as well as foundation. The only thing about the built in sunscreen is that you need to reapply this foundation every 4 hours or so if you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time as the sunscreen only lasts for a certain length of time. You should also reapply the Pure Pressed base if you have been towel drying or perspiring excessively.

          I highly recommend using this product as it gives you perfect flawless coverage and has the added benefit of a built in sunscreen . Since using the Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder I haven't had any dry skin or oily skin outbreaks nor have I ruined numerous amounts of white tops due to the foundation rubbing off onto my clothes. I can wear this foundation without worrying about it rubbing off everywhere, This is a particularly good product to use if you have birth marks on your face or scars or burns as it will cover them perfectly and give you a healthy looking glow without making you look as if you are wearing foundation. A really fantastic product despite its £33 price tag; one which I will continue to purchase.

          A 9.9g compact of this product will last a really long time, I have only bought one compact and this has lasted me eight months (daily use) and there is still loads left in it. I estimate that this compact should last me for another four or five months before I need to replace it with another. Once your compact is opened you have 24 months to use it up before it needs throwing out, so it also has a really long shelf life which is useful if you aren't going to use it on a daily basis.

          For more information on Jane Iredale or her range of colours or products please have a look at her website which is http://www.janeiredaledirect.com/ or www.JaneIredale.com

          You can also purchase Jane Iredale cosmetics from her website and from www.musthave.co.uk or EBay. Prices may differ depending on where you purchase it from. I paid £33 for a 9.9g Pure Pressed Base.

          Pure Pressed Base isn't tested on animals nor does it contain any talc, oils or chemicals so it is suitable for those whom have sensitive skin types.

          © Butterfly-Wings

          ~~~~Review written by me and also posted on ciao~~~~


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          Jane Iredale PurePressed Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 18 is a concealer, foundation, powder and sunscreen all in one /

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