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Jessica Nail Adhesive

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Brand: Jessica / Type: Nail Adhesive / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2010 13:09
      Very helpful



      A great nail adhesive for split or broken nails

      So you've grown you're lovely nails to a nice length and while rushing to get something or to get out the door you manage to split your nail? Do you swear? Yes, because when I do this I split it right down the nail bed, which hurts a lot.
      Or even better you're out and about and you don't have a nail file or anything with you to stop the snagging on your clothes or anything else. Typical isn't it? Before I would have to put a plaster over the split nail to stop it snagging and ripping away some more, grin and bear the pain, pay out for costly nail repairs at a salon or purchase your own kit, which can be expensive.

      I was watching a shopping channel and they had something similar but in a kit, I nearly fell of my chair when I saw the price, £20 plus, fair enough it had all sorts in the kit to repair your broken nail but again it was a quick fix and not a long term solution until the nail grew out, it was also a fiddly and timely job, not something you can do while out and about. I know there had to be something similar on the market for a fraction of the price, so I went Internet hunting. I was initially searching for simple nail glue but nothing came up, but I kept on until I found Jessica nail Adhesive.

      I have heard about Jessica Nails before but never bought anything from this brand. Jessica Nails was founded in 1970 when Jessica started her own nail salon. Jessica is a top leader in the nail industry with her on trend nail colours and treatments all at affordable prices.

      I was surprised at how cheap this product is £3.85 from beautyflashshop.co.uk, the website doesn't tell you how big the product is but on the website it looks small and that is with a blown up picture. Jessica say this nail adhesive is super strength glue to re-attach, bond a snagged or broken nail instantly.

      I had a bigger shock when it arrived a few days later, it looked even smaller. 2g of product to be precise and I remember sitting there thinking I know it didn't cost the earth but this is not going to last five minutes.
      The hard plastic bottle comes in opaque white with a screw top lid, because it is so small it is great to carry it around with you in case of an nail emergency. On the side it states it instantly bonds skin, in case of eye or internal contact flush the area with water. Why, when and how would you have internal contact? The mind boggles.
      When you shake the little bottle you can hear the fluid inside so it's not like super glue where it is a gel like texture. When you unscrew the lid you can see a little tiny funnel, where the product comes out slowly. If you tip the bottle upside down straight away the liquid starts to come out, only a drip at a time, which is good as there is no squeezing involved, which again is a good thing as there will be no stuck fingers together or too much glue gushing out.

      To use this nail adhesive it is very easy, where ever on the nail where you have a brake, simple tip the bottle upside down and let the glue drip out. What ever you do please don't squeeze the bottle as glue will be everywhere, you may stick your fingers together or clothes or.... (Insert what you will here)

      The glue itself is clear in colour with a slight glue smell but nothing strong at all. You only need one drop of this glue on your nail as it easily spreads and will easily cover the crack or break that you have. It doesn't matter if your break is half way down your nail bed; the glue won't sting and won't go into your blood stream.
      The bad thing I have found with this is some of the glue goes behind the free edge and dries there, it feels like you've glued your skin to the free edge of the nail, but don't worry as this does come away with your skin left intact.
      Sometimes with the glue it doesn't always spread out evenly but once it is dry you can file the glue down so it is even with your nail, be careful not to file to harshly as you will file all the glue away. The glue dries almost immediately so you're left to get on with your day without worrying if you're going to rip the rest of your nail off. As soon as it is dry and you try to bend the nail it feels harder and stronger so you know the glue has worked.
      A good thing about this glue is when it has dried it is hardly detectable on the nail and polish can be painted over the top.
      If your nails are all ready painted, you can apply the glue on top but it is advised when your home to remove the polish, reapply the glue and repaint over the top. If you left the glue on the polished nail, eventually the polish will come away and you've got no protection, the glue needs to bond to your actual nail.

      I have found depending how far the break occurred on the nail, the glue eventually wears off as your nail is growing. If this happens, simply reapply some more glue until the break has grown out.

      I have used this product a few times and because you only need a drop at a time it is very long lasting, not like I thought at the beginning. I can see me having this for a long time, unless I lose it.


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