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Jillian Dempsey Avon Professional Brow Styler

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Brand: Avon / Type: Brow Styler

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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2011 12:30
      Very helpful



      A fantastic eyebrow styler by a professional make-up artist for Avon

      I bought this eyebrow styler about a month ago now and I have been so impressed by it that I now have my mum, my auntie, my godmother and my boyfriend's sister and mum on it... and they all love it!

      I have always had trouble finding an eyebrow pencil that is the correct shade for me. My hair is naturally a light to medium brown colour however, my eyebrows are quite a bit darker (but they are not black). I have tried many different eye brow pencils including, Mac, Clarins, Lancome and Estee Lauder, none of which have been a very good colour match to my eye brows. This one however, is perfect!

      This Avon eyebrow pencil is called a 'professional brow styler' and it is part of the Jillian Dempsey professional range for Avon. Jillian Dempsey is a make-up artist who has specifically created a range of products for Avon. I love all of the products created by her and they are not too much more in price than the regular products for Avon. For example, this professional brow styler by her is £6.50 and the regular glimmerstick brow definer by Avon is £6.00 so only £0.50 difference. Plus they are often half price, I get a couple of these at a time when they are £3.00 each... bargain!!

      So Why Is This Eyebrow Styler Better Than Other Brands?

      Firstly it is not an eyebrow pencil, it is a propelling styler pen which seems to make a massive difference. It self sharpens itself by simply turning it, however, it does not create a very sharp pointed edge like sharpening a pencil. But this again is a plus point, eye brow pencils that I have tried in the past when sharpened give a very harsh and prominent line which tends to look very unnatural even if it is a good colour match. Whereas, this one creates an incredibly natural finish making my eyebrows look fuller and more defined.

      It comes in two colours: fair and slate. I use slate and it is the most amazing colour. It is almost a mix of grey, black and brown, so it suits very dark eyebrows as well as light brown eye brows. I love it because it perfectly matches my eyebrows.

      The eye brow styler is very small in size which is fantastic to carry around in my bag. It is about two thirds of the size of a regular pencil. It has a clip on lid which is fantastic because it never falls off in my bag. It comes in a black case with silver writing on which looks far more premium than the higher end cosmetics brands I have tried. It comes in a black box when bought which looks nice enough to give as a present to somebody.

      The feeling of this eye brow style is quite different to any others I have tried before whether they are propelling or a pencil to sharpen. It has an almost waxy, crayon like feel to it which is fantastic because it keeps the eyebrows in place too without the need of an additional eye brow gel. The magazine and website states that it keeps the eyebrows in place for up to 7 hours which I would have to agree with. I have never had a harsh line to my eyebrows from this one despite how mad I go with applying it. The waxy feel to it also feels very moisturising and never cakes in the brows.

      Like I previously said I have had this product for about a month now and I bought two at the same time. I have compared how much I have left of it next to the new full size one which I haven't used yet by propelling them both upwards. My used one looks almost full still next to the unused one which suggests to me that it will last a long time.

      Is It Hard To Use?

      It is so simple to use - I do not really have an amazing technique to applying it, you simply follow your eyebrows from the most inner point outwards following your natural eye brow shape. When I first showed this product to my mum and she used it, she instantly said how easy and quick it was to use.

      Where To Buy This Fab Product

      Avon cosmetics can be bought on their website (there are usually great online discount or cashback) or through an independent Avon representative who brings you a brochure. If you do not have an Avon representative you can find somebody local to you via the Avon website.


      All in all this is a fab product from Avon that is reasonable in price and I will never spend out on a premium cosmetics brand when it comes to my eyebrows again!


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        20.04.2011 22:41
        Very helpful



        An ethically friendly effective tool for defining eyebrows.

        ~ Product and Usage experience ~ 'Sweat of one's Brow' ~

        The Brow Styler comes packaged in a black contemporize designed card container. The front of the box notes the name of the product, 'professional brow styler' with a white line separating this is written, 'crayon definition sourcils professional'; although written in white lettering the 'professional' words are both set in a deeper white. Then there is the promotional makeup artist name, written in her signature, Jillian Dempsey, a renowned make-up artist whom is often seen in elegant magazines. The white lettering is very effective set against the black back ground.

        Turning the carton once brings the consumer to the ingredients list, all noted below. Then the information notes the address of where the product is manufactured. Finishing off this side is a collection of symbols; the first denoting that the packaging can be recycled, the next, place in bin, the third, a trade mark. Next comes the symbol to show the longevity of the product, in this case 24 months. And finally, another trade mark symbol set in an oval circle.

        Again, turning the package to the next side gives a list of 23 languages of the product name. Following this various Avon Company addresses; this is continued on the fourth side, but I advise glasses to read unless you have 20/20 vision! :D

        The Brow Styler is five inches in length and has a lovely smooth surface. There is a 7mm base that shows the colour of the styler, slate in my case. The make-up artist signature adorns the pencil in shiny silver set against the black back-ground. Underneath the name is 'FOR AVON' in capitals. As on the packaging, the name of the tool, colour, symbols and address completes the information. The lid is three and a half cms long, and pops off easily to show the crayon styler. To lengthen the styler, all I have to do is hold the top and the base, and turn either to reveal the crayon. The full length of the crayon is two and a half cms with the tip sharpened to a thicker point similar to a pencil.

        Applied well, an eyebrow pencil or Styler can bring impressive changes to the face. It focuses on the forehead and, my favourite; it affords more facial expression to the eyes, giving proper balance. Through the years, my eyebrows have had various definitions. Unfortunately, now I'm in my fifties, white hairs are appearing. In an effort to remove these, my eyebrows have become sparse! Therefore, the Styler is very important as a defining tool for me as the, thickness, length and shape of the eyebrows contribute well to the general facial beauty...I'd settle for anything near! :D

        1) To begin, I wash my face and moisturize well.

        2) Next. I place the Styler vertically over my eyebrow and begin from the inner corner of my eye. I tend to use the magnifying side of my mirror, not because my brows are that sparse :D, but it helps to ensure accuracy.

        3) I Use soft strokes from the inner corner to the arch to furnish a neat outline. By applying very light upward and outward strokes helps to ensure the brows look authentic! The wax tip just glides on beautifully. It has a very soft and pleasant feel against my brow.

        The wax tip isn't suitable to sharpen but I find that pressing the tip tightly for a moment tends to shape the tip. The wax responds to the heat of my fingers which gives me the shape I need. I find that this Styler works better than an eyebrow pencil, because the blunted point of the tool and its characteristics help in furnishing me with a more natural look.

        I picked the slate shade as it complements my brow colour. Although the tool is wax, it doesn't leave smudges as it is slightly hardened.

        ~ Recommend? ~ 'Not The Sharpest Pencil In The Box'! ~

        I certainly recommend this eye brow tool for its remarkable application value.
        Currently, Avon has the Styler on offer for £5 but the product can also be found on Amazon and EBay! I feel that the price is excellent for this beautifully designed effective tool. Additionally, a real plus to this product concerns Avon's ethos! Since '89, Avon ended animal testing on all their manufactured products.

        ~ Supplementary material} Ingredients, their relevant effects on the product ~

        Isododecane {this is a clear colourless liquid organic compound which acts as an emollient. It has many uses in cosmetics but no doubt added to this eye brow pencil for its enhancement of spreadability. Isododecane isn't generally irritating to the skin unless the user has a pre-existing allergy.

        Candellia {is a natural vegetable wax located on the outer coating of candelilla shrubs, acknowledge as an evergreen. This compound also has many uses in the cosmetic industry. Regarding the brow pencil, the element gives products their form, being a thickening agent. Added to this, its characteristic as a waxy substance affords a film forming agent and emollient, furnishing the product with a water buffer! Also, its consistency increases the fluid application of the pencil.

        Cetyl peg/ppg-10/1 dimethicone {a silicone that is very useful to the cosmetic manufacturers as an emulsifier among other things. As for the pencil, it provides good 'slip', alike Candellia, giving a lovely fluid application. It provides a smooth look and removes tackiness; which is important to the areas around the eyes, promoting comfort in wear! It is noteworthy that although in general it's considered as safe in the use in cosmetic products, many, including professionals, regard PEGs act as toxic carcinogens!

        Cera carnauba { carnauba is acquired from the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera and has cosmetic uses such as emollients and film formers. As it is also added for shine, this may be another reason it was included as one of the ingredients.

        Isoeicosane {is a hydrocarbon emollient. Mainly used by cosmetic companies due to its low toxicity and lack of irritation to the skin. Similar to Candellia and carnauba, this component also affords spreadability but also a luxurious sheen and lustrous finish.

        Cera alba {is a Beeswax; derivative. As an emollient, it has a Soothing effect, but also protects the skin from the negative of dryness.

        Paraffin {Paraffin wax belongs to a mixture of alkanes. Often added in cosmetics as an emollient.
        Caprylyl glycol {is actually derived from coconut. This natural component is used for moisturizing and, among other values, as a contribution to the antimicrobial balance against germs accompanied with cosmetic additives.

        Silica {is a mineral. This element has many uses in the cosmetic industry. One of the reasons for including this ingredient is as an anti caking agent, preventing clumps in the product's consistency.
        Phenoxyethanol {is an oily liquid that either prevents or hinders microbial growth, and so protects cosmetics from spoilage.

        Hexylene glycol {clear, practically colorless, liquids often used as a viscosity decreasing agent, which decreases the thickness in products.


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