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Kiko Medium Foundation

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Brand: Kiko Cosmetics / Powders / Type: Foundation

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2012 21:50
      Very helpful



      An amazing foundation from Kiko Cosmetics and it is only £5.90! Highly recommended!

      Kiko Medium Foundation

      I bought this foundation a couple of months ago from the kiko cosmetics website along various other items - you can now purchase from the Kiko Cosmetics website as they ship to the UK, which is fantastic as Kiko is definitely one of my favourite make up brands! This is the first kiko foundation I have tried and it has definitely made me want to try other Kiko foundations.

      - Product description (from the Kiko Cosmetics UK site)

      "Creamy foundation, non-greasy, suitable for normal to dry skin. Keeps the skin moisturized thanks to Hyaluronic Acid. The dense and compact texture gives a medium to intense coverage and a delicately satin finish. It contains a medium protection sunscreen."

      - About the product

      This foundation comes in six shades (not enough to cover most skin tones though, in my opinion) and I bought the shade 'A2 Light Natural Pink'. The foundation comes in a squeezy tube which is fairly hygienic and the tube contains 50ml of product. All of my other foundations (eight) only have a maximum of 30/35ml of foundation, so you are getting a lot more foundation for your money with this product. The tube is fairly clear so you can see how much foundation is left and the shade number is printed on the back of the tube. Other information such as product claims and the ingredient list is not printed on the tube. This product is stated to contain some form of sunscreen but there is no figure stating the amount of SPF in this product (either on the packaging/tube or the website that I can find).

      - Shade (A2 light natural pink)

      I purchased this shade 'A2 Light Natural Pink' which is the lightest shade available (online) and I am fairly pale to I usually buy the second lightest foundation shade - so I was quite confident that it would be a fairly good match. Also this shade is stated to be 'light natural pink' and I have pink undertones in my skin so this shade sounded perfect for my skin (pale 'English rose' skin tone). When I received this product (via UPS) I was a bit surprised when I saw the shade - it does not look pink toned at all in the tube and it looks fairly dark/orange in the tube too. Although when I applied and blended this product into my skin it became a lot more natural and lighter. It is a fairly good match for my skin tone but for anyone paler than a NW20 in MAC I think this foundation shade will be too dark - even though it is the lightest shade. Although you still can use this foundation if you are paler as you can buy foundation lighteners and white foundations which can be mixed with foundations that are too dark, this will lighten the shade.

      Overall, I find that this foundation is a good match for my skin tone and I can wear this shade easily during the spring and summer months but I think as my skin gets even paler in the winter months I will not be able to wear this shade (unless I lighten it with a white foundation, eg: Barry M white foundation). I have pink undertones in my skin so pink toned foundations look the most natural and although this shade is stated to be 'light natural pink' I don't think it has pink undertones. A great shade range for individuals who have tanned/medium skin tones and slightly darker; there are no shades really for individuals who have extremely pale skin tones or dark skin tones, in my opinion.

      - Using the product

      Firstly, before I use this product I cleanse my face then apply my serum (Boots Botanics Ultra Calm Serum), my moisturiser (Simple Rich Moisturiser) and I then apply my face primer. You do not have to apply a face primer before foundation, unless you want to. Although I find that applying a primer before foundation makes the foundation last a bit longer and it keeps the foundation looking fresher for longer too, in my opinion. I use the Body Shop 'Moisturise it' Foundation Primer and I then apply the Kiko Medium Foundation. I dispense about a small pea sized amount of foundation and that amount is usually enough to cover my face with a thin layer of foundation. I have applied this foundation with my MAC 190 flat foundation brush, my Real Techniques expert face brush (which is the best foundation brush I have tried!) and I have also applied and blended this foundation with my fingertips. I find that the flat foundation brush is not the best tool to apply and blend this foundation as it can make the foundation look a little bit streaky and too heavy, in my opinion. The Real Techniques expert face brush is amazing with all of my foundations and this one is no exception; it applies the foundation really well with no streaks, leaving a soft even finish.

      Although in my opinion the best way to apply this foundation is with finger tips. Applying this foundation with finger tips is just so quick, easy, fuss free and it gives a gorgeous natural satin finish on the skin. This foundation applies really well with the real techniques brush or with finger tips and it hardly streaks. The texture and consistency of this foundation is really nice; it has an almost gel like consistency which makes the product apply and blend so incredibly easily. It has a really smooth texture as well which allows the foundation to glide onto the skin - like a second skin. The application and blending of this foundation does not take very long at all; it usually takes me about two minutes at the most to apply/blend this product onto the skin with finger tips, which is great if time is tight or if you don't want to spend too much time on your makeup.

      - Results

      The quick and easy application/blending of this foundation makes it perfect for a light, natural but even make up look. The coverage of this foundation when applied with fingertips is medium coverage, in my opinion but it is definitely not full coverage whichever way I apply this product. The coverage of this foundation is quite flexible as the foundation on its own is medium coverage although the coverage can be made lighter if you add a moisturiser to the foundation. Also you can add a powder and or concealer on top of the foundation for a heavier/fuller coverage overall. I find that for me one thin layer of this foundation is almost enough to cover most of my redness, pores and some of my blemishes. I would prefer a bit more coverage but I like the natural, light finish this product gives my skin and I think that if this foundation had more coverage it would look too heavy on my skin. The overall appearance of my skin after I have applied this foundation is really nice, natural but really evened out and more uniform. I find that for me this foundation definitely does not give a matte finish and it does not give a dewy, hydrated finished but it is somewhere in between - a satin, natural finish. The best effect of this foundation, in my opinion, is the products ability to make my skin look really quite uniform - it reduces redness, covers pores well and it decreases the appearance of my minor blemishes. Although I find that this product does not cover everything (it does not cover all of my skins natural redness and it does not cover all of my minor blemishes). Also I find that if my skin is extremely dry in some areas this foundation can adhere slightly to those areas.

      Overall, this foundation has a medium coverage, it is not matte and it is not dewy - it is somewhere in between (satin finish). The foundation makes my skin look a lot more uniform, it helps reduce redness and the appearance of pores/blemishes. Although I find that there are a couple of minor negatives in terms of the results of this product. For example, this foundation if applied too heavily can look a little bit caky and if you have really dry patches this foundation may adhere to those areas slightly. In summary, the positives results of this foundation far outweigh the negative results, in my opinion. Also this foundation does not cause me to have any additional break outs and it does not irritate my skin. A great foundation for individuals with normal-dry skin types and it is probably not best for those with very oily, extremely dry/flaky or combination skin types, in my opinion.

      - Longevity and oxidisation

      In terms of oxidising I find that this foundation when first applied is a great match for my skin tone although after about half an hour or so this foundation does oxidise very slightly on me. If a foundation oxidises it means that it has reacted with the oxygen in the air and changed to a slightly darker shade on the skin. I find that this foundation does oxidise on me so it turns slightly darker while on my skin but this effect is really quite minor and it is not very noticeable at all, in my opinion. In terms of longevity and wear I find that most foundations last fairly well on me (when used with a primer) and this foundation is no exception. On my skin (sensitive/dry) this foundation lasts for about seven to eight hours comfortably but it can last a little bit longer on me. I do not set this foundation with a powder as I have dry skin but if you have slightly oily skin and are interested in this foundation I would recommend setting the foundation with a mattifying powder. This foundation does wear off really quite well although by the end of the day (about eight hours) this foundation can look slightly patchy on me - it is not significantly patchy but it is slightly noticeable. On the areas of my face that are slightly drier and slightly oiler the foundation does not last as well, so I think this foundation will not be good for individuals who have combination skin types. On the whole this product oxidises very slightly on me, it has good longevity and it wears well - but it can look slightly patchy towards the end of the day.

      - Overall opinion

      Overall, the shade is good for my skin tone but the shade range for this foundation overall is not very good. The foundation shade I have 'A2 Light Natural Pink' is not pink toned in my opinion. The application and blending of this foundation is fantastic due to the smooth gel like consistency/texture of this product. The finish on my skin after application is really nice, natural, even and radiant. The only negative points in terms of the results/finish of this foundation are as follows: it can look very slightly cakey if applied too heavily and the foundation does not cover everything. The longevity and wear are great although the foundation can look slightly patchy after about eight or so hours. When compared to my other foundations this product is in the top three along with my Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation. This product is quite similar to the Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation in terms of the finish on the skin, the coverage, the texture and the wear/longevity, in my opinion - although it is a lot cheaper than the Illamasqua foundation. I would definitely recommend this foundation and I would buy it again.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this foundation a couple of months ago when I made my first online order with Kiko cosmetics website and this foundation was only £5.90 for 50ml which I think is just fantastic - especially considering the quality of this foundation. The Kiko Cosmetics website does ship to the UK from Italy but if you do not want to guess your shade there is a Kiko store in Westfield shopping centre I believe. Kiko also has many stores across Italy, Spain, France Portugal and Germany - I will be looking out for a Kiko store in Italy and Spain while I am on a Royal Caribbean cruise in August.



      *Applies so smoothly and evenly
      *Squeezy tube - easy to dispense a controlled amount of product
      *Gorgeous creamy, gel like texture
      *Feels light weight on the skin
      *Provides medium coverage (coverage is fairly flexible)
      *Leaves my skin looking a lot more uniform/even, smoother, softer and radiant
      *Somewhat moisturising
      *Does not irritate my skin or cause break outs/spots
      *Fantastic price - only £5.90!
      *Similar in texture, finish, coverage and longevity/wear as my Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation (which is much more expensive than this foundation (over £20). Although I do prefer the Illamasqua foundation just because the shade is better for my pale skin)


      *Shade range - not very pink toned, in my opinion and not really suited to individuals with fair skin
      *Can look a bit patchy by the end of the day (eight hours or so) on the areas of my skin that are slightly drier or slightly oiler
      *Can oxidise very slightly on me - change to a slightly darker shade (this effect is minimal and only slightly noticeable though)

      Thank you for reading my review

      *For the team 'British Lions.'*


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