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Konad Nail Stamper & Scraper

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    4 Reviews
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      24.11.2014 16:57
      Very helpful


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      Konad Nail Stamper and Scraper - A good piece of kit.

      ~ Konad Nail Stamper and Scraper ~

      I love to my nails and using the Konad Nail Stamper is one of the easiest ways to add nice designs to your nails.

      The way to use these is as simple as it sounds, you stamp your nails!

      You have to apply nail varnish to a special plate and then wipe over the plate with the scraper to remove the excess nail varnish and then use the stamper to pick up the pattern and then apply it to the nail. It comes off the stamper really easily and just transfers to the nail. You then have to repeat the process for each nail. All of the product can be easily wiped off the stamper as it has a rubber type head which is not porous so does not hold the colour. The plate needs to be wiped clean with nail varnish remover and cotton wool buds as these seem to get into the little pattern grooves with ease.

      You can get loads of different design pattern plates and all are suitable for use with the Konad Nail stamper and scraper.

      The scraper is like a blunt blade which pushes the colour into the plate and removes the excess nail varnish at the same time, I would recommend that this gets wiped over after each use with some nail varnish remover. The handle of my scrapers have discoloured over time with the nail varnish build up but it doesn't affect the performance in any way.

      Easy to use and give great results. I have used cheaper stampers and the quality was not as good as the Konad so I would say to get the proper thing as it will last you well.

      Thanks for reading x


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      31.01.2014 13:52
      Very helpful



      Try it, it's great...

      Konad stamping is something I've recently discovered and I have to say I'l really excited about it and it has opened a whole new world for me in terms of nail art. I wish, again, that I could post photos on this site as I am currently sporting a french manicure with a rose pattern like a stained glass window on the ring finger, it looks like a lace finishing and is just amazing in my opinion!

      What is it?
      The nail stamper and scraper is an essential piece of kit in terms of being able to use the plates and patterns (I will separately review this part of the kit). In this kit you get two parts, a scraper and a stamper which I will explain in the next section of this review. The outcome is a stamped design on your nail, finishing off a manicure with some fine detail.

      In use
      To use, I select a pattern from the plates set I have and then choose a colour to use that will contrast with my nail colour. The colour has to be the special Konad nail varnish as it's a bit thicker than normal polish and works well as a stamp. I flood the plate with colour and then scrape the excess off with the scraper. The stamp is double ended so you can use the small or big end to then lift the pattern off the plate. Next step is to roll the pad of the stamp across the nail to leave the pattern on the nail. I finish the nail off with some clear top coat to elongate the life of the pattern on the stamp. A handy hint with this kit is to really push down firmly when scraping off the excess colour from the plate. Using a firm surface underneath helps too.

      I have had huge positive results with this set, nail art lasting more than a week. In terms of the stamp it works well and cleans up well. The pad is cushioned on each end which helps in applying it to a curved nail. You can use the small end to do little details like stars or butterflies and it works really well.

      I paid £4.98 on Amazon for this, using dooyoo miles vouchers actually. I think this is great value for money! Bear in mind this is only part of the kit you'll need to do the nail art.

      Final word
      I love this item and can see it will last me a long time as long as I look after it by cleaning up the set after use. Without this you would not be able to lift the design off the plates. It is quick and easy to use and you get fast results, I cannot fault this piece of kit and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to try a fun manicure!


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      05.08.2011 16:04
      Very helpful



      A great unusual product

      First off, I've got to thank Dooyoo user Antha87, because until I read her review of this product, I'd never even heard of them before.

      What is it?
      The konad range is a new way to easily print intricate designs on your nails without paying ridiculous prices at the salon. You can choose from a large variety of round metal plates with different designs scratched into them. You paint your selected colour nail varnish onto the plate, over the chosen design, scrape it off with the Konad scraper, so the nail polish is just in the design, then use the Konad stamper to pick up the design and stamp it onto your nail.

      Online, they do recommend that you use the Konad nail varnishes, but these are quite expensive, about £5 for 5ml bottle, so I decided to try my own nailvarnishes first before spending more money on these.

      The plate that I bought has 6 different designs on it, a fishnet effect, leapord print, tiger print, some flowers, and two fancy border-like designs, this is the M57 plate. You can check out all the different plates that are available on http://www.konadnailart.com/ where they show you the plate, an what your nails can look like. You can also purchase products from this site.

      using the proucts
      After ordering my kit of Ebay, I watche a few tutorial video's on youtube to get an idea of how to use it and what kind of results to expect. I was a little worried because all the videos I saw were on lovely long nails and I have short bitten nails, so I knew my results weren't going to be as nice as theirs. After it arrived, I decided to try the leapord print first. I painted all of my nails a pale pink using the Barry M ice cream pink. I let that dry then I used my No7 Hot pink for my design. I painted a generous amount onto the plate, covering the leapord print design, then scraped it off so the nailvarnish was only in the grooves of the design. I then stamped the plate to pick up the design, and stamped it in a rolling movement over my nail. It worked fantastically. I had a really nice pale pink background with a darker pink leapord print pattern on top. After my nails had dried, I had to go around my nail with a cotton bud dipped in nailvarnish remover to clean my fingers from where I'd stamped over my nail, but it only took two seconds.

      After you've used everything for one nail, you need to wipe it all clean with nail varnish remover so you don't make a mess of your nails from previous prints. It was more tricky doing my right hand but ater a couple of go's, I got it to work a treat. I couldn't wait to use it again, but didn't want to take it off my fingers, so I started on my toes using the fishnet design. I used the same colours, and got very good results again. The only problem I found with this was that my big toe nail is bigger than the design, so I had to try to stamp it twice and line up the pattern which was awkward.

      I will say that the plates you get with the designs on are much smaller than they look online, so if you do buy one, don't expect them to be big.

      There's a wide variety you can buy online, from floral designs, to lettering, and french manicure tips, so there is something for everyone. Although my nails are quite short, it still looked really good and since I've had the designs on, I haven't bitten my nails at all! At the minute, I'm sporting purple nails with blue leapord print on top, which definitely looks unusual, I've had loads of people asking me how I've done it.

      The designs don't chip or come off really easily either which I did expect. I didn't bother to put a top coat on because I'd been playing around with the kit for ages and couldn't be bothered to paint them all again and wait for them to dry, but mine lasted on for five days before it started to look a bit shabby.

      You can buy allsorts of sets, ranging from around £8 up to £80 which includes different plates, nail varnishes and little gems you can stick on your nails. I don't know why these aren't available in shops like Boots and superdrug, I've only seen them online, but you can get them from Amzon, Ebay, the Konad website and others so have a look around to get the best price. I'd definitely recommend checking out the youtube tutorials as well to get an idea how to use it and some design ideas because I found it really helpful.

      I don't think I' bother buying the Konad nail varnishes even though they are recommended because most of my own have worked fine. The No7 and Barry M nailvarnishes work really well because they're quite watery so print the designs well.

      Overall, I love this product, my nails look really unusual and different and it isn't too expensive or difficult to use. If I can do it, anyone can! :)


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        30.01.2011 16:47
        Very helpful



        I love this and love having my nails looks fun and exciting!

        I stumbled across the Konad Nail stamper on YouTube, I was watching my usual make up videos and decided to look up some nail art videos. As I love Minx nails! But I do not have the spare funds to get them done all the time, or I would rather spend that money on visiting friends! Also my creative inner self enjoys being quite D.I.Y with this sort of thing.

        In the particular video I watched I girl created lovely nail art with lace and bows! So when I seen the still this one caught my eye as it looked quite intricate so I was interested to see how the girl had done it, wash it brushes, a template or transfers? It was none of those! It was in fact done using the Konad Nail stamper and one of the many image plates! It looked so easy it wasn't long before I was online shopping for one!

        *Purchasing the Stamper*

        I haven't seen this in any shops yet and therefore bought mine online. I got mine from Ebay however I would really recommend going to the Konad website as the prices are the same if not better and you can buy it all in the one place so it all arrives at once!
        The little stamper and scraper shown in the picture cost me roughly £3 and an image plate(which has to be bough separately unless you buy a kit) costs about £6. This seems to be the average price for these.

        *The Product*

        What I purchased;

        Konad Stamper & Scraper - I bought this one as it was the cheapest. You can get stampers with two ends, but as I really wanted to just see how it worked for myself I didn't want to spend too much on it yet.

        Image Plate M57 - This plate has 6 designs on it, leopard print, zebra print, fishnet, two lace strips for the tips of your nails and little flowers. I picked this on as I really wanted the leopard print.
        There a re lots of plates to choose from and so many designs, from holiday themed ones to letters or bows! I would recommend picking one plate to start that you think you will use at least half of the designs on it. As otherwise you could end up buying so many plates and only using one design off each. So try and narrow it down until you get the hang of using it before spending lots of money on plates. Or! Get all your friends to purchase a plate each and get together for some nail stamping fun where you can use eash others plates! A great excuse to see more of your friends!

        You can buy various other accessories, like an image plate holder, but for starters this does just fine.

        I was so excited when it arrived! I couldn't wait to open it up and try it out! However, on first impressions I was surprised at how small it was. I don't really know how big it could be, as your nails are only small but I wasn't expecting it to be this teeny tiny! The plate is about 6cm in diameter, and fits 6 designs on it. The stamper is also small, I would say a 2.5cm diameter on that.

        *Using the Product*

        I have to say I did not text this on myself first! My poor flat mate had to sit while I painted all his nails - yes his! I wanted to try out as many of my own nail polishes as possible as I had read you do not need to buy the special polishes on the site as some nail polishes work just as well with it. However, only one of my nail polished worked really well so when you do buy the stamper and plate I would recommend buying a polish as well. I have since ordered black as I know it the colour I would use the most for the designs. These are available on the site for £4 , but as with the other items it is teeny- but they do have bigger bottle available should you want to get one.

        On my first go of playing with my new toy I was so impressed! Sitting stamping my flat mates nails, trying out all the designs was really fun! It was also so simple!! To break it down these are the steps you follow (I have based these on my second go of using this product);

        1. Pick your colours of nail polish. I chose a Nails Inc, nude/beige color for the base and the black Konad polish for the design. I am going to use the leopad print.
        2. Paint a clear base coat on your nails and your base colour. And leave to dry.
        3. Get an old magazine if you have not got the image plate holder as the pricess can be quite messy! Put the image plate on the magazine and take some of the black polish(or whatever colour you have chosen) and put it all over your chosen design. It doesn't need to be put on too thick as you will spread out the polish.
        4. Using the scraper, scrape off any excess polish by pressing down on the plate and sweeping of the design from one end to the other.
        5. Quickly get the stamper, and making sure you will get the whole design, press it into the design. Don't wiggle it around, I say it works best of your roll it over th design once going from one side to the other.
        6. Then making sure you will cover the whole nail, or as much as possible, do the same rolling motion with the stamper you did onto the plate but onto your nail.
        7. Voila! The design has transferred from the stamper to your nail! The only polish left on the stamper is from where it didn't touch tour nail or finger.
        8. Using a cotton bud with a little bit of nail varnish remover take off any on the design which has transferred onto your skin around the nail!
        9. Apply a top coat and your done!

        The results look really good and with enough practice very professional! I have to say after my first attempt at using it on myself (I choose a nude base and use white nail polish-it was the only one that worked- with the fishnet design) so many people asked to see my nails! I had a ball telling them all about my new favourite buy! I really think Konad should hire me to sell this thing as I have pretty much convinced so many people it is a must have item! Which I truly believe!

        However, you knew there had to be a but as some point as it was all sounding too good to be true! This product works better on short nails, or at least for the full nail designs. If you have long or wide nails it will take a bit of extra practice to overlap the designs. To be honest the item will take a bit of practice in general for some, as I discovered when I took to a friends house one night and there were about 5 or five of us having a go! The tricky part is covering the whole nail as you have to work out which way to roll the design over your nails. Really though, if you spend maybe an hour maximum having a play with it I'm sure anyone would be a pro by then end!


        I love love love this! I will be buying more plates very soon! And I plan to buy a metallic nail polish for a base coat to really get that minx nails look. Even without that though everyone that has asked about my nail has thought they were minx!
        I still would rather get Minx nails for some occasions as some of their design are just great but for some special every day or going out nails this does the trick! Plus as I said an added bonus of this product is it's really fun to use with friends!

        A downside to the product is tat there can be a lot of wastage with the polish you use for the designs as you are always loosing the excess polish you have scraped off. However, if you can do it all quick enough you can scrape the excess over the design again until there isn't enough on the scarper, but this is a tricky job and takes more time.

        I can see this getting more and more popular so get in there first before the prices go up!

        I plan to upload this onto my blog really soon to show some images of how it all turned out! So check out the link on my profile.


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