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Korres Cherry Full Colour Lip Gloss

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Brand: Korres / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2010 23:56
      Very helpful



      Worth paying a bit extra for it

      I had never tried Korres products before and had not really heard of them but I spotted this on sale on asos.com for £8 and thought I'd give it a try. Korres are a Greek brand of skincare and cosmetics who like to keep their products as natural as possible and so they contain no nasties like parabens.

      I bought this in the colour nude which is a bit more pinky-brown than the one pictured above. The gloss comes in a 6ml tube with the usual type of sponge applicator attached to the lid.

      The cherry title was the main thing which caught my eye with this product as I love cherries and so thought it would smell and taste lovely which it does. It's a nice sweet cherry taste like a glace cherry but not quite as sweet - it's a very natural flavour and not overpowering, just a nice hint.

      My favourite thing about this gloss is that it doesn't have those horrible little sparkly things in it like some other glosses do, where half an hour after applying it all your left with is glittery bits on your mouth. This is a nice smooth and shiny gloss which supplies a hint of colour. I'm not a fan of brownish coloured lip products or lipsticks in any colour for that matter, but this is really lovely and lets your natural lip colour shine through with just a hint of the colour. I don't find it sticky or gloopy and the angled sponge applicator lets you apply the product easily - no mirror required.

      The lip gloss contains cherry oil and various vitamins which really do help moisturise and make the lips look healthy and full. I have also had mine for a good few months and it's still going strong even with regular use so it lasts a while.

      My only annoyances with this product are:

      1) As I tend to keep it in my handbag all the time, the constant battering against everything I have in there has caused the writings on the tube to be scratched off completely. While this is hardly a complaint about the product in any way it now looks like a cheap & nasty 99p basic tube of gloss. But as I've had it for a long time now this type of thing would happen with any other brand of gloss.

      2) I have yet to find a gloss which stays put when eating or drinking and this is no exception. It does come off onto glasses and cups or when eating but I would expect this with any other lipgloss out there so again it's not that big an issue.

      Overall I love this gloss and would definately buy it again. I like the smell, taste and effect of the product and I also like the Korres brand and what it stands for.


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      22.07.2010 20:03
      Very helpful



      An excellent lip gloss which I would recommend to all.

      I have only recently become aware of the brand Korres, and they are a Greek cosmetic company who produce various skincare, bodycare and make up items. I loved the look of some of their make up, therefore I picked up a few of them, and this lip gloss was one of them. It is called the cherry full colour lip gloss, and is available in a number of colours.

      As you can see from the image above, the tube is fairly simple, as is the packaging. I think this is effective as it looks sleek and expensive, whereas bright colourful make up packaging will often look quite cheap and tacky. The cherry full colour lipgloss is available in a number of different colours and these are:
      * 11 - Light Pink
      * 22 - Naked Rose
      * 23 - Light Purple
      * 25 - Natural Purple
      * 30 - Naked Beige
      * 32 - Beige Pink
      * 33 - Nude
      * 37 - Golden Brown
      * 38 - Naked Brown
      * 44 - Orange
      * 45 - Coral
      * 52 - Red
      * 54 - Fuschia
      As you can tell from these shades, there are some very wearable, natural shades, whereas there are some brighter, more vivid shades for those who prefer them. I personally own the lip gloss in the shade nude, which I was hoping to be a light brown colour. I was surprised to see that it is not infact a 'nude' colour, it is a more pinky brown, however it is still very versatile. Even though the shade was not what I expected, it did turn out to be one of my favourite colours that I own.

      It is a nice size, and contains 6ml of lip gloss. I would say it is about an average size lip gloss, therefore is fine to fit into handbags and make up bags. The applicator is lovely and soft, and is angled to help give a precise application, and so far I have had no problems in using this.

      The lip gloss itself is a nice consistency, and is slightly thick. This helps as it means the gloss will remain on your lips for much longer. I have noticed that very thin lip glosses tend to disappear within an hour. This lip gloss applies really smooth, and does not budge.

      I have always favoured lipsticks over lip glosses simply because lipstick tends to last all day, whereas you have to constantly reapply lip glosses. I found that this lip gloss did remain in place for a long period of time, and did not need doing up often. This is great, as it means it is great for when you are at school or work, or even if you are going out of the night. As well as this, it is not sticky at all, so you can avoid the hair stuck on your lip gloss moments!

      I have not worn this while eating or drinking, so I could not tell you if it would last through that, but I assume that it would, as it is an overall fantastic lip gloss. Furthermore, as it is 'cherry' flavoured, it does smell of cherries and is lovely and fruity, whereas some lip glosses just do not smell pleasant!

      The fabulous thing about Korres is that they are a friendly company, and try to contain lots of good things within their products. In this lip gloss is cherry oil which helps to hydrate the lips, as well as vitamins E and C which offer antioxidant protection. More great things about this lip gloss are that it is dermatologically tested, so no animals were tested on, it is paraben and mineral oil free, as well as being free of silicone, propylene and ethanolamine. This is excellent, and a great reason why you should look at Korres' make up products.

      If you are interesting in checking out Korres, you can visit their website which is www.korres.com. Another big stockist of Korres make up is ASOS (www.asos.com). This lip gloss has a retail price of £10.75, however they are often on offer at ASOS for around £7, so it is worth a look!

      Overall, I am very happy with this lip gloss, as it comes from such a great company who use all natural ingredients. The lip gloss itself is available in such a wide range of shades which are long lasting on the lips. They may be a little bit more expensive than most other lip glosses, however I feel that it is worth investing this extra money in to it as it is worth it! Thanks for reading.


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