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L'Occitane Plum Blossom Lip Gloss

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Brand: L'Occitane / Lip Gloss / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2012 17:29
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      A very lovely lip gloss

      I am slowly and surely reviewing my rather large and extensive L'Occitane collection which has grown in size considerably since my birthday! For those that have never heard of L'Occitane then you have been missing out on these wonderful French products and they are not just for women as they also have a range for men too so no excuse really! My mother is obsessed with L'Occitane and has been for a number of years and I have been converted by their chic French packaging with a slight grown up twist. As with most things of luxury they come with a higher price tag than most but can be well worth it.

      But like with a lot of cosmetic companies L'Occitane will discontinue products at little or no notice at all which is a real shame. One product currently discontinued in the UK is the L'Occitane Plum Blossom Lip Gloss. I am quite fond of the L'Occitane Plum Blossom range so of course I naturally bought the lip gloss probably around a year ago and have made it last to this current day although I have managed to track a few down in between to keep a good supply! L'Occitane tend to keep their products in ranges and although the Plum Blossom range is still going (thankfully) this product isn't!

      The secret ingredient to the Plum Blossom range at L'Occitane is the use of plum kernel oil which is known for its moisturising properties which will not only keep your skin hydrated but it will also protect your skin and nourish it. The lip gloss is no different; it helps take care of your lips which happen to be the most delicate area of skin on your body. The main reason why I like the Plum Blossom range is the scent, its beautiful, floral with a fruity hue. Therefore, the main reason behind me originally buying this lip gloss was simply because I liked the scent not for its moisturising properties!

      The lip gloss itself comes in a clear plastic tube with a screw on lilac coloured top. The tube it comes in looks exactly like a Lancome Juicy Tube or many other lip glosses available. On the front of the tube there is a lovely image of very pale coloured lilac and silver flowers (I presume plum blossoms!) almost covering two thirds of the tube, it really is pretty detailing. Of course there is the usual L'Occitane font logo together with the product name (in French too - fleurs de brignoles) in purple font which again is in keeping with the product. On the back of the tube there is the extensive ingredients list, contact information for L'Occitane as well as a brief description of the product itself.

      The lip gloss when you look at it from the tube is an odd colour, almost a slight pink/peach colour which has a lovely iridescent sheen to it. Whatever the colour it is very pale and ideal for everyday wear/use. L'Occitane do say that it will provide a hint of colour to your lips which is of course nice for a natural, more subtle look. The gloss itself isn't a thin gloss like some on the market whereby you squeeze the tube and it comes straight out, this has quite a thick consistency and will need a little persuading when being squeezed out but this is the type of consistency that I prefer as you get a lot less waste as you don't want the "I've just kissed a chip pan" look and of course it means your tube of lip gloss will last a lot longer. You simply want to apply a thin layer rather than a thick wet layer as it will just look awful with too much on.

      The lip gloss when eventually squeezed out of its tube isn't the colour it is when in the tube. It is clear with a very subtle shimmer to it and once applied the so called hint of colour it is meant to provide is non existent which is hardly a problem for me as when I bought it I didn't even know it was supposed to do this but I guess if you buy it for this subtle colourful hue then you will be quite disappointed. However, on the lips it does give a nicely natural sheen without being too glossy which is lovely. Even better is the fragrance it has; a very soft floral aroma which does have quite a sweet almost berry scent to it which for me is great and that is the exactly reason why I bought it. Some lip glosses after a slight after taste when applying and wearing but this has a very pleasant, quite sweet after taste which makes a nice change!

      Without a doubt this lip gloss is incredibly smooth and despite its thick consistency it isn't sticky which is lovely. It is incredibly light on the lips and can actually last for a few hours before renewing it. Once it has been absorbed it doesn't leave a residue behind either but instead you do feel as if your lips have been moisturised and cared for. I can suffer with dry lips if I am not careful and this manages to keep my lips soft whilst giving them a lovely natural look. I really have no complaints about this lip gloss as it keeps my lips soft and chapped-free as well as providing a lovely aroma it is just a real shame that this has been discontinued.

      Overall, this is a lovely every day lip gloss. It isn't heavy, it's light and lasts for quite sometime after being applied. If you like a lip gloss with a lovely aroma which is more natural than synthetic then if you can get hold of it, it is definitely worth trying as it is lovely and I can't recommend it highly. However, if you are wanting a lip gloss with a subtle colour (as this does actually promise) then give it a miss as you will be disappointed. Definitely a lovely lip gloss and one I am keen to keep buying as long as I can find it. 5 stars from me!

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: L'Occitane
      Size: 15ml
      Original Price: £8.00
      Availability: Very limited online


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