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L'Oréal 4D Lash Architect Mascara

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Lip Liner / Suitable for: Eye

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    4 Reviews
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      03.04.2013 14:49



      Excellent mascara for every day use

      Absolutely amazing! I am always using Loreal Artitect and none of the other millions of mascaras out there in supermarkets, online stores etc I find it provides me a fake eyelash look without overdoing it though. It doesn't clump, smudge, glides on smoothly, provides good coverage and conditions your eyelashes. Most amazingly, it provides a great lengthening function which makes it seem I have enormous fluttering eyelashes! I have received many compliments about my eyelashes due to this mascara till date and I have been wearing it for a year now practically every day. I don't use anything else on my eyelashes anymore. I used to use Maybelleine False effect but found that when I touched my eyelashes to remove it before bed, my eyelashes would fall out! At the end of the day becareful what type and brand of mascara you purchase, make sure there are many positive reviews about it and ensure it does what you want it to do in terms of lengthening, curling, volumising etc.


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      16.11.2012 16:23



      suits me perfectly - might not be your best fit but give it a try and find out

      I have found this to be the best mascara I've purchased to date, excluding some of the really high end ones. It doesn't do much in the way for volume but I have quite thick lashes so I don't need it - however it is really really pigmented which is good. What I'm looking for in a mascara is lash separation and length (that won't cost me a fortune!)and this gives it to me - I'm a fan. I also bought the waterproof version and I personally don't think it's as good. The brush is quite long so if you have difficulty handling mascara brushes (i.e. you tend to get it on your nose - I used to do this until I got a bit more practice!) then perhaps you'd want to go for something a bit smaller - however I get on with it fine and I don't find it clumps at all.


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      02.08.2012 14:04
      Very helpful



      Wouldn't recommend

      ~~L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D~~

      ~~What the product claims to achieve~~

      "Introducing for our 1st time sculpting-fibres in a mascara. Enriched with undetectable and ultra-supple 4mm fibres, the formula builds up lashes: moulding, re-shaping and sculpting without hardening or stiffening. Lashes step into 4D: they look, Volumised, Lengthened, Texturised and curved, your look is captivating from every angle" (Taken from the product description on the Boots website.)

      Firstly, the product claims to Volumise lashes, I would say the product does this but with little difference in comparison to supermarket branded mascaras, I was very disappointed with this product I normally have really good results from L'Oreal mascaras, so when this first reached the shelves I went straight to the shop and bought it, I tested it that night and was very disappointed with the results, my lashes did not look thicker with the mascara on as the product had widely claimed. Secondly, the product claims to lengthen lashes, like all well-known brands when they do their advertising campaigns they use their products on false lashes which gives off a false perception of the products actual capabilities. My lashes looked ever so slightly longer but nothing to get excited about. Thirdly, the product then claims that the product texturises lashes, I am unsure what they are trying to get through with this claim the only texture my lashes had after use of this products was small clumps of mascara, as the product dries out very quickly in the packaging. Finally, the product claims to make lashes more curved due to the design of the angled brush I feel it did help create a subtle curve but this could have been better achieved with the use of curling tongs that are specifically made for that purpose. Overall, I would claim the product to be little less than 2d rather than their strong claims of the new 4d technologies.

      ~~Shades available~~

      There are 4 different shades available, they only differ slightly and some have different qualities. On today's market there is the normal black and brown, and waterproof black, and black lacquer. I am not sure how the normal black ones and the black lacquer differ, perhaps one is a darker shade?


      "The Architect-brush The Architect-brush is specially engineered to construct the 4D effect: sleek and angled, it wraps easily the lashes. Bristles are spaced regularly so the formula goes on evenly for an intense lash look with no clumps." (The extract was taken from the Boots website).

      The packaging is a funky modern shape, with different angles to reiterate their claims of the mascara being 4d. The packaging is silver with black writing which tells the purchaser of the brand, product name, product colour, size and has the unique barcode. The product is 12ml; however I would definitely not refer to this product in millilitres as it has a thick, somewhat clumpy texture. The product was fine on initial use but once the air got to it, then the problems started, the mascara turned into more of a paste and when the brush was put make into the product, then it would leave mascara all around the edge which would clog the screw lid so it would spill out the sides when closed. I was constantly wiping it down to remove all the excess and in the process lost most of the product. The wand itself is different due to its angular shape however; I would not say it would work any better than an ordinary mascara wand.


      The product is easy to apply; the lid of the mascara which is attached to the wand is of a good size so it is easy to grip when you are applying the mascara. Again, the problem would be with the amount of mascara that comes with the wand with each use it is far too much and causes problems when you try and wipe the excess back into the bottle. The product does last all day though which is a good point worth noting.

      ~~Removal of product~~

      I find that this product is harder to remove than most mascara, I find even after showering and the use of a baby wipe there is still some stubborn bits of mascara left clinging to my eye lashes.

      ~~Cost and availability~~

      This product can be purchased from a variety of cosmetic shops and supermarkets. The prices as of today (2/08/12) are as followed:

      Superdrug £10.99 or 3 for 2
      Boots £10.99 2nd item 50% off
      Waitrose £10.99


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      11.11.2011 08:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A better than average mascara from L'Oreal

      After having a disastrous experience with L'Oreal lash Architect mascara I claimed I was never purchasing another L'Oreal mascara as this was not the first time I had been left disappointed by a L'Oreal mascara. However when shopping with my friend she mentioned that L'Oreal had brought out a new mascara that actually was "very good". I was a little sceptical based on my past experience but from an inspection of her lashes as she was wearing said mascara I actually believed her and decided to potentially purchase it for myself. I wasn't entirely convinced but when I spied the L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara on offer at Boots I decided to give it a try.

      *** L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara***
      The mascara is described by L'Oreal to be "the first false lash effect mascara in 4D. The power of sculpting fibres for lashes that look volumized, lengthened, texturized, curved. "

      L'Oreal outlines that there are 2 particular unique innovative aspects to the L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara. Firstly the mascara has a "4D effect" which using sculpting fibres. These are "undetectable and ultra-supple 4mm fibres which allows the formula to build up on lashes to mould and reshape without going hard or stiff. This creates the effect of false lashes to give longer, thicker, texturized and curved lashes.

      The second innovation is the "architect brush". This is constructed to give a 4D false lash effect as it is sleep and angled so that it wraps the lashes easily in mascara. The bristles of this brush are regularly spaced so the formula gives and intense look with no clumps.

      The mascara comes in two colours black or brown. I have this product in black therefore my review will be based upon my experience of using this colour mascara.

      The RRP for this mascara is £10.99. This is mid-priced mascara; not the cheapest from high street brands but it is half the price of mascara from premium brands such as M.A.C and Lancôme which cost around £20 for a similar sized tube.

      You can purchase this mascara from Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury's. You can also purchase this mascara online from www.cheapsmells.com and www.feelunique.com for £7.99 so it is slightly cheaper to purchase this product online. I purchased this product from Boots whilst it was on special offer. When purchased on special offer with 2 L'Oreal products for £14, I think that this is extremely good value especially as I made an £8 saving on products that should have cost me £22.

      The L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara comes in an angular prism shaped tube to give a "4D appearance". This is a mirrored silver tube with the L'Oreal brand name on the front of the tube. This is quite a statement packaging for a mascara and more attractive than some of the mascara's in my collection however my main criticism of the tube design is it is a lot more bulky and chunky that other mascara tubes.

      The tube has a screw off lid and the mascara wand is attached to the lid of the tube as it is with standard mascara tubes. The "innovative architect brush" is in my opinion a lot bigger in size than most mascara wands. The bristles of the brush are quite well spaced however the brush is a lot longer that other brushes. The brush is also a tapered cone shape, where the end of the brush is narrow leader to thicker wider bristles as you head down the wand. The end of the wand is completely straight and not curved at any point.

      When applying the mascara I find that the brush when taken out of the tube has quite a wet shiny appearance and the brush looks like it is visibly covered in mascara. When applied to lashes I find the mascara seems quite thin and light but within a few strokes lashes seem to have a generous covering of mascara onto them and there is a real blackness to lashes. With the first few strokes I feel the mascara adds considerable length to lashes although after just one coat personally I feel my lashes look longer but not thicker. I always apply a light second coat which I feel gives a fuller blacker look to even out the length with thickness.

      Personally I feel the size of the mascara wand makes the product more difficult than most mascara to apply. I feel the mascara consistency means the product is quite wet and thin and transfers onto lashes easily without much effort. However I feel the brush is firstly just too big to control easily and because of the angular tube design I do not feel the end of the wand is as easy to hold in your hands as a circular mascara tube wand is. Secondly I feel the shape of the mascara wand brush is too straight and feel if it was bent slightly it would be a lot easier to apply the mascara right at the base of the lashes. After a fortnight of daily use I got the hand of application and felt more confident applying but I personally feel the mascara would benefit from a slightly smaller wand.

      Once applied I was very pleased with L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara. My lashes certainly looked longer, thicker and had a real black appearance so my eyes looked framed and my lashes curved upwards.

      I do not think the mascara lives up to the claims of creating a "false lash effect" but in my opinion no mascara I have tried (probably over 50 products) have never created this look and I still feel that false lashes are without doubt the best way to create longer, thicker and fuller lashes.

      I do think that the L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara lives up to the claims that it adds length, thickness and makes lashes look curved and curled upwards. My lashes are naturally quite long but I find a lot of products either add length or thickness but very few add both. L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara does do both of these although I would say for me it is better for adding length as opposed to thickness which is why I need to apply two coats of this product to ensure my lashes look full.

      L'Oreal claims this mascara formula is "flexible" and I would definitely agree that the mascara does not feel heavy on lashes or weigh them down. Once applied the mascara has quite a shiny black wet look which dries but if you touch your lashes they have quite a waxy feel to them. Lashes remain curled upwards and look like they have a lot of volume and the mascara does not flake or crumble with wear. I find that if I apply in the morning the mascara stays in place until I remove and does not look smudged or crumbly even when worn for over 12 hours.

      The full black look that this mascara creates is dramatic however I feel is suitable and natural enough for daytime and evening wear. My personal preference is for dark lashes and quite thick full lashes and for someone who wears only light eye make-up and likes only very light mascara this may not be suitable simply because the mascara is very black. I do not feel lashes look at all unnatural or like they have too much make-up on them. The design of the brush and the thin consistency of the product give lashes a separated look so they do not look clumped together although I did find that after about 6 weeks of use the mascara had started to go a little thick and I needed to use a comb on my lashes after application to get rid of some small clumps. The mascara lasted around 8 weeks before it needed replacing which is average in my experience for the lifespan of mascara.

      Probably the greatest downfall of the L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara is how difficult it is to remove from eyes. The product is not waterproof but I do feel is water resistant and only smudges when wet if you rub your eyes. However if you use a make-up wipe to remove you are likely to find the mascara just spreads around your eye area but does not really come off your eyes due to the waxy texture and coating on your lashes. I ended up with very red sore eyes trying to remove this product as a make-up wipe did not and neither did two other brands of eye make-up remover. When I used my very effective (and expensive) MAC make up remover the mascara came off in two simple swoops as it did when using baby oil to remove.

      I haven't had a good experience with L'Oreal mascaras in the past but I would say this is an above average mascara when judged against other brands and definitely the best L'Oreal mascara that I have used. The L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara creates thick black full looking lashes with added length and a natural looking curve upwards. The claim of creating the effect of "false lashes" is a slight exaggeration in my opinion as after trying over 50 different mascaras I have no mascara can match the effects of false lashes. However I do think the L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara creates dramatic looking lashes which frame the eyes very well. The look is dramatic but not overly false looking, so probably not mascara for those that like only very light eye make-up but it does not create clumpy unnatural looking lashes either.

      For £10.99 this is not "cheap" mascara but it is good value for money as it lives up to the claims of creating fuller longer looking black lashes.

      I do find the mascara brush a little large and awkward to use as the head of the brush feels so large and because it is so straight I don't feel it gets right underneath lashes. However with a little practice I soon perfected application and this was not such an issue. The main downside to this mascara is actually removing it. I have found it extremely difficult to remove and a make-up wipe simply smears the product over your face. The formula seems to cling to lashes giving them quite a waxy coating that I find 80% of eye make-up removers cannot remove so you so need an effective eye make-up remover if you are going to purchase this mascara. Otherwise you will be sporting the panda eye look on an evening!

      Not the best mascara I have ever used but bought on special offer it is a worthwhile purchase to create thick, full looking long black lashes.


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