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L'Oréal Color Infallible Eyeshadow

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7 Reviews
  • Long-lasting
  • Drugstore price tag
  • loose so can be messy
  • None.
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    7 Reviews
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      26.05.2015 22:12
      Very helpful


      • "Beautiful shades"


      • "loose so can be messy"

      Long lasting and neutral perfection

      I have been using the same single eyeshadow by L'oreal now for many months, it just goes on and on and there is still around half of the pot left. I stumbled on this colour wanting a neutral base having read the beauty bible by Sali Hughes Pretty Hones book she recommended a matte neutral light beige shade to be the most flattering and I now know what she means as a shimmery eyeshadow from the lashes to the brow is not a flattering look! I now declare coconut shake to be the perfect matte base shade.

      The purchase
      I picked up my eyeshadow in the pound shop and knew the brand to be ok but I was not expecting it to be a loose powder! It has a little black press in the top which keeps the product in place when not in use.

      In use
      I just sweep this all over the eye area and some days just wear a bit of eye liner and mascara with it and then other days pimp it up with a bit of colour in the crease and edges.

      Even if you are using colour an eye shadow primer and neutral shade and decent blending brushes are a must. This is just a starting point!

      My thoughts
      You can't go wrong with this eyeshadow. I cannot deny I have had my money's worth and more and am now seeking out a replacement for when mine is finished. I have found them online for a couple of pounds so they won't break the bank.

      Final word
      A fabulous eye shadow, I'm tempted to try some of the more bolder colours as the formula is perfect and long lasting.


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      12.11.2014 12:47
      Very helpful


      • "Drugstore price tag"
      • "High pigmentation"
      • Long-lasting


      • None.

      Infallible eyeshadows by L'Oreal, definitely worth trying.

      I've always loved the quality of L'oreal makeup products, and when they released their Infallible Eyeshadows they definitely fulfilled my expectations.
      They have been in stores for a while now, originally released to be a comparable yet cheaper version of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill. L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows are packaged in individual clear pots, each containing 3.5 grams of product. When you unscrew the actual lid, you'll notice that they come with another little black lid that helps pressing the product down, keeping it nice and compact.

      They have a pretty unique texture, in between a cream and a powder eyeshadow. They are pressed pigments with an extremely good pigmentation and colour payoff, incredibly easy to apply and blend.
      They have a very multi-dimensional finish, complex enough to be used by their own, with no need to layer another shadow on top.

      Longevity wise, they claim to resist 24 hours, but as always there is no way to try it in real life, as no one will ever wear them for that long. That said, they do last quite a long time, at least on me. I usually apply them over a base, a primer, and do not experience any creasing at all, even after a long day at work or a night out. They also claim to be waterproof, which, again, I didn't have the chance to test. Definitely long-lasting though.

      Overall, I definitely recommend them, I think they are very nice, pigmented eyeshadows, at a reasonable drugstore price. They look and feel more expensive and classy than any other drugstore products.


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      02.07.2013 21:33
      Very helpful



      a nice eyeshadow worth trying

      I bought two of these quite awhile ago, to be honest I don't tend to use the same colours or products on my eyes everyday and I'm always trying new looks and colour combinations and I'd forgotten about these but recently I had a clear out and found them so I've started using them a lot more lately.

      Loreal is a high street/drug store brand which is available pretty much everywhere...Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets and some smaller chemists stock Loreal. They have a wide range of products available make-up, skincare, fake tan, haircare, hair colours and more. I've always been pretty impressed with the quality of there products.


      * Ultra-intense colour, up to 24 hour hold and velvety soft feel

      * The formula is both water resistant and smudge resistant and does not run into fine lines around the eyes.


      I bought this eyeshadow in two colours: 'Flashback Silver' and 'Sahara Treasure'...

      'Flashback Silver' is a bright silver shade with a lilac tone to it and 'Sahara Tresure' is a bronze shade with a kind of khaki undertone.

      The texture of the eyeshadow is quite unusual, it is a powder but does have a kind of creamy texture to it at the same time. It is better to apply the product lightly as it's very pigmented and if you start applying a lot of it you lose the smooth finish and it becomes very grainy. The product contains a lot of shimmer so is perfect for a night out look.

      I've never required an eyeshadow to stay on for 24 hours so can't comment on that, however it does stay on for the day and doesn't crease or smudge.


      There is not a massive variety of shades available within the range, there are 9 but the majority of them are nice, wearable shades.


      The eyeshadow comes in a little plastic pot with a screw on top. The label is the colour of the eyeshadow, this is handy if you own more than one it's easy to find the one your after, also handy when choosing one in the shop, your not likely to buy the wrong one by mistake.


      At £6.99 I feel these are very reasonably priced, as I mentioned before they are highly pigmented therefore you don't need to apply a massive amount so the products last ages.


      I'd like to see some new shades available within this range but on the whole I was impressed with them and would definately repurchase.


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      23.07.2012 18:28
      Very helpful



      Gorgeous, long-lasting eyeshadows in a variety of beautiful iridescent shades

      I was recently lucky enough to receive one of these eyeshadows - in Flashback Silver - from L'Oreal as part of a prize draw. As soon as I tried it, I fell in love with it. I was a bit puzzled by the packaging at first (this is explained later), but once I had applied the eyeshadow I was thrilled to bits. In fact I loved it so much that I promptly went online and bought another in a different shade.

      Color Infallible is a creamy powder eyeshadow, if that makes sense. It's a powder shadow that has a creamy feel, and although it gives an iridescent metallic finish, it doesn't leave you with lots of glittery flecks all down your cheeks as so many metallic eyeshadows do. It has a velvety texture, intense and long-lasting colour, and is easy to blend.

      You are presented with an attractive round silver pot that has a square, clear plastic cover. This has a silver band around the outside with the product's name, and you can see the colour of your eyeshadow in the circular centre of the lid. Strangely, you then need to turn the pot upside down so that the bottom then becomes the lid. Unscrew the silver cap - which features a label that reflects the colour of the shadow, gives the name and number of the shade, and also the fairly unappealing barcode. This label describes the eyeshadow as having an iridescent finish, concentrated colour and 24-hour hold. To be honest, you will need a magnifying glass to read this (or have exceptionally good eyesight - even with my reading glasses on I can only just make it out). You are also given the information that the 3.5g pot is suitable for 24 months after opening, and is recyclable.

      Once you've opened the pot, you will find a little black plastic 'stopper' that has a handle so that you can pull it up. This stopper features the words 'Keep Me' in a number of languages. This is excellent advice, as this extra lid will protect your eyeshadow by keeping it pressed down and secure. I have read that if you don't use it, the powder may become loose and get a bit messy. So I'm definitely keeping it!

      L'Oreal's product page tells you that this eyeshadow is crease-proof and waterproof. It also tells you that the eyeshadow 'adheres to the eyelid as durably and comfortably as a second skin and does not run into fine lines around the eyes'. In my opinion this product lives up to those claims - there is no dusting of shimmer on my cheeks, and it does indeed stay where it is put. Although I am not in the habit of wearing my make-up for 24 hours, I can confirm that Color Infallible lasts all day, and it does not crease or fade. The product page also explains that the Color Infallible Eyeshadows 'contain ultra concentrated colour pigments, for an intense colour finish and up to 24 hour long-lasting hold'.

      Boots' website describes this product as 'a hybrid powder texture, a luxuriously creamy eyeshadow', and I think this describes it really well.

      I always 'prime' my eyes with a gentle application of face powder before putting on my eyeshadow. This technique has served me well over the years, and I believe it would help prevent most powder shadows from creasing. For the purposes of this review, I have tried the eyeshadow without its base of powder, and it stayed in place really well.

      I apply the eyeshadow with the tip of my ring finger, and once I've finished blending a darker shade into the crease and outer V of my eyelid, I tap a little bit more on the centre of my eyelid with the tip of my little finger. I always take care to use a delicate touch when taking up the product, to avoid any risk of breaking the eyeshadow.

      Flashback Silver is a metallic silver/grey with a definite hint of lilac. It looks lovely with a dark pewter shade in the crease, and also looks good set against a deep purple eyeshadow. You could also try dabbing a bit of this colour on top of a darker shade - this will give a lovely silvery depth to the base colour. It's definitely a colour that can be layered for more intensity, as can the other shade I chose - Bronze Divine.

      Bronze Divine is a stunning greeny/gold/bronze colour, and - like Flashback Silver - this also has a beautiful soft shimmer. Having been so successful with applying Flashback Silver with my fingertips, I assumed the same would be the case with Bronze Divine. However, when using this method I found the colour to be just a bit patchy, although this was soon remedied once I had applied a little more with a brush.

      Both Bronze Divine and Flashback Silver look really lovely with my hazel eyes, and I'm delighted with both my win and my subsequent purchase. In fact I am hoping to buy another couple of shades to build up my collection.

      L'Oreal's website shows these eyeshadows as being available in nine shades: Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink, Purple Obsession (I like the look of this!), All Night Blue, Permanent Khaki, Endless Chocolat, Burning Black, Eternal Black and Flashback Silver. It also shows three shades in the Electric Limited Edition: Metallic Lilac, Magnetic Coral and Cosmic Black.

      Boots' website shows a wider selection of colours, including some duo shades, priced at £6.99. If you have a look online, on eBay or Cheap Smells, you can find a variety of shades available more cheaply. I was only able to find Bronze Divine online, and eBay currently has it from a selection of Top-Rated Sellers, with prices from around £3.49 with free delivery. Cheap Smells has a few shades, priced at £3.99 with free delivery. Boots currently have an offer of 'Buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected L'Oreal cosmetics'.

      I will definitely be trying more colours from this range, and I think the eyeshadows are excellent quality for the price. I love my new Color Infallible eyshadows - they get a big thumbs-up and five stars from me

      (This review is also on Ciao , under the same user name.)


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        13.10.2011 15:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A nice set of colours but nothing special

        A while ago Boots were doing an offer of a free L'oreal Infallible eye shadow with every purchase of a L'oreal mascara. I bought a couple of mascaras; one for a present and one for myself and had received two different shades of eye shadow for free! This offer is no longer on as I think it was around the time of the launch of this product in order to drum up some interest.

        *Price and availability*

        In Boots these little eye shadow pots currently retail at £6.99.

        The eye shadow comes in a little see through pot with a screw off lid. I like the design of the packaging and it looks good quality for the money.

        The actual colour is a pressed cream pigment that is rich in oils and full of depth of colour. There is a nice variety of colours to choose from: Eternal Black, All Night Blue, Permanent Khaki, Time Resist White, Flashback Silver, Forever Pink, Purple Obsession, Endless Chocolate and Burning Black. I settled for Endless chocolate and permanent khaki. The colours all have a shimmer to them which is subtle and rather than looking glittery they just look bright and reflect the light.

        The colour is rich and intense; as with most cream eye shadows but the difference with these is that they apply just like a powder. Using a good quality make up brush, a small amount of colour swept across the eyelid will look really bright and vivid and feel smooth like a powder. I find that some cream eye shadows feel heavy on my eye lids and crease easily as the oils in the product displace and give me really greasy eyelids. These eye shadows feel much lighter and do feel just like regular powdered eye shadows. The only real difference is the intensity of the colour. Some powders take a while to build up the colour, where as these are so rich in pigments that a tiny bit will go really far and look really vivid.


        The khaki one has a rich shine to it and captures the light making my eyes look bigger and fresher. This is a lot for vivid than I am used to and probably best kept for a night out rather than day to day wear. The brown is rich and chocolately and I have managed to tone this down so that I can wear it on a day time. It has a intensity to it but if only a really tiny amount is used, it gives a subtle colour without looking over the top.

        *Application and wear*

        The application is easy as the colour is smooth and rich. It does not fall onto the cheeks as other powder eye shadows do and it is fairly easy to blend with other colours, although this is notr as easy as when I have done it with powder eye shadow.

        When wearing this product on a day time, it lasts well and the subtle colour does not crease or get that shiny greasy look. I tend not to wear too much during the day and once applied I can hardly feel it on. When I use more of the product to create a look more suitable to a night out, I find that the colours do not last as long. They crease and the colour fades slightly. I've had eye shadows that are worse than these, however they do not perform as well as I had hoped.

        With a primer, the colour lasts longer and the product doesn't crease as much. My primer is really good though and absorbs some of the oils from the eye shadow, keeping the colour in place.


        The colours are great; rich and intense. They last as well as other eye shadows on the market and o9ffer good value for money. I probably would not choose this eye shadow again as I'm still not overly fond on cream colours as I cannot blend them as easily.


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          11.08.2011 22:18
          Very helpful



          Creamy eye-shadows with metallic pigments.

          I don't often wear eye-shadow but I got this free when I purchased a L'Oreal mascara a few months ago so I thought I would try it out to see what it was like, and of course to write a review about the product as well. I have quite sensitive eyes and I often find that cheap eye-shadows can make my eyes sore or dry. Seeing as this one was by a well-known, popular brand I thought it must be pretty good.

          I believe this is a new range of eye-shadows from L'Oreal and I don't think they have been available to buy for long. The eye-shadow comes in a nice little plastic pot with a plastic screw lid. The pot is made from a clear plastic so you can see the colour of the eye-shadow through the pot. On the lid it states the number and colour of the eye-shadow, for example the one I chose was 001, Time Resist White. How-ever there are 11 other shades in this range to choose form including Blue, Purple, Green, Silver, Bronze, Black and more. All of these are in the same packaging and with the same information on.

          These are available from stores such as boots and Superdrug. In boots these will cost you £6.99, but they have an offer on at the moment which is a free gift when you spend £15 on selected L'Oreal cosmetics. It doesn't state on boots website what the free gift is.

          ***THE EYE-SHADOW***
          The lid simply screws off to reveal a black plastic thing which looks like a stopper, how-ever this is more to protect the eye-shadow when not in use. This has a little ridge bit on it so you can lift it out easily. They call is a conserver. The eye-shadow looks as though it has a lovely metallic/pearl sheen to it and the eye-shadow itself looks quite creamy and soft. I used a foam eye-shadow applicator and rubbed this lightly across the surface of the eye-shadow ready to apply to my eyes. The colour went onto the applicator very easily and any more force and I think there would have been too much on there as the eye-shadow is quite soft. I applied this to my eye-lids gently and was amazed at how well this went on. The colour glided on very easily and went on smoothly. With some eye-shadows when applying you often get some bits which fall underneath your eye onto your cheek area, how-ever with this, this wasn't the case.
          I didn't need to use a lot of this colour on my eyes as it stands out very well due to the metallic/pearl sheen to it. It was probably a bit too much for me and maybe a bit more brighter than I'm used to, how-ever I decided to go out on the town to see how long lasting this eye-shadow really was.

          ***NIGHT OUT***
          I applied all my make up as normal and got ready to go out to town with all the girls. After a few hours, I thought I would go and check my make up. Sure enough the eye-shadow still looked as good as when I first applied it and there was no need to even touch it up. Every time I nipped to the toilets I would check my make up, how-ever the eye-shadow lasts all night and didn't rub off or fade a bit. It stayed put and not only that but it was kind to my eyes as well. I have quite sensitive eyes and sometimes they get very dry from using some make-up products, how-ever this eye-shadow didn't cause them to go dry and it didn't irritate my eyes either. When I got home in the evening I used my normal make up remover wipes to take my make up off. The eye-shadow came off as easily as it went on.

          ***OVERALL OPINION***
          This is a fantastic, long lasting eye-shadow which stays put all night and looks fantastic. Although I wasn't too sure about this colour to start off with I have got used to it and this would prompt me to try some of the other colours in the range as well. This was really kind to my eyes and that's an important factor for me. Although this eye-shadow is quite pricey it does glide on very easily and is very creamy. Seeing as you only need to use a little of the product it will last a long time as you get quite a lot (3.5g) in the little pot. I would definitely recommend other people to try this range. You will no doubt find a colour to suit your taste or mood and I am very sure you will be impressed with the results. I'll be recommending this to my friends.

          (review also on ciao)


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            23.06.2011 13:44
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A vibrant eyeshadow with intense colours and delicate shimmers

            If you want long lasting results and vibrant colours from your eye shadows, you don't really need to look much further than L'oreal. I have a collection of gorgeous colours and varieties by the brand and I love each and every one of them, so when they created the Infalliable Eyeshadows, I nearly burst with excitement.

            What makes this product special?
            What really makes these eyeshadows stand out from the crowd is the intensity of the colours. The shadows contain ultra concentrated pigments and special oils which make the colours even more eye catchingly vibrant and each one has a shimmering finish.

            The special texture of this products make it somewhere between a cream and a shadow and it leaves you with a smooth and velvety coverage. L'oreal promises that the colour is waterproof and long lasting enough to remain in place for 24 hours, rather specifically claiming that the shadow will withstand 11,000 blinks, and that it will remain comfortable on the delicate skin on the eyelid.

            At the moment, you have nine different shades to choose from in this range. Their names are cute and not as ambiguous as same brands make their names. Each name has some sort of element that suggests longevity linking in the long lasting results of the product.

            You can decide between Eternal Black, All Night Blue, Permanent Khaki, Time Resist White, Flashback Silver, Forever Pink, Purple Obsession, Endless Chocolate and Burning Black. I chose to buy Endless Chocolate both because of the name and because I tend to lean towards brown shades of eye shadow.

            Packaging and Price
            The packaging is attractive and fairly sturdy. The eyeshadows come in a plastic pot which is largely clear. Through one side you can see the lovely eye shadow glistening away and on the other is the screw top lid.

            When you remove the lid, you'll find a little stopper on which is written, 'A conserver, keep me', and the stopper has a little handle. I assume this is to stop air and dust getting to the shadow and to keep it compact. The shadow is underneath the stopper.

            Each little eye shadow costs around £5 for 3.5 grams of the product, although sometimes you find them on special offers such as three for the price of two. The product can be bought from most department stores such as Boots, large super markets and also from many online websites.

            Texture and Colour
            I don't particularly like to use cream eye shadows as I find them hard to blend and I don't like the way they crease and smudge. However, these shadows are not technically cream shadows. They are smooth to apply like a cream but have a slightly powdery finish.

            The consistency is extremely rich and thick and you get a very dense coverage of colour that is more often seen with a cream shadow. The shadows have a slightly metallic finish with a shine to it. The shimmer is extremely evident but it is a subtle effect rather than full on glitter so you won't look like you're attending the school disco.

            The colours are intense enough that I would say that they are much more suitable for night time wear, than day time wear although some of the tamer colours would ok for work. When wearing the shadow, you have an obvious blanket of colour that others are likely to comment on so this product is probably not for those who like their make up to be minimal.

            The colours are easy to blend into the skin if you don't want any harsh edges where the colours finish. I also regularly blend in a different golden eye shadow at the inner corner of my eye and the colours work well together and the powder shadow doesn't react in a bad way with this shadow.

            Does it really last 24 hours?
            In all honesty, I don't know. But then who keeps their eyes shadow on for 24 hours? Without using a primer, the shadow does begin to crease a little bit in the middle of my eyelid fairly quickly and I really don't like that. However, when using a primer, this doesn't happen and I have never needed to reapply the shadow through the duration that it is worn.

            The colour stayed as vibrant as when I had first applied it and it doesn't settle into the fine lines on my eyelids so it stayed looking flawless. The colour doesn't fade or start to melt away and only smudges if I forget I'm wearing the product and rub my eye, but I think all eye shadows would do that.

            The longest I've worn it is probably ten hours, and with a primer, it remained perfect. Despite the product being waterproof, it does come off easily with my normal cleanser. Just make sure it's all off before you dry you're face with a white towel!

            You really need to use a make up brush to apply this product properly. It allows you get a more even coverage of colour. I applied mine once with my fingers and I got in a right mess because the colour is so intense. It also got under my nails and I broke through the powder a little bit so now I always use a brush.

            A little amount of this shadow goes a very long way so I can imagine this pot lasting a very long time. Also because this is partly a cream shadow, there is no fall out when I apply the shadow so I don't get a dusting of powder falling onto my face which is always a good thing.

            All in all, this is a fantastic shadow for those wanting a vibrant splash of colour with a velvety shimmering finish. If you want it to remain creaseless, you'll need to use a primer but with one, the colour should remain perfect until you decide to remove it. Because of the intensity of the look, I keep mine for night time wear but the more daring amongst you may use it during the day. This is a cheap price for a high quality shadow, just remember to apply a primer first!


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