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L'Oréal De maq Velvet Creme Wash Make Up Removal

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Wash / What it does: Cleanses, Purifies / Gender: for Women

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    4 Reviews
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      25.05.2011 16:16
      Very helpful



      A fancy name for a not so fancy product.

      I bought this when it first came out about 2 years ago, and I've only just used it up. I will definitely not be repurchasing this or any of the other demaq products (I had the same problems with Milk to Toner 2 in 1).

      My main issue with this product is that it made my eyes STREAM with water for ages afterwards, they would be all red and sore to an extent that no make up remover has ever made them before. I do have semi sensitive eyes though, so if you do too then avoid this like the plague. It was actually quite painful, I remember waking up during the night and just rinsing my eyes over and over trying to get the product out. After a few of these instances and realising that it was DEFINITELY the make up remover doing it I only used the product around my face.

      I still didn't like the product for removing foundation though, although the fragrance was very subtle and pleasant the feel of my skin afterwards was quite 'oily', and instead of feeling clean and fresh I just felt like I needed to wipe the lair of grease off... and I usually have dry skin. I also found that it just wasn't that effective at removing make up gently, I needed to 'scrub' my skin quite vigorously with the cotton wool to try and get all traces off and this just left my skin looking a little red.

      Overall, it's a poor make up remover and just reviewing it now I'm having horrible flashbacks of my tear strewn greasy face... yuck. All that and it wasn't cheap, around £7!


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      11.10.2010 16:41
      Very helpful



      If you can find this cheap, grab it!

      I always use face scrub rather than face wash as I feel it removes my make up more thoroughly. I was browsing my local pound shop a few weeks ago and, in desperate need of a very cheap face scrub, came across this.

      *What is it?*
      Loreal De-maq Expert is a face wash designed to remove all traces of make up. It is designed to be gentle on the skin and doesn't have the 'avoid contact with eyes' warning as it is supposed to be used to remove eye make up.

      *The packaging*
      The face wash comes in a half black/half clear bottle. The black part of the bottle has the Loreal label and product name. The clear part has some black writing with a little information on the product, removes make up etc.
      The bottom of the bottom has a flip cap, which can also be screwed off, to allow quick and easy access to the face wash.

      *Directions for use*
      Open the flip cap and give the bottle a little squeeze. You do not need a lot of the face wash, maybe a little more than a pea size.
      Wet your face and rub the face wash onto your face until it works into a lather. Then rinse your face.
      The first time I did this, I expected to use my white towel and leave big black mascara marks on it. To my surprise, there were no black marks and, when I looked in the mirror, all of my make up had disappeared!

      *The face wash*
      The face wash is a pale green and has a very strange texture. It is very creamy and feels kind of gooey, it is really difficult to describe but I like it.
      It has a slight scent that it is a little strange, but again likeable, and doesn't leave any scent on your face. When applying the face wash, your face feels amazing and like it is being coated in the smoothest cream.

      I have already said that the face wash left my face amazing clear with no make up. It also left my skin so soft, I couldn't believe it! I have never been able to use a face wash and have soft skin afterwards. Also, I like face scrub as it stops me from breaking out in spots, but this face wash always seemed to keep the spots at bay.

      I think this usually RRPs at around £5, however, I managed to pick mine up in my local pound shop!

      I really love this face wash and will definately be stocking up on it. Not only does it do what it says on the bottle, it leaves my skin soft and keeps me spot free.


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      04.06.2009 17:18



      Removes every scrap of make up gently

      I love, love, love this! While out shopping the other week, I saw this was on special offer (92p in Tesco - usually about £5) and I decided to give it a go, so popped it in my trolley.
      This stuff removes every scrap of makeup - I was especially surprised with how quicky and easily it removed mascara/eyeliner.
      This is safe and gentle enough to use on your eyes, its a bit like the "no more tears" of skin wash. You don't have to scrub at your face either, simply wet the skin, rub this over your face til it creates a lather, then rinse. The first time I used this, I expected to find mascara on the towel, but there was nothing. It also left my skin really soft aferwards. It has a very, very light fragrance, almost none at all, and I have used this on open eyes to remove liner, and honestly, there was no sting at all.
      I will definitely be going back to Tesco and stocking up on this!



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        06.04.2009 00:48
        Very helpful



        Overpriced for what it is , this is!

        When it comes to removing my make up I'm a real tyrant. I don't have the best, most well behaved skin in the world but what has made me really paranoid about it is once I thought I had removed my heavy eyeliner really well and the following day I ended up in hospital as I couldn't move my eye and I had, had a bad allergic reaction. Now do bear in mind I had tried to remove it and to me it appeared it had been removed but some had just embedded into my eye rim. Talk about pain! So as I say I really am very thorough and very particular and I never use 'cheap' make up removing products and like stuff to be gentle and kind to my skin of course so nothing like that every happens to me again lol.

        I saw this in Sainsbury's one day when I was browsing around with nothing in mind to buy (for once lol). At the price of £5.85 for something to wash your face with and designed to remove all traces of make up, it seemed great for me to jump in the shower with last thing at night and wash my face with and voila job done!

        The Packaging....

        150ml see-through and black plastic, long, flip top (to the bottom) opening tube. On the front in Silver, white and black writing I'm told it is L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise De-Maq expert Velvet Creme Wash, Expert Make Up Remover which is a professional formula and promises 'Fresh sensation, optimal make-up removal, pure velvet touch' and is for the face, lips and eyes and is skin tolerant and dermatologically tested. On the back (once again in small black and white writing) I'm told a bit about the product and how to use it, ingredients and contact details for L'Oreal are given, size is stated and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough, classy looking tube and I like the way you can partially see through a section of the tube so you can see when you need to replace it (if of course you want to!).

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Tube....

        If you love the pure and refreshing sensation of face washes, but find they don't remove your make up effectively and can leave your skin feeling tight: try De-Maq Expert Velvet Creme Wash Expert Make-Up Remover. Every evening, remove your make-up with a professional.

        For the first time from L'Oreal Paris, discover the ease of use and purifying power of a foam wash in a rich and luxurious creme formula with cutting-edge make-up removing technology, that won't dry out your skin.

        De-Maq Expert is a new generation of make-up removers created by the L'Oreal laboratories, combining our make-up and skincare expertise, to bring you:

        Cutting-edge make up removing technology
        Respect for all skin types
        Unique textures which leave the skin silky-soft
        Inspired by the needs of make-up artists

        Directions For Use....

        Apply a small amount of Velvet Creme to damp skin using your fingertips. Gently massage into a creamy lather to foam and then rinse with water.

        Me Using It...

        Well as directed I apply a small amount to my fingertips and wet my face (with make up on it still) and then gently rub in till it lathers up. The light green, glossy very light smelling cream (of nothing really and the smell wears off soon as you rinse it off anyway) goes into nice, thick rich bubbles on the face which doesn't irritate my skin or annoys my eyes at all. I have no problems massaging this into my face and it's very smooth and comfortable to use with a gentle greasy film to it allowing you to really work with it into the skin, so economical this truly is as a little really does go a long way.

        When you feel satisfied you simply rinse it off which is ok apart from the dirt and (the make up) flowing down your body if your in the shower so I advise you at this point to either do it in the bath or in the sink really! lol.


        Well it's like this. If you use cheap make up and/or light colours yes it works I guess. For me removing day make up which I keep to light stuff and clear mascara or a light brown etc it removes it well enough for most people to keep them happy enough. Though not for me cos I'm so fussy! Yes it does leave skin feeling like it can breath and yes it does appear clean and skin certainly feels comfortable however the first time I used it, when I had finished with my shower I gently wiped my face with a make up remover wipe afterwards and it still removed make up that I was promised would be gone completely from my face! So personally if I use this then I have to use a toner anyway which in effect means I may as well use an ordinary cleanser and follow through with toner which is simply my usual routine but no messing about with water is involved! The only thing I can say good about this is that skin does feel and look velvety smooth but that's not good to me if I'm not satisfied my skin is 'clean'.

        For me wearing heavy make up and being able to remove it? Absolutely not. If wearing heavy duty mascara and lip colours such as Max Factor Lipfinity...well they refuse to be budged and as for any products you may use containing glitter you may as well not bother with this at all! This product just doesn't seem to approve of long lasting make-up products!


        Too pricey considering you can't trust it to remove deep down ingrained make-up. I simply can't just use this product at night and then apply moisturiser to my face and job done cos I know it doesn't remove everything and so in effect I still feel a little bit grubby and I really hate that feeling.

        Not for me but maybe really light make up wearers could try it but me, I cant see the point in the hassle of it really!

        Can be found in all good chemists and supermarkets around the £6.00 mark.


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      • Product Details

        With its fresh, pure sensation and optimal make-up removal, De-maq' expert Velvet Creme Wash Expert Make-Up Remover combines a rich creamy texture with an ultra-refreshing and purifying effect on the skin / Specially developed for women who love face washes, it removes all make-up, including mascara, and rinses off in an instant / Perfectly cleansed, skin is purified, soft and supple with a comfortable, fresh sensation /

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