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L'Oréal Shock Resist

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    4 Reviews
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      15.01.2011 05:03
      Very helpful



      An underperforming nail varnish that doesn't do what it says it can.

      After finding a red-ish shade of L'Oreal Shock Resist Nail Varnish in the reduced bin of my local chemists for just 99p, reduced from £3.50 I thought I'd give this a try. I like wearing nail varnish, but because I'm quite active and always running about, I tend to get my nail varnish chipped quite easily which with the darker colours I like makes them look scruffy.

      I really liked the dark red colour I chose, and the bottle it came in was pretty average for a nail varnish bottle, nothing to break the mould there. The other colours available were all red and pinks, so I'm not sure if they have any really exciting colours, just standard ones.

      This Shock Resist nail varnish, as the name suggests is supposed to be resistant to knocks and the movement of your nails. The formula is meant to be flexible and not crack or chip, having a stretchy layer over the top. The nail varnish is also meant to be infused with mirror-like light-reflecting pigments to create a rich, shiny, colour.

      The varnish is as easy to paint on as every other nail varnish, and the liquid has a decent, thickish consistency, but not too thick that it becomes cloggy. When the colour was on, it did look pretty shiny, but it didn't give the dazzling mirror-like effect it was meant to create according to L'Oreal.

      I left my nails to dry for 20 minutes just to make sure they had plenty of drying time. To be honest, they were probably dry in less than half that time but I didn't want to risk them smudging and having to paint them all over again, so I gave it longer and was patient.

      Throughout the day, my nail varnish looked very nice but I noticed the following morning that my nails already had a few chips and scratches in the paint. Considering L'Oreal are a big brand and this is normally not a cheap product, I was very disappointed - I've had nail varnishes that have lasted longer for 99p and they weren't even on offer, that's their full price!

      A day and a half of normal usage of my hands was all this poorly performing nail varnish could manage, and considering the grand claims the varnish makes, that's rubbish. If the makers didn't claim it was so wonderful it wouldn't be that bad, but it doesn't live up to the advertising in any way at all. Not chip resistant. Not mirror-shiny.

      For 99p I can't complain too much, but I certainly won't be buying this product again. It just can't do the job it claims to and has all the resistance skills of Rene from 'Allo 'Allo.


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      24.10.2010 08:48
      Very helpful



      A nice nail polish but not the best

      This is an ok nail polish but not the best I have tried.

      I paid about £3.50 for this which I think is about average for a nail polish. I chose it purely because of the colour as I wanted a deep red and this range had the perfect shade for me. There is a range of different shades available in this nail polish but they are mostly reds and pinks and nothing much that really stands out as being different but they had the colour I wanted so gave it a try.

      It is called Shock Resist but really I found it to be no better at lasting than any other nail polish I have tried and starting chipping after two days.

      One of the things that I liked about it was that the bottle is quite a decent size so you get a good amount of nail polish for your money. Another thing that I did like about it was that the colour is very strong and looks like the shade in the bottle even after just one coat so didn't need to apply two coats like I usually do with nail polish so it does seem like a good quality nail polish.

      One thing that I didn't like about it though was the amount of time it took to dry. Even though I only applied one coat it took a long time to apply and did end up smudging a few times so had to reapply it so you do need to be patient when using this nail polish.

      All in all it is a decent nail polish if they have the shade you want but is not my favourite.


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      19.09.2005 21:32
      Very helpful



      I Really Wouldn't Waste Your Money.


      I made it as a new year’s resolution (2004/05) to buy myself a new nail varnish every month of the year. Extravagant maybe, but well looked after nails is the one thing I really enjoy spending time doing.

      I am not keen on painting my finger nails in bright colours but have a big thing for cute coloured toe nails in all sorts of colours. I try to be bold and bright with my colour choices and have experimented with reds, blue, greens, purples, yellows, you name it my toes have seen it!

      I am about to review one of my monthly resolution nail varnish purchases for you……

      L’Oreal Shock Resist Shade: 288 (A Pearly Purple Colour).

      So What Made Me Choose L’Oreal Shock Resist?

      Having seen an advertisement on telly (Earlier this year), which featured claims by ‘L’Oreal Paris’ about how in their laboratories they had come up with a unique formula to resist all sorts of wear on your nails and enhance colour, I knew I had to get myself off to my local Boots store to try out this new range of nail lacquer.

      The advertisement claimed that they had uniquely formulated a nail polish that contained a ‘special film’ that moulded to the nail after application. This would in theory protect your nail varnish from accidental chipping and thus resisting wear in daily activity.

      The best part of the advertisement was the additional claim of the special ‘light reflective pigments’ that would supposedly enhance the overall appearance of the colour once applied to the nail: So to you and me, this means that once you have applied it, it would reflect the light on your nail in such a way to give a more substantial shine and colour than any other leading brands.

      Selection of Shock Resist Products

      I headed straight for the nail varnish area on display in my local boots store to be overwhelmed by so many different types of nail varnish made by L’Oreal.

      Now seeing as I was standing in a large Boots store in a major city I was very surprised at the lack of colours in the ‘Shock Resist’ range. This could be down to Boots themselves but saying that I have more of an inclination it was more of the fact L’Oreal hadn’t released a wide variety of colours in this new range.

      So having eventually found the small, 5 colour selection of ‘L’Oreal Paris Shock Resist’ varnishes I selected my chosen colour (A light pearly purple shade, no. 288) I made off to the counter to pay my mere £4.99 for the small 15ml bottle.


      So what does the bottle look like?

      The varnish is contained in a small transparent, square shaped bottle and it sports a silver coloured (brush) lid so that you can distinguish it on the shop shelf quite easily albeit the small range. It comes in the normal 15ml size and the bottle has the usual print of the brand name, type of varnish and a small ingredients sticker stuck on the back side of it.

      The 3 Step Test Procedures

      The Gooeyness Test:

      After a good 10 seconds of shaking the bottle before use, I unscrewed the brush lid for the first time when I noticed that it was a very nice, rich consistency that was thick but not too gooey which is my idea of a well made lacquer.

      You could tell that the lacquer had been manufactured and mixed well. From my experience some cheaper nail varnishes tend to ‘separate’ when sat for a long time so this had passed my gooeyness test.

      The Application Test:

      Of course after ensuring there were no traces of older nail varnish on my nails, I gently dipped the application brush into the bottle to gain a generous amount onto the brush tip. I applied the brush end with the varnish on, directly to each toe nail; I do this by following my normal application routine of 3 strokes to each nail (Middle, left side, right side).

      The specially formulated varnish was gliding on evenly to each toe nail and was not clumping on the bottle neck as some varnishes do during the application process. It went on evenly and was giving a thick appearance. I would only apply 1 coat as it was very thick.

      The brush length was of average length for a (nail varnish bottle) so was very easy to manoeuvre over my nail and made the application easy and enjoyable. The bristles of the brush were of good quality so didn’t come away or fray (Again, like some cheaper brands do).
      In all it took me about 10 minutes to carefully apply a single layer of this thick polish to my nails I then went on to the drying process.

      The Chemical Test:

      There was no overwhelming chemical smell that hit me throughout the whole time it took me to apply it to my toe nails. Seeing as nail varnish is a mixture of chemicals I would be lying to say it doesn’t smell but so long as you aren’t into ‘sniffing’ it then there isn’t any obvious smell whilst applying it to your nails.


      So having left my nails to dry for a good 15 minutes I took a good look at them. The colour had gone on marvelously and there were no light patches. Considering this is from a single coat I was initially very pleasantly surprised at the immediate result. They were very shiny and the pearly nature of the colour was glistening against the light. My tootsies (So I call them) looked so cute.

      ‘Shock Resistant’ or should it be ‘Sock Resistant’?

      This is the part where I am supposed to go onto say how wonderful this specially formulated nail varnish is and how ‘L’Oreal Paris’ have produced another great product for the consumer… well unfortunately I can’t quite say that, having put my toes through the longer term test.

      This nail lacquer is one that looks really good initially, but after an average of 2/3 days it literally starts to chip from the edges inwards! It stands against the sock test but as soon as you start to walk about in your shoes it starts to chip and wear.

      So it makes me wonder what ‘L’Oreal Paris’ defines as supposed ‘shock’!

      So, the name ‘Shock Resistant’ should literally be re-named as ‘Sock Resistant’ as I feel it’s a more accurate account of what this supposedly special filmed formulation can withstand.

      Light Reflective Pigments – Does It Really Work?

      Well as I said earlier, the shine was really lovely after the initial application. The pearly effect shined and glistened nicely and really made the overall appearance look richer.
      I wouldn’t say the lacquer shined anymore than other brands of nail polish though. I feel that if ‘L’Oreal Paris’ are to try market this range again then they should maybe focus more on the special light reflective pigments ingredient rather the ‘Shock Resistant’ film.

      Further Information

      For more information you can log onto the L'Oreal Paris website at:



      I am really disappointed with this nail polish. It seemed such a good product in principle and with it being so lovely to apply I had high expectations of the brands’ claims. It’s a shame as I am normally very loyal to a specific product, but obviously this is one that I will be avoiding from now on. A waste of hard earned money.

      © Copyright of grown_up_girlie, September 2005.


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        03.06.2004 20:31
        Very helpful



        L?Oreal has a huge name in the beauty industry and their cosmetics range is probably one of the most well-known. Their range includes all the products you would expect to find such as lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, mascaras and also nail polishes. I usually buy Maybelline nail polish as I have found that it lasts the longest and always looks great. However when I found a bottle of L?Oreal Shock Resist nail varnish in the clearance section of my local Boots store, I admit that I couldn?t resist buying it. I love finding a bargain and there was only one bottle there so I decided to treat myself. The nail varnish had a slightly damaged lid but this made no difference to the product and at half the retail price of £4.99 it was still a bargain. The bottle had a silver lid and is in quite a square shaped bottle. The label on the front states the name of the product and on the back are the ingredients and a short description. The Shock Resistant range of cosmetics have been developed by L?Oreal laboratories who claim that they are resistant to everything due to the flexibility of the products formula. The nail polish is said to deposit a stretchy film that coats the nail offering resistant protection. They claim that the mirror-gloss colours are enriched with light-reflecting pigments and that when this is applied to the nail it creates and appearance of mini-mirrors that reflect light giving a radiant colour and shine. At least this is what they claim. I know companies have come up with some far-fetched claims in the past but to be honest I think L?Oreal was having a laugh here. Having recently got my nails in great condition thanks to Sally Hansen?s Diamond Strength I decided to try out the product straight away. It glided on easily with just the right
        consistency. It was shiny just like any other nail varnish but I wasn?t convinced about what they had said about mini-mirrors, to be honest Maybelline?s Water Shine is glossier than this product. However I wasn?t disappointed by this as the main claim about the product had been that it was resistant to anything. Not true. I?ve tried a range of different chip- resistant nail polishes and despite the impressive claims this product did not live up to them as you might expect of a huge multi-national company. I followed the instructions down to the last detail and left my nails to dry for an extra 10 minutes after they were touch dry to avoid damaging the nail varnish. I admired my nail-painting skills and went out on New Year?s Eve thinking that they looked great. They did last for one night but by the end of the next day they were chipped and looked awful. Not what I expected from a product that was supposedly resistant to everything. To be fair it did last for one night out but from what they said about the product I expected it to last a lot longer. I have had to take it off because it looked so bad and needless to say I won?t be buying the same product again. In future I?ll stick to the Maybelline nail polishes that may be a little more expensive than what I paid for this one but I know will last and look great. I?m definitely glad that I did not pay the full price for this product because it certainly didn?t impress me. I?d be interested to know if anyone else has tried this and what they thought of it. Thanks for reading!


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