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L'Oréal Stars Secrets Make Up Pallette

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Make-up pallette / Make-up pallette

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2011 15:10
      Very helpful



      A good value palette to help you achieve your desired look

      I've had this make-up palette for a while now, and although I don't wear much make-up during the day, I still use it regularly for nights out when I'm after a more dramatic look. The palettes are designed to give you make-up resembling certain stars such as Penelope Cruz, Doutzen Kroes and Milla Jovovich, although I have to admit I'm not overly familiar with most of these stars and have only heard of Penelope Cruz!

      Anyway, the palettes contain blusher, three different coloured eyeshadows which are meant to be blended together, and a lip colour. The colours are designed to work in harmony to give you the look of the star on the front of the palette, and the thing that appealed to me was there is a diagram on the inside of the palette telling you what make-up to apply where. This was why I bought this set in the first place, as I'm not very good at getting eyeshadow to look as it should!

      I bought my palette from Boots but I can no longer find them on the Boots website so I'm not sure how readily available they are anymore. I've had a scout round online though and I've found them at cosmeticdiva.co.uk for £5.35 each, which isn't bad value considering it contains eyeshadow (x3), blusher and lip colour. If you order from this site they charge £2.99 delivery per order, so it's not too bad if you're ordering a few items at the same time. They are also available on other websites at varying prices.

      The one I own is the Penelope Cruz one, I'm not a huge fan or anything but I just liked the look of the colours on the front of the palette. The palette shows Penelope Cruz wearing the final result on the front, then when you open it you find the diagram showing you which eyeshadow goes where on the left hand side, and the make-up on the right.

      --The Eyeshadows--

      The best part of the make-up is definitely the eyeshadows, and I have used these far more than the blusher and lip colour. The palette contains a dark brown, a medium brown, and a light coloured highlighter. These are numbered 1, 2 and 3, and if you're unsure where to put each eyeshadow to get the desired look, you can use the diagram which tells you the medium brown goes on the lid, the dark brown gets blended in at the corner, and the highlighter goes just below your brow on your brow bone. I find these colours really flattering because they're quite dramatic without being over the top, and they have a slight shimmer reflect which reflects light well and does accentuate your eyes.

      --The Blusher--

      The blusher is quite a dark plum colour, and to be honest I find that if I was to wear all these colours together I'd end up looking like a clown, so I only apply a tiny bit, or I use a different blusher that's a bit lighter in colour. I'm very pale so this blusher is a bit dark for me (although Penelope Kruz is also pale but it seems to suit her - maybe it's all in the cheekbones?!)

      --The Lip Colour--

      The lip colour is very bright red, which is just not a colour I would usually wear. It's also a cross between a lipstick and lip gloss, in that it's not creamy like a lipstick but also not gloopy like lip gloss. I guess it's more of a lip stain, and it has the consistency of lip balm but without the moisturising qualities and a lot more colour. I must admit, I was quite surprised about this lip colour because I presumed it would be too red for me, but because you have to apply it with your fingers (or you could use a brush), you can build up the colour so I just use a tiny bit and it gives my lips a lovely tint of red without looking like a vampire.

      --What do I like about this palette?--

      This palette is good at helping you achieve the desired look if you're a bit of a novice or just not very good at applying make-up. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wasn't born with the knowledge of how to apply make-up (am I?!). The diagram clearly shows which eyeshadow goes where, and you will get a nice blended look if you follow the diagram.

      I like the fact you can also alter you look by using different elements or using the make-up in varying quantities. This makes it quite versatile and means you could get away with wearing it in the day as well as for the evening.

      The palette is a nice compact size making it good for when you go on holiday as you have all the make-up you'll need in one nice sized palette. I have taken this on holiday with me and the eyeshadows and blusher have stayed in one piece and not crumbled like they can do sometimes.

      --Are there any disadvantages?--

      The palette doesn't come with any brushes so it isn't very convenient for taking with you for touch-ups throughout the night (unless you take your make-up brushes with you). Although if you were just taking it to reapply the lip colour, which to be honest is the only make-up I ever bother reapplying on a night out, it's quite convenient to slip in your bag because it's nice and flat. The only thing is, if you do reapply this lip colour with your finger on a night out, you'll then end up with lipstick stained fingers which is not a good look!


      I think everyone will use this palette differently, depending on their taste and skin colour. If you're going for a very dramatic look, you could use every bit of this palette, but if you're a bit scared of being overly dramatic or want a more subtle look, you could just use elements of it.

      The palettes also come in different shades which are designed to suit your hair colour. These are:

      Penelope Cruz - Brunette Harmony (brown shimmery eyeshadow, plum blusher, red lipstick)
      Milla Jovovich - Chestnut Harmony (charcoal/brown eyeshadow, peach blusher, mauve lipstick)
      Doutzen Kroes - Blonde Harmony (navy/pink eyeshadow, pink blusher, coral lipstick)

      Each of these sets is designed to suit certain hair colours, so if you also struggle to choose make-up to suit your colour, this should help you to find some flattering make-up.

      The palettes can be found on the following website for more ideas on colouring:


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