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L'Oréal Superliner Blackbuster

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3 Reviews

Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Superliner / Superliner / Suitable for: Bust / What it does: Smoothes,

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    3 Reviews
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      26.07.2014 20:22
      Very helpful



      Loreal super liner black buster

      I bought this liquid liner from boots at christmas time a year ago. It was only cheap as it is from the drugstore (loreal) .

      The wand is basically a felt tip but it is much longer and more precise. It is easy to do a winged eyeliner with but not so easy when it comes to doing nice thin lines.

      The eyeliner stays on all day and doesn't move unless you keep on touching it and picking at it then it will come off like most other eyeliners .

      It has a nice shiny finish throughout the day and does not dry matte.

      I would rate this liner 4 out of 5 . I would have gave it 5 if you were able to achieve the nice thin lines.

      Hope this review helps you all and that you enjoy this liner if you do decide to purchase it xxx Imogen .


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      23.02.2014 11:12



      A great cheap eyeliner that stays but can look shiny. You also cannot achieve very fine lines.

      I bought the Super Liner in black lacquer and - considering it's 'only' a drugstore brand - so far I've been pleased with my bargain purchase.

      The long wand and felt pen tip make it easy to apply thick winged lines but it's quite tricky to get a sharp fine line (for that I would stick to my Urban Decay 24/7 liner which is much more precise).

      It lasts all day with no flaking, it really will not shift at all as long as you don't touch it.

      I've also worn it on my lower lash line, and again not one little bit moved. That one time I didn't remove makeup before bed (come on, we've all done it..) most of it was still there the next morning.

      The finish is a little bit wet-look, a little bit shiny but not super shiny as the name 'lacquer' would suggest.

      The only reason I've not given the full five stars is because you can't really get fine lines from it as the tip is a bit too thick for that. However the liner does perform very well and I would probably buy another one when it runs out (unless I'm feeling rich, and then it's back to the Urban Decay counter!)


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      27.06.2013 21:45
      Very helpful



      Looks great, goes on easily, is black enough for me and the second lid stops it drying out!

      I'm an advertisers dream at the moment, I saw this eyeliner on television and as soon as I saw it I wanted it. It took me a little while to decide I wanted to splash the cash, because I've not long bought one of the Barry M wink pens - but as I was really beginning to run out of patience with it as it wasn't working exactly how I wanted it to. So decided to give this a go while it was on offer, as a terrible person for using eyeliner I wasn't sure if I'd be any good with it - but decided to give it a go anyway!

      ~*~ L'Oreal Paris ~*~

      Is a company that makes all sorts of cosmetics, skin care, hair care and styling - as a company they make a lot of items and you've probably got some of it in your house without even realising it. L'Oreal have been around for years now, and they've developed and grown a lot recently I've noticed, and they also seem to have become far more affordable than they ever used to be - whether that's due to a mix of cosmetic offers or just cheaper products but I'm far more attracted to them now than I've ever been. They claim to want to make beauty products accessible to us all, and along the way support humanitarian causes. They might be big and they might be trying to ensure we all grow old gracefully, but on paper they are a company that want to do the right thing - given that they're in 120 countries worldwide I think they're more than reputable by this point!

      ~*~ Blackbuster ~*~

      I might only be in my twenties but the name of this still makes me think of the song Block Buster!

      ** What L'Oreal Claim **

      An intense graphic eyeliner, with a striking black pigment that lasts for 8 hours. Inspired to re-create a catwalk look, with the thickest liner yet. An error proof, smooth guide, easy to use marker pen. The innovative "black ink formula" creates a striking bold look, which lasts. The formula also enables an easy to apply and remove application
      (Stolen from L'Oreal's Website)

      ** Application **

      I'm not going to dedicate a whole section of my review to the packaging of the eyeliner, but don't be too concerned when you take the lid off which is fine it's a normal lid like you'd expect but, it once the first lid is off, you'll have to manage to get off the clear lid that's underneath. Only problem with it is, you might struggle to get enough grip on it to get it off because it's a giant pain in the backside. I knew about it before I bought it to be honest, as I was walking round Superdrug with it I opened it to check it wasn't frayed - it's not the end of the work but it might annoy some. So once you've got your lid off you will find you've got what looks like a felt tip pen in your midst, with a thick base and a thin tip - which if you've used the Barry M wink, you'll be familiar with. Thankfully though this one smells a little less like chemicals compared to the Barry M version I normally use, not that it makes much difference to me because neither hurt my eyes. I just find though the application of this eyeliner it's much faster and much quicker drying than the other one of these I've used, not sure why that is - but to apply a thin layer there is more than enough fluid in the end of the tip to give you a nice detailed line on the eyelid. However if you're wanting a much thicker line to give yourself a flick at the end or a wide bold line on your eyelid you'll be better matched to turn the pen on its side and draw it along your eyelid going over until you reach your desired thickness. On top eyelids it doesn't really take very long at all, and it doesn't require an incredibly steady hand either which is a good thing because I'm absolutely shocking when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner so I've always used these felt tip liners because it's so much easier for me to apply. If you're a complete novice you'll be find with this eyeliner, and I recommend it massively because it's so easy to apply for a thick or a thin line on both top and bottom eyelids because it's so fluid and has what seems to be a lot more fluid in it than its Barry M counterpart - I'm more than happy to tell you to buy it!

      ** Longevity **

      This claims to last 8 hours on your eyes, and I can happily say it will last eight hours providing you're not running round like a lunatic for the majority of the day. If I'm having a particularly lazy day, where I'm not doing a massive amount it will last me all day from around 8am until I take it off at night before I go to bed, admittedly it doesn't look as amazing as it did when it was first applied but it by no means looks ragged or nasty by the end of the day. My word of warning is if you're one of those people prone to rubbing their eyes, be careful because if you rub too hard you will smudge it - however a gentle rub over your eyes you'll find it doesn't really smudge and you can have an eyeliner that looks pretty much exactly the same as when you put it on. So it lives up to its claim of being smudge proof, more than I can say for similar products I've tried recently. In a more sweaty situation don't expect it to last without touching up, you'll find after a couple of hours if you're at a gig, on a night out or in a busy pub that you need to have a quick touch up. The beauty being because it's easy to apply you'll get away with it, even if you're drunk - maybe not to the point if you're steaming drunk though! The black might not be as pigmented as you expect from the claims that L'Oreal make, but to be honest it's blacker than I expected it to be and when applied with mascara it looks as black as I needed it to be - I'm not going to say it meets L'Oreal's claim completely but as a girl with fair skin it's more than enough for me! I've had my eyeliner for a good couple of weeks now, and it's showing no signs of running out - which given that normal eyeliners like this run out quite quickly for me, I'm quite impressed because normally even only wearing it on my bottom lid pretty much every day it's not run out yet. Even if it only lasts two months, it's hardly breaking the bank to replace it!

      ** Removal **

      This eyeliner is designed to be easily removed, which I can wholeheartedly agree with, because it only took a baby wipe the first time I removed it to get rid of the quite thick streak of black I had on my top lid. I normally use my eye make-up remover and a quick spritz of that on a bit of cotton wool, and a quick rub on my eyelid and this eyeliner is gone, along with the rest of my eye make-up. I've never had any residue left on my lids even if I've just washed it off with a bit of water - so it's quick as quick and easy to remove as it is to put on in the first place. I've never had any adverse reactions to this on my eyes, never even had so much as a red mark on my eyes as a reaction to using this. I did happen to get the eyeliner in the corner of my eye, and although it was a little uncomfortable I had a handy cotton wool bud to hand that dabbed it out and it was panic over. My normal test for if an eye product is good to live with, is if I get water in my eyes or end up crying (which doesn't happen that often - I promise) this although I've ended up out in the heavy rain and in the shower having forgotten to take it off, I've not experienced any stinging which gives it the thumbs up from me!

      ** Price and Availability **

      All prices true at the time of publishing:
      Superdrug - £5.49
      Boots -£6.99
      Feelunique - £5.95


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    • Product Details

      L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster / Intense Black is an ultra black, long wear marker eye liner that smoothes easily onto skin for for a flawless finish / '

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