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L'Oréal Visible Lift Anti Wrinkle Foundation

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Brand: L'Oréal / Foundation / Type: Anti-Wrinkle / Subcategory: Foundation / What it does: Rejuvenates, Lifts,

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    6 Reviews
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      04.12.2012 13:14
      Very helpful



      Good foundation

      This is a review of L'oreal Visible Lift foundation which I used all the time before I started to use mineral make up.

      What's it like?
      I always bought mine in sable / sand beige which is number 22. This is a medium shade and I would apply it using a rubbery make up sponge.

      The foundation comes in a glass bottle (but it used to be plastic before this). It is clear so you can see how much is left. There is a pump dispenser on the top which I think is great as it stops spillages and also means you don't pour out too much. A couple of pumps are more than enough for a full face and it also has a clear plastic lid to protect the pump. It looks expensive as the pump at the top is gold in colour.

      Price paid
      I paid around £10 for a 30ml bottle but you can buy brand new bottles on ebay from the visible lift line for around £6 plus postage.

      My thoughts
      I would not really use this style of foundation any more unless it was a really special occasion as I find I get the right coverage from mineral make up now and it is so much quicker to use. This is a little messy but I would use it if I wanted a long lasting look and lots of cover on my face, if I was having photographs taken then I would use it.

      In use
      The foundation is thick and creamy but goes on the skin nice and smoothly and once there it takes around a minute to dry. After this is does not easily budge and doesn't come off on clothes. I would use this with a powder to set it and probably a primer underneath to make my skin even out as best as possible. I should also mention that it doesn't have a particular smell to it as I think some wet foundations smell a bit 'earthy' - this one really doesn't.

      Lasting effect?
      This foundation lasts all day and you may want to touch it up for evening if you're going out but it is not necessary. I always keep a baby wipe to hand in case I have been heavy handed with 'wet' foundation as it helps to shift it from the places I may not want it (ie ear lobes!).

      I just use either a cream cleanser or make up wipes to remove all my make up and I find that this is adequate to take off the foundation.

      This is classed as an anti-wrinkle foundation but I used it in my 20s a lot. I think anyone can benefit from the instant firming effect and the moisturising actions it promises. It also says that it has Pro Retinol A and X Tensium whatever they are! My bottle promises a 'new improved formula' but I have had it a while (following lots of other ones) so it may not be so new any more. A pot of this used to last me about two months of daily use. It also has SPF 16 in it which is handy for daily use.

      Final word
      I liked this foundation when I used it daily and would still use it every now and again when I have the luxury of time to apply make up. As it stands, I have about 20 seconds to throw some mineral makeup, blusher and mascara on and I'm done! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone using wet foundation and really don't think it matters if you need or want anti wrinkle or not. I also note that L'oreal do a visible lift concealer pen that I would be interested to try in the near future.
      Five out of five stars from me.


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      24.08.2012 15:11
      Very helpful



      BEST product for mature skin as it evens out skintone, hides blemishes and give natural cover A+++++

      If you want a foundation that blends in beautifully with your own skintone, hides blemises and fine lines and looks natural without looking too 'cakey' or made up, gives your face a lift and makes your complexion look brighter instantly and you are over 40, this foundation is for you!

      I am 43 and found that as I have aged so has my skin. Sorry ladies but your skin does not stay naturally moisturised and plumped up with collagen forever. Yes I can remember the days when foundation used to just glide over my young skin but as you get older your skin dries out.

      What L'Oreal Visible Lift Anti-Wrinkle Foundation does is makes your face look almost instantly 'lifted'. It makes you look more refreshed because if you choose the right shade for you it evens out your complexion and hides any blemishes and makes your skin look smoother. The corrective pigments unify your skintone for a natural-looking radiant complexion. It has up to 24 hour hydration, has a light fluid texture which is not too heavy and does blend easily. The great thing about it is you do not need to apply much to get fantastic results and great coverage and mine has lasted a long time so it is good value for money also and worth the price.

      However, and this is important, if your skin is slightly more mature you WILL have to use a moisturiser underneath it. I have seen some reviews about this product saying it can be 'patchy' or too 'dry'. Even with the best skin you do need to use some form of moisturiser to prepare your skin especially in the mornings. Have you ever tried to put make-up on, especially foundation, in the mornings when you have just woken up? Moisturise beforehand and you will get the said fantastic results from this product. This is coming from someone who at the moment has the skin of an elephant in a sandstorm so I know what I am talking about when it comes to skin being dry.

      I have been using L'Oreal Visible Lift Foundation since my late twenties, I am now 43 years old, and I have tried all the others and this is definitely the one for me even when I was younger it worked better than all other brands. I trust this brand of foundation completely.

      I have very white skin so the soft ivory shade is dark enough for me. It just gives me a slightly darker hue than my natural skin which lifts my complexion and makes me look more alive, healthier and brighter. I suggest you do the same with this product, choose a shade that is just slightly darker than your natural colour.

      I have a few red lines on my cheeks and I find this foundation covers them without having to apply a very heavy powder compact to hide them.

      There are so many shades to suit your own skin colour and the coverage on your skin lasts throughout the day without needing to touch up every 5 minutes. It also makes large open pores look smaller!

      The smell is very pleasant also and the actual consistency of the product is very light and not too heavy.

      The fact that you do not have to use too much of this to get the results needed, the soft texture, pleasant smell, good value for money as it does last for ages, evens out, lifts, brightens, covers blemishes and enhances mature skintone and instantly almost diminishes fine lines and sagging jawlines makes this product stand out a mile.

      Don't get me wrong it won't make you look like Cheryl Cole but it will make you look like you at your very best.

      When I apply L'Oreal Visible Lift Anti-Wrinkle Foundation to my skin every day I feel that I have my face on and can go out into the world and go on throughout my day with confidence that I look my best!

      Applying L'Oreal Visible Lift Anti-Wrinkle Foundation every day is just like brushing my teeth or having a shower if I didn't it would feel strange and I don't think I would be as confident. It is part of my daily routine.

      Great product that has not let me down for the past 17 years - woman and girl!


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      23.03.2010 16:29



      If you struggle with foundation, give this a try

      As a very fair skinned lady I have always steered well clear of foundations for fear of being "tangoed". Over the past year though I have been noticing a change in the tone of various areas of my face so thought it was about time I took the plunge. After scanning boots make-up isles for ages I finally plumped for Loreal Visible Lift Foundation and am pleased with the results. I bought the Ivory one due to my fair skin and find it a very good colour for me. The foundation comes in a useful pump bottle so not messy at all and you can get out as little or as much as you require. It applies very easily and has a pleasant smell. I tend to apply with my fingers, rubbing it in like a cream as I didn't want to be plastered. It has evened out the tone of my skin very well and even hubby commented on me looking beautiful (gotta be worth the money ;) The foundation is not drying to the skin at all and even seems to keep my oily T- zone under control. Very easily removed aswell which is always a bonus.


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      22.06.2009 21:34
      Very helpful




      L'Oreal Visible Lift foundation

      This foundation comes in a 30ml bottle and cost around £13.69. The consistency is not any different from other leading makes. It has a pump dispenser and the target market is a lady with more mature skin. It smells pleasant and the colours are nice and varied that would suit light medium or fair skin.

      I tried this for the first time yesterday and I initially found it to be drying. I thought about adding a little moisturiser but I carried on with my day as usual. What I did notice was after several hours my skin did look more translucent and I must admit the coverage is superb.

      If I had to criticize this product it would be that it shouldn't be applied around the eye area, as it tends to accentuate wrinkles. This is because it does have a drying effect.

      I will use the rest of the product as by the end of the day my skin did feel better, so I would advise using a little more moisturising cream before application, and then I would say it is probably one of the best I have used.

      I hope you find this useful as it can be so frustrating chosing the right products and I can honestly say this has excellent coverage.


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        29.05.2009 15:07
        Very helpful



        does the job for young-ish pale skins but not easy to use at all

        As a youngish woman with a few worry lines, I thought I would try this product. I am new to foundation generally so was pleased to have found a light enough colour for my skin (soft ivory).

        I bought my 30ml bottle over a year ago and am only half way through because what has happened if practice is I pump up a tiny amount (about the size of a sultana) and then mix it with bio oil so it smoothes in to my pale dry-ish skin properly. I cannot use this product on its own, it is unpleasantly drying, clumping in patches that are very noticeable ie fills in my lines with the product which over-emphasizes the thing I am trying to reduce. The cream is actually quite liquid-like in the bottle but seems to dry once it is exposed to oxygen, becoming a drying paste that flakes on the skin and congregates in crevices. It only works when mixed with another moisturiser/oil that you know works for your face.

        The good news is the colour looks even, it does cover uneven skintone and smooths out one's appearance. I don't feel any 'firming', it's the wrong adjective they are using, tighening due to drying out is more accurate. They also claim it has an 8-hour moisturisation action but it does not moisturise at all, it only works WITH a moisturiser.

        As for it claiming a SPV of 16, I would not trust my pale skin in the sun with this product alone. I would use another sun protection product in addition to using this foundation.

        Overall, I get the effect of covering lines and having an even skin tone but the foundation cream is unpleasantly drying on its own and needs to work with other products to be successful.


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        22.03.2008 15:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not as good as the Visible Lift Line Minimizing Makeup

        If you want a quick opinion:

        L'Oreal Visible Lift Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Foundation has a creamy texture with a slightly powdery finish. I found that I really have to wear a good moisturiser beneath the foundation or else it will not smooth on easily and will look dry and patchy around the nose, chin, eyes and mouth.

        Provides a light to medium coverage and evens out the skin tone but, despite it apparently being aimed at more mature women it is a little too heavy for women over fifty.

        With careful blending, pores and lines can be softened. The colour is very good. Foundation lasts all day.

        Would look great on a smooth-skinned thirty-year-old.

        Contains: Pro-Retinol A and X-Tensium: From the L'Oreal website I discovered:

        Pro-Retinol A® delivers Vitamin A to skin cells, revitalizing cell metabolism to create a healthy, youthful glow. This powerful antioxidant smoothes and softens skin and boosts collagen production, which fortifies skin and increases its elasticity. It also lessens the appearance of wrinkles by reducing the number and length of lines leaving you with beautiful, smooth skin.

        A search on X-Tensium revealed only that it is probably intended to firm up the skin upon application.

        The claims of L'Oreal and my opinion:

        'Skin feels instantly firmed': If you think that means 'tightened', think again. I felt no discernible firming or tightening of my skin.

        'Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced in 1 week': Nope

        'Complexion looks visibly younger and more radiant': Yes - but by that they mean when you are wearing the foundation - not without!

        'Continuous 8-hour moisturising action' - No. I have to wear a good quality moisturiser beneath otherwise the foundation is far too heavy and cakes and generally looks horrible.

        In-depth review:

        I bought L'Oreal's Visible Lift Anti-Wrinkle Foundation when I was coming to the end of my pot of their Visible Lift Line Minimizing Make-up. The latter was purchased in the States and I had used it every day because I loved it.

        Try as I could, I couldn't find the exact same product in the UK. The American version came in a screw-top bottle, the contents of which where gently shaken prior to using. That product's consistency was creamy and when applied looked completely natural on my skin and brightened it - thereby minimising any lines (not eradicating - that's a cosmetic surgeon's forte) and giving me a younger complexion.

        The product I bought in the UK seemed exactly the same except it comes in a pump-dispensing bottle (I dislike them) and it has the words 'Lifting Anti-Wrinkle' in its description rather than 'Line Minimising'.

        To be honest, the American version is truer to its descriptive claims. The UK version's statement of 'Lifting Anti-Wrinkle' is just plain b*ll*cks. It's a make-up not a miracle cure.

        But was I pleased with it?

        Yes and no. Yes, because the shade (Soft Ivory) was almost identical to the American version (not quite but still better than any other alternative I'd tested) and it is a shade which brightens my complexion better than any other.

        No, because the consistency is too heavy for a mature skin. The American product is creamy liquid and generally lighter in texture and therefore easily applied and gives a natural finish. The UK version is thicker and has a slightly powdery finish - which I don't like using on my mature skin. Having said that, I do still like the feel and finish of Max Factor's Colour Adapt which, although does have a powdery finish, has a lovely velvet feel to it and is quite unique. If that came in the complexion-enhancing shade of L'Oreal's Soft Ivory I think I'd have found the holy grail of foundations. Make-up connoisseurs will know what I mean.

        What do I look for in my foundation?

        I look for an age-friendly formula.

        Gone are the days when I can ladle it on with a trowel. Believe me, back in the 60s the look of a wide-eyed doll with a porcelain complexion was considered de rigour. Over 40 years later, I've admitted defeat and try to work with what I've got left. That means admitting I am a mature woman with a good skin with a few lines. The foundation I prefer will be light enough to disguise my fine lines and bright enough to enhance the shade of my complexion so that I at least give the appearance of being younger than I am.

        Because L'Oreal's Visible Lift Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Foundation is thicker than I would like, when I've finished it I won't replace it. A woman ten or fifteen years younger will probably find the consistency of this product perfectly acceptable, unless she has more lines or wrinkles than she should have - in which case she should steer clear. The 'anti-wrinkle' claim is misleading: the product does have a UV SPF of 16
        and it is upon this, I suspect, that L'Oreal are basing their 'anti-wrinkle' claim. By protecting your complexion with a foundation containing a UV SPF, you would be helping to protect your skin from the sun's damage and therefore deterring the onset of early wrinkles - although a UV SPF of 25-30 would do a better job, but obviously not feasible in a foundation.

        Costs approximately £10-£12 for 30ml at most cosmetic counters, although good deals can be had on ebay.

        Thanks for reading!

        ©Skyedame - 2008
        This review is also published under my name of Louizalass on Ciao.


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