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Lancome Blush Subtil

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4 Reviews
  • last ages
  • good classic colours
  • maybe pricey for some
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    4 Reviews
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      24.05.2015 15:02
      Very helpful


      • " good classic colours"
      • "last ages"


      • "maybe pricey for some"

      A lovely lasting blusher in a classic range of colours

      When I purchased my Lancôme blusher I didn’t go out and intend to buy a blusher, I went to buy a foundation. However Lancôme were doing a deal where if you buy two products you get a free gift.
      The counter assistant did a min face touch up using a blusher and I liked it so I bought it as mine was running low anyway.


      Once purchased the blusher comes inside a silver cardboard box.
      This gives you Lancôme in large letters across the front, so no forgetting what you have bought! Along with the size, colour and a Lancôme motif. On the back of the box is the same detail but also written in several languages the fact that the blusher is proclaimed to be gentle and long lasting. They also provide the ingredients on the side of the box as follows: -

      Talc, synthetic fluorphlogopite, magnesium stearate, triisostearin, phenyl trimethicone, tin oxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate, calcium sodium borosilicate, silica, alumina, caprylyl glycol, polyethylene terephthalate, polyurethane-11, parfum, linalool, geraniol, alpha-isomethylionone, coumarin, limonene, citronellol, benzyl alcohol. Plus a whole load of colours that the say may or my not be included, I assume that they print off the same ingrediants for all colours of blusher.


      So once you open you box you discover a smart looking black snap shut plastic case with a small gold rose in the corner, which is the Lancôme motif.
      Inside the case there is a mirror in the lid, making it easy to topping up on the go.
      On the bottom half the one side holds the blusher set with a rose motif in it, which is 3.5 cm by 5 cm so quite large, compared to some blushers, but I cant tell you the depth as it is secured in the case. Alongside this on the other half is a small brush with which to apply the product. The brush is quite good with a small wide handle and thick bristled so provides good coverage and the width of the brush is adequate to give a good splash of colour over the cheekbone. To be honest I tend to use this brush for applying rather than one from my set most of the time as it saves me cleaning my brushes between other products.


      My colour is Brun Roche. Lancôme currently do a range of eight colours, perhaps not the most number but they do have a good range within it. My blusher looks darker than it actually comes out on the skin, but I guess that also depends on how much of it you use. Intend to just use a slight sweep as I have pale skin.
      You do only need a small amount on the brush as you get good coverage and it does last a long time.
      I also have Rose paradis.


      My blusher does tend to stay all day. This I find very god and means that my blusher has already lasted my nearly a year with daily use, so I am quite happy to pay a higher price.
      With regards to removing. It does come off with a simple make-up remover, better with a cream cleanser I find.


      The price from www.lancome.co.uk is £28 and they have guides on how to apply both in written and video format. It can also be purchased at Lancôme counters in big department stores of Debenhams and House of Fraser or the websites. You may also find Lancôme products on some online beauty sites at perhaps a cheaper price.
      This maybe a high price for some but you do get lastability so I feel it is cost-effective, especially if you buy when they have a free gift deal as the gifts are usually very good.
      Also if you buy at a counter make sure you get an assistant to show you how to use it, you get a mini face touch up for free!

      Review maybe posted on other review sites under the same user name Siberian-queen©


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      03.12.2012 01:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I love this one

      I have recently bought quite a few bits and pieces of makeup and one of my more exciting recent purchases was the Lancôme Christmas Beauty Box. This was a lovely gold vanity case that contained loads of different skincare and makeup products, with a mix of full size and mini items. The Lancôme blush subtil was among the full sized items and it is one which I absolutely love!

      Being naturally quite pale I find that blusher is a key part of my makeup as I can look very washed out without it. I like a blush which is on the natural side and just gives a heathy rosy glow to my complexion. My blush subtil came in the shade 02 rose sable which is definitely a shade I would have chosen for myself. It is a soft and warm rosy pink that is very natural looking. It does not really have much shimmer too it but it is not too matte and harsh either. Looking at the Lancôme website they currently only have 6 shades available which seems a little limited. These include pinky shades, a peach one and some which are more on the brown end of the spectrum.

      This blusher comes in a small black compact which has the Lancôme rose in the corner and the details on the back. It looks simple and the compact casing seems to be quite hardy and not too easily breakable. I have thrown it in my bag numerous times and it has not cracked or scratched. It has not come open inside my bag either so the catch seems to be secure, which is a relief as I really thought some of my makeup might have smashed in my bag the other day after leaving my bag on the floor by my feet in a bar and getting pushed around a bit.

      The compact contains 6g of blusher and on opening it up the left section of the compact is the blusher, in an area that is big enough to easily swipe a brush over with no difficulty. The blush has the lancome rose etched onto it which is a nice touch. The right hand side of the compact contains a small brush. I normally find the brushes included in blusher compacts are often rubbish, but this one is actually quite good in my opinion. The first time I used the brush it shed a few hairs which I found less than impressive and quite annoying, but this has never happened again and the brush is now a pleasure to use. It is very soft and it is wider and gives a more natural look than the brushes I have had in Clinique and Clarins blush compacts. It has a very short handle so it fits in the compact, but it is still very easy to hold and use. The fact the included brush is decent does make this compact handy to use on the go as I don't need to take a separate brush. The inside lid of the compact is a mirror which is also very handy for applying the blusher while out and about.

      When applying this blusher it has a subtle rose scent, as with quite a few of the Lancôme products. I like this as its nicer than a typical makeup smell. A couple of strokes of the brush gives a lovely natural glow. It lasts very well throughout the day and feels very light to wear. It does not irritate my skin at all.

      I really have no complaints about this blusher at all. I love the natural healthy look it produces, it's easy to use and decently packaged. I would definitely recommend it. The full price on its own if bought separately from the Beauty Box is £27 which is fairly expensive but it will last ages so I would be willing to pay that.


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        29.09.2012 05:58
        Very helpful




        I was actually given Lancome Blush Subtil Highlighter by my sister who had bought the product and then decided it wasn't the right shade for her. I'm never one to knock back a freebie and so it was gratefully received. I am not sure how much she originally paid for it, but the Lancome Blush Subtil Highlighter is currently available for £26.00 (or 2600 Advantage Points) from Boots. Clearly this is quite expensive, but I do generally believe that it really is worth paying out when it comes to make-up in order to get good quality as it seems to work out cheaper in the long run. I have seen it available in other stores and online as well and so it might be worth shopping around and you may be able to get a better price.

        I tend not to use Lancome products very ofter, but I have been pleasantly surprised by this. The packaging itself is nothing to get very excited about and I don't think its something that is going to jump off the shelf at you, but having said that, it is neat and compact - and functional - and really that is the most important thing when all is said and done. It comes in a small black case which has a palate of the blusher, together with a brush and a mirror. I have found it to be quite practical to use - and it's small enough to fit inside a small day make-up bag for retouching.

        The blusher comes in a small range of shades - and I have the Blush Subtil Shimmer version of the product which is slightly more obvious than the sheer version. It looks pretty pink, but actually once it's applied it has a subtle but defined shade with really suits my skin tone and looks fairly natural. It comes in powder form - and so it is applied either with the supplied brush or with a compact pad. I have to say that I am actually really impressed with the brush that is supplied with the compact as it is of a good quality with fine, soft and natural bristles. It means that application is smooth and that it can be done very subtly with repeated applications if you want something darker or more apparent. To apply the powder I simply sweep over my cheekbones and up under my eyes - and do that about twice to get a nice even and natural look. It also allows the natural tone of my skin to shine through and this is a mark of quality I think.

        The powder has really good last ability and I find that it lasts me about eight hours before another application is necessary. It never goes cakey or patchy and so it just gradually fades and so it's okay to simply tough up the powder by applying another coat if you're out for a full day and night. This makes it really convenient. It also seems to apply my skin to breathe and so my skin doesn't feel heavy or "made up" after the application and so I feel fresh and clean also.

        Overall, I would recommend the Lancome Blush Subtil Highlighter because it does last a long time and so it's worth investing in something that costs a little more but lasts longer - and makes you look good. I have found that it's becoming increasingly important that I look after my skin and so I will fork out for another box of this once I run out.


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        14.10.2011 18:53
        Very helpful



        brilliant blusher

        I am a sucker for pretty things and when I went into my local department store I noticed the Lancôme counter had a rather lovely looking gift on. I am always far more interested in stocking up on my rather expensive high end cosmetics when I get free goodies! The Lancôme lady who had obviously seen me taking an interest quickly approached me and persuaded me to let her do my makeup. I say persuaded but I was more than happy to let her do my make up using lovely Lancôme products. I rather liked how she did my makeup and was tempted to buy two products to get my hands on that gorgeous gift. I purchased two products that day - teint miracle foundation and blush subtil (in rose sable).

        Cost and availability

        This is a very expensive blusher and while I usually try to justify paying so much money for cosmetics that you could get much cheaper elsewhere, I will on this occasion admit to thinking that this blusher is seriously overpriced. You get 6g of product for £25.55 which seems a little ridiculous to say the least. This is available from any lancome stockists - department stores, larger boots and online. You may be able to get this a little cheaper online.


        As with almost all Lancôme products, this little gem came packaged in a box. The blusher itself is packed inside a rather elegant looking compact and also supplied with a small brush. The compact is a nice glossy black which feels fairly sturdy with the signature gold rose in the bottom right hand corner. To open the compact you just press in the sort of button on the bottom. When you open the compact there is a very generously sized mirror in the lid which I really like as with some compacts the mirror is almost useless because of it being too small. I would say that the blusher only takes up about half of the room in the compact but looks very stylish with the usual Lancôme rose imprinted into it. Next to the blush there is an indent in which the blusher brush sits which is also in a cellophane wrap. When I first bought this I dropped the compact from a considerable height and felt absolutely gutted, surely the blusher would have smashed but it didn't! This is a very sturdy compact so a great one to take with you wherever you go as you are unlikely to cause it any damage.

        the brush

        This is a very small brush (obviously because it fits into the compact) but does appear of good quality. The bristles are of a beautifully black glossy and soft bristle which feels just lovely. The handle is black with a large rim of gold and with 'Lancôme' embossed onto it. Personally I wasn't overly impressed with this brush - but having said that I didn't buy this product for the brush. As it fits into the compact the brush is very flat in its shape whereas I prefer a rounder kind of kabuki brush when I usually apply my blush. I use my own brush when I apply this but I do think that the brush provided with it comes in useful if you are on the move and fancied having a quick touch up.

        The claims

        The Lancôme website states that this is suitable for all skin types. It also says that... 'Transparency or seduction, discretion or iridescence... choose your look from this collection of silky-textured powder blushes. Try Blush Subtil, in a range of classic shades, Blush Subtil Sheer for a natural look, or Blush Subtil Shimmer for a radiant glow. Each is formulated to glide on easily and last for hours.'
        Mine personally is just the plain Blush Subtil which Lancôme says is long wearing gentle and soft. It has extremely fine mica-micro-particles and silicon polymers for a uniform look and long wear. All of these scientific sounding words that I don't know the meaning of but sounds impressive do nothing for me. I just want to know if this is a good quality blusher that will last and be worth the rather hefty price tag.


        Unless the box (which I have now thrown away) had instructions for application on, I have seen none. I apply this as I would any other powder blusher. I apply the rest of my make up first - mainly my liquid foundation and then my loose powder- before I apply this. I then use my usual estee lauder blusher brush which picks up a nice amount of the powder and applies really well, although of course you can apply with whatever you like. I usually sweep the brush over the powder before tapping a little of the excess powder in an attempt to avoid the clown type look. I then sweep the powder along my cheekbones up towards my temples.

        how does it look?

        This can look as subtle or as unsubtle as you like. I find that while this is a well pigmented powder it is capable of being subtle, while at the same time it is also a buildable colour. I find that while mine is the blush subtil, and not the shimmer version, mine is still fairly shimmery when you look at in the compact. I feel the shimmer is less obvious than it appears in the compact when applied to the skin and just gives a nice luminous look. I would say that this has a finish that would be suitable for anybody i.e. it would not make a more mature woman look like they were trying to be much younger than their age. Also worth mentioning is that this is a very blendable powder, you get none of those horrible stripes or lines on your cheeks. This blusher is especially good at giving you a more natural look.

        how long does it last?

        In terms of how long the powder lasts on your skin it does last for a fairly decent amount of time, although I have found it doesn't last as long if you just apply it onto bare skin as opposed to skin that already has some kind of product on it. I would say that it maybe lasts for 4-5 hours of being noticeable but then I don't apply a great deal of it when I wear it. If you wanted to wear it for longer than this then I think you would need to touch it up a bit.

        In terms of how long this blusher will last you before you need to buy a new one, I would say that probably around the 4 month mark if you use it frequently. Because it is so highly pigmented you really do need very little powder whenever you use it.

        would I recommend this powder?

        Overall yes I would! I think it is a lovely powder in a very handy compact that would be suitable for everyone - although I should note that this powder is slightly fragranced so this could be something that those with sensitive skin would rather avoid. There are a variety of colours/finishes to choose from so everyone should be able to find something to suit them in particular. Personally I absolutely love the compact that this comes in - it is built for purpose while looking rather stylish. I do however wish they skipped the brush they provide and just give me more product! This blusher is overpriced (in my opinion) and I am not sure I would have bought it had Lancôme not been on their gift at the time. I am not sure I would repurchase this purely because of the price and I think there are cheaper alternatives out there that would do the job just as well. This product gets 4 stars from me as I think it is a fab product but the price is a little ridiculous.


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        Lancome Blush Subtil / Brush included.

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