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Lancome Ombre Absolue Duo Eye Shadow

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Brand: Lancome / Type: Eye Shadow / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2010 15:40
      Very helpful



      A superb duo eye shadow


      If you've read any of my earlier make-up reviews, you'll know that I spend a fair amount on make up. I find it a great way to indulge myself and a super way to spend my hard earned money as feeling and looking good always improves my mood. Lancôme Ombre Absolu Duo Eye Shadow was an impulse buy when I was in Manchester for the weekend and to be honest one of the reasons that I bought it was to get a Selfridges bag. Sad, I know. Lancôme wasn't a brand I had used in the past I was eager to give it a try and now I can say that I have a lot to thank for this impulse buy, as it is one of the best eye shadows that I have used.

      *The Claim*

      Lancôme Ombre Absolu Duo Eye Shadow claims divine hold intensify light and shade effects thanks to the Duos whose velvety powder provides comfort and divine hold.

      *About the Product (according to the brand)*

      Within the Lancôme Ombre Absolu Duo Eye Shadow you get non-drying, high-security, premium powder shadows. They are well-coordinated and trendy colours. The eye shadows have a fine texture and glide smoothly onto your skin. The ultra-fine Velvet Complex delivers luxurious softness with every shade, and glides on with feather-light texture for perfect comfort. These eye shadows create a luminous, creaseless finish with long-lasting coverage.


      Lancôme advise you in their packaging of the best way to apply these eye shadows and I must say, I find their ways are very effective. With the first applicator (blending), you should apply the lighter colour over the whole of the eyelid. Then you should take the seconds applicator (eye liner) and use it for more precise application and a more intense colour.

      I like to play around with the colours to create a number of different looks, depending on the time of day and occasion. The silver and blue colours allow me to do more than you would expect with just two colours and if you add eye liner into the mix as well then the possibilities are countless.

      *Price and Availability*

      Lancôme Ombre Absolu Duo Eye Shadow is a product that isn't available to buy in your local supermarket or chemist. You can only find these available in large department stores like John Lewis, House or Selfridges. Alternatively, you can buy it online from www.lancome.co.uk which has always been an easy website to use for me in the past.

      This duo eye shadow set will set you back a fairly substantial £22.50. Can I hear jaws dropping? Yes? Well, I'm not surprised as it is a little bit on the expensive side but it is complete quality. So the phrase you get what you pay for is perfect for this product. Would I pay this amount again for a duo eye shadow set? Maybe if I had the money as it is an excellent product but it is certainly not an essential so perhaps a cheaper alternative would be sufficient.

      *My Opinion*

      The packaging: This eye shadow packaging is classy and sleek, if a tad boring. It is a black, rectangular with rounded edges plastic case that holds two different coloured eye shadows. Inside the case, you will find a fair sized mirror on the top of the lid which allows you to apply the eye shadow on the go should you wish to.

      The brushes: In each case, you get two applicators that you use for different effects.
      These applicators are of the highest quality You get a blending applicator that you use to apply the eye shadow to your eyelid and an eyeliner applicator which is for use when your want a more precise or intense colour. These brushes are very high quality and make the application of the eye shadow as easy as possible. It is very important that you clean the applicators regularly in order to get the smoothest possible application and make the most of the product.

      The Duo Eye Shadows: Each set contains two eye shadows that have been selected to offer you convenient make up for any occasion. For those who find it difficult to know what colours go well together, the work is done for you. These eye shadows blend nicely together and are actually crease resistant.

      Texture: The consistency of these eye shadows is pure luxury! They are smooth yet rich and this makes them very easy to apply. I quite like that pressed into each of the eye shadows is the Lancome rose symbol. It gives you that extra feeling of quality within the product even though it probably does mean that you're getting that little bit less eye shadow.

      Range of colours: 8 different combinations of duos are available to buy. These colours range from neutrals to metallics and vary in colour from brown to pink, green to blue. The one that I have myself is called Paris Croisette containing one silver colour and one blue. The two colours in the set that I have are extremely well co-ordinated. There isn't really anything natural about the set that I have bought but if you are looking for an eye shadow duo that will make your eyes look stunning and brighten them then this product could be perfect for you.

      Staying power: When you apply eye shadow, you have a general feeling as to whether it will stay put all day. With this one, I knew immediately that it would be quite long-lasting due to the luxurious texture of the powder. When you have applied this product, it stays on your eye lids from the start of the day right until the end.

      So does the product fulfil the claims?
      Do these eye shadows have a fine texture and glide smoothly onto your skin? Yes, it most certainly does. It is one of the easiest eye shadows that I have used due to the great texture of the product although I think that the applicators help somewhat as well.
      Does the velvety powder provide comfort and divine hold? Yes, it definitely does this. The eye shadows are comfortable to wear, not to heavy yet stay in place for the duration of the day.
      Do these eye shadows create a luminous, creaseless finish with long-lasting coverage? A final yes! This eye shadow does give a creaseless finish, something which I find many eye shadows do not do and it lasts for a long time.

      Longevity of the product: Lancome Ombre Absolu Duo Eye Shadow will last you approximately 5-6 months when used a few of times a week, perhaps even longer. It is a set that although is expensive, does last a very long time.

      The good thing about buying products from Lancôme, is they tend to give you a few freebies with your product. The experience of shopping at the Lancôme counters has always very positive on the whole. I've found that their staff are very knowledgeable of their products and always full of great make up tips. I've certainly learnt a lot from a number of their sales people.

      *Would I Recommend The Product?*

      I love this eye shadow duo and I would definitely recommend the product if money wasn't an issue but in the current economic climate it is. A lot of people don't have £22.50 to spend on two eye shadows so I would suggest you consider strongly whether or not you believe this would be value for money for you. The high price tag (although it is the highest quality and very long-lasting) prevents me from shouting about it from the rooftops so instead I would recommend this to buy if you can afford it or as a one off indulgence product and stick to the cheaper alternatives. After all, we can't live beyond our means can we?


      There is no question that this is a very expensive product. That goes without saying. But on the other hand, I don't think I have experienced using many high quality eye shadows like this duo. The texture was light yet luxurious and it lasted all day long without creasing. And I got my Selfridges bag!


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        15.07.2009 22:20
        Very helpful



        A fab two set eye shadow that blends well and gives a distinctive look

        Lancôme Ombre Absolu Duo Eye Shadow

        I don't normally buy Lancôme make up or beauty products as it's not a brand that really entices me. I have been given stuff for Christmas and birthdays though as presents which have included mascaras and eye shadows.

        Lancôme have been around for 70 years and are a French based beauty company. It was set up by Armand Petitjean who Lancôme and is a well respected designer brand.

        **Duo Eye shadow **

        Lancôme call the duo radiant and divine. They are velvety in feel and are meant to be comfy and offer a superb hold.

        Each duo contains two eye shadows, and have different functions and applicators. There is a blending applicator to apply the shadow to the entire lid and an eyeliner applicator for a more precise and intense colour. Sometimes I forget to read the blurb so didn't realise this until reviewing it!

        **Using it and Packaging**

        I have 2 eye shadows by Lancôme both which were Christmas presents from my mum. If I recall I got the duo set and I think there was a smaller box free with it which actually has 3 colours in it.

        The casings are black and the bigger duo one has a small square gold plate with the signature Lancôme design on. The duo case is soft and square with curved sides. It clips open and you get a nice little make up mirror inside. There are two squares about an inch long and just under wide. I have a beige colour and chocolate brown colour. It then has the two applicator brushes inside. The smaller rectangular case has a big chocolate/copper brown colour an then a smaller beige and sparkly bronze shade.

        As I was given this as a present I never realised there was a certain way to use the duo set and use one applicator to cover the whole lid then another one to be more precise. I have MAC eye shadow brushes and applicators and had developed my own technique of applying eye shadow so I did not try out what Lancôme suggests.

        I use the lighter shade first to apply to the whole lid to give a bit of a base colour before blending in the chocolate brown. Sometimes I then add the more glittery chocolate to give a bit of a sparkle. However the brown in the duo is an autumn brown and has a subtle glitter to it anyway to make it more dazzling.

        I apply before putting on my eyeliner and mascara and find the result is more distinctive. The colour choice is quite neutral and not as bold as some of my eye shadows from the MAC range but none the less they are good for daywear. The eye shadow does feel velvety and the Lancôme supplied applicators are nice and smooth to apply.


        I think you should certainly give the range a try and see which two colours suit you from the 6 part range. I like the browns/neutrals combination I have and the little 3 trio freebie I seemed to get with it. I looked up the price and it cost £22 so not sure I would have paid that as I though £11 and £15 was expensive from MAC so I am glad it was a present.

        I think the colour I have is certainly a good day wear colour and works for most skin tones and eye colours as I have blue eyes and it sits well on me. So I would rate 4/5 as it is a fab colour to have but a bit pricey. Also I didn't realise what I was meant to do with the two applicators so may try it their way next instead of my random way of doing it!!!


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