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Lancome Teint Renergie Lift Rare

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Brand: Lancome / Type: Makeup / What it does: Lifts, Energises / Sub-Type: Foundation

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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2010 02:40



      A facelift in a bottle

      I am currently using this foundation and I have done so for last 2 months. 03 Beige Diaphane my complextion is fair and this colour gives a lovely healthy glow. You only need a small amount as the coverage is excellent. Wrinkles and crows feet are less defined and I have a frown mark on my forehead that is less noticeable. I am 42 and it works well for my age my mother also uses this as she reommended it to me and she's 64.

      What makes this particularly good is that it does not feel like a mask on your face as so many foundations do for mature skin. Instead it makes your skin feel soft to the touch, and pores appear less prominent.
      The foundation stays put and looks just as good 8 hours into the day.

      I dont know if this foundation makes you look younger which are the claims that Lancome make but I do get comments how fresh my face looks when I wear it.

      I would suggest using your fingertips for this product rather than a foundation brush and only to dab in places that you need it most.

      The product is expensive at £34.50, however you only need a little bit and it seems to take the grey look out of mature skin, this product really works for me just dont have a colour thats too dark for your skin.

      I would always recommend that you go along to your Lancome counter and ask them to give you 2 or 3 colour samples so that you can try it at home over a period of days, when chosing the colours for sampling dab a little on the inside lighter part of your wrist. When you are happy with the product and colour you can then purchase from any stockist.


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      03.09.2007 19:30
      Very helpful



      If you have sensitive skin approach with caution!

      I am one of those sad women who only very rarely ventures outside the front door without my makeup and the most important item amongst all the pots and potions is my foundation. I need one which will even out my skin tones and hide all those blemishes and imperfections which sap my confidence when "uncovered!". However I do resent spending too much on makeup and if I do splash out occasionally, I do my research thoroughly before I purchase.

      ***** DECISION TO PURCHASE*****

      Sometimes you can use a makeup product for years and then suddenly find that it no longer seems to be doing the job it once was! Maybe it's the years that have changed your complexion , maybe the formula has changed or maybe you just develop a need for a different look. Whatever the reason, that happened to me with my usual product and I wanted a change. When I received a Boots token for Christmas I thought I would splash out on a more expensive brand and Lancome had been recommended to me.

      Lancome is a French firm which was founded in 1935. Initially offering a range of perfumes, it quickly went on to include skin care products in its range. There is a lot of flowery language on their website (http://www.lancome.co.uk/_en/_gb/index.aspx?) e.g. " Women's beauty goes beyond appearances. It's an emotion on the very surface of your skin. An awakening of the senses. The reflection of the harmony between body, soul and spirit.". This is mildly nauseating in my opinion but I persevered to discover their products are " dermatologically tested" but the warning bells should have started to tinkle because there is no claim to be hypoallergenic.

      Unfortunately I had not done my researches very thoroughly because, at the time of my deliberations on a choice of makeup, I had not realised that Lancome are now part of the L'Oreal Group. This company is boycotted by the anti animal testing fraternity because, whilst its claim that its products are not tested on animals is true and it has not done so since 1990, it also misleading as they continue such tests on new ingredients.

      The justification claimed by L'Oreal for this testing of new ingredients is that it is required by EU law. This is true but EU law also specifies that this is only tolerable where there are no safe alternatives available and seeks a cut off of all animal testing in the cosmetic industry by 2009 - a cut off point which is opposed by L'Oreal. Critics, such as Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping, have criticised the company for, as it sees it, unnecessarily developing so many new ingredients. In 2004 alone they submitted 586 patents for newly developed formulations and 1400 new formulations have been registered in the last three years. These inevitably must have been tested on animals.

      Whilst I am not a great animal rights campaigner, I do try to avoid cosmetic products which are tested on animals but sometimes I fail to find suitable replacements. At the time I was in blissful ignorance when choosing this foundation because it seemed to have all the right credentials being described as a product (suitable for all skin types) where "make up meets skincare for a perfectly radiant complexion" leaving skin "looking more youthful and energized; wrinkles are smoothed". In more detail it boasts:-

      -Micro-Lift technology: which "lifts" through "an extra-fine dispersion of waxes" but with no tight-feeling after effect".
      These days my skin definitely needs lifting.

      -Freshcolor technology: which replaces the traditional black base pigment with a warm-toned caramel shade using micropearls to enhance the colour to give" a radiant and healthy-looking complexion".
      I find that many foundations give a beige effect when I want English rose effect so this seemed impressive especially as one of the seven shades available is "lys rose". In fact there are a very good range of shades to suit most skin tones.

      -Stimuline E complex: which contains various ingredients to boost the skin, combat signs of ageing, promote a finer, smoother skin and protect against sun damage.
      This seemed like everything my skin could wish for!

      At £30 for 30 mls, this was rather an expensive proposition but I went ahead, selected the "Lys Rose" variety and handed over the token anyway, telling myself this would be a real treat.

      ***** MY EXPERIENCE *****

      The smoky glass bottle looks very elegant and , although it is dispensed by a pump action, it has a screw top which I think is important. Too many are seemingly ' welded on' and impossible to remove when you want to remove those last drops!

      Just two good pumps gave me enough to cover my face. It's quite a thick liquid with a consistency I would liken to double cream. I couldn't really detect any scent except, maybe, a slightly sweet but quite fresh impression. My skin is normal/combination but certainly not dry. However, applying it with my fingers (maybe a sponge would be better), it didn't actually glide on but required quite a lot of coaxing to spread it evenly and effectively. In fact, after the first few applications, I gave my skin an extra dose of moisturiser before hand in order to ease application.

      The product did provide really good coverage of all those little spots and imperfections but I have to say the end result wasn't really pleasing. The colour was fine and near enough to my own skin tones but not as pink as I might have liked - in fact I applied a pinky skin enhancer/blusher (to be reviewed later) over it However, my skin didn't look radiant and glowing but quite matt, almost as if I had applied a coat of powder on top. The liquid just didn't seem to absorb into skin at all just apparently sitting on the top although this must be an illusion because it didn't rub off on my clothes at all.( I thoroughly tested this even rubbing fabric against my skin.)

      My skin felt soft enough to the touch but I like a moisturising foundation and, despite its claims to provide hydration, this product gave me a sensation that the skin was rather tight and dry. It is also far heavier than other products I have used, making the overall far from natural and, because of its consistency, it seemed to sink down in the crevices, not acting like polyfiller(!) but, accentuating the lines and wrinkles in a very unflattering way!

      The coverage was certainly long lasting and the skin tended to look the same in the evening as in the morning although it did need a fresh layer or a top up if I was going out on the tiles!. I found it easy enough to remove using Simple Cleansing Lotion but afterwards my skin seemed so 'thirsty' it needed extra moisturiser.

      I continued to use this product for some weeks because it was too expensive to waste but, after a month or so, I had a slight flare up of eczema on my face and when I applied this on the affected area it stung quite painfully for a while although covering it quite well. I am not saying it was the cause of the eczema but it certainly aggravated it because later it looked much more red and angry than it had before. I therefore gave up using it when it still contained probably a full month's supply and gave it to a friend with less sensitive skin!

      *****THE VERDICT*****

      It will come as no surprise that I will not be using or buying this product again. It was an expensive mistake and, for me, did not live up to any of its claims. It was not easy to apply and once on, it did not look or feel right. I have given two stars because it gives good and lasting coverage and comes in a nice range of shades. However, unfortunately, I couldn't find much more to recommend it.

      So much for Lancome's 60 years of experience in skin care, maybe they made a mistake with this at least as far as my skin is concerned. I have returned to my cheaper, moisturising, hypoallergenic brand. I am sure my skin is breathing a sigh of relief!


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    • Product Details

      Lancome Teint Renergie Lift Rare / All skin types / Medium Coverage / Natural Finish / Pump applicator.

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