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Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss

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Brand: Laura Geller / Type: Lip Gel / Subcategory: Gloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2013 21:36
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      Luxurious Lipgloss

      I was introduced to Laura Geller make-up on QVC a couple of years ago and I've since tried various products and I've never been disappointed.

      This gorgeous lipgloss came in a 5-piece set named the '5 Piece Fresh Brewed Baked Beauty Collection' and it was a Christmas present...bonus!


      * this lipgloss has the silkiest and most luxurious pigments, leaving the lips drenched in colour.

      * Its full coverage, non-sticky formula contains emollient oils to help protect your pout and is enriched with Vitamin E


      The shade I receieved in the set was appropriately named 'Café Au Lait' and I'm going to be honest when I saw the shade in the tube I wasn't keen on it and I NEVER would of chose it at a beauty counter! I thought it was going to be an orangey/brown shade which I don't like at all. However I tried the whole set and loved it and thought I'd try the gloss to finish off the look. I very much like my make-up to flow nicely. HOW WRONG I WAS! The most flattering shade ever! It's hard to explain it's what I'd call a pinky-nude but maybe slightly darker than nude! (I'm sorry thats the best way I can describe it!) and it's now one of my favourite shades in my collection and I'm dreading it running out! The coverage is full as described by Laura Geller and it contains no shimmer. It does however have a lovely shine. It feels very luxurious on the lips and lasts very well for a gloss aswell. No horrible gloopyness either!


      It comes in a clear tube with a black lid and a wand applicator which is my favourite when it comes to lipgloss. The wand is a nice size and perfect for precision when applying the gloss.


      As I mentioned at the beginning I receive this in a set but I like to give you guys the price however this gloss is not available separately online. The whole set is available for £42.50 and I would highly recommend the whole collection!


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      11.05.2013 20:46
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      One colour suits all, great longevity and an excellent moisturising lip gloss.

      I've written two reviews recently from the Laura Geller range of makeup products so I won't go into further details about her background or how my purchase came about. This review features Colour Drenched Lip Gloss from the 'Freshly Brewed' beauty collection that I purchased approximately 6 months ago now.

      ~~~ Cost ~~~

      This 9 ml product is now only available to purchase individually from qvcuk.com at a cost of £19 including postage and packing. It is worth noting that you can still buy the 'Fresh Brewed Baked Beauty' collection from QVC for £46.50 meaning you're still only paying for around two full sized LG products and receiving five if you wanted to try other things from her range.

      ~~~ My Purchase ~~~

      My whole collection is all based around neutral colours and meant they will suit a whole variety of skin tones. Seeing the presentation on QVC the shopping channel, they seemed to do so. It featured models with the fairest to the darkest shades of skin and hair colours (it DOES make a difference), and they all looked lovely in this. I was mightily impressed and couldn't wait to receive it.

      ~~~ Colour Drenched Lip gloss ~~~

      This lip gloss comes as one would expect in a long tube containing the gloss. I like that it's transparent so you can see the colour you need at a glance, and also see when you're due to replace it. There's nothing worse than trying to use something and finding you've run out. Once you unscrew the black lid, you will see the applicator wand. This oddly isn't a sponge or brush; it's a sort of combination between the two. It seems to feature a material with a plush pile; this grabs the lip gloss inside and enables a good amount of the product to be transferred to the lips. This is neither tiny, nor too large, and lets you be precise at the corners and edges, but enables you to apply it really quickly and easily.

      ~~~ The Lip Gloss ~~~

      The product inside is DIVINE. Following the coffee theme once again, this has the subtle aroma of freshly brewed coffee. You might not like the taste, but I defy anyone to walk past a coffee shop and dislike the scents emanating from there. The description of the taste is going to be tougher, I'm not sure whether it tastes of coffee - there's the tiniest hint there, but I'm unsure whether it's an actual taste, or it's because I can smell it. It really doesn't last long though, and I would imagine that if you did really dislike coffee, it wouldn't be enough to put you off.

      The name of the colour is Café-au-Lait, but it's not a milky coffee colour oddly. It's a really odd colour to describe; it's more of a pinky terracotta in my opinion. I'm not really a pinky lip gloss girl, or a terracotta one for that matter; I'd rather wear a clear; this goes more with my barely there makeup routine; I want to look like me! This lip gloss does however ring the changes, and it's been an absolute pleasure to own. I've changed my hair colour this week and I've gone from a highlighted bleached blonde, to a reddish chestnut brown, and this lip gloss still suits me. I'm so glad, as I would have been devastated if it didn't, well maybe devastated is a bit strong, but you know what I mean. :)

      ~~~ The Results ~~~

      The coverage is perfect, as it has the most fantastic pigments within. It's a true opaque gloss, not one of these wishy-washy colours. It's really silky and soft, and simply glides upon the skin. When wearing this product my lips feel drenched in moisture due to carefully selected emollient oils; whereas other glosses make your lips feel dry and sore, especially ones which have a high colour pigmentation to make them last.
      I tend to eat lip gloss, and within five minutes of application they are virtually gone (not because I actually do eat it you understand, but because as I chatter it wears away, and with transference onto glasses and mugs etc. This product is still there an hour later, not because it's stained my lips with colour, because it doesn't, it's because it's such a high quality any transference is minimal. Another bonus is it doesn't sit in the fine lines and creases around my lips. It sits where I put it, and doesn't creep onto the surrounding area. It even contains Vitamin E to help protect your pout from environmental damage.

      ~~~ My Thoughts ~~~

      I really and truly love this lip gloss. It's easy to apply, doesn't travel, or gather at the corners or in creases. It's soft, silky and really moisturising. The only downfall is the price - but as I've owed this for six months (alternating with a clear gloss from time to time) and have at least another six months of use left, I don't think that's too bad actually. I highly recommend it, and I hope you like it too.


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