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Laura Mercier Colour Essentials Face Palette

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Brand: Laura Mercier / Type: Palette / Subcategory: Face Colour / Suitable for: Face

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2011 15:11
      Very helpful



      A great set of products especially for the sale price - recommended

      Laura Mercier colour essentials face palette

      I have not used any Laura Mercier products before due to the price as some of the items can be quite expensive in my opinion. But as I saw this product on space nk at better than half price I had to get it. With the palette you also get: a velvet pouch for the palette to be stored in for the other products to fit in, a full size lip pencil in the shade 'natural lips' and a mini eyelid primer in the shade 'wheat'.

      - About the product

      In the actual palette there are four eye shadows, three of which are shimmery and the fourth eye shadow is matte in texture. The eye shadows are 0.8g each and the shade names are as follows: Stella, Honey, Sundown and Coffee Ground. There is also a cheek colour, which is also a 0.8g, in the shade nectarine. A lastly there are three lip colours which a 0.6g each in the shades Brick, Dolce and Crystal. Unusually the palette does not come with any applicators which I think is a very good thing as the applicators in palettes are usually not very good at all. The palette also comes with a plastic cover to place inside the palette and a large mirror is situated in the lid of the palette too. The products in the palette are dermatologically tested and the finished product is not tested on animals.

      - Packaging

      The actual box that the palette comes in is really nice and it has the same design as the palette itself - a crocodile skin pattern - although the box is white and the palette is dark brown. There is then a dark brown/black velvet pouch that everything comes in which is really nice especially for storing all the products in as it keeps all of the products neat and together. I think this palette with all of the products that comes with it would make a really nice gift, especially as in my opinion it is presented really nicely and because 'Laura Mercier' is a famous brand used by many make up artists. The palette itself feels very durable and strong so I feel like it would be able to withstand being thrown in my bag and my make up draws. One thing that I like about the palette design is that there is a diagram on the back of the palette that tells you the shade names of the products in the palette. So overall in my opinion, the packaging is gorgeous and very practical too, due to the compactness of the palette and the large mirror I think it would be great for traveling/on the go.

      - The 'Natural lips' Lipliner/pencil

      One product that came with the palette that I didn't expect to get was a full size lip liner which is in the shade 'natural lips'. The packaging for the lip liner is fairly simple and the shade indicator on the end pencil is fairly accurate although the actual shade of the pencil is a lot more orange on my skin. Some of the ingredients in the lip liner are as follows: Talc, Hydrogenated vegetable oil and Titanium/Iron oxides. I do like the shade of the pencil as it is a bit darker than my natural lip colour although I probably wouldn't wear this all the time just because the shade is really quite orange. The lip pencil has a really nice smooth texture, so it glides onto my lips really easily. *Tip* If you have trouble applying lip liners, try applying them after a lip balm as I find lip balm makes the pencil apply quicker and easier. I do not use this lip liner as a lip liner, I line my lips with the pencil then I fill in my lips with the liner too, so the lip liner acts as a matte lipstick. Overall in my opinion the lipliner is really nice, it is easy to apply and the actual colour stays on my lips for a few hours but it is a bit too orange for me to use it everyday. This lipliner can be bought separately from this set for £16.50 at house of fraser.

      Longevity: 3/5
      Uniqueness: 4/5
      Pigmentation: 4/5

      - Cheek colour in the palette

      Firstly, the cheek colour in the palette is in the shade 'Nectarine', which is a peachy pink shade with lots of fine gold shimmer particles. The cheek colour has a creamy smooth consistency; it is not a powder cheek colour. The creamy nature of the cheek colour makes it, in my opinion, very easy to apply and also very quick and easy to blend onto my skin. I find that when I apply this product to my skin it does not affect my foundation underneath and it does not irritate my eczema prone skin. Also as it is a cream product it is better for people with dry skin such as myself as powders may dry out the skin or make the skin look flaky - as they do with my skin. The shade of this product is really nice, it is very spring/summer shade but when I apply it to my skin the peachy pink shade does not show up very well especially when I blend the cream onto my skin and the only effect on my skin seems to be the gold shimmer. Due to the lack of pigmentation and the abundance of gold shimmer I do not use this product as a blush/cheek colour but I do use this product on the top of my cheek bones as a highlight - as the gold shimmer makes a nice, fairly subtle highlight. *Tip* Apply with your fingertips as the product will be easier to blend. Overall I was a bit disappointed by this cheek colour as it look gorgeous in the palette but the peachy/pink shade does not show up very well on my pale skin but it works nicely as a cheek bone (zygomatic bone) highlight due to the gold shimmer. Overall, this cheek colour looks pretty and it works nicely as a highlight but it is not very good as a actual cheek colour.

      Longevity: 4/5
      Uniqueness: 4/5
      Pigmentation: 2/5

      - The three lip glazes in the palette

      Secondly, there are three lip glazes/colours in this palette and they are as follows: Brick, Dolce and Crystal. The 'brick' shade is a gorgeous berry red colour and has no shimmer at all, it is quite glossy though. The 'Dolce' shade is a neutral rosy beige colour again with no shimmer. And the 'Crystal' shade is a light brown with gold shimmer when it is in the palette but on the skin it is a clear glaze with fine shimmer. The Brick and Dolce lip colours are really pigmented and you only need a really small amount of the lip colour for the shade to show up really well on the lips. The Crystal shade is clear so it only shows up as a transparent gloss, with minimal gold shimmer. All of the lip glazes have a really nice, smooth consistency which makes the glazes really easy to apply and blend - although if you blend them too much you can just end up wiping the colour off your lips. *Tip* Apply with a lip brush for a more intense colour payoff or apply with your finger tips for a more natural, lip-stain look. I don't usually wear lip glosses/glazes but these three shades are really nice and the brick shade is surprisingly really easy to wear as it can be blended to make it look like a glossy lip stain. Another surprising quality of the lip glazes is that they are not sticky at all, they apply really smoothly and they do not feel sticky or tacky on my lips - they feel quite moisturising which I not expect. Overall, I really like these lip glazes as they do not feel heavy or stick, the shades are really wearable, they are super easy to apply and they feel quite moisturising on my lips.

      Longevity: 3/5
      Uniqueness: 4/5
      Pigmentation: 5/5

      - The four eye shadows in the palette

      The four eye shadows in the palette are as follows: Stella, Honey, Sundown and Coffee Ground. Some of the eyeshadows in the palette are described as 'Sateen', 'Luster' and 'Matte. Some of the ingredients in the eyeshadows are as follows: Talc, corn starch, mica, silica, titanium dioxide and dimethicone.

      'Stella' is a really nice light champagne colour with lots of fine gold shimmer and it is described on the packaging as a 'Sateen eye colour'. I find that Stella is not very pigmented, although it does show up fairly well on my skin, it has the worst pigmentation of all of the four shadows. But it has a really smooth fine texture and it applies really nicely - I use this shade as a subtle all over eyelid shade and also as a subtle, natural brow highlight. I find this shades does stay on my skin well although I would wear a primer with this shadow.

      'Honey' is a golden orange colour, again with lots of gold shimmer that makes it look quite unique and this eyeshadow is described on the packaging as a 'Luster eye colour' . The pigmentation for this shade is great, the colour and the shimmer show up well on my pale skin and again the texture is really nice and smooth. I use Honey as an all over the lid colour as when it is blended it is not as vibrant - therefore it is more wearable and not as scary as it looks in the palette!

      'Sundown' is a medium brown colour with gold shimmer and like 'Honey' it is described as a 'Luster eye colour'. Sundown has a really good colour pay off/pigmentation, it shows up vividly on my skin and it applies really quickly and easily. I use this as a lid colour, whereby I apply it just at the outer corner of my lid and then blend it inwards and in the socket slightly which creates a really nice brown smoky eye. This shade tends to stay put on my skin although I would wear a primer underneath all shadows.

      And finally 'Coffee Ground' is the only matte shade in the palette - it is a very dark grey/brown colour with no shimmer at all and it is described as a 'Matte' shade on the back of the packaging. This shade is my favorite as it is so versatile, I use it as a powder eyeliner, a crease colour, an all over the lid colour and as an eyebrow colour. This shade stays really well on my skin and it does not really need a primer in my opinion, especially if you are going to use it as an eyeliner.

      All of the eye shadows have a really nice smooth texture, although the shimmery shades (stella, honey and sundown) have a little bit of a rougher texture compared to the matte shade (coffee ground) due to the shimmer particles. I can either apply the eye shadows with my finger tips or I can use any kind of eye shadow brush with these shadows - they are really easy to apply, blend and they are also easy to remove. My favourite eyeshadow combination is 'Stella' and 'Coffee ground' - I apply stella all over my lid and then I apply coffee ground very close to my upper lash line, at the outer corner of my lid and a light amount along my socket line (crease) - I love this look for a smokey every day look.

      Longevity of the shadows: 4/5
      Uniqueness of the shades: 3/5
      Overall pigmentation of the shadows: 4/5
      Range of different looks that can be created with the shadows: 5/5

      - Eyelid primer

      In the set I also received a small tube of the Laura Mercier eye primer in the shade 'Wheat' and it is described on the back of the packaging as an 'eye basics'. It is 2.8g and some of the ingredients are as follows: beeswax, talc, lanolin acid, aloe leaf extract, safflower seed oil, Anthemis Nobilis flower extract and titanium dioxide. This product does have a fairly strong plastic scent to it, which I don't like. The primer comes in the shade wheat (you are not able to chose the shade) and in the bottle the shade looks very close to my skin tone (a pale beige colour) but when the primer is on my skin it is a very orange shade (an almost terracotta shade) - the difference in the shade appearance in the bottle and on my skin is very noticeable and very different (so I would look at the product on your skin before buying). The primer has a nice consistency and texture, it feels really soft and smooth on my skin which in turn makes it glide onto my skin easily. The primer is fairly easy to blend, although I would not wait around before blending it as when it is dried it is very difficult to blend. I apply this to my lids and then I blend it with my finger tip as it is just quicker and easier that using a brush. The shade difference between the primer and my skin tone is lessened after blending but it is still noticeable - when an eyeshadow is placed over the top you can not see the primer underneath. I have used this primer with the eyeshadows in this palette and also with shadows from other palettes and it works fairly well. This primer does make my eyeshadows apply a little bit easier and it also makes the shadows last longer on my skin and prevents creasing - although I find this primer does not extend the longevity of my eyeshadow too much, I would say that the primer adds another couple of hours wear to the shadows and it only helped with creasing a little bit. I have had this palette and the products that come with it for nearly a month now and I find that this mini bottle of primer is going to last me ages! You only need a dot of primer on each eyelid so one small bottle will last a long time in my opinion. Overall, I have used cheaper eyelid primers that work better than this product but you do only need a small amount so it will last for a while and it does extend the longevity of my eyeshadows for a couple of hours more than they would normally last.

      Shade: 2/5
      Ability to extend the longevity of the shadows: 3/5
      Ability to prevent creasing 2/5
      Longevity of the product (how long one bottle will last): 5/5

      - Price and availability

      I bought this palette from Space NK (a high end beauty store based in london) and I bought it from their website (link at the end of the review). This palette was in the sale in which it was originally £55 and it was reduced to £25 which in my opinion is fantastic and I am glad I bought this palette. I have not been able to find this product online since the sale on space nk but you may find it on ebay or a beauty site.

      Conclusions of the palette on the whole


      *Gorgeous packaging in my opinion and it would make a great gift (and the velvet pouch it all comes in is really nice too)
      *The eyeshadows are great - very pigmented and they are all: wearable, easy to apply, blend and easy to remove
      *The lip pencil is nice and it applies well
      *The lip colours are really nice, moisturising and non sticky
      *The cheek colour is not great as a cheek colour but it works really nicely as a subtle cheek bone highlight
      *The price when on sale
      *I have not had any reaction to the products


      *Availability of the palette
      *The primer is not the best - it only extends the longevity of my eyeshadows for a couple of hours and it does not really prevent creasing


      Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username tigger1992x


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