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Laura Mercier Moisturising Foundation

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4 Reviews

Brand: Laura Mercier / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    4 Reviews
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      05.01.2008 14:54
      Very helpful




      Name of the product I will be reviewing: "Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation"

      - Price -

      This is priced at £20-£30; I paid £23, which I wasn't surprised at as
      Most leading brands like clinique, Chanel and Dior foundations also cost around this amount of money.

      - Shades available -

      Sunny Beige

      Golden Beige

      Shell Beige

      Porcelain Ivory

      Blush Ivory

      Warm Ivory

      Vanilla Beige

      This is what I find useful about the Laura Mercier foundation range, the amount of shades available, so you're bound to find a colour perfect for your skin.

      - What the manufacturers say / what the product offers-
      Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation is a highly pigmented foundation especially formulated for drier or more mature skin & hydrates the skin with added moisture.

      Allows for truly buildable coverage, from a very sheer, weightless, "no makeup" look to more complete coverage
      Hydrates skin, softening & easing fine, dry lines
      Stays colour true and wears evenly
      Vitamins A, C & E act as antioxidants to protect the skin from harmful effects in the environment
      Apply with a damp sponge

      - My experience -

      ~ Packaging ~

      I wasn't so keen on the packaging of this particular foundation; it's what you probley would expect sat on a drugstore shelf, it's very basic and looks cheaper than what it actually is.

      By pressing the pump, the foundation will come out, a tip doesn't press too hard, or lots of foundation will come out!

      ~ Application ~

      The foundation is liquid based and is therefore very easy to apply for most people. I usually end up with excess on my hands, if I press the pump too hard.

      Wipe the sponge onto the foundation and then apply directly to your face. However, this is not as easy as it sounds as it's easy to apply unevenly, particularly around the eyes, mouth and nostrils, so make sure you check your work before doing the rest of your makeup.

      ~ The Look ~

      When I first applied the foundation, I was very pleased with the outcome, it made my skin look very natural but flawless at the same time.
      It is very clearly a hydrating foundation as my once flakey skin looked moisturised again!
      The foundation looks very lightweight, I've used brands in the past such as L'Oreal true match foundation and it gives a very heavy base this completely differs.

      ~ Long-lasting effects of the foundation ~

      This foundation when first applied offered a lightweight, even coverage. After a few hours of using the foundation, my skin didn't look as good as when I first applied it, it looked quiet dry and not as flawless.

      - My Verdict -
      I do like the results of this foundation in the first few hours of applying it, but after so long it doesn't look as good, that's why I defiantly won't be buying it again.

      When wearing this product, I don't worry as much about my skin, as it as a range of vitamins in this foundation, which makes me feel a lot less guilty when I'm wearing my make-up.


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        11.07.2005 17:30



        Worth the price but get the primer as well for maximum effect of the foundation!

        I have been hooked on Laura Mercier products for the past three years. By far the foundation and primer are her best products and are worth the £s. I have oily skin and love the oil-free foundation because it doesn't look too dry and matte.

        With that said, I first started using her products while I was still living in NYC and can't believe how much more expensive they are here (with the weak $ they're about twice the price!). However, as someone who has used Lauder, Prescriptives, Lancome and Chanel, this is the best best best you can buy for the money. MAKE SURE you buy the primer to go along with the foundation or else you're not going to get the most out of the product. With the primer you only need a little bit of foundation to get excellent coverage. Gladly saving my pennies for my next bottle!


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          24.12.2003 08:21
          Very helpful
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          Everyone deserves to look a little nicer.

          Having tried so many foundations in the past, from Stila illuminous, Clinque, Shu Uemura and Lancome to name a few. I came across the name of this foundation by chance from my boyfriends sister. I have heard loads of magazine going on about this brand name n thought that I wud take a chance with it. There was a new Harvey Nichol opening in Manchester and they were selling this brand so I went there to check it out..

          Just a bit of background, i have not got the best of skin. i suffer from acne about a year ago, although the spots went away after my dianette session, the scar never went away completely, leaving me scars around my cheeks, which is such a downer. I am not the sort of person who uses concealer or heavy make up coz I do like to look very natural so I went into Harvey Nichols without expecting to hide any of my scars at all but just wanted a natural finish..

          The lady at the counter was very useful, she looked so natural as if she didn't have much make up on n I was quite impressed. She applied the foundation on one side of my face to show me the effect it has on me. N she also put sum concealers on, which I have neva tried before n honestly, my scars did seem to disappear. It looked so natural, not cakey not orange but just natural n fresh. She also put a ickle amount of blusher on me n DaDa I was surely impressed. U know how usually the assitant wud usually b going on abt the product expecting u to buy it, NO she just walked away n let me have a think abt it. I didn't even have to think too long n I knew I had to get it.

          Of course there was one drawback, it costed £30 per 30ml bottle, which is very expensive for a foundation but to my opinion, I did think it was worth it. I have tried so many foundations before in the past n sum of them was ok, sum of them was good but it neva came close to this one. I wud truly recommend it to anyone who either have problem skin like myself or just normal skin as its also oil- free, w
          hich doesn't make it greasy or clog up yur pores. If I cud manage to look better, I am sure anyone can. Another plus is, Liv Tyler is also a devoted fan to this product n have u seen her skin?

          ~* Just a new update to this review. 27/07/05 *~

          Its nearly two and a half year on, I am still using my Laura Mercier. I haven't felt the need to change my foundation yet. I have been through three bottles of Laura Mercier and I use make up nearly enough five/six days a week. It might be quite expensive but honestly, its money well spent. I don't have great skin and I can almost fake as though I have nice skin. I think if I can do it, anyone could. For those who have bad skin, honestly, I would use this and it doesn't block up your skin or make more spots to come out. For those who have good skin, give this a go as if they can make my skin look nice, yours would look even more so.


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            13.02.2001 03:00



            I have tried trillions of foundations and being a bit of a make up addict I never buy the same brand again, however that was until I tried Laurer Mercier Foundation. I use the shade Blush Ivory which is a perfect shade for pale (english skin). It comes in a handy pump dispenser meaning no more messy lids and is a much more hygenic way of using foundation. You can buy this foundation in large department stores such as Selfriges and Harvey Nichols or in Space NK in London/Bluewater. It covers well but not so that it looks like you have foundation on evens out skin tone. I actually have combination skin but found that the moisturising version (also comes in oil free)did not make my skin oily and kept it feeling hydrated for most of the day. If you are unsatisfied with your current foundation and have a little bit of cash to splash out with then go try... (PS. Laura Mercier is one of Madonna's favourite make up artists). 6th May - Quick update, if you know anyone who's going to the states in the near future get them to buy you a bottle. I did this (luckily lots of people from work are always going to NY) and it worked out to cost about £21.00 (£11 cheaper than in the UK - WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY SUCH HIGH PRICES FOR EVERYTHING!


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