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Lily Lolo Blush Pots

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5 Reviews

Brand: Lily Lolo / Assortment of Blush colours to select from / Type: Blushers

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    5 Reviews
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      09.09.2011 16:26
      Very helpful



      A fantasic blusher which will make you look natural and gorgeous!

      I've recently become a fan of using mineral make up, and thought that the high prices were worth it for looking good but not doing too much damage to my skin at the same time. But there came a point where a brand such as Bare Escentuals was starting to tug on my purse strings. That's when I found Lily Lolo products. Much more affordable.

      This blush pot from Lily Lolo was one of my first Lily Lolo purchases. I bought it in 'Juicy Peach' and I had medium expectations for it. The newest pots come in a gorgeous 3g pot with a matte white lid printed with the logo. My first thought was that it would look very cute on my shelf!

      There is also a kind of twister inner lid to stop the product from spreading everywhere when not in use.

      Now onto the application. I swirled a tiny amount in the lid using a brush and then began brushing it onto my cheeks. It was then that I started to worry a little. The colour seemed very light and I was worried about how much powder I'd need to 'layer' on. Luckily, as I carried on sweeping, the colour gradually grew so a little really does go a long way. No need to keep pouring out the product. My next little panic came when I saw the amount of glitter all over my cheeks. I was horrified! For me, I absolutely hate glittery products because it just looks so fake. However, after a while the glitter kind of just disappeared and I was left with a beautiful sheen!

      This is my favourite blusher ever and it looks extremely natural.

      Priced at £7.29 for a 3g pot, this isn't bad for what you're getting. Compare it with Bare Escentuals blush which is £19 for 0.85g and you'll see that Lily Lolo is a bargain!

      Unforunately, if that price is still a little high, I don't think you can currently get it for any cheaper. Lily Lolo isn't very well known at the moment compared to other mineral brands (e.g Bare Escentuals, Sheer Cover) so there are very few people distributing these at a discount.

      This blusher, along with the rest of their range, can be found at their official website Lily Lolo. They charge shipping per product. For this blush, shipping is currently £0.50. Delivery is really quick, they usually dispatch the following day.

      I'm really grateful that I found this blusher and I'm sure it will be part of my beauty regime for a very long time.

      Highly recommended!!!


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      27.10.2010 17:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good price, good amount of product, feels great on the skin, love the lack of "Tango-ed" effect.

      Given that I am not the most patient person on the planet, I ordered the full-sized version of Rosebud rather than the tester. In the big pot it looked very dark and very sparkly, causing a slight panic on my part. However when applied with a light hand, taking care not to overload the brush with product, it gives a healthy looking, rosy sheen to an otherwise pale and pasty face.

      I tend to put it on top of the first application of their foundation and then apply another layer of foundation once the blusher is in place just to make sure I have a well blended, non stripy look.

      This is the first time I have been happy with a blusher since I found a bluish pink one in a French supermarket back when I was on a school trip in the early 80s. So will re-order if this one ever runs out, I've been using it daily for six months odd and it is still more than half full.

      I'd recommend this colour and brand to any other pale faces who manage to look rather orange in every blusher they try, this one for me has been a rare "tangerine free" zone.


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        01.10.2009 13:22
        Very helpful



        Worth a try pick the right colour for you

        I am new to the Lily Lolo blush pots having used the foundation and cover up for months I thought I would give it ago.
        I ordered the blush Doll Face as I wanted something not too in your face that would give me a bit of a lift.

        My first comment is that it is incredibly sparkly looking in the pot which is a little frightening, but after application this fades some what. Its a lovely subtle blush and the sparkle provides more of a sheen and highlight rather than full on glitter (thank goodness!) and it actually really compliments a natural day time look.

        As with all Lily Lolo products, it seems pricy, but trust me a little goes a long way. I knock most of it off the brush before applying and its more than enough for every day wear. I love the fact that I can build it up gradually to achieve a darker look for evening wear, or just a light peach sheen for a day time natural look.

        Sure I must admit I don't love this on its own as much as my other Lily Lolo products, but it combines brilliantly with my cover up and foundation to produce a really flawless look. It adds a subtle hint of colour and works well with my skin tone...I am so pale that I often find blushers much to dark or fake looking.

        The downside as always is that it can be quite messy, but I would still recommend it. Oh and please don't be afraid of the glitter...I'm 23 (and about 10 years too old for glitter but it has a grown up look to it)


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        24.07.2009 00:00
        Very helpful



        I can't get over the Carmine thingy ewww

        Lily Lolo has a great variety of Blush Pots to suit every complexion. They powders are very well pigmented so you will only need a small amount for you cheeks, this way one pot can last you very long. On a plus side one pot lasts 2 years from the time you upend it but because they use basic natural pigments you may safely use them for longer, there is nothing to go off in them. I do not recommend using the jar lid to pick up the powder though for hygienically reasons.

        Because their powders are so well pigmented they will last a very long time. To apply them you will need a very fine brush who can distribute the products easily. I found that the brushes Lily Lolo sells are not of much use unless you want a heaver application but that depends a lot also on the colour you try to apply.

        There is a selection of 13 colours at the moment, some being matte, shimmery or sparkly. At the moment they have discounted some of the colours and brought some new exciting ones in.
        The powders fell lovely on the skin and they will not dry your skin.

        If you don't know what shade will suit you can order small samples for £0.75 enough for a few applications. A big pot is £7

        Bad points:
        The new shades that wore brought in all weigh less by about 1g or 1.5g and the samples price have gone up from £0.49 to £0.75.Plus in my opinion they have discounted some great unique shades of blush.
        Oh and be careful some contain now Carmine in them. For those who do not know Carmine is some ugly looking bug they kill for its colour, search on Google this information if you don't believe me. I am not a vegetarian but I put my foot down when it comes to dried up bugs juice. Why Lily Lolo WHY? You had such a good reputation.
        You know at least is still natural right?


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        18.10.2007 13:24
        Very helpful



        A natural-looking blush with a slight shimmer, perfect for mature complexions


        Why wear blusher? Good question, particularly if you are a young woman still enjoying the first flush of youth. But chasing the natural bloom of youth is the reason why blushers were devised in the first place. Go ask the

        Blushers, when applied correctly, will give a healthy glow. I know, because I've tried most of them. I prefer powder blushers to crème blushers because I can apply them
        more easily. However, as I get older I have noticed my complexion becoming more demanding of colour. The answer was not to apply yet another layer of the pink stuff: the Aunt Sally look made famous by Una Stubbs in Worzel Gummidge was not what I was after. The solution had to be in the colour I chose in the first place and also the product's texture.

        The prettiest, most natural 'look' is that which a woman gets when she's been for a brisk walk in the cold, fresh air and, coming indoors, her complexion looks sheer with a pretty pink tinge on the cheeks. All of the blushers I'd used to date were matt in texture and had started to look 'flat' on my skin. Was there a product which would pep up my complexion without giving me a Farmer Brown appearance?

        Let me introduce you to a fabulous find: Mineral Blush Pots by Lily Lolo.

        Lily Lolo is an internet-based company which I discovered when I was researching for mineral cosmetics in general, and the foundations in particular, but they seemed awfully expensive for something I may not like. However, I discovered that Lily Lolo sells sample sizes of foundation for 0.99p (5g jar) and for 0.49p you get the sample size of blusher (1/4 teaspoon in a Ziploc bag which, considering the tiny amount you need for the job, is enough for quite a few applications).

        The product is described as 'Soft crushed minerals with a sheer formula that's easy to blend. Perfect for the apples of your cheeks but delicious on your eyes and nails too!'
        I tried that and mixed the blusher with my lip balm - just shave off a little with a sharp knife and soften the balm in the palm of your hand then add a tiny shake of blusher to mix into a pretty lipstick. Use a lip brush to apply. I must assume that the claim that you could add the blusher to your eyes must apply to the other colours like Cocoa Berry or Juicy Peach; I shouldn't think pink applied to the eyelids would do anything other than suggest I had the flu although, if I was trying to throw a sickie….

        The blush colour I chose was Rosebud, which is from the 'Cool' shade chart. The other ranges were Neutral and Warm. Aside from the good quality photograph of the product, descriptive words played a part in my final selection and 'A shimmering perfect pink blush for a natural flush cheeked look' had the sample sized product at .49p in my checkout bag in a keystroke.

        How to apply: I use a small brush which came with the previous purchase of another brand of blusher. I would just say here that after my purchase of the sample of blusher I went straight ahead and ordered the full size which comes in a 20ml sifter jar so it's easier to control the amount of product I get on the brush. But if you buy the sample Ziploc bag first, sprinkle a small amount of powder onto a saucer (or, in the blusher jar lid if you order the full size product). Pick up powder with brush, swirl the brush into the lid to ensure an even covering over the surface of the brush. Don't load too much onto the brush at once, a little goes a long way

        Tap-tap-tap the base of the brush on a flat surface to settle the powder into the bristles, this will prevent you from applying too much product. Apply thinly and gently over the apples of your cheeks. If you need to add more, do so - just don't be heavy handed in the first instance.

        You may have heard of the Kabuki brushes which are recommended for the application of mineral foundation. Lily Lolo themselves say that any good brush can be used and certainly, when you are at the stage of just sampling the products, there is absolutely no need to splash out on unnecessary brushes. However, they recommend the use of a Kabuki brush, particularly for the mineral foundation, because they make for the smoothest application. The densely packed bristles give medium to full coverage.

        I do have a Kabuki brush I bought from ebay simply because it was 'free' with samples of another brand of mineral foundation and I do use it to apply my Lily Lolo mineral foundation and this gives a better finish than when I was using a medium-sized face powder brush.

        Results: I was delighted with the first application of my Rosebud blusher. It gives natural-looking pink cheeks and the faint shimmer makes for a lovely, dewy finish.

        The blush pots can be found in the following shades:

        Cocoa Berry: Reddish brown with a very soft shimmer
        Rosy Apple: Pink-Brown shimmery blush
        Real Rouge: A shimmery red rouge for that flushed cheek look

        Doll Face: A pretty, sparkly candy pink for fairer skin tones
        Cupcake: A creamy matte neutral pink
        Rosebud: A shimmering perfect pink blush for a natural flush cheeked look
        Very Berry: A shimmery plum toned blush (this is not suitable for use on lips)

        Sweet Cheeks: A sparkly peach for the slightest hint of cheek colour
        Cheeky Cheeky: A pretty matte pale peach for the most subtle cheek colour
        Juicy Peach: A delicious creamy matte peach
        Tiger Lily: A deep creamy matt/peach

        Depending on the colour chosen, the blushers contain mostly mica and iron oxides. Some also contain titanium oxides. The colour Very Berry also contains Ferric Ferracyanide which makes it unsuitable for application on the lips - for obvious reasons.

        OTHER STUFF:

        The website is delightful to navigate, the photographs of the products are clear and enticing and there's lots of advice and tips on how to get the best from the different products.

        Payment: You can pay via credit card or PayPal.

        Where's my stuff? Receipt of orders is fast. I've ordered twice and on both occasions I received my products within 2 days.

        Price: A sample of blusher costs 49p and the full size (20ml sifter jar) costs £8 to buy which includes VAT and shipping. This means that you are charged 85p whether you buy samples or the full size product.

        The shipping costs for the UK are marked as £1.00 for up to Orders weighing up to 50g but I have only ever paid 85p.

        Where to find Lily Lolo: Go to www.lilylolo.co.uk

        Finally: Answers to your questions can be found on the website, but here are three which I thought you might like answered now:

        Are your products allergy-free?

        Whilst our products are as simple as possible in formulation and made from the gentlest ingredients we can find no one product (or ingredient) is guaranteed to be allergy-free for everyone.

        Do your products contain parabens?

        No, none of the Lily Lolo range of cosmetics contains parabens, fragrances or fillers.

        What is your animal testing policy?

        We do not test any of our products or ingredients on animals or ask anyone to do so on our behalf. Our products are made from ingredients which have been used for cosmetic purposes for many years and are already considered to be safe. All our formulations have been assessed and conform to European Cosmetic Regulations.

        Thanks for reading!

        © Louise Saunders 2007


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