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Lily Lolo Lip Gloss

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Brand: Lily Lolo / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    5 Reviews
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      14.06.2011 20:36
      Very helpful



      A great lip gloss

      ==Lily Lolo Lip Gloss==

      I hadn't ever heard of the Lily Lolo company until last birthday when my best friend bought me a whole range of their goods ranging from the mineral powder blusher to this lip gloss. I have to confess to the products staying in my "to open" box of cosmetics and other such items but after a few months I decided I better give them a go or they may well go off!

      ==Price and Availability==

      It seems that this range is only available online as I have not come across it in any of the high street stores that I frequent although to be fair I wasn't hunting it down. Having had a look online there are a good few places that do sell the items and the prices can vary slightly so as with most things it is always better to have a look around.

      The cost of this lip gloss seems to be anywhere between £6.99 to £8 which is not a hugely inflated cost for such an item especially as the lip balm claims to be an all natural product and you get a fair amount of product at 10 grams per tube.

      ==Look and Design==

      The design of the tube itself is nothing really amazing, the cap is a small silver plastic one, although it does appear to look metal in the picture. The Lily Lolo logo (tongue twister) is a nice one and I like the use of italics and silver writing but other than that the tube is a fairly standard design but does do the job intended of it. Under the screw cap is an angled tip to the tube with a small hole in where the lip gloss is able to come out. This hole is just a nice size so that not too much and not too little of the product is released at any one time.

      The clear plastic make up of the tube means that you are able to see the product that is held inside and this is going to look different depending on which shade of lip gloss you have chosen. Mine (chosen for me) was called "Peach Smack" and therefore the colour of the tube looks like a orange/peachy colour and there is a slight simmer to the product which is apparent through the tube.

      ==General Use==

      on using the lip gloss I can smell the aroma that comes from the product and although not excessively strong, it is really nice and has a kind of fruity scent to it. The product is said to be packed full of good things and contain none of that bad stuff like added preservatives and chemicals making it 100% natural. There is said to be vitamin E and Jojoba within the main ingredients which add to helping the lips get healthier looking and stay that way.

      I have to say that the scent was appealing and although the peach colour wasn't something which I thought would really suit me I still gave it a go and I was surprisingly happy with the results. I found that a little bit of the lip gloss on the top and bottom lip spread evenly across and seemed to go a fairly good way to getting an all over coverage. The lip gloss was thick but not sticky or glue like and the fruit aroma soon turned into a fruity flavour on my lips.

      The "Peach Smack" colour seemed to be a good one which is perfect for the summer as it really compliments the golden colourings of my tan (fake) without making me look like an oompa lumpa all over. There are a few other colours available from this company although having had a little look just now on their website none of the lip glosses are showing up or available for some reason but maybe they are changing the range, I don't know.

      ==My Overall Opinion==

      The smooth gloss on my lips felt good and gave them a really sparkly gloss to them but I can't say it was an excessive gloss but I found the product gave just the right sort of glimmer which wasn't too slug like but moist and luscious looking and even Himself commented on how voluptuous my lips looked and that's saying something!One application of the gloss last a good amount of time although re-application is necessary every few hours too keep the fresh coloured look.

      Not only did the lip gloss feel nice on my lips and the colour seem to go with my tones nicely but the thick moisturising properties of the lip gloss seemed to work really well at making my often dry lips appear much nicer and far more kissable! I have been using the lip gloss on and off and find it a really good one compared with all the other half used ones I have and this is one that I am nearly finished with although it has been over a year since I had it given me. Although it only has a life of 12 months once open it hasn't seemed to go off or smell at all considering it is now past the 1 year mark.

      All in all I really rate this lip gloss highly and I think for the price you can get it for its really good value for money as a little goes a long way and both the feel and the look of the product on the lips is top notch and I can't find a single fault with it. If I were to buy a lip gloss any time soon I definitely think that I will be checking out the other colours in this Lily Lolo range and trying to snap up a bargain from somewhere!

      I think a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a very high recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        02.11.2010 21:32
        Very helpful



        A nice shimmery gloss for subtle, pretty lips.

        It has been speculated that the average woman eats somewhere between five and nine pounds of lipstick in her lifetime (I would imagine not at all at once, I don't think it's as some kind of midnight snack or anything), which is actually quite shocking when you think of some of the potentially quite harmful ingredients that go into most lipsticks.

        Now, I am not much of a lipstick fan myself, but I imagine the statistic is just as true of lip glosses, and that is why I was particularly keen to find a nice, natural lip gloss which contains nice, safe ingredients yet which doesn't compromise on quality.

        There are three natural, mineral makeup brands that I usually purchase from, the main one of these being Everyday Minerals. However, unfortunately Everyday Minerals seem to have overlooked the lip gloss trend (which is quite unusual given the variety they offer in most products) and only stock lipsticks. Being much more of a lip gloss girl, I decided to turn to another favourite brand of mine: Lily Lolo.


        Lily Lolo are a UK based cosmetic company who were launched in 2005. Apparently the founder of the company started up the company after discovering the joys of mineral makeup while travelling abroad and then being unable to find similar makeup that was up to scratch once she returned home.

        The company began with the mission of producing quality makeup which was entirely free from chemicals, looked nice on the skin and was also affordable, and these are the standards that the company have continued to strive to obtain.

        Today, there are many cosmetic companies that offer mineral makeup both on the high street and online, however there are actually very few brands that offer cosmetics made from entirely pure and natural ingredients, particularly within the UK. Lily Lolo, however, not only provide affordable makeup that is safe and pure, but all their makeup has a luxurious, girly, beautiful feel to it, making them (in my opinion) one of the best mineral makeup companies around.


        * Anyone after a sheer, sparkly yet subtle look for their lips
        * Those with dry lips
        * Those with sensitive skin
        * Eco-friendly girls
        * Vegetarians


        Oleic/linoleic/linolenic Polyglycerides, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor Seed Oil), Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba Seed Oil), Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba Wax), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Aroma. May Contain: CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77742 (Maganese Violet), CI 77019 (Mica).

        N.B. All above ingredients are 100% natural. The lip gloss is made from a combination of natural oils, waxes and minerals which add colour as well as moisture and protection.


        Lily Lolo currently offer nine shades of lip gloss, in shades of neutral, pink, brown and peach. When you first come onto the lip gloss page of the website, it automatically displays their five best sellers. Being a bit unobservant I thought for a long time that these were the only shades they offered, however if you scroll along the tabs you can actually see more of their available shades.

        Handily, Lily Lolo classify their lip glosses into the above four overall colours (neutral, pink, brown and peach) so you can choose what colour you want first and then browse the various shades within it.

        There are two neutral shades (Clear and Nude Shimmer), three pink shades (Bubblegum Pink, Raspberry Crush and Berry Kiss), two brown shades (Skinny Latte and Cocoa Kiss) and two peach shades (Apricot Smack and Baked Peach Crush).

        Of course, being a girly girl, I went immediately to the pink section to browse their offerings. Within this section, there is a bright bubblegum pink, a medium pink and a darker, more plum coloured shade. Normally being a bubblegum pink kind of girl, I actually surprised myself and opted for the darker pink (Berry Kiss) as my lips are quite red anyway and I thought the others were a little on the pale side.

        Beside each lip gloss to help you choose there is a photograph of the lip gloss both in the tube and as a blob or smear squeezed out of the tube, so you can get a sense of the colour. However if you are having difficulty choosing your lip gloss, once you have clicked on any gloss you can click on a helpful tab of "How To's" which includes helpful tips from the Lily Lolo team on "How to choose your lip gloss"!


        The lip gloss is very easy to apply with both fingers and a lip brush. Generally I simply squeeze a tiny bit of the product on to my finger and then apply it to my lips and it goes on really well this way; smoothly, evenly and sheer. If, however, you are wanting to apply it with a brush you can click on the tab next to the lip gloss which reads "videos" and see video tips on how to apply the lip gloss with a brush.

        The shade of lip gloss which I choose (Berry Kiss) is a lot darker than some of the other shades, however it is still quite subtle. Because of this, you can apply quite a lot of the product without it looking over the top, yet it still looks nice and sheer when applied sparsely. I like to apply a little bit of the product at first and then build it up to create my perfect shade.

        I find that the gloss can be a little hard to blend for the first few seconds, but once the waxes meet with the warmth of your lips (particularly if you rub them together once the lip gloss is on) it melts a little and smoothes on quite easily.


        My pet hate when it comes to lip products is sticky lip glosses! I think that the feel of a lip gloss is just as important as its appearance. I absolutely hate the old gust-of-wind-hair-stuck-in-lipgloss scenario! I also hate it when your lips practically stick together every time you close them.

        Consequently, one thing that really impressed me a lot about this product was its comparative lack of stickiness. Although, as a lip gloss, there will always be an element of stickiness to such a product as this, the lip gloss has more of an oily, creamy consistency to it than the Pritt Stick texture of some lip glosses, making it a lot more wind (and kiss) friendly than many lip glosses out there!

        The lip gloss also has a moisturising, rich and soothing feel to it that many lip glosses lack. I tend to get quite dry lips which become quite reliant on lip balm particularly in winter, and many lip products can simply exacerbate this problem. However, this lip gloss has quite a luxuriant, moisturising feel to it. On the days when I am wearing makeup I hardly ever use lip balm under this lip gloss, yet I have noticed that simply applying the lip gloss makes my lips both look and feel softer and moisturised and prevents cracked, sore lips.

        Basically, this lip gloss has one of the nicest consistencies of any lip gloss I have so far tried. It makes my lips feel as though I am wearing a moisturising, rich lip balm while simultaneously giving the colourful, sparkly effect of a great lip gloss.

        Incidentally, just to cover all the senses (aside from hearing, which might prove a little more tricky!), I should mention that the product also has a nice, subtle berry scent. In case you are interested, it also has absolutely no taste at all (although, just so you know, I didn't find this out by consuming nine pounds of it!), which may be a downside or advantage for some, depending on what you are after in your lip products!


        Most of Lily Lolo's lip gloss shades are quite natural looking and subtle. The shade that I chose, Berry Kiss, is one of the darkest shades, but it is still quite sheer and natural looking. If you are after a dramatic look, therefore, this is perhaps not the best lip product to go for, but for a pretty, glossy daytime look, this is the perfect lip gloss.

        As well as being quite subtle in colour, this lip gloss also has a nice subtle shine. The gloss effect is more like a glossy lip balm than the glass like effect which some lip glosses offer. Instead of sitting on the lips with that plastic like veneer some lip glosses have, the moisturising waxes of this gloss mean that it settles more naturally on to the lips. If you have ever mixed a lip balm (such as Vaseline) with a lipstick, that is quite similar to how this product looks on the lips.

        To up the glam and girliness of the product, however, the lip gloss also has a lovely golden shimmer to it. If you are not a fan of sparkles or shimmer, Lily Lolo are probably not the best choice for you as all their lip glosses are quite shimmery, however I like the shimmery effect of the product as I feel that it gives it a more sparkly, dressed up, glamorous look to the product.


        One of the downsides of this product is that sadly it does not last very long! Like with most lip glosses, if you have a drink or something to eat the lip gloss will rub off instantly. However, actually the lip gloss really doesn't need even that much encouragement to do a vanishing act!

        I think because of the oils and waxes in the product, the lips seem to absorb the lip gloss or something after a while (as they would a lip balm) because the lip gloss becomes more muted over time and, after about an hour, it eventually starts to lose its gloss and colour.

        If you like your lip colour to last for a long time, this is not the product for you, however I don't find the lack of durability of the product to be a huge problem, mainly because no lip gloss really lasts all that long, and also because you use so little of the product at a time that it is easy to just reapply as and when needed without running out of the product too quickly.


        To give eyes a shimmer to match your lips, Lily Lolo also offer a great range of shimmery eye shadows, including Smoky Brown - a lovely, mineral eye shadow which has earthy, natural tones to complement the natural shades of lip gloss. It is also great for playing up eyes to complement the more subtle lip look.

        If you want to really concentrate on your lips, however, Lily Lolo offer a great Lip Brush (made from natural hair) which will help you to apply your lip gloss like a professional, creating a perfectly smooth, glossy look.


        Lily Lolo offer fantastic customer service. Not only was delivery extremely cheap (£1 for standard delivery of the lip gloss) but I received helpful email updates of the status of my order and received the product within just a couple of days.


        Lily Lolo are apparently stocked in "selected beauty salons across the UK" according to their website. However I get the feeling that these selected beauty salons are few and far between as, according to the stockists locator on their website, the nearest one to me is 11.8 miles away. All of Lily Lolo's products, however, can be purchased from their lovely website www.lilylolo.co.uk. The lip glosses are available on here for £7 each for a 10g tube.

        SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR...

        CONSISTENCY - 10
        SMELL - 7
        LONGEVITY - 4


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          16.04.2010 12:44



          Horrible fragrance!Great colours, nice texture, shimmery finish but spolit by quite a strong sickly berry scent.Ingredients hidden under the shade/colour label so it's not easy to tell what's in the tube - it all looks great until you see -'aromas'. The scent is revolting, really lets the product down and is a problem to people like me who are sensitive to additives. Sorry, all the other Lily Lolo procuts I tried have been great and additive and fragrance free, but I will not be ordering any more lip gloss.


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          05.02.2009 18:23
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Highly recommended

          Lily Lolo makes one the most wonderful natural lip glosses range ever. This company has almost an entire range or cosmetics based on minerals in their composition. Minerals are one of the most natural and simple ingredients that you could possibly put of your face.

          Combining natural oils with minerals for colour in creating a natural high quality lip-gloss is an absolute delight.

          The Lip-gloss presentation:

          They come in 10 grams plastic transparent tubes with logo, trough which you can easily see the colours, with screw type of tops on that making them tight sealed and easy to open.

          The ingredients:

          The ingredients are a mixture of oils, wax, aroma and natural mineral colourants.


          They all got a very subtle flavour of raspberry, not overpowering at all. Is slightly refreshing.


          There is a range of eight colour, some being matte others shinny:
          - Raspberry crush is a pink sparkly shade slightly on the mauve/ purple side, very well pigmented
          -Clear gives the lips the most amazing natural wet look
          - Cocoa Kiss is a shinny beautiful chocolate shade, again is well pigmented but not exceedingly like a lipstick. Used a bit of bronzer on your cheeks with it in the summer to coordinate your face features in a natural looking way.

          I also tried mixing some shades with some of their blush pots colours to obtain a different shade. From my experience I can tell you not to use to much pigment as it will start feathering. Very little pigment when you mix goes a long way and changes the shade of an actual lipgloss colour really good

          I find sparkly shades very beautiful while the catch the sun light.

          Use :

          Apply from a thin to a generous amount of your lips depending on your needs.
          You can use a lip brush if you want bur I do not find that necessary as using it straight from the tube applies just as good.
          Lips will stay well moisturized and well coloured naturally, shinny or wet matte depending on your shade, for a long while.

          I did rode my bicycle all winter this year and the only thing I used for my lips was the Lily Lolo lip glosses range and I can say that they do a great job in keeping your lips from drying out due to the cold wind.

          Bad points:

          The only bad point I find with this range is the fact that they do not have a red shade. Is either peach, pink, brown latte or natural. I do hope they soon make a red shade, there I a major need for it.

          Their products are not available on the high street shops but don't let that put you off. Ordering off the interned is easy. Their colour chart offers a good idea on haw the lip glossed are looking

          If you visits their website I dare you to resist the minerals foundation samples :D


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            14.09.2008 18:53
            Very helpful



            a great addition to my makeup bag

            The lilly lolo make up range is available from there web site, there products are make from as much natural materials and minerals as possible making them a lot nicer to your skin and a lot gentler but also making them a little more pricy than some other cosmetics.

            This lip gloss comes in a 10g trube for £8
            It is available in a range of colours depending on what you prefer, they have two natural colours which are clear and nude shimmer, two pink colours which are berry kiss and raspberry crush, two brown colours which are cocoa kiss and skinny latta and two orange colours which are apricot smack or baked peach crush.

            I have the berry kiss one of these and it looks great, the colour has a pink/purpe tinge to it and it glides onto my lips easily, it does keep the wet look and has a shimmer to it as though there is glitter in it so will not suite the more mature woman aswell as the younger woman. It contains jojoba oil and vitamin e to moisturise the lips.

            This looks great on, has a subtle berry taste to it so doesnt taste nasty when you lick your lips and does stop your lips drying out but i wouldnt say it moisturises enough to repair brokent or chapped skin like a lip balm would but looks great as part of your makeup.


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        • Product Details

          Natural lip gloss with jojoba oil and vitamin E /

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