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Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics Eye Colour

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Brand: Lily Lolo / Wide selection of eye colours to choose from / Type: Eyeshadows / Subcategory: Eye Colour / Suitable for: Eye

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    5 Reviews
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      20.02.2011 02:02
      Very helpful



      Great eyeshadows, worth the money!

      Lily Lolo are a company who do a range of mineral cosmetics - all their makeup is natural, doesn't contain nasties such as parabens and is not tested on animals.

      Part of their range is their mineral eyeshadows - currently they stock 27 different colours, covering pinks, browns, blues, greens and most things inbetween, in a mix of shimmer and matte finishes. When I bought they were £5 each or the eye spy kit (3 eyeshadows of any shades) for £14, now they're £5.29 per eyeshadow, I think eye spy is now £15 but it's out of stock so I can't say. Obviously at these prices you can go and get standard high street eyeshadows for less - but they cost considerably less than many mineral brands.

      I currently have 3 colours - mudpie, a matte brown; pixie sparkle, which is a blue/green shimmer colour and Choc fudge cake which is a shimmery brown with a subtle hint of purpley colour.

      Unlike the picture mine have white lids - they then have a sifter area, generally the best way is to tip a little into the lid and then dip your brush in and tap off the excess. The sifter means you shouldn't end up with it everywhere when applying - or if you tip your pot over!

      These are loose powder eyeshadows instead of the quite standard pressed kind. If you're not used to this you may find application more difficult the first few times - it can be more messy than pressed as the brush may pick more up. I'd also say it's advisable to use some kind of primer - a tiny dab of liquid foundation left to dry will work wonders for this purpose as it allows it to adhere to your eyelid better.

      The colours:
      Again primer will allow a deeper colour from loose powders. These colours are fantastic and give a good shade with no nasty surprises. For a light, sheer covering of your colour apply a small amount without primer, or use primer if you want a stronger look. You can build in layers until you get your desired finish. Mineral colours can also be mixed if necessary for your desired effect. They can also be applied with a damp brush for a strong colouring or to be used as eyeliner.

      My opinion?
      I love these eyeshadows - I am a fan of loose eyshadows anyway, and I'd been looking for a nice matte brown for a while when I found this company, they give great coverage and are gorgeous colours, they sit very lightly on your skin unlike some. They last all day as well! I sometimes pop a touch of my finishing powder over these as well to help this. I wouldn't only have these in my kit, but that's no failing on behalf of these eyeshadows, I simply love variety!

      Fantastic eyeshadows, no downsides for me so they get 5 stars.


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      12.09.2009 23:41
      Very helpful



      One I may not try again

      When I had used up my samples of concealer, foundation, and finishing powder from Lily Lolo, I decided to buy the full size products of most, and I thought I might as well try an eyeshadow too. There are 28 colours of eyeshadow in the Lily Lolo range, and you can also use the blush shades and the highlighter Star Dust as eyeshadows. Purple is my favourite colour, and the 'Deep Purple' shade looked gorgeous in the website photos, so I bought one.

      I only paid for normal postage but my products came by recorded delivery, I assume I got upgraded because I made such a large order. They were inside a padded envelope with a leaflet about Lily Lolo and the order sheet.

      The packaging for the eyeshadows is similar to that of the other products, a translucent (frosted) pot with a white lid that has the Lily Lolo logo on it. When you open the lid there is a further plastic layer with three holes in it for the eyeshadow, which is a loose powder, to come through. When you first get it there is a sticky plastic bit over the holes, and I have chosen to leave this on, only taking it off when I get eyeshadow out to minimise mess. Even if you don't, having the three holes instead of an open pot means that if you do knock it over when the lid is off the mess will be limited. It also makes it easier to apply, in my opinion, as I can shake just what I will need into the lid. The eyeshadow does not come with its own applicator, you will need to have a separate brush, and one with bristles not foam.

      At first I had mixed feelings about the eyeshadow itself. The colour looks just like it does on the website in the pot, a gorgeous, sparkly, rich purple, however it was difficult to get it looking like that on my eyelids. I have discovered that Lily Lolo's foundation makes a great base for eyeshadow that won't crease. If I brush the eyeshadow on dry the same way you would a 'normal' non-mineral eyeshadow, I just get faintly lilac eyelids. To get anywhere close to the full purple effect, I can use a wet brush, load it up with what seems like a lot of product and then kind of dab it on at first, until I get enough on the lid to blend it around. I have experimented using it over 'normal' dark eyeshadow and that can be quite effective, it also mixes with liquid eyeshadow quite well, and works pressed over black eyeliner. However, the sparkle pretty much disappears once it is on my skin, and it is quite dark and mundane. The best alternative, that I have only recently discovered, and that I am updating the review to talk about, is to use a primer. With a primer I get much closer to that gorgeous sparkly purple I'd hoped for. I only found out about primers whilst reading a make-up forum and it has changed my life!

      I have tried using cream eyeshadow as a primer - you'll want to check it doesn't crease on you - and also the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion. Both do the job, providing the perfect surface for the eyeshadow to stick to, and I get a much more vibrant effect. The eyeshadow is still a bit darker and less bright than I'd hoped, and the sparkles don't show up so well on eyelids, so I will just give this product one extra star.

      I still wish Lily Lolo provided samples of their eyeshadows like they do for most of the other products, and for this reason I will recommend you try other mineral make-up brands for eyeshadow first. Many have a much bigger range too.


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        09.03.2009 17:06
        Very helpful



        Comparing some shades and useful tips on application

        Most of the colours can be also mixed with lipstick or lip-gloss, used as blushers, eye brow definers and eyeliners. They come as loose powders highly pigmented. However there are a few exception but don't worry as on the website you will find enough information about this, also on each individual product there is info on the label.
        I am a big fan of their colours and I own half their eye shades.


        The best in using them is with a special eye brush rather then a sponge applicator. I personally prefer the Body Shop Nature Minerals eye shadow brush.

        You can mix the colour with a drop of water until it turns into a paste and apply it around the eyes with a wet eyeliner brush. This way you will get a really intense colour as eyeliner.

        Because this colours come as powder pigments is very wise to keep a tissue under the eyes while applying them as the pigment tends to fall under. However with a bit of experience on the long run I manage to avoid this completely, is just a matter in using the right amount of product and gently applying it.

        The colours:

        There are neutral shades like greys, whites, and black, browns, pink, violets, green and blue in a total of 31 colours. They vary from matte, shimmer to sparkly. It cost £5 a jar with aporx. 2.5g of power There is a few useful details I found:

        -between Sticky Toffee and Brown Sugar is very little difference while Bronze Sparkle is about 3 times more pigmented, and when they say bronze they mean bronze and that is exactly haw your eye are going to be, that intense!
        -Smokey Brown, Chock Fudge and Ripe Plum might appear the same in a certain light but Choc fudge is a bit on the dark blue/purple side more while Ripe Plum is more brownish. Sparkly shimmer shades.
        -Mudpie is slightly darker then Soft Brown, both being matte.
        -the black is called Witchypoo, funny name but sure is black. You will get the ultimate/ perfect effect of Goth or Arabic Kohl Rimmed eyes with this if you use it as a wet eyeliner. Use a smudge brush if you want it less intense.
        -from the reds Cherry Pie is more of a purplish red then Strawberry Tarte, both are shimmery. Strawberry Tarte is kind of similar with the Real Rouge blusher.
        -Terracotta Eye Colour is a reddish brown while the Cocoa Berry Blusher is more on the brownish side.


        Well I never got irritate or sore eyes using this products. The ingredients are minimum and far better compared with the high street brands. Because they are powders they last for ages. The quality is second to none.

        ****Extra Tip: -because the lids are white they will get stained pretty fast. I advice you use a damp cotton disk with a few drops of cooking oil to wipe the residues gently and efficient.


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          18.10.2008 11:29
          Very helpful



          Great product! Totally recommend!!

          Product Name:
          Lily Lolo Eye Colour

          £5 for 2 .5g mineral powder in a 10ml sifter jar

          Where to buy:
          At the moment Lily Lolo products can be purchased online, at www.lilylolo.co.uk and can sometimes be found on eBay. They also supply a number of beauty salons throughout the UK, and their website has more information on this.

          Easy to blend multi use mineral powders

          Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Silica, Ferric Ferrocyanide **Ingredients vary from colour to colour**

          About the company:
          Lily Lolo is based in East Yorkshire and started in 2005 when Vikki Khan fell in love with mineral makeup only to discover that an affordable yet dazzling range wasn't available in the UK. Mineral cosmetics are gaining popularity and awareness, especially in the past 6 months with major drugstore brands such as Maybelline bringing out their own ranges, their main attraction is that the ingredients are mineral which are natural so better for the skin as they do not contain strange chemicals and toxins, and also are great for sensitive skin as irritant causing ingredients such as parabens, perfumes and dyes are not included. However, unlike some companies, all Lily Lolo products are au-naturel and their products do not contain Bismuth Oxy Chloride which is often in mineral cosmetics but many people are allergic to it as it contains metallic particles which are pushed into the skin and pores upon application. Acne and roseacea sufferers who use these products find that they also irritate and aggravate their condition. So, YAY for Lily Lolo for being Bismuth Oxy Chloride free!

          Their range includes foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows and the like.

          I recently received 2 Lily Lolo Eye Colours in Gunmetal and Sticky Toffee. Not knowing much about the company and their products, I went to their website and saw that they offer a wide range of eye shadow colours (31 in total) and they all looked very pretty and appealing. However, there are no "swatches" of the colours anywhere on the internet so it may be hard to really be certain of the colour you are buying, the website has good images of the loose powder but they often look different on the skin. However, even if the colour is different to how you imagined - I guarantee it will still be a great colour and you will fall in love with it!

          The product is a loose powder, contained in a 10ml jar with a sifter and screw top lid. (It is best to store these upright as the shadow can get into the screw lid and fall out when you open the jar, and however pretty the colours are, having them all over your black suit isn't always a good look!) The lid has the Lily Lolo logo and a faint design, on the base of the jar is a sticker stating the colour of the shadow, although it is possible to see the colour through the side of the jar as it is frosted but clear plastic.

          The packaging is sturdy and has survived the "drop test" (drop it down the stairs and hope shadow doesn't explode everywhere!) and the print doesn't rub off which is a pet hate of mine.

          My experience:
          The colours I have are Sticky Toffee which is THE most gorgeous shimmery nude colour which is great for the inner third of the eyelid, combined with a darker colour on the outer third of the lid and blended together in the middle! I would really recommend this colour for complimenting blue eyes, as it really brings out both the golden base of the shadow and the blue of the eye. Gunmetal is a really accurate name for the colour! It creates a light lilac/purple shimmer when applied lightly but a deep silver/grey when more is applied or it is applied with a damp brush, I use it mostly for accentuating the crease of my lid with a small shader brush. All colours are easy to blend and do not create harsh lines.

          As the shadows are loose, sometimes "fall out" can occur when, during application, some of the powder can fall onto the under eye area or the cheekbone, but no more than any other loose shadow. I usually do not have fall out as I really push the colour into my brush before applying it to my eye or if I am using a darker colour such as gunmetal, I will do my eye makeup before my foundation so I can wipe away any fall out.

          These colours have multiple uses - they are not only great as eye shadows, but if applied with a thin, damp to wet brush they can be used as a liquid eyeliner. The warmer colours can also double up as a blush and even a coloured lip gloss when mixed with a clear gloss. For me, this justifies paying £5, as the colour can differ, depending on application and they can be used for a whole range of looks. They are long lasting and do not crease, even on my oily lids! They are highly pigmented and most of the shadows have a classy, sophisticated shimmer to them, but not the tacky looking glitter that some shadows have! Lily Lolo stock a great variety of colours for day and evening wear and you are guaranteed to find a colour to compliment your facial features and characteristics.

          Would I repurchase/recommend and why?:
          Yes! I would love to have the whole collection of colours! All the looks and combinations I could create would last me a lifetime! I would really recommend these as a great present for friends, and they are the ideal stocking filler. I would say Sticky Toffee should be a staple in every girls makeup bag and it is the best shimmery nude colour I have ever had, and I do have quite a collection going!

          See my new photo site for images of the products and swatches too!

          Thanks! Any questions, feel free to ask :)


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            19.10.2007 12:56
            Very helpful



            Vibrant shades containing no harsh chemicals

            *** Who is Lily Lolo ?***

            Lily Lolo are an internet-based company (found at www.lilylolo.co.uk) selling only mineral cosmetics including brushes and sponges etc. Their range includes mineral
            foundations, cover ups, blushers and bronzers, eye colours and lip and nail colours.

            The site is simple to navigate and a pleasure to use and
            includes pages of application tips, beautiful colour photos, and an in-depth FAQ page.

            *** What are Mineral Cosmetics? ***

            Mineral cosmetics are made from pure crushed minerals and contain no harsh chemicals, dyes or fillers.

            I have reviewed their Mineral Foundation, Cover Up and Blush Pots and today, I am reviewing their Mineral Eye Colours.

            *** Product Description ***

            So, what's the difference between Lily Lolo eye colours as against traditional eye shadow?
            Quote: 'Easy blend, multi-use pure mineral powders. Our vibrant colours make dramatic crease-free eye shadows but are versatile enough to use on lips, cheeks and nails…'

            *** My Opinion ***

            Lovely jubbly! I am very impressed with the sample colours I ordered from Lily Lolo (29p each Ziploc baggy, containing approximately 1/8th of a teaspoon of product - ample for many applications and experimentation).

            The colours are indeed 'vibrant', and you only need a little on your brush to get an excellent result. As the marketing blurb says on the site, these Mineral Colours do give your eyes an extra 'pop'.

            There are 33 available colours from the following shades:


            Some have a higher sparkly content than others so with the eyes of a woman in her late '50s, I had to be very careful in my own choice. Some of the vibrant colours available looked gorgeous in the photographs but I daren't go near them with a barge pole! These colours had names like Smoky Brown, Choc Fudge Cake, Ripe Plum or Four Leaf Clover. But all of those contained a higher degree of shimmer than I could get away with (shimmer draws attention to wrinkles and fine lines) but for the younger woman, they'd be great fun to wear!

            The colours I chose to sample were Mudpie, Brown Sugar, Soft Brown, Mystery (creamy, matt grey/green), Parma Violet and Witchypoo (which is black and makes a fab, dramatic eyeliner)

            Mudpie is a medium-coffee brown colour in the sample packet but when applied to the socket area becomes a deeper brown and also makes a lovely, smokey eyeliner.

            I loved all the colours I ordered and as well as Mudpie, I liked the Parma Violet colour very much - it looks a dense, medium lilac in the packet but when brushed onto the lid it is a lighter, very pretty lilac which I would wear for more dressy-up occasions.

            For normal, everyday wear, I apply either the Soft Brown or Brown Sugar to the lid and use Mudpie in the socket to add definition. I discovered that the Witchypoo black colour was far too harsh for my eyes (an age thing again) but I would have worn it 20 years ago!

            The difference between the mineral colours and traditional eyeshadows is that the minerals are soft in texture, gliding onto the skin smoothly. The product has a silky feel and the colours are, indeed, more vibrant.

            *** How to apply ***

            Gently dip your brush into the colour, tap the excess back into the container (or a saucer if you are using one of the sample Ziploc bags), brush the back of the hand first just to check you haven't loaded too much product and apply to your eyes as usual. There is usually enough on the brush to complete both eyes before adding more, if necessary.

            Lily Lolo do sell their own range of cosmetic brushes but you don't need any specialist brushes other than your usual eyeshadow brushes.

            *** The difference ***

            I have never, in almost 45 years, gone out without my 'eyes' on and wouldn't dare stop to consider how much I've spent on eye makeup in that time!! So, I think I speak with some experience about the difference between traditional eyeshadows and this new, mineral product.

            However, it has to be said that traditional powder shadows (the only kind I ever wear as I do find crème shadows shift position and crease in skin folds) are very handy to pop into a makeup bag when on the move.

            Although the mineral colours come in sifter pots - there's a plastic top with tiny holes in it which is directly over the top of the powders - I would imagine you'd have to be very careful how you opened the pot up if it had spent any time being dragged from pillar to post in your handbag! But as I've never actually had to put a pot of mineral eyeshadow to the 'moving test', I can't say one way or the other if they are particularly messy.

            *** Will I switch to the Mineral Colours? ***

            I already have. After using the samples, I went ahead and ordered the full sizes of Mudpie and Soft Brown. I love all the colours I sampled but until I finish up the multiple choices of traditional eyeshadows already in my makeup drawer, I am trying to be good and not spend any more just yet. A full sized sifter pot of any of the Mineral Colours costs £5.00.

            *** Worth the money? ***

            I think so, yes. One pot of colour will last a very long time and the results are worth the money. Returning to traditional shadows for a moment, I have seen me scraping the top of a block of powder shadow to try and get a denser colour on my brush. Now with my Mineral Colours, I won't have to do that.

            *** Ingredients ***

            Each colour contain different ingredients but generally speaking colours will contain all, or a mix of, Iron Oxide, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and in a few instances, Ferric Ferrocyanide.

            *** Versatile ***

            Like the Lily Lolo Blush Pots, a lot of the colours can also be used when mixed appropriately with lip gloss or a clear nail varnish, as lipstick or nail colour. For obvious reasons, the colours containing Ferric Ferrocyanide would not be suitable to mix with lip gloss. You would need to see individual product descriptions for suitability of colours for lips.

            Although I have used my blush colour with lip balm to try it as a lipstick and the result was very good, the colours I chose in the eye colour range would not be suitable as lip colours - unless I was a Goth.

            *** Price ***

            Samples sizes of Mineral foundation ( 1/8th teaspoon in a Ziploc bag) = 29p
            Full sized (1.5-4.5g of mineral colour in a 10ml jar) = £5
            P&P = UK Orders weighing up to 50g = £1 (although I have only ever paid 85p at the checkout for both sample and full sized products)

            Accepted methods of payment: Paypal or Credit Card.
            Delivery: I have ordered both samples and full sized products on three occasions and have only ever waited 2 days for delivery - which includes during the recent postal strike! Excellent.

            Full details of all products and p&p details can be found on the web site (www.lilylolo.co.uk) The website also includes some very good tips and techniques pages for all the products.

            *** Finally ***

            As mentioned in my other Lily Lolo reviews, I have picked three of the FAQs from the Lily Lolo website which might answer your immediate queries:

            Are your products allergy-free?

            Whilst our products are as simple as possible in formulation and made from the gentlest ingredients we can find no one product (or ingredient) is guaranteed to be allergy-free for everyone.

            Do your products contain parabens?

            No, none of the Lily Lolo range of cosmetics contains parabens, fragrances or fillers.

            What is your animal testing policy?

            We do not test any of our products or ingredients on animals or ask anyone to do so on our behalf. Our products are made from ingredients which have been used for cosmetic purposes for many years and are already considered to be safe. All our formulations have been assessed and conform to European Cosmetic Regulations.

            Thanks for reading!

            © Louise Saunders - 2007


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