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Lula & Belle Make Up Compact

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Brand: Lula & Belle / Type: Bronzing Powder

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2009 12:50
      Very helpful



      Hmmm it's rubbish and I'm not impressed!

      I have learnt over the years I've spent on this planet to be prepared for anything! I live either a very quiet boring existence or life is completely mental for me aka at the moment! I love going out, spending time with my friends or my other half and quite often I end up going for a quiet afternoon cocktail with a friend and a spot of dinner and end up partying into the wee small hours! That's all very well and good but it's hard work for us girls to go from smart to party diva in a pub loo or something and I'm not the sort to go out of a night with barely there make up and my hair in a neat ponytail and the likes! I like to dress up and if I'm not then I'm not happy. It's as simple as that!

      So nowadays when I do go out I'll have say a slinky top under a see through jumper type of thing or have a nice dress on toned down with leggings and voila whip off what's necessary and bang I'm ready for anything! I always go out wearing make up but this is where a handy compact comes into it's own for me and my lifestyle. I can take something small and neat with me to 'top up' ,and customise my make up accordingly, and me I never leave the house without one in my bag.

      Now a good compact for me will have eyeshadows and a blusher in at least. I don't worry about eyeliner and mascara and stuff my face is done in that respect whenever I leave the house. I don't use the compact much at home because if I'm going out from my house for the evening then make up is done and that's it for me but as I say I rely on one in my bag if I don't know where I'm going on to later type of thing and me... well I have lots of different compacts! After writing that maybe I'm a little too prepared lol

      The Product....

      Well I bought mine in Sainsburys and it cost me £5.00. There are a few different sized ones at different prices some smaller and some much bigger all priced accordingly. My particular one I bought as it suited my needs size and products wise but bear in mind that although there are different sized compacts that they all only come in one colour selection so you can't get the one I have in a different colour combination or anything.

      So my compact is black shiny and round and made of plastic which flips open at the front. On the top of the compact in bright pink writing I'm told it's L&B, Lula & Belle Cosmetics and under that there are seven matching pinks small circles of colour. On the bottom of the compact (in matching coloured writing) I'm told that there are 3 eyeshadows 3 x 1.20g, 2 x blushers 2 x 2.00g, 2 x eye & lip cream 2 x 1.10g and that the total net weight = 9.80g. Finally I'm told it's made in China. That's it in the information stakes with this product.

      Open it up and you have the two small blusher colours in small squares at the bottom, above that the two lip and eye creams (separated by a small blusher brush, and one applicator that has a small black sponge applicator and at the other end a really small, fine lip brush sat in there and above that two triangles of colour and a square in the middle which are the eyeshadows. At the top (lid) of the compact there is a proper mirror almost covering the whole thing. All in all a nice enough compact if you like the colours within it. It doesn't look posh or designer or anything but is well put together and doesn't scream cheap. The whole thing comes in a velvet pull tie pouch which if you keep it in there keeps it protected well enough though it does get grubby quickly with handling and being in a bag etc of course but I have washed mine and it was fine.

      You get three powder eyeshadows and although not massive sizes they're not tiny at all, there's actually quite a lot of product in there. Colour wise I have a light greyish bluy, a dark olive green and a slightly glittery bronze/brown. The only issue with this selection of colours is that they don't really go together all that well and due to the choice of shades you do think it's a cheap sort of kids make up kit. I would never put the three colours together (or even two). Personally I like to use two shades on my eyes and the green and brown on all of my eye is far too dark but the light blue doesn't really compliment either the brown or green shade either and to me the colours are really old fashioned.

      As I said an applicator is given which is small and rather hard to handle due to that fact. It's ok quality to look at and as I said on the end of that there is a lip brush (which I'll come on to in a minute).

      So the powders are smooth to the fingertips. They're not so fine they flake everywhere so quite fuss free to use in that respect which means easy to apply and doesn't make the compact dirty. The powders lift off easily whether it be on the provided applicator or one of your own and they have no smell or anything.

      Applying them however is quite hard. The powder picks up well but use the given applicator they go on too thick and are very hard to blend. You can't get enough on the applicator so you have to keep stopping and starting. The dark colours go on stodgy and thick in parts and for me I just can't get a nice even, blended look. The colours don't go at all and for this reason when it comes to the shadows it's a rubbish compact and the only thing it has going for it is the nice large mirror. Now of course you can use your own brush and if wanting to (like me) use this out and about you have to take a separate brush which annoys me. As I say though me, I don't like the eyeshadows because even when I do get them on although I don't get creasing I don't get a nice polished look either and after a couple of hours the skin has started to eat the shadows making the thicker areas of colour look more prominent. Nope the eyeshadows are rubbish and I don't like them at all on any level. They're just cheap and nasty.

      There are two eye & lip colours. One is a very light shimmery pink and the other a light lilac shade. Both daytime type of shades and are gloss but are barely there colours so no real colour pigment to them and not shimmery or all that moist. Again they don't smell and they are not gooey. As I said you do get a lip brush (the other end of the sponge applicator) but although it's good quality it is a bit long and thin and if you smear it over the colour it really picks nothing up onto it. I even tried denting my eye & lip colour with my finger to 'dip' my brush into to no avail and in my view your better off using again your own lip brush for this task or a finger (my preferred option). It really does go on very lightly indeed. Adds no definition and really isn't very glossy or anything. Once on the lips 5 minutes wear and it's gone it really is as rubbish as the eyeshadows. The only benefit of this is that it doesn't transfer off as it doesn't go on wet or anything when you apply it but it just fades mega quickly and isn't worth using.

      Of course these particular lip colours are also eye colours. Nightmare once again to apply due to the sheerness and shade of them and they crease as soon as applied, go patchy as hell and look smeared on and the only way of applying them is with your finger really. The sponge applicator given 'eats' the colour and wrecks it if you do want to use it for applying the eyeshadow powders and the lip brush is useless for reasons I listed already lol I can't get them to 'set' on my eyes and stay put more than a couple of minutes as the formulation just melts and that's not even in hot conditions.

      The blushers however are good. One is a dark sort of brick red and the other is a light peachy pink. Powders, they are not that fine in consistency and feel a bit thicker and go on quite heavy so you have to be careful through application. The brush is a bit small to go for a subtle effect (again though it's decent quality) but you do need to splodge it on a and brush it out with your fingers if need be. It creates harsh lines due to said brush but me, well I'm quite an expert and fan of blusher so I can get good results and these are the colours I would normally opt for so top marks on those. I find once I've applied one of them that the colour will last me all day long till I remove it (all of the products are simple to remove if they haven't just worn off themselves) however I have no real need to carry a blusher with me as the one's I use do stand the test of time!


      Cheap kids play make up is all this is. The colours in the eyeshadows and eye & lip colour are just awful. Everything is hard to use and good results are hard to achieve and now I've written about this product I'm binning it barely used. I'm not a fan and wouldn't advise anyone to purchase this it's crap to be blunt!


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