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Luminelle Nail Polish Shimmering Gold

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Polish / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2011 13:44
      Very helpful



      A shimmery polish with a hint of gold


      Though I like the idea of wearing nail polish on my finger nails I don't actually get around to applying it all that often and tend to just stick to wearing bright colours on my toe nails instead. With the festive period looming I decided I wanted something befitting so decided to include a shimmery gold polish in with a recent order from my favourite French beauty company - you guessed it Yves Rocher.

      After perusing the different varieties I decided I wanted a gold that was more subtle than full on bling and this 'Vernis` a` ongles' by the Luminelle range looked perfect..

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      As per usual this can be purchased via mail order, online at www.yves-rocher.co.uk, by phoning 0870 049 22 22 or in one of their stores. As I always state in reviews I feed my habit of Yves Rocher by scouring Ebay for bargains as well as ordering directly so it's always worth checking out sites like this.

      The price I paid was £1.90 which seems quite reasonable at first, but given that this comes in a rather miniscule size of just 3 ml then there isn't that many uses when applying a few coats, but as a 'tester' pot it's adequate and takes up little space.

      The bottle is made up of a sturdy transparent glass which as with all YR products states it is fully recyclable. There is a contrasting white lid which is easy enough to remove and screws on and off with ease. As with all nail polishes the brush is attached inside the lid and whereas the plastic wand part is small lengthways due to the size of the bottle, the actual brush is generously long.

      As the bottle is clear the contents can be viewed with ease and this particular polish is a pale, yet shimmery gold, with a slight glittery aspect to it and basically looks beautiful.

      *~*My experience of using and wearing this*~*

      As mentioned I tend to stick to brighter colours on my toe nails whereas even with all the best intentions I'm lucky if I get to apply a clear coat of nail varnish to my finger nails despite them being of a good length and in quite impressive condition (to say I don't do anything 'special' apart from file them and apply a good hand/ nail cream). I don't mind bolder colours on my finger nails but tend to find once they chip it's a case of reapplying or removing the polish and I'm quite lazy so prefer a more shimmery effect that looks more subtle when this happens.

      I do have a preference of metallic colours and do tend to opt for silvers more than anything but fancied a nice gold colour for a change. Having not seen anything to fit the bill in my local Superdrug store I was very happy to find this Luminelle range from Yves Rocher.

      I decided to pamper myself a few days ago and thought I would test out this new gold polish as I plan to wear it nearer Christmas, so this was to be the testing period if you like to see how it fared.

      On making sure my nails were filed and 'ready' I unscrewed the lid and started to apply the nail varnish to each nail. I found the consistency to be far thinner than it looked whilst still in the bottle which made the colour appear to be almost clear.

      The polish dispersed well and didn't run, and I found that because of the decent sized brush only three applications were needed on average per nail and I found each coat to dry quite quickly though it's not an 'express dry' polish. Though the brush is large the bristles are quite fine so it is easy to apply in a quite neat manner which impressed me so it scores points with me there.

      Depending on how deep you want the colour to be I would suggest at least 3 coats, as the first time I used this I found 2 coats gave a pretty iridescent shimmer with a hue of colour but it wasn't very noticeable. When I used again I found that personally 3 coats were sufficient and gave my nails the depth of colour that I was seeking.

      My hands and nails take a lot of 'bashing' as they are in and out of water a lot and are subjected to the daily elements on a regular basis, as I don't wear gloves of any kind very often (as they irritate me not in a rash way in an annoying way). I found that despite all of this the nail polish came across as being quite hardy and didn't chip or look tatty until at least day 4 which was impressive.

      Because of the type of polish this is it leaves a subtle colouring rather than being bold and obvious and once I found the correct amount of coats to apply to suit me I was very impressed. My nails felt a lot stronger with this and I found that it removed just as effortlessly with a suitable nail polish remover - two good sweeps of remover and my nails were naked again even with three coats on.

      *~*Would I recommend this then?*~*

      If you are looking for a nail polish which has a touch of colour then this is perfect. It adds a hint of colour, gives nails a lovely sheen whilst offering a slight glittery iridescent appearance. Though I haven't tried any of the other colours in the range (check out YR website for full listings) up to press I will definitely be trying others if still at the same price. Because of the compact size it is ideal if you want to keep in your bag for emergency repairs and touch ups though I don't carry mine around with me so I can't comment on the bottle's durability or if secure enough not to leak.

      I have not had any problems with it at home though so can comment there.


      A nice pearlesque` nail polish by Yves Rocher in a shimmery golden colour. Because of the small size and the fact it's very subtle I am going to deduct one star but performance wise it's a very impressive polish.


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