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Lush B Glitter

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Brand: Lush / Type: Makeup

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2008 22:51
      Very helpful



      Put it on your Christmas list...now!

      This Glitter is made by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, Lush's grown-up sister, with all of the same ethical considerations and aims as the original company.

      The glitter itself is very nice, a little of this goes a long way as it is 100% loose glitter and quite fine. Lush suggest that you use it to highlight your body and spinkle in your hair as well as on your eyelids, and it works well for all of these purposes although for body and hair it needs to be mixed with some lotion or mousse to hold it on. For my face I use a lip brush dipped in water to apply it and I find it stays put all night with just water holding it on. If you find this doesn't work for you try mixing it with Vaseline or moisturiser, but I prefer to use use water to help me apply it because other liquids interfere with the rest of my make-up. When applying I advise you to go carefully, slowly, and be sparing with the glitter because if you have too much on your brush and flick it suddenly you will make a huge mess on your face and anywhere else that will be almost impossible to properly clean up!

      Another good idea for this glitter is to mix it with nail varnish or apply it to nail varnish that it still wet. Top coat essential to hold it on!

      It comes in a range of shades, the website lists nine but there have been others in the past. It's impossible for me to say which is the best colour. All the shades are gorgeous but I use some more than others because they match more of my clothes. I have some favourite ways to use each shade:

      Gold I like to use to highlight the inner and outer corners and upper lash line of my eye when I'm wearing slightly sparkly gold eyeshadow.

      Red (not available anymore on the website) stands out really well against black eyeliner and shadow.

      Emerald Green I like to use with silver glitter or eyeshadow.

      Sky Blue looks best with blue eyeshadow to make it more exciting.

      The Iridescent and Iris shades are both white but are very different from each other. The Iridescent shimmers pink and lilac in the light, whereas the Iris reflects light to produce a multicoloured effect. I like to use the Iris on my body and in my hair and keep the Iridescent to mix with plain white eyeshadow to make the latter more exciting.

      Dusky Pink is probably my least favourite shade. It's kind of salmon, so I mix it with Iris or Iridescent to make it less bright, and then use it sparingly to highlight. It'd rather have the Mauve instead!

      Poodle Pink I sometimes use during the day, it's quite subtle because it doesn't seem to sparkle as much as the other shades, and it's not as bright.

      Silver I use everywhere - it goes with everything, and I often use it with the Black to draw lines coming out of the outer corners of my eyes when I'm going for a glamorous evening look.

      Black is the messiest shade and the one that will look the worst if it goes wrong - but it can look absolutely amazing. Mixed with Vaseline and spread over eyelids it looks stunning but is difficult to keep looking good all night. I prefer to use it to put little lines or firework bursts at the outer corners of my eyes. I wouldn't use this on the body, it would just look dirty!


      Throughout the year you can buy each colour individually, in a carved wooden pot as shown on this page, but at Christmas a gift set called "Bling Bling" is available featuring mini screw-top tubes of almost all the colours (last year they left out the mauve). Ordinarily these glitters are very expensive - £8 - and despite the Lush credentials, the pot, the quality of the product, and colour range, I wouldn't buy them for this price.

      However, the gift set is much better value for money as the tubes are full to the top and you get to try the different colours. I can't see myself using up this set any time in the next eight years unless I become a rock star or have some other excuse to wear glitter on a daily basis.


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      Sprinkle a little glitter over your body and highlight what you want to get noticed / arms, legs and shoulders /

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