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Lush Charisma Skin Tint

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2 Reviews
  • not tested on animals
  • ethical company
  • Seems expensive but goes a long way
  • Limited shelf life
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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2014 23:20


      • "blends well"
      • "easy to use"
      • "not tested on animals"
      • "ethical company"


      • "Seems expensive but goes a long way"
      • "Limited shelf life"

      A great blendable Lush bronzer cream full of nice ingredients

      Lush brought out their make up range a year or so ago and i was keen to try it. This is a small pot of brown gloop, It is not solid , more like a soft cream.

      I use my finger to blend this and give a bit of colour to my face.. I use a little on my cheeks as a blusher or blend it thinly all over if I want to look tanned.

      It has no smell really and looks slightly coppery in colour. Charisma has these lovely ingredients in it cocoa butter, oatmeal, and almond and jojoba oils

      This is a multi purpose product as it can be used as contouring cream, I also mix it with my moisturizer and even my foundation at times to give a healthy, sun-kissed look, and of course it can be applied as bronzer in the high points of your face.

      This is a Lush product so cruelty-free , and this one is suitable for vegans. It is made with mostly natural products and safe synthetics.

      It gives a natural colour with no danger or looking orange which i hate. You can use as much or little as you like depending on the colour you want.

      Limited life as it is not full of preservatives so keep it somewhere cool and dark and use it the time stated on your pot. I do find it lasts longer than Lush say though in fact.

      It costs around £12 to £14 for the small pot but it lasts well and is a multi purpose product that is easy to use and mainly natural ingredients.


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      04.02.2014 10:33
      Very helpful



      Bronzing skin tint from Lush

      A while ago, my favourite store, Lush, most famous for its bathtime, skincare and haircare products, released a number of makeup items. Called Emotional Brilliance, the idea was that you would spin a wheel, choose three colours and wear them to reflect the emotions you wanted to project. These colours included lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners.

      Lush also made a selection of face makeup items to go with the colours, which were also given names of positive emotions and qualities. These came in the same little glass pots as the lip scrubs and colour supplements, and each cost £12 for 20g (8g in the case of the powder, which is very light), although I managed to pick them up for half price in the post-Christmas sale. They were as follows:

      Charisma - a blend of golden colours to give you a warm glow
      Feeling Younger - a shimmering highlighter
      Emotional Brilliance - a translucent powder

      All three were suitable for vegans.

      Today I am going to review the Charisma Skin Tint.

      I am super pale - to the extent that the lightest shade of foundation in most ranges is too dark for me. Therefore, I tend to shy away from bronzing tints of this kind, as they tend to make my skin look dirty. Lush state that Charisma is ideal for adding a glow to tanned skins - especially in the summer - or for giving a bronzed effect to paler skins. I decided to give it a go.

      You can mix this tint with a moisturiser or foundation, which is what I decided to do. I thought I would be able to achieve a much more subtle effect this way. I found that the tint blended well with any moisturiser or foundation I used it with, and sank into my skin well. It wasn't at all streaky and didn't cause any irritation.

      I found that the tint made my skin look healthier and gave it a slight glow. It was very subtle, which I liked - although if you prefer a stronger bronzed glow you can easily apply more.

      I also decided to try using the tint on my cheeks, like a blusher. I dabbed a tiny amount onto my cheeks and blended in. I was impressed with how well it worked: it was like a blusher, and did make me look more healthy.

      So how do Lush create charisma? It is made with oatmeal decoction, orange flower water, almond oil and cocoa butter - a gentle combination of ingredients which help to look after the skin. Also included are jojoba oil and glycerine. It does contain a couple of parabens for preservation purposes.

      Overall, I am impressed with this product. It is versatile, gentle and long-lasting. Though it is expensive, only a tiny amount is needed at any one time, so it lasts ages too. It is suitable for a number of different skin types, and I strongly recommend it.


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