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Lush Control Eyeliner

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Brand: Lush / Type: Eyeliners / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2013 21:58
      Very helpful



      A great eye liner and eye shadow from lush

      Lush Control Eyeliner
      During last year lush introduced their Emotional Brilliance range of cosmetics which was big step for them as previously they have only created toiletries and perfumes and not any make up. The Emotional Brilliance range is supposed to be chosen by a spinning colour reel and then the three colours you choose reflect the three different aspects of your personality.

      I did the spinning thing in the shop and bought one of those i chose but the others I have bought simply because I like the colours and think they will blend with others I have. This I bought in the 50% off sale after Christmas as I thought the colour would be good as an eye liner.

      If you choose this colour first then you choose it as your strength or weakness:
      "Taking CONTROL comes naturally to you today and it plays a big part in your achievements. You will find yourself able to manage and direct people and situations with ease. It is only a weakness if others wish to have the CONTROL but cannot take it. This may frustrate them, but it is you who has the strength to take the lead."

      If you choose it second then you are choosing it as your subconscious need:
      "Subconsciously, you are feeling the need to take CONTROL today. You may need to influence, manage and direct situations or people in the near future, so wear this colour to give you the strength to do so."

      If chosen third then you have chosen it as your aspiration or talent:
      "You have the power to take CONTROL today and it is something you do with ease and finesse. This colour is your aspirational colour and it reminds you of your talent for taking things around you and influencing them in order to achieve great things."

      The little bottles all look the same like eye dropper bottles but they have different applicators inside. Some have thin brushes like an eye line and others have a sponge applicator a bit like an eye shadow one. The eye liner colours are the darker ones although i do have a bright green one with a thin brush. The lipstick and other colours have the sponge applicators. Lush do have other throw away applicators of all types so you could ask for a few of these to use the colours differently if you wanted to try them.

      This is sold as an eye liner and is a deep navy blue colour. It comes with the thin applicator brush. Lush's eye shadow and liner range are all made with the same base and they are designed not to set straight away so that they blend very easily. You can blend them out by themselves or you can mix two colours together to create a blended colour.

      The ingredients in this enable you to use this as a dark deep eye liner or blend it out to become quite a pale blue eye shadow. If you are feeling brave them you could use it on your lips too!

      All the eye shadows and liners have a great ingredient which is both nourishing and soothing and it includes rose petal infusion and skin-softening almond and jojoba oils. This means that it is perfect for the sensitive area around your eyes and the addition of glycerine helps you be able to smooth the product gently over the eyes evenly and without pulling at the skin at all.

      The cupuaçu butter is added as it helps to set the colour pigment. I find that is is so easy to blend the colours and get a nice even coverage either thicker and darker or thin and subtle. Once the product dries either as a liner or shadow then it stays for the duration. I find that if I apply it in the morning it is still as I left it at night when I remove it.

      It is easy to get a neat dark line as a liner which stays put or is i blend it fairly quickly I have no problem getting a lovely subtle colour as I want getting lighter towards my brows.

      I find that the easiest way to apply is to run the thin brush along the eyes close to my eye lids. I start at the corner and swipe the brush gently across out wards. You can do a thin line or if you want more impact then draw a thicker line. I find I have to keep my eyes close a while to allow the line to set otherwise I get some liner on my lids. It isn't a major problem as I either blend it out or wipe it with a cotton bud before it sets.

      If you prefer a softer look, then I find if I start by drawing a thick line and then blend this gently upwards onto my eye lid with my finger or you could use a brush. If I take too much away then I just add a bit more onto my eyelid again.

      If i just want to use this as an eye shadow then I swipe a thin line in the crease of my eye and blend from there adding more if I need it darker or adding a second colour if I want to mix it. This goes really well with 'FOCUS' which is a silver eye shadow or the gold colour 'FANTASY' as they both lift the blue and add a bit of sparkle which is great for evening.

      There are lots of lovely butters and oils such as Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cupuacu Butter and also lovely rose petal infusion There is also some preservatives in there to help keep its shelf life longer and these include Methylparaben and Propylparaben .

      Being a Lush product it is only available through their shops and their website although Ebay is always an option.

      The little bottle costs the same as all the Emotional Brilliance products except 'Eyes Right' and the pots and they are all £14.50 which seems a lot but they last ages and are so versatile that I have become hooked.

      In the little bottle you get 5g of product and that seems more than most liquid eye liners and I don't know of any others that can work as both liner and shadow that will blend from solid colour through to subtle and gentle.

      Initially I thought these were expensive and only bought the mascara as it was the cheapest option. Since then I have managed to accumulate about seven different colours. I have been happy with most of them and this is one of my favourites and the one I use almost daily as it is so versatile and easy to use.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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