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Lush Eyes Right

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Brand: Lush / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      30.04.2013 10:44
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      Mascara from Lush

      I was intrigued when my favourite store, Lush, introduced a new makeup range. Called 'Emotional Brilliance', it included a kaleidoscope of lip and eye colours alongside other essentials such as face powder and mascara. I've tried a few of these items, and today I'm going to review the mascara - named Eyes Right.

      Mascara is a makeup essential for me. I have naturally pale eyelashes, and without mascara they are difficult to see, which can look odd particularly with my dyed dark brown hair. I have several mascaras already but this one really stood out.

      Firstly because of the packaging. It comes in a small glass bottle with a rubber top, which reminds me of those old-fashioned apothecary bottles. Secondly because it contains only one preservative (methylparaben), as opposed to the 4-6 of most mascaras, meaning that it is recommended for those with sensitive eyes.

      Eyes Right is suitable for vegans and contains wheatgrass, an ingredient full of vitamins and minerals which help to condition and nourish the lashes. While it is not claimed that the product is waterproof, it does contain Japan and carnauba waxes which help it to set. As the ingredients list is so short, I have reproduced it here:

      Fresh Wheatgrass Infusion, Water, Japan Wax, Stearic Acid, Talc, Triethanolamine, Carnauba Wax, PVP, CI77499, Methylparaben

      The mascara costs £12 which is a little expensive, especially for such a small (5ml) bottle. However, I'm willing to pay this for a good product.

      The mascara is slightly tricky to apply, owing to the very short wand which often comes loose from the lid. I think I've pretty much mastered the technique now, but I would still prefer a longer wand. The mascara itself has the same texture and properties as any black mascara and applies in much the same way, swept over the eyelashes. The actual brush itself is a standard mascara brush, and once applied my lashes appear longer, thicker and defined.

      The mascara looks good on and it doesn't flake; I like the way it makes my eyelashes look although it doesn't do anything dramatic like make them curl or appear massive. I think it produces a lovely natural effect which is ideal for daytime.

      I do find that this mascara can smudge slightly in the rain or if my eyes water. To be fair it is not claimed that the mascara is waterproof, however my other non-waterproof mascaras don't smudge at all. On the plus side, it is very easy to remove with cleanser or eye makeup remover.

      My conclusions on this product are mixed. On the one hand, it is a good quality mascara for natural lashes, and it is very gentle. On the other, it does smudge a bit and it isn't as dramatic as I'd like for a night out. I'd recommend it for those with particularly sensitive eyes, but for everyone else I think there are better (and cheaper) alternatives available.


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        10.02.2013 20:42
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        A mascara that is gentle on your lashes and conditions them as well

        Eyes Right - mascara from Lush

        Last year Lush brought out their new makeup range called 'Emotional Brilliance'. The very first thing I bought was this mascara probably because it was the cheapest thing in the range but maybe a bit of my temptation was because I always struggle with mascara and was hoping this would be great.

        My eye lashes are pathetic especially at the bottom and I have never managed to master false eye lashes. My eyes are blue and seem to be shrinking as I get older or at least getting more sunken and less obvious and so I constantly try to find products to make my eyes more obvious and my nose less so!

        The lovely staff were so enthusiastic, as they always are about their new products and were so convincing that I bought this one.

        It comes in a tiny pot with a squeezy top. It is a bit like an eye dropper bottle but the squeezy bit is just the handle and when you unscrew it you get a small mascara brush at the other end. Initially I wasn't sure about this rather short stubby applicator but in fact it does work as you are nearer to the lashes so it is actually more accurate.

        This has no claims such as curling or extending or thickening your lashes so it is basic mascara that adds a bit of a layer and colour. I find I need to layer it a bit so I wait until the first coat is dry then apply a second and build it up.

        LUSH SAY
        " We were very surprised to find that most people's favourite mascara was nothing to do with the packaging, the brand or even the colour - it was the one that "hurt them the least"! When we looked more closely, we discovered that most mascaras are heavily preserved. This was causing irritation. Using only one preservative (methylparaben) in our mascara has enabled us to have a very gentle formula, which will not hurt the eyes. Its freshness (we tell you when the product was made and when to use it by) enables us to do this."

        Apparanetly most mascaras on the market have at least four or five preservatives in them so the one is a big improvement.

        They then helpfully tell you how to apply it:
        "Coat both sides of your lashes with 1 or 2 swipes of the brush, using the whole brush. Look down to coat the top side and look up for the under side. For your lower lashes, tickle the lashes with the tip of the brush.* For a 'full-on' look, coat the lashes 3 or 4 times and apply extra mascara at the corners for a sexy flick."

        IS IT ANY GOOD?
        I can't honestly say this is the best mascara I have ever used as it doesn't give a thick coating and is not waterproof either which means that if I have any cream around under my eyes I end up with panda eyes as the mascara from my bottom lashes comes off onto my skin under my eyes. This is not the only mascara that I have this trouble with as my eye lashes seem to touch under my eyes, it often happens.
        This does have some lovely ingredients to help condition your lashes such as Wheatgrass and various vitamins and minerals to really condition and nourish the lashes.

        Then to help it set Lush has added both Japan and Carnauba wax . They happily say this will stop it from " smudge all over your face if you're caught in the rain or at the gym. "
        Sorry Lush but that doesn't stop it smudging under my eyes even without the rain

        This costs £12 for 5g which is apparently a lot more than you usually get in a mascara so it last well but is far from being the cheapest mascara you can buy and it certainly doesn't add volume or thickness or curl your lashes.

        It is a natural looking mascara and I like to use it as I feel I am not damaging my very flimsy lashes with this. It comes off really easily with Lush's ultrabland cleanser which I use as it is so gentle and really feeds my skin at the same time as removing my make up gently.

        This mascara will not suit those who want a heavy dramatic look although some of the staff in Lush seem to manage this so it might just be me! It is nice to have a product that feeds and conditions your lashes as well as being a mascara and for that reason I will continue to use this.

        Sometimes I put this on first then apply a heavier type of mascara on top as I think that way i am getting the conditioning and the darker thicker look as well.

        I am really pleased with Lush's 'Emotional Brilliance' range and am gradually buying products to suit my needs as i can afford them. This was my first purchase but it has not been my last .

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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          28.12.2012 17:35
          Very helpful



          A really simple, beautiful and gentle mascara from Lush

          One of the things I love about Lush is that they constantly amuse, hold my interest and make me want to try their products. It's been a few years now since my love affair with them started and from that very first use of a Bath Ballistic I was hooked. Over the years I have probably tried more than half of the products that you can buy in store and online, in the Retro section and some products which have been discontinued. There are very few products I actually do not like, infact I can count them on one hand.

          Make-up for me isn't one of those items I have to plaster on every day regardless of whether or not I am going out. I do have my must have and must wear products that accompany me everywhere, but I would never confess to being a make-up junkie. I tend to stick to BeneFit make-up because it suits my skin most of all and doesn't dry it out and I am comfortable with it, which for me is important. In my must haves would be a decent foundation and that is currently "Hello Flawless" by Benefit, then comes "Hoola" Bronzing powder, again by Benefit followed by mascara and this is usually "Bag Gal Lash" again by Benefit, but I do have one or two others floating around.

          Aside from Benefit, Lush recently caught my attention with their very own mascara, infact when I had gone into the store to stock up on Snow Fairy shower gel; I was asked whether or not I would like to try it. Soon as I was given a demonstration on how to use it, I bought it and here is why.

          As I said, I am no make-up junkie, I simply buy and wear what I am comfortable with and it is very rare that I 'glammed up' because it just isn't me and besides which, I am no good at applying half the items most people own, like eye-liner anyway. The one thing I immediately liked about this mascara is that it didn't smell like a whole load of chemicals, have you ever used mascara and thought it was a tad smelly? Well this one isn't, which is a good start, though it does contain methylparaben which if you look on the Lush website, you will find a whole host of information about it. I have also had a bad experience with a few mascaras in the past in that they irritated my eyes a lot and in one case I needed to use an eye cream to control the allergic reaction I suffered, so I am quite careful about what I use and that is probably why I tend to stick to one brand more often than not. I also only ever use one colour of mascara, black and this one happens to be a nice deep jet black colour that looks brilliant when applied.

          The tube that this mascara is in, is tiny, it hold just 5g of the mascara product, for which you will be paying £12, my usual mascara contains around 8.5g for which I am paying £16.50. Back to this tube, it is pure black in colour and features white lettering as you might expect and to me the design is similar to a tube of eye drops in that the wand section actually looks like the bit you would hold and squeeze drops. Twisting the wand to free it from the tube, rather than pumping it in and out, which you shouldn't do, because I am told it allows excess air into the tube and dries the mascara out much quicker than is necessary, you will notice that it is quite a short wand, for me this makes holding it much easier. The applicator brush itself is also quite short but is fairly fat meaning it will hold a lot of mascara.

          When it comes to using this mascara, as with most products you should always ensure that you have removed any trace of previous applications and that any eye make-up you intend to have is done prior to applying your mascara, otherwise you will end up looking like Alice Cooper with a smudge effect going on. You simply coat both sides of your lashes with one or two swipes of the brush and because the brush is short, you should find that you are using the whole brush across your lashes. To coat the top of your lashes, you look down towards the floor and then to coat the underside of your lashes you look up and then repeat for your lower lashes. When it comes to your lower lashes, to avoid getting mascara on your face, I always use a tissue under my eyelashes to prevent this. Then once you have completed both of these steps, if you wiggle the brush between your lashes it helps to separate them slightly giving you that look of having much longer lashes, a tip I was given a few years ago by a Benefit make-up consultant. Once you have done that you can of course apply further coats of mascara too your lashes until you are happy with the effects, for me I am happy with one coat and feel it gives me the look I am happy and comfortable with. It also doesn't clump which is a huge plus with a mascara because there is nothing worse than applying a mascara to find your eyelashes all clumpy and looking awful meaning you have to re-do your make-up all over again. It does also give you an appearance of lengthened lashes, more so if you wiggle that brush slightly to separate your lashes out.

          This mascara is only available in black currently, I have no idea whether or not Lush intends to bring further colours into their product category but I am more than happy with this. It coats my lashes brilliantly and it doesn't smell, but it's a lush product, so it has to have an ingredients list! Starting with Wheatgrass which is used because it is packed full of vitamins and minerals which help to nourish and condition your lashes. Then comes Japan and Carnauba wax both of which help the mascara to set once it is applied, this ensuring that it wont smudge all over your face, especially in the rain and lets face it, with this grotty weather we have right now, that is a must with any product you wear.

          Once this mascara had been applied, I actually found it would last all day whilst I was at work and if I was going out in an evening or had a late meeting, I didn't feel the need to re-apply the mascara because, even though it had wore off slightly, I could still tell the mascara was there. When it came to removing the mascara from my eyelashes I found it very easy to do and it was removed very quickly using my eye make-up remover and a cotton wool pad and there was no visible signs that I had actually worn any mascara at all.

          For me, this is one of the best mascaras I have used. It does come in a small tube, but for me that is a plus because it makes using it and applying it stress free and easy to do. Also because it is fairly small, it fits into my smallest of handbags without any pressure and isn't so bulky that it takes up too much space. I love this mascara and will definitely be purchasing some more as soon as I run out.


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