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Lush Passionate Lipstick

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Brand: Lush / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2013 18:00
      Very helpful



      A great lip stain from Lush

      Lush PASSIONATE Liquid Lipstick

      During last year lush introduced their Emotional Brilliance range of cosmetics which was big step for them as previously they have only created toiletries and perfumes and not any make up. The Emotional Brilliance range is supposed to be chosen by a spinning colour reel and then the three colours you choose reflect the three different aspects of your personality.

      I did the spinning thing in the shop and bought one of those I chose but the others I have bought simply because I like the colours and think they will blend with others I have. This was not one of the colours that I chose in my spinning game and I actually bought this one in a three pack lot from Ebay so it was pure luck that I liked it but as I got all three for £8 I felt it was worth the risk


      If you choose this colour first then you choose it as your strength or weakness:
      "This is your strength or weakness at this time, and what a fabulous strength it is. With this on your side you can do anything you want to do. There is no stopping someone who is PASSIONATE, and feeling strongly about something. If others don't like it, you know what? That's their weakness not yours!.."

      If you choose it second then you are choosing it as your subconscious need:
      "Uh oh! What is going on here then? Subconscious giving you a little reminder that you need to be souping up the PASSIONATE side of your nature? Are you without an aim at the moment and need to find something to feel strongly about? Do you need to be showing and feeling more Passion for something already in your life? To be PASSIONATE and feel strongly is energising. Buck yourself up you!"

      If chosen third then you have chosen it as your aspiration or talent:
      "It is the PASSIONATE people who feel strongly about something that make things happen. This is your talent or aspiration, so you know what? Make the decision, wear this lipstick and get on with using your talent. Let the PASSIONATE side of you loose."

      The little bottles all look the same like eye dropper bottles but they have different applicators inside. Some have thin brushes like an eye line and others have a sponge applicator a bit like an eye shadow one. The eye liner colours are the darker ones although I do have a bright green one with a thin brush. The lipstick and other colours have the sponge applicators. Lush do have other throw away applicators of all types so you could ask for a few of these to use the colours differently if you wanted to try them.

      This is sold as an liquid lip stick or lip stain and is a deep pinkish purple but actually is not quite as strange as it sounds once on. It comes with the spongey eye shadow type of applicator. Lush's lip colour range are a special unique recipe with a great softening base of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. These ingredients are great as they are intensely skin-softening and soothing but apparently they also hold the colour pigment really well.

      This lip colour has great staying power and feels great when applied and is a really deep colour. I have seen the staff in Lush use some of the lip colours as eye colours but not sure this is one I would go for as it is a really deep lasting colour.

      Once applied I find this lasts a good few hours and gives a really lasting deep colour. i do have to choose what I wear this with as it is a strong colour and can look a bit too much with some outfits and it also depends on where I am going too.

      I always use this as a lip colour and find that it gives a perfect line to my lips almost like a liner and then I fill in the inner lips or just put my lips together depending on how dark a colour I want to achieve. I find it leaves my lips feeling soft and moist as well as coloured so I don't need a lip balm as well.

      There are lots of lovely oils and waxes such as jojoba oil, cadililla wax and rose wax and I cannot see any preservatives so hopefully mine will keep a few months at least.

      Being a Lush product it is only available through their shops and their website although Ebay is always an option.

      The little bottle costs the same as all the Emotional Brilliance products except 'Eyes Right' and the pots and they are all £14.50 which seems a lot but they last ages and are so versatile that I have become hooked.

      In the little bottle you get 5g of product and that seems more than most liquid eye shadows and I don't know of any others that can blend from solid colour through to subtle and gentle one quite so easily.

      Initially I thought these were expensive and only bought the mascara as it was the cheapest option. Since then I have managed to accumulate about seven different colours. I have been happy with most of them and this is one of my favourites and the lip colour I use most often I do have to be careful not to apply too thickly as it is such a string colour but even applied thinly it lasts on my lips as a deep stain.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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