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Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

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4 Reviews
  • Really moisturises lips
  • It smells very nice
  • It stings my lips a little bit sometimes
  • Only available at christmas
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    4 Reviews
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      24.11.2014 15:31
      Very helpful


      • "Really moisturises lips"
      • "Smells and tastes gorgeous "


      • "Not as scrubby as some"
      • "Only available at christmas "

      Festive lip scrub

      I love when the shops get their Christmas themed beauty products in as they are only available for a short time so I always get excited for them since they aren’t available all year.

      I love Lush lip scrubs and use them all year so at Christmas time I always forego the ones that are available at the rest of the year and go for something festive themed like this Santa lip scrub.

      My favourite lip scrub is the bubblegum one and this isn’t quite as nice as that but it is still lovely and makes a nice change from the bubblegum one that I nearly always get.

      This lip scrub is cola flavoured and although it isn’t very Christmassy it is a nice flavour for a lip scrub and tastes exactly like cola cubes.

      It contains sugar which is what gives it it’s scrubby texture but also extracts of dates and cherries, coconut, extra virgin coconut oil, Persian lime oil, aniseed oil, black pepper oil and loads of other ingredients.

      It is a lovely bright red colour which does give it a festive look and it works great at making lips soft and smooth though it isn’t quite as grainy as the other lip scrubs so if you have loads of flaky skin on your lips go for one of them.
      You only need a tiny amount of the scrub for it to be effective and just by using your finger you have to scoop a little bit up and then still using your finger you then just massage the scrub around your lips to remove the dead skin.

      The exfoliation of the sugar along with the oils in this really do leave lips a lot smoother. Slather some lip balm on after wards and your lips will look and feel a lot smoother and softer.


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      24.11.2014 10:41
      Very helpful


      • "It smells very nice"
      • "It makes my lips feel soft"


      • "It is available at Christmas only"
      • "It stings my lips a little bit sometimes"

      Lush Santa's lip scrub

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is lip scrub that is made by Lush. It can be bought in their stores or online only and even though you can see it on Ebay sometimes I do not think it would be a very good idea to buy it from there because it is a limited edition and available only at Christmas so you would have to take care that you are buying it as this years product and not a pot of lip scrub that is from last Christmas.


      This lip scrub comes in a little pot that has got a lid that screws on and off. The pot is very nice but I wish that Lush could put their lip produce into tubes because I do not like putting my finger into a pot like that and think it is not a clean thing to do.


      I like the colour of this lip scrub because it is bright red but what I do not like is that the red goes onto my skin a little bit so I can use this only at home. When I use the lip scrub that is bubblegum it is pink and does not show up on my skin so I can use a little bit outside of home if I need to.

      The smell is like cherry coca cola to me but other people think it smells of different things so I think how the smell is will depend on what ingredient you can smell best. It has got a pleasing smell but I think it is a little bit sickly also and I do not use this as much as I use the bubblegum one when I have got a pot of that.

      It makes my lips feel softer and smooth but if my lips are cracked or chapped I think this lip scrub stings a little bit and that is the same even if the damage is so light that I cannot see it. The scrub is made of caster sugar and that dissolves when I am scrubbing my lips and it is strange that all the sugar in the scrub does not make my lips feel sticky, I am happy about that.

      There are 4 oils in the lip scrub but it is not greasy at all and feels soft and pleasing on my lips.


      A pot has got 25g of lip scrub in it and that costs £5.50.

      3 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      13.12.2013 11:09
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Limited edition scrub from Lush

      A few years ago, Lush brought out a number of lip scrubs and every Christmas since then they have released a special edition one. This year is no exception - the scrub is a bright festive red and goes by the name of Santa's Lip Scrub.

      Lush state that this is the kind of product that Mrs Claus would use to soften her lips! Lip scrubs are ideal for the winter as lips can often get dry and flaky in the cold weather. Personally, I swear by a lip scrub followed by lip balm to keep my lips soft.

      This particular product contains caster sugar to scrub lips and taste sweet at the same time. It also contains extra virgin coconut oil to soften lips while exfoliating them. An extract of cherries and dates adds flavour, as do Persian lime oil, aniseed oil and black pepper oil. Poppy red lustre adds a bright colour to the scrub, and there are tiny little red edible hearts on the top - not very practical, but very sweet!

      The scrub smells and tastes amazing. Lush say that it is designed to taste like fizzy cola sweets, and it does; the scent doesn't sound very Christmassy, but surprisingly it works. I love the taste and I have to watch out I don't start eating the scrub by mistake! I only need a very small amount at a time, as only a tiny bit is needed.

      I don't think the scrub is quite as effective as the regular range sugar scrubs, because the grains of sugar are a lot smaller. However, it does a reasonable job and, with the exception of last year's Popcorn lip scrub (which made it into the permanent range) it is my favourite of the festive lip scrubs. It would appeal to someone who wants a gentle scrub.

      The scrub is priced at £5.50, which seems quite a lot for such a small pot. However, it is a lovely product, and as I've mentioned, it will last ages. If you had the time and the inclination, you could probably buy some ingredients and make your own sugar scrub, but personally I can't be bothered!


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        17.11.2013 15:45
        Very helpful



        not as appealing as the Bubblegum flavour

        ~Santa's Lip Scrub~

        Lush offer a range of lip balms and lip scrubs. The current Christmas range includes a new lip scrub called 'Santa's Lip Scrub' which I will be reviewing.

        This lip scrub is vegetarian approved and preservative free. The scrub contains caster sugar to smooth your lips and leaves them soft. Other ingredients include coconut oil, extracts of cherries and dates and a range of other oils. The full list can be found by visiting www.lush.co.uk. Santa's Scrub is coloured red and is designed to taste of fizzy cola sweets. Lush have also added edible hearts and lustre to this lip scrub.


        As with other Lush lip scrubs, Santa's Scrub is presented in a little glass pot with a screw top lid. The important product information is neatly presented on the pot including a label confirming who has prepared the scrub, when it was prepared and also when it should be used by. The packaging is perfectly suitable for this type of product in my opinion.


        A 25g pot of Santa's Scrub is priced at £5.50. It is currently stocked in Lush stores and www.lush.co.uk. It will be available until just after Christmas.

        ~My Thoughts~

        Having previously bought and enjoyed using the Bubblegum lip scrub offered by Lush, I was excited to see a new, limited edition lip scrub in this years Christmas range. There is a matching lip balm but I purchased the lip scrub only and was happy to pay £5.50 for it as I had previously had a good experience with the other lip scrub and considered the higher cost to be worthwhile. My pot of lip scrub was prepared on the 24th of October and has a use by date of the 24th of December 2014.

        On opening this pot of lip scrub, it was full to the brim with red sugar. A gorgeous cola aroma was evident and I couldn't wait to give this lip scrub a try. I have very dry lips which need scrubbed and moisturised to keep them from becoming sore and to also make them kissable. The scrub itself is easy enough to use and only the tiniest amount is required per use. The scrub itself feels moist and slightly rough to the touch. I find that I need to wet a clean finger before dipping it in the pot otherwise the scrub doesn't transfer from pot to finger without slipping off and causing avoidable mess.

        Using this lip scrub is quick and effortless task for me. I take a small amount and simply rub it across my lips. The caster sugar gets to work quickly on my lips but doesn't feel abrasive or cause me discomfort. I can feel it gently buffing the dry skin off my lips and dissolving from gritty grains to tiny little grains. Some may be put off with licking the remains off their lips so you could tissue it off but I tend to just lick it off. Whilst the scent of this lip gloss is highly appealing, the actual taste isn't quite as nice the Bubblegum version. It does taste of fizzy, cherry cola bottles - sweet and full of flavour but at the same time, I am aware of a synthetic taste.

        I have found this lip scrub to be very effective. A few people have mentioned on the Lush website that the edible hearts were not to their liking but to be honest, I didn't notice any difference in consistency or texture compared to the lip scrubs that don't have this additional ingredient in them. Within seconds of rubbing this lip scrub across my lips, any dry or rough skin is removed and my lips are left feeling soft to the touch. I haven't experienced any irritation from using this lip scrub and I find it to be gentle yet effective. This lip scrub doesn't leave any greasy layer on my lips nor does it leave my lips feeling tight or uncomfortable. There is a good balance between scrub and conditioning ingredients.

        I was concerned that the bright red colouring of this lip scrub may make my lips appear too coloured. I favour a natural look when it comes to make up and rarely wear bright colours on my lips. Thankfully, this lip scrub doesn't stain my lips. Once buffed, my lips look pink and healthy - very natural. This lip scrub provides the perfect base on which to apply a lipstick or lip gloss. I find the cola flavour is short lived but my lips remain beautifully smooth all day and the scrub keeps the dryness at bay. I normally apply a thin coat of clear or pale pink lip balm after using this to lock in softness but this isn't neccessary. I think the Santa's lip tint would work a treat over the top and I may purchase this on my next visit to Lush.

        ~Final Thoughts~

        This lip scrub is of simple to use and leaves my lips looking and feeling good. I do wish the flavour was a bit less synthetic as this would make the lip scrub more appealing. 25g might not seem a lot for the price but because you need so little, this is more than enough to last you until the use by date if you use it on a regular basis. My last pot of lip scrub lasted for ages so it is good value for money in the long run. I doubt I would buy this one again should it be released next Christmas as I prefer the other flavours that Lush offer but would recommend it as an effective lip scrub. It is simply personal choice at the end of the day.

        Thanks for reading :)


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