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MAC Creme Colour Base

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4 Reviews

Brand: MAC / Type: Eyeshadows / Texture: Cream

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    4 Reviews
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      01.08.2011 14:08
      Very helpful



      These are so versatile and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for any new additions to the range!


      In general I do like a good highlighting product. I use a highlighter any time I wear makeup. Usually on my brow bones and cheek bones.

      I'd always wear my Benefit Highbeam and hadn't considered anything else until I noticed that MAC sell these little pots.

      I picked one up when I was passing a MAC store and was generally very pleased!


      "Versatile and multi-purpose, Cream Colour Base can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturizer, or powder. Apply with a brush, sponge, or fingers. Colour effects range from a light veil to highly dramatic, depending on method of application. Fragrance-free."


      At £13.50 these are a lot cheaper than Benefit highlighting products available. Obviously they're not as cheap as high street products, but on the whole, they're good value for money.

      Buy MAC products from their store or website, or from Debenhams or Selfridges. Be careful to avoid fakes and stick to an official supplier of the brand.


      MAC Cream Colour Bases come in little black rounded pots exactly like the MAC blushes (but smaller) or MAC eyeshadows (but bigger). You get 3.2g of products which seems like a reasonable size for a product like this.

      A classic MAC product, so the case is matte black with a hint of sparkle / sheen. A see through lid so you can see what colour you're getting, and MAC embossed on the see through part in black.

      The sticker on the base will give you all the MAC information, colour information and the batch number.


      Colour availability:

      At the moment there are six MAC Cream Colour Bases available in the permanent range. Some are light and suitable for using purely as a highlighter, some are more pigmented and can be used as a cream blusher or lip colour. Although any can be used for any need, I think the pigmented colours work better for adding colour, the shimmery pales, better for highlighting.

      I own a couple of the pale shimmery ones, what I'd call the 'classic highlighters', and one cream colour base from the 'MAC PRO' range which is a bold bright hot pink. I use my hot pink cream colour base as a lip stain and to add a bit of colour to my cheeks. It isn't shimmery and is highly pigmented. I would never wear this on my brow bones!

      The light shimmery cream colour bases easily blend into your natural skin tone or whatever makeup you're applying it on top of.


      To apply, I gently rub my finger directly onto the product, then apply to wherever I want it on my face. I've never felt the need to use a brush. Since this is a creamy textured product, it is useful to use the heat from your skin to 'melt' the product for easy application.

      You can blend a little for a more obvious look or blend a lot to give a really subtle 'almost there' look.

      These work well on any area and don't seem to be drying at all, even if used on your lips. I use the pigmented base as an all over lip colour with no problems at all. It's very long lasting compared to lipglosses and lipsticks!

      The light shimmery bases work on lips too, but I would only apply a little to highlight your cupid's bow. They will need reapplying as they're not overly long lasting on the mouth area. On your brow bones and cheek bones they will last all day.

      OVER ALL

      I'd recommend these to anyone who likes their makeup to look 'complete'. There's nothing like a highlighter to make you look polished and 'made up'. There are enough colours in this range to work on any skintone too.
      For a highlighting product, the cream colour bases are very reasonably priced.
      Make sure you explore the more pigmented colours as well as the 'classic highlighters'. These work brilliantly as a cream blush and lip stain!


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      23.01.2010 14:03
      Very helpful



      Good product - would like to try the other colours

      I purchased this product after one of the MAC make-up assistants used it on me during a make-over. It was used as a highlighter on my cheeks so thought I would give it a try.

      It can be used on bare skin or over foundation.. It leaves area shiny and highlighted similar to Benefits high beam/ moon beam.

      I have it in 'hush' which is a natural colour. I use it to highlight my cheeks and use it on top of blusher. You only need a tiny amount for a subtle effect. I suppose you could layer it but I have quite greasy skin so don't want to end up too shiny!

      Overall it is a nice product, it is quite smooth cream. I probably prefer high beam as that is more of a liquid then a cream which I personally find easier to apply. The colour is nice and a small amount can really make a difference. There are around 6 colours to choose from. I would be interested to fund out how the darker colours look.

      It is quite easy to over apply so I only use a tiny bit. It does mean that I can't ver imagine getting through it!

      It costs £13 so a bit cheaper than high beam and can be bought in Selfridges, harvey nicks, some House of Frasers, online and in MAC stores.


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      12.07.2009 22:46
      Very helpful



      A versatile colour creme base for cheeks, lips and eyes

      MAC Crème Colour Base

      I love anything from MAC as I think it comes across as a bold and vibrant brand. It always manages to lure me in and purchase something bolder than I would from any other make up range. The nearest MAC to me is at Newcastle or the Metro so when I am there I stock up. I also stock up when in the states as they are cheap over there too, although not as cheap as Clinique is over there!

      **The Range**

      I have this is Fuchsia Perfect Frost which no longer seems to in the range if you look online although it might still be in MAC stores or the MAC make up counters in department stores.

      You can currently get the following shades:- Fabulush, Pearl, Shell, Hush, Improper Copper and Luna. My Fuchsia Perfect Frost is a pink one (surprisingly I like pink!) which is most similar to fabulush and hush.

      The colour base is fragrance free and non comedogenic (doesn't block your pores in case like me you though what the heck does that mean).

      **What are you meant to do with it?**

      It is advertised as a versatile and mulit purpose cream colour base. The idea is you can apply it to bare skin, over foundation, moisturiser or powder. It can be used as a highlighter type product on the eyes, cheeks and even the lips.

      **How to apply it and where**

      You should smooth it into the skin using a brush, sponge or fingers. The more you apply the more dramatic effect you will get. Applying it though different ways will also heighten the effect.

      **Using it**

      I have used this on my cheeks and also on my eyelids before applying eye shadow but not on my lips. There are certain shades that MAC recommend you don't use on your lips but this is not one.

      My Fuschia Perfect Frost is in a larger tub than the MAC eye shadows are. It is in a black case and pops open easy. I apply using my fingers and when you touch the crème base colour it feels dry at first but when you rub more onto your finger it becomes more creamy. The colour on the finger is also pinker than the pale pink shade in the case. When applied to the skin and my cheeks it does look shinny and glows well. Although it is creamier on the fingers to apply it soon dries into the skin and I find less is better as it quickly goes quite pink and gives my cheeks more definition and rosiness. If blended in better it can come across as more subtle. It does make my cheek bones stand out better when using it.

      When applying to the eyes you can leave it without an eye shadow on top as it gives a subtle pink glow and feels more moist on the eye lids than cheeks. Perhaps this is because my cheeks seem to be quite dry. I haven't found it has made much difference to the eye colour on top of the crème base though others swear that it makes them stand out more.

      **The cost and re buying it**
      It costs £12.50 per crème colour base pot and you get a 3.2g tub for your pennies. I have had it a while and will not need to repurchase soon. I will repurchase as it is versatile for me to use to highlight eyes, lips and cheeks and saves me using other bronzer type sticks on my cheeks. It is reasonably priced too, just a shame the colour seems to have changed slightly.

      You can buy MAC in big department stores in the UK. It has its own stores in the USA and more recently MAC has now gone online for you to buy and even tells you where your nearest stores are. I have many more MAC products so more reviews to come!



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      25.02.2009 17:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Another great product from MAC.

      I usually highlight both my skin and eyes using Benefit's High and Moon Beam's but those two colour choices get boring fast and so a while ago I decided to try and find a similar product, but with a few more colours available and as per usual I decided to look in my MAC store first where I found the 'Creme Colour Bases'.

      'Creme Colour Bases' or 'CCBs' as they are more commonly known are versatile and have many different uses. They can be used on the eyes, cheeks or lips (though some shades are not suitable for the lips - a small leaflet is included in the box stating which). They can be applied to bare skin or layered over any other makeup be it foundation, moisturiser or even powder products. They promise to be 'smooth and easy to use' and offer either a light veil of colour or a deep, dramatic finish depending on the amount and application technique used.
      There are a few different finishes available, ranging from metallic or frosty to flat creme shades that give a really nice, glossy finish. There are currently eight shades available from your MAC counter or online, though the Pro stores / websites have a lot more to offer so if you live near one of those definately check them out there instead.

      They are fragrance free and non-comedogenic so suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. They retail for £11.74 each per 3.2g and are found under the 'multi-use' section of the website.

      Firstly, 'CCBs' do not bode well in cold weather so be sure to keep them at 'normal' room temperature if possible or they will be harder in both texture and to use. It's sometimes useful to pop it in your pocket for a minute or so before use to warm the surface up. The texture is light and creamy, almost gel like and can be applied with either fingers or a brush.
      Some of the ways I use them include:

      ~ To highlight my browbone. I like to use a subtle shimmer shade and push it right under the highest point of my arch to define my eyes. I like the 'CCBs' as they have an almost two tone effect - turn your head one way and it's barely visible, turn it the other and you see the shimmer. Really stands out and looks great in my opinion. I use the MAC #242 brush to apply here.

      ~ To highlight my cheekbones. I use a larger, fluffier brush like the MAC #225 to lightly swirl this product onto my cheekbones. Once blended this product really catches the light and looks more natural than most powder highlighters. My favourite shade for this is 'Pearl'.

      ~ Flatter colours such as 'Virgin Isle' (a gorgeos glossy coral) make great cream blushes that are easy to apply and last all day. I tap the product on my cheeks with my fingers then blend with a small brush or just use my fingers again. They give pretty, natural flushes to my cheeks that cannot be achieved with most regular blushes in my opinion. I sometimes use the paler frosty shades very sparingly across my middle upper lip to accentuate the cupid's bow too.

      ~ I rarely use these for my lips as my lips are usually dry and as well as being slightly drying to this area anyway, I find the 'CCBs' tend to settle into dry areas which is not an attractive look.

      I'm sure there are a few more uses that I havn't discovered or heard about yet but they definately are a multi use product so worth the money in my opinion! The only downside to these products is I find that some of the shimmery shades fade rather quickly once on the skin. The creme shades last all day without a problem but sometimes the frosty ones don't which is a little annoying as I prefer not to have to touchup my makeup at all if possible. However, this doesn't happen to everyone so I guess it's something you just have to try out. Perhaps pop into MAC and ask an SA to try one on you then see how it wears throughout the day? If it does last though, I really recommend them as they're useful to own and pretty to look at :-)


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      Versatile and multi-purpose, Cream Colour Base can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturiser, or powder /

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