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MAC False Lashes Mascara

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Brand: MAC / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    5 Reviews
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      19.09.2013 17:12
      Very helpful



      A long lasting, day to night mascara.

      In all honesty without mascara I look like a 3 year old boy, it's very sad. That being said, it does mean I have plenty of experience with mascara and have used a fair few!
      MAC False Lashes Mascara claims to give 'volume and curl... a dramatic end-look', which I think is pretty accurate. While it is not my favourite MAC mascara (that accolade goes to the Haute and Naughty mascara which is just too good for words) it is definitely one I would repurchase.
      I find it holds a curl in lashes, lengthens lashes and because of the thicker formula, also adds lots of volume. I do feel this formula makes it a little harder to work with and it does take slightly longer to dry than some other mascaras, but I'd say an extra two minutes in the morning is worth a full day of fabulous lashes. This mascara lasts all day without flaking or smudging, and is easily removed at night by a face wipe or eye makeup remover.
      Also, this mascara doesn't dry out as quickly in the tube as some mascaras which makes it longer lasting.

      This comes in a standard black cardboard MAC box. The mascara tube itself is cylindrical and black, with an unusually curve-shaped wand handle. Personally, I find this more comfortable to hold than most mascara wands but I have freakishly small hands so I may not be the best judge.
      The wand on this mascara is large and has regular bristles, not plastic spikes like some mascara wands. I feel this type of wand coats and separates lashes more smoothly, evenly and effectively than the plastic ones. The wand itself is tapered at the end to coat the smaller lashes on the inner corner of the eye.

      This comes in both waterproof and regular formulas. I have only tried the regular, as I feel waterproof mascaras really dry out my lashes.

      I find one coat is ideal for everyday wear and two coats for dramatic, flirty lashes for night time. I find three coats get a bit spidery, which is never good! I find this mascara looks better when it is applied first to the base of lashes and the wand is moved from side to side up the length of the lash.

      I would recommend this to anyone looking for long, thick lashes who don't mind having to work a little harder for better results.

      MAC is widely available. It is sold on the MAC website, at MAC counters in House of Fraser, Debenhams and most large department stores. It is also available online from eBay or Amazon, although I would be cautious when using these websites as there are many counterfeits.

      I was actually given this as part of a MAC goody bag from my other half when he returned from America, so I'm unsure what he paid for it. In the UK however, this retails at around £18 for an 8g tube from the MAC website. Unfortunately I have been unable to find it anywhere for significantly less.


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      12.01.2013 13:13
      Very helpful



      Ok mascara but not good enough to justify the price

      After trying many different brands of mascaras, MAC isn't really one that i've been impressed with in the past. It's an ok mascara, but for the price is nothing special. I received their 'false lash effect' mascara for my birthday, along with some other MAC goodies from my other half.

      As it was a gift I felt rude asking the price (but asked anyway!) and it was £18 for 8g. The colour is 'extreme black' and came in the standard MAC black boxes. The mascara tube itself is in a classic mascara shape, the only distinguishing feature is the lid, which has an unusual shape, that I find personally makes it easier to hold when applying.

      The wand itself is a standard wand shape and is tapered at the end to help the application to the shorter lashes on the inside of the eye. When applying the mascara, it went on nicely, it wasn't too thick and wasn't clumpy. I applied 2-3 coats and was just........ unimpressed! It's a nice enough mascara but I don't think there is much difference in this and a Maybelline one you could pick up for £7 in Boots. There was just nothing special about it. I don't think it made my lashes longer, and the colour wasn't as 'extreme' as you'd think 'extreme' black would be. The mascara lasted all day, and didn't flake or smudge, and was easily removed with my usual baby wipes.

      I don't really use this product so I can't tell you how long it's lasted, the only time I really use it is if i'm in a rush and it's the first one I pick up in my make-up bag.

      If you want a basic mascara and are quite happy to pay £18 for it, then this would be a good one to use. But after using the YSL Shocking mascara this just does not cut it for me. I'd much rather pay an extra few pounds and get an amazing mascara.


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      08.01.2012 01:04



      Gorgeous lashes, guaranteed....once you master it's use!

      My eyes were opened (literally!) to the wonders of MAC cosmetics about five years ago when I first started university and a friend of mine absolutely swore by it. Being a big fan of mascara, this was one of the first products i purchased as soon as I saw it.

      Despite it's hefty price tag, this mascara is worth every penny. It looks professional and sleep and the lid is easy to grip while applying the product. When I first opened up the lid and pulled out the brush, i got a bit of a shock. The brush size was massive, and so on pulling it out, a lot of mascara had been squeezed out with it which made a bit of a mess of the opening of the mascara. On looking at the brush, it looked all clumpy and there was far too much on it, which really dissapointed me. I tried a bit on my eyelashes and it instantly made a mess all over my face once i blinked. I was discouraged; but then on scraping off some of the mascara into the tube and trying again, I realised where I had been going wrong! Instantly my eyelashes were extended and opened right up; they looked great! I wouldn't use any other mascara since.

      The only downside is that I find if you blink too much or your hair gets caught in your (now much longer) lashes, it can pull off some of the mascara and stain your face. Arrrgh! I've found that using the hairdryer on a very cool minimum setting means my eyelashes dry quicker and curl a bit, giving them a lovely, flase lash effect. Brilliant!


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      25.11.2011 22:33
      Very helpful



      An Easy To Use Mascara That Does What It Says It Will!

      I heard somewhere that you should never leave the house without Mascara, and if you only ever wear one piece of make-up then make it for the eyes! I guess this has stayed with me and sometimes I will wear nothing (on my face) other than mascara. I always find it makes a difference and I have mascaras hidden in my bag, desk draw and the car!

      ** MAC False Lashes Mascara **

      MAC is a professional make-up brand. Once upon a time it was only available to professional make-up artists, but now it is available to everyone. Many of my friends swear by it and my sister can't help but swing by the MAC make-up counter every time we go out.

      I have used many a mascara, usually ones that are on offer. As long as it is a lash enhancing mascara in black or brown, then that does it for me! But on this particular occasion, my sister was adamant she had to get replacement mascara. But she was ever more adamant that it had to be this particular Mascara. Nothing else would do. Now my sister is stunning, with or without make up, and anything that makes me look slightly more as attractive as she does is worth its weight in gold. So I followed my older sister on her MAC trip and purchased my very own 'MAC False Lashes Mascara'.

      MAC has numerous mascaras doing different tricks and trends, but this is what they say about this one;
      '"Fashionably false in look, but honestly real, this mascara's key benefits of volume and curl are matched by a dramatic end look. The unique edge: the ultra-thickening formula in combo with the plush-'em-up action of its unique double-lush brush."

      In English, I take this to mean volume, curl and the thick brush should make my lashes just as thick! This is just what I need. My eyelashes are quite long but very thin. I like them to be pumped up and fluttery!

      ** Price & Availability **

      Considering I bought this on a spur of the moment, thinking back if I had seen the price I probably would have put it down again if it wasn't for my sister battling her way to the pay counter. £17.50 for standard size mascara. Ouch! I think this is very expensive, so they better make sure it works! I haven't found it cheaper anywhere else. Even after looking around online. You have to beware of counterfeits or people passing off really old MAC mascaras as the new ones. One way to tell is that the majority of MAC mascaras are slim, jet black containers with MAC and the name of the mascara in silver. They don't come carded or in plastic but in a slim white box. You can also check on the MAC website for your local stockists.

      The best bet is to buy direct from their website, but Debenhams, Harvey Nichols and other large department stores have large MAC counters. Plus there are a few MAC shops around which you can find on their website.

      ** What Is It Like To Use? **

      I love the tube that the mascara comes in; it has a moulded screw off lid which reminds me of a calligraphy pen or an old fashioned table leg! I prefer the calligraphy option. The mascara itself is jet black, I didn't and haven't found another shade so I cannot be 100% sure if this is the only shade they do, but it really is strong inky black.

      The brush is a standard Mascara brush, so no concerns about silly 'comb' styles that require special attention. This particular brush is quite wide in the middle and then slims down to the tip. I found that this made is really easy to get all the lashes coated, even the small ones in the corner of my eye. I found that it didn't blob and although the mascara is very inky, it didn't apply to thickly. The immediate difference is the extra volume it gives; it really gives my lashes thickness and length. This is great for me as I hate mascaras that create length but no thickness and I end up looking like I have spiders on my eyes! It does curl the lashes slightly and easily separates them so no clumping together. It definitely gives a false lash look, and people always comment on how different my eyes look when I wear this, so if you are someone who prefers the natural look then this might not be for you!

      I have found that once the mascara is coming to the end of its use and running out it does start to clog up slightly and get a bit thicker. I have had this for about 5 months using it very regularly, it has only just started to thicken up and I have to run a clean mascara wand through my lashes to make sure they are all separated. This is pretty good going though as mascara naturally comes to the end of it life after 6 months, so using it that long and still having life in it is good value for money.

      ** POSITIVES **

      The main positive of MAC False Lashes Mascara is that it cleans off really well. I can use a face wipe at night and not get the panda look in the morning which is great.

      It doesn't need a second coat. It really does give you definition and volume in one coat, so no need to layer up. This makes the mascara last longer and helps prevent any lumps and bumps.

      I also love the fact that this mascara really makes a difference to my face. It makes my eyes look wide awake and makes my lashes look healthy and full. Many a time I have had comments on how nice my eyes look and it's great to know it is making a difference.

      ** NEGATIVES **

      This mascara is not waterproof. It does react well to general daily wear and I can come home at the end of the day with no smudges in sight. But if you do rub your eyes by accident, then it is game over. You will have a black eye and it does take a while to rectify the situation!

      The price is a bit much for my liking. It does do everything it promises to but I am adamant that you can get just as good mascara for half the price!


      Great mascara that really gave my lashes some life. I would recommend this to someone who isn't bothered about noticeable make up and want long, thick lashes. It can be quite a bold statement, so a perfect item to keep for special occasions, but can be applied quickly for every day wear.

      Pricey but I think you are paying for the brand name. Once it is finished I doubt I would buy it again because I don't think it is anything super special. But overall, easy to use mascara which does everything it says it will.


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      27.09.2011 11:45
      Very helpful



      A good effort from MAC, but doesn't live up to mascaras that Dior, YSL or Lancome have to offer.


      When I was younger I'd invest a lot of time and pocket money in trying to find a good mascara that'd give me long, full lashes like all the other girls! Sadly, I'm not blessed in the eyelash department! Since I've got older, and have more disposable income, I've started testing each and every higher end branded mascara (not to mention extensions, miricle growth serums, false lashes, and so on!).

      MAC aren't really known for making good mascaras. Not that there's anything wrong with them, it's just that mascara doesn't seem to be their 'thing'. Good selection of colour and finishes in their lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers are what I associate MAC with the most.

      Never the less, I've tried a few very average MAC mascaras already this year, and decided to try this one after being assured by the salesman / makeup artist, that it'd give me long lashes "Like the girls off this series of the UK's Next Top Model" (apparently he worked on that series and used this mascara).

      I bought MAC False Lashes Mascara along with a Prep + Prime lash primer, which I've reviewed separately. I wasn't all that enamoured so tend to use this mascara alone.


      "Fashionably false in look, but honestly real, this mascara's key benefits of volume and curl are matched by a dramatic end look. The unique edge: the ultra-thickening formula in combo with the plush-'em-up action of its unique double-lush brush."


      This mascara retails at £17.50 and you'd be extremely lucky to find it cheaper anywhere. MAC never have sales, although MAC do have counters in some Debenhams stores and in Selfridges, so you might end up with a money off voucher you could use towards this.

      If you're not in London (or prepared to travel up there), and not able to get to a Selfridges or Debenhams with a MAC counter, then your best bet would be to purchase this online. The mascara is available through MAC's own website, the Debenhams website, and the Selfridges website. If you're paying more than £30 at the moment, MAC online offer free standard delivery. The mascara and one other item would more than likely take you over the £30 mark.

      The False Lashes mascara is a good £3 to £4 more expensive that MAC's other mascaras, and it looks as though they've tried to justify this in the design of the tube. The tube is sleek and black (so nothing unusual there), but has a stylish yet unusual shaped handle / lid, making it stand out from any others on the market.

      The wand is quite standard looking, tapered at the tip, but nothing different or unusual. This is quite pleasing for me. I like a standard bristle brush, rather than some of the newer types where they're made of plastic or rubber. I personally find that bristles give the greatest amount of coverage.


      Well the mascara is as straight forward to apply as any other 'sensible' mascara (ie, not one of the ridiculous comb or rubber wand type gimmicky mascaras). If you wear makeup, you'll have worked with a wand like this before and encounter no problems. The brush is tapered down to the tip, making it easier than you might expect to get good coverage on the smaller inner lashes. Using the tip is good for lower lashes too, although of course, use it in whatever way suits you!

      The product itself applies nice and smoothly. Evenly as well. I haven't had any clumping issues here. A couple of coats do indeed add length to your lashes. But really, these days all the lengthening mascaras do. So I don't think that in itself is anything to get too excited about.

      The thing I like about applying this mascara is you don't need to worry about timing. And I mean this in a sense of not having to rush to get a second coat in before the first coat dries, and equally, not having to wait for the first coat to apply before you apply the second. Whether or not you apply your second coat onto wet or dry mascara doesn't make a difference. You won't end up with nasty clumps or spider leg lashes. You don't need to apply a second coat to be honest. I only wear one coat of this mascara on a work day. One coat is more than enough.

      I'm pleased to say that the False Lashes mascara lasts well all day and doesn't really flake or smudge. It's not a water-proof mascara, but won't let you down when it comes to every day water encounters such as rain or watery eyes (it's been fine for me despite various allergies that make my eyes stream!). There aren't any problems when it comes to removing it, it lifts off easily with any eye makeup remover, makeup wipes, etc.

      For a more dramatic look, you might like to use this one with a primer underneath. One of those 'white' mascaras. I use the MAC Prep + Prime one from time to time, and it might give an extra millimetre or so of length. Neither a primer or the mascara itself make my lashes curl though, so all you'll be getting is extra length.


      At the moment, this is the second best mascara I have on the go (out of about four). It doesn't rate as highly as Lancome Hypnose for me, since it doesn't manage to give an extra curl to my lashes.

      There's by no means anything wrong with it, and the price is fairly reasonable for a good quality mascara.

      Sadly for MAC, there's just too much competition when it comes to mascara. Diorshow (more volume), YSL's Faux Cils (more length) and Lancome Hypnose (better all round) are all similarly priced and so much better.

      If you want a mascara from MAC this is probably the best one they have. It ticks all the boxes with regards to length, longetivy, coverage, design, ease of application, but it just doesn't have that unique selling point.

      I rate MAC False Lashes a respectable 3 out of 5, but realistically if you're spending £17.50 on a mascara you can get something much better.


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