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MAC Glitter

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Brand: MAC / Type: Eye Shadow

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    3 Reviews
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      05.06.2010 13:16
      Very helpful



      Recommended by a makeup snob.


      Over the past year I have been experimenting with different make-up, so that I can apply the perfect day and evening make-up. I was recently recruited as the make-up and hair stylist for a magazine shoot in my area and I had to produce some dramatic looking head shots for the models in question.

      To achieve the looks that the photographer was looking for I had to produce some very dramatic and outlandish make-up, so after a few days pondering what make -up brand I should use, I settled for my personal favourite Mac.

      I have always been impressed with the vibrant colours within Mac's eye shadow pigment range, but for the job I really needed to take it one step further. I decided to incorporate some of this Mac glitter into the models looks, just to give the look that extra something special and special it certainly was.


      These glitter pots were part of an eight shade limited edition product, they were released last season and were designed to compliment other Mac eye shadows and pigments. These glitter pots are lightly pigmented in various colours, ranging from bright green, blue, yellow, pink, browns and neutral shades.

      I find the colour range ideal as each and every glitter shade can be complimented perfectly with the standard Mac pigments, I find the pale neutral shades consist of tiny glitter partials and the brighter more vibrant colours consist of bigger glitter partials, which stand out once it is applied to your finished make-up application.

      The Mac glitters are designed for use on both your eyes and body, however I only really recommend these for use on and around the eye areas as they can look a bit over the top it you apply them to your body.

      These are basically a tinted, yet transparent eye shadow which has been mixed with tiny coloured glitter partials. These can be used alone for a more subtle look of combined with other products to give a high impact look.

      As with the normal Mac pigments these glitter pigments give you a fantastic shimmer, that never wears off. I find that if they are applied correctly these can last all day without losing any colour intensity.

      The Mac glitter pigments are also made up of a concentrated loose powder, which is designed to help the product adhere to the skin. This for me is a major bonus as I could not stand the glitter speckles dropping down from my eyes, on to my lashes and face.


      These glitter pigments are packaged in exactly the same way as the original pigments, they come in these unique 4.5 gram pots. The product itself comes in a one inch deep clear cylinder pot, which not only allows you to access the product easily, but also lets you see how much product you have left in the pot.

      The pot is like a mini salt shaker as it has half a dozen small holds dotted around the top of the enclosed cylinder. Once you have peeled away the security seal that closes the holes you just give the pot a little shake and the glitter is emitted through the little holes.

      Just one light shake will give you enough product to cover both eyes, so this salt shaker design is perfect to prevent waste, which is always a bonus in my book.

      Once you have finished with the glitter pigment you can keep it contained by placing the black screw cap back on to the top of the cylinder. This will stop the glitter from escaping and also keep it nice a fresh.


      Now the application of these glitter pigments can be very difficult indeed, as you need to make sure it sticks to the eye lids. Otherwise you can end up with glitter all over your face, as the partials are so fine they just fall away from your eye lids very easily.

      These are not a product that can be applied with your fingers, the only way to ensure a perfect application is by using a flat sided make-up application brush. Remember that for any make up application, good quality brushes are detrimental for a perfect flawless finish.

      If you are using this glitter to enhance a look, then you must apply all of your base coats and consealers before hand. Once you have applied them you need to prime your eyelids, this is done to help the glitter stick to your eye lids.

      To prime your eyelids you can buy certain make-up products to do the job, however I find that black gel eyeliner is perfect for darker and vibrant colours and a standard consealer stick can be used for pale neutral colours.

      Apply your primer all over your eyelid and then apply your selected coloured eye shadow, once you are happy with the vibrancy of the actual eye shadow you can now add the glitter to enhance your eyes.

      To apply the glitter, shake the pot so you get a good helping of glitter within the top of the pot. Now using a flat sided make-up brush scoop the glitter onto one side of the brush and then gently pat it onto your eyelids.

      Repeatedly add glitter by patting it onto your lids, until you feel like you have enough to complete the look you are trying to achieve.

      To perfect the look line your upper and lower lash lines with a black liquid eyeliner and finish with a set of the Mac false eye lashes. I then add a little more glitter to the inner and outer eye lines to bring out the colour and emphasise the eyes.


      There were roughly eight in the limited edition range, all of which can be used to compliment almost every eye shadow colour available within the Mac range.

      Each glitter pot contains 7.5 grams of glitter pigment, which does not sound a lot but trust me this will go a very long way and will last you years, as it is a product that can only be worn on certain occasions.

      You can expect to pay £15.00 for each pot, but unfortunately this can no longer be bought on the Mac web site. These were part of last season's limited editions, but rumour has it that Mac are intending on bringing these back out in the near future, as they proved to be very popular.

      If these glitter pigments are something you are looking at buying, then you can get them online at various Mac retailers, but I have checked Ebay and you can currently buy these now of as little as £5.00 a pot.


      For me the unique pot design is perfect, I love that the pigments are neatly contained within these little pots and they fit perfectly and compactly into my make-up case, therefore making more room in it so I can take all of my Mac pigments whenever I go out on a job.

      I have managed to create some really wild and unique looks and I am confident it is down to these fantastic Mac glitters, the cameras have brought out the colours perfectly and you can even see the glitter shimmering within the photographs.

      You really don't need to go over the top with these glitters as I have done for the photo shoot, you can also wear them on a night out and they also look fantastic, without making you look like a drag queen you just apply less glitter.

      I am very surprised at the intensity of these glitters as they do not look as bright in the pots, however once they have been added to your previously added eye shadows they just intensify and reflect all of the colour already added to your eyes.

      These have really helped me excel in my work, so for that I am extremely happy with the effects they create and therefore I recommend them to every make-up lover. I promise you will not be disappointed with these glitter pigments.

      These have been tried and tested on both myself and clients, so I can recommend them for both professional and home use.


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        02.12.2008 23:29
        Very helpful



        Essential for Makeup Artists and Party Lovers!

        I discovered MAC's "Glitters" whilst searching for a bright, highly reflective silver glitterliner to wear for Christmas :-) Most glitterliners I tried were not pigmented enough for my taste - the glitters were few and far between with an almost dull finish. I wanted something that really stood out so I decided to try mixing MAC's loose glitter into them for a little more 'oomph.'
        I picked up '3D Silver' and with it began a huge addiction!

        MAC describe these as 'high level glitter' that 'add sparkle effects to all areas of the face, skin and hair.' Although some of the shades with larger glitter particles are not recommended for use on the eyes. MAC "Glitter" can be applied directly to the skin or combined with other products for a different effect / application.
        They are currently available in 36 different shades at the Pro Store, for being limited edition for the time being. From 'neutral' golds, coppers and browns, to limes, oranges and blues there is definitely a MAC glitter for every body and all occasions.
        They retail at £15.00 per 7.5g and last an incredibly long time - I have owned a few of my glitters for years now and have barely made a dent. Amazing value!

        They are sold in small clear pots with black screw top lids. The same packaging as the MAC "Pigments" incase anyone is familiar with those :-) A small plastic insert is included inside the lid, simply to help stop the glitters from flying everywhere when you open the lid. I also find it best to sweep your brush across this insert to pick up the glitter when using, instead of dipping it into the actual jar. Doesn't cause as much mess or fallout :-)

        As mentioned, there are many different uses and ways to apply this product - the opportunities are endless with a little imagination, but here are the uses I am most familiar with -

        ~ As I said above, MAC personally do not recommend these for use directly on the eye area. However, I have used them on my eyes with no problems many times. As long as I stick them to the lid extremely well I experience no fall out, and have seen many MAC staff themselves using them this way too.
        It's just a matter of personal opinion really, if you feel comfortable doing so, then give it a try! If not, no one is forcing you too :-)
        Either way I mix a tiny amount of "Glitter" with MAC's "Mixing Medium's" - Either the Water Based or Eyeliner formula, depending on which type of look I want to achieve. Mix with a small brush until a paste of even consistency is formed and apply softly wherever you require.
        Be sure to remove gently with a good cleanser should you decide to wear them here.

        ~ Glitters can be pressed onto the skin for dramatic / Avant Garde makeup too. It's useful to apply some sort of sticky base first though since they do not adhere well to dry skin. Anything works - Creme Blushes, Liquid Highlighters, Moisturisers etc, not to mention the products MAC themselves make for this specific use. Fingertips or flat brushes work best for this :-)

        ~ They can also be mixed with Lipglosses / MAC Lipmix, to create unique, super sparkly lips! Lasts well, but can feel a little uncomfortable after a while so I only do this for special occasions.

        ~ Can be added to clear nail polishes for your own custom shades. With a top coat these last a long time - comparable to any polish available on the market in my opinion. I also add to the tips of my nails only for a fun twist on the classic 'French Manicure.' Adheres best when the polish is only slightly tacky.

        ~ Sprinkle throughout the hair for added drama. Especially useful for Halloween / Fancy Dress!

        The Glitters come in not only a huge selection of colours, but different finishes and 'effects' too. I'll write a short description of all four to help distinguish between them -

        ~ The '3D' range - Copper, Gold and Silver - have the largest particles of glitter. Chunky and heavier than the others, but have a much more sparkly, obvious effect.

        ~ The 'Reflects' are much smaller, more finely milled glitters which have a softer, 'dustier' touch. They feature a base shade which then reflects a lot of other colours in certain lights / angles. Equally dramatic if applied heavily, but can be sheered out with a light hand to make them even work friendly! My favourite and mostly recommended :-)

        ~ The 'Crystallised' Glitters are also made up of smaller pieces, but with an almost 'transparent' finish. Change from very pale, barely there colours to bright and eye-catching as they catch the light.

        ~ That leaves the regular glitters - Blue, Chartreuse, Copper, Fuchsia, Gold, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Silver and Turquoise. These are simple, run of the mill colours that are of a medium size particle. Equally as bright and useful as the other, more fancy named Glitters :-)

        What more can I say? Except that overall, I highly recommend these. SO many uses, great quality and really good value. Perhaps not for lovers of neutral, 'barely there' makeup, but a lot of fun regardless! - Perhaps get a sample from MAC before committing to see how you get along with them :-)


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          30.11.2008 17:06
          Very helpful



          love this cosmetic glitter for so many looks and purpouses

          MAC glitter is actually a MAC pro product and sometimes can be bought at regular MAC stores, when they're being released as part of a limited edition collection. I think the price of these glitters is the same as their pigments, which is around about 15 pounds.

          These glitters are a fine, cosmetic grade glitter, that is safe to use on the face, though use on the eyes isn't recommended as it can be quite dangerous. If you do decide to use it anywhere near the eye area; you must ensure that you use a product to adhere the glitter, to avoid it falling off and potentially going into the eye, which can scratch the cornea and cause infections or worse. I sometimes like to use eyelash glue to ensure that the glitter won't budge and this does the trick every time. Getting it off is a little annoying but as long as it doesn't go into the eye, that's all I'm looking for really.

          The glitters come in the same pots as the pigments. It's a clear plastic pot with the MAC logo on it and some ingredients and other info at the back and there's a black screw on plastic lid and a little clear plastic insert inside, to prevent the stuff from going all over the place when you open the pot up.

          The glitters come in a wide range of colours, from pinks to reds, greens, blues, purples, gold, silver....

          I like to mix my glitter in with lip gloss to give a very glittery, dramatic look to my lips. They also look pretty in my hair and I set it with hair spray, I like to use it on my body mixed in with lotion to make it stick and also on my cheek bones (when I go to parties or fancy dress) and mix this in with my moisturiser or strobe cream from MAC.

          This glitter is so versatile and will last you for ever. For any one who loves glitter, this is a must. You're not likely to run out within 3 years as I still have mine from years back and since they're just glitter and not actually any form of liquid or cream, they won't dry out or get old any time soon.


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      • Product Details

        MAC Glitter & Ice Mineralize Eye Shadow / Fresh as ice / shimmering coolly / this winterscape of six exceptionally chilled-out shades / High impact solos to dramatic frost-on-frost duets / when it comes to party-style and performance / all score / Limited edition.

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