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MAC Lingering Eyebrow Pencil

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Brand: MAC / Pencil / Type: Eyebrow Pencil / Suitable for: Eyebrow

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 13:11
      Very helpful



      A great product but it does have some fairly big flaws

      MAC Eyebrow Pencil (Shade: Lingering)

      I have been looking for a good eyebrow pencil for a while now and I have been putting off purchasing this product for months as it is fairly expensive but a few weeks ago I caved and bought it as Debenhams were having a 10% off beauty products so it was a bit cheaper than normal.

      - MAC description of the product

      "Self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow defining. Confidently adds what you need: shape, colour, density in one streamlined tool. Like a pen, creates its own just-right point. Provides definition, shape, deepens/fills in colour. Creates striking arches. Easy to tote around. No sharpener needed." MAC UK site

      - About the product and the packaging

      This product is like an eyeliner but you fill in your eyebrows with it, you can shape your brows and you can define your eyebrows too. The pencil comes in a black MAC box which has the shade colour and name on one end of the box and it also has the ingredients listed on the box. There is 0.09g or 0.003 US oz of product in one pencil and it is made in the USA and MAC cosmetics is an American company. The pencil comes in a very sleek tube which is very thin and light weight so it would be fantastic for traveling. The pencil does not need to be sharpened as the pencil has a twist up mechanism inside so you only need to carry the pencil around with you and not a sharpener, which again is great for traveling.

      - Shade of the pencil

      I did not know whether to buy the shade Spiked which is described as a rich brown, which is what I would describe my hair colour as or Lingering which is described as a soft taupe brown. I chose to buy the shade Lingering as I did not want to buy a pencil that was going to make my eyebrows really dark in colour, even though they are anyway, and I do not want them to be very dramatic and have a drawn on appearance. The shade Lingering turned out to be the most fantastic eyebrow product shade for my brows. In the twist up tube the shade Lingering looks like a neutral medium brown shade, which is perfect for me and when I tested the pencil out on my skin when I first received it, it is a light/medium neutral brown shade which is quite ashy. This shade is fantastic for my medium/dark brown hair colour as I have tried quite a few brow pencils in the past but they have always been really red toned and not ashy at all. But this pencil is not red at all, it is not really dark and it is quite ashy which is exactly what I wanted. So overall, the shade is amazing for my medium to dark brown hair as it is ashy and the shade Lingering does not have any red undertones in it at all! I bought this from the Debenhams website and on there the colour swatch looked very red for the Lingering pencil so I would be aware of the major colour inaccuracy on the site for this shade - it is not red at all but the swatch on the site is really quite red, which is wrong.

      - How I use the pencil, results and longevity

      To use all you have to do is take the lid off the pencil and hold the 'handle' of the pencil and hold the thinner top part of the pencil and twist very slightly. One thing that I hate about this eyebrow pencil is that once you have twisted up a certain amount of the pencil so you can use it, you can not twist it back down - so only twist a very small amount of the pencil up at a time other wise you will not be able to put the lid back on and you may end up throwing the excess pencil away, which is not good as this product is a little bit expensive in my opinion and you do not really want to be throwing pieces of the pencil away. Also I have heard that this pencil break easily in the tube if you drop it, I haven't done this yet but I would be aware of this if you are planning to buy this product.

      Once you have twisted up a very small amount of the pencil you can then use the pencil. What I do before I use this pencil is to brush through my fairly thick/dark brows with a brow groomer. I use the Ecotools brow groomer as is it great and it came with a great value brush set (available from boots). Once my brows are brushed though and are fairly neat I then take the brow pencil and using very light stokes I fill in my brows. I start at the edges of my brows to get the shape that I want, I usually just stick to my normal brow shape. You have to use really light strokes with this pencil as otherwise you will get a really harsh line that does not look natural. When I have drawn out the edges/shape of my brows gently with the pencil I then fill in the rest of my brows where I need to as some parts of my brows are thicker and more filled in naturally than other parts.

      Once I have lightly drawn in the edges and shape of my brows and lightly filled them in where I need to I then take a dry cotton bud and just run it along the area around my brows (but not touching my brows) to make sure I haven't gone over the edges and drawn on my skin. I then take my trusty Tweezerman brow mousse to set my brows. The Tweezerman brow mousse may sound ridiculous but it is amazing especially if you have unruly brows like me - then my brows are done and I am ready to go! This whole process only takes a couple of minutes and it is a lot quicker than filling in my brows with my Bobbi Brown 'Concrete' eyeshadow that I had been using before I purchased this product.

      I love the results this product gives as the shade is amazing, it is ashy so it is a fantastically natural shade for my hair colour and the pencil is easy to use. This pencil just makes my brows look thicker and more defined which is what I wanted as brows really frame your face so it is important to get them right. The pencil does not look heavy as I used light strokes, it does not look cakey or really obvious - it is a fantastic product and I use it everyday. The longevity of this product is great too, I find that on me this pencil lasts all day - unless I wipe my hand across my brows then the pencil can rub off a bit. Overall, I love the natural, thick look this product gives my brows and it lasts all day on me which is fantastic.

      - Overall opinion and would I buy this product again?

      Overall, I love this product as the shade is amazing. I would recommend this shade to those who have medium/dark brown hair and find it difficult to get a brow pencil that it not really red toned. I think this shade may also be good for those with really dark blonde hair and also black hair as you can alter the intensity and darkness of the pencil by pressing harder/lighter when using it. There are a lot of positives with this product but there are also negatives, for example, once you have twisted a certain amount of pencil up you can not twist it back down into the tube/container, so you could end up wasting the excess pencil you twisted up. Another main negative point is that as the tube is black and opaque you can not see how much product you have left - so you may go to use this pencil and have none left. Overall, I find that these two negatives are really quite major and they do decrease the rating of this product but I think I would buy this again just because this product is easy to use, the shade is the only one I have found that is ashy and a fantastic good match for my hair colour and you do only need to use a small amount of the pencil at one time, so it could last a while.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this from Debenhams.co.uk (this brand is not sold in Debenhams stores as far as I am aware) for about £10.35 as it was on a 10% off sale but the original price is £11.50 which is a little bit expensive in my opinion especially when considering the two major negative points about this product and also the small amount of product you get - only 0.09g. But in my opinion this product is worth the money as the positives out weight the negatives for me and I will definitely buy this again but only when it is on sale or is on offer. This product is available to buy from Debenhams, House of Fraser (both online only), Selfridges and also the official MAC cosmetics website (link at the end), as well as MAC counters worldwide.



      *Fairly easy to use but it does take a little bit of getting used to and patience as you have to use light strokes of the pencil and not press too hard
      *Fantastically amazing shade for my medium/dark brown hair as it is ashy and not red which makes it looks really natural for me
      *The longevity of this product is good as it lasts all day on me
      *The packaging does look nice and sleek and it would be fantastic for traveling but there are two major flaws with the product packaging
      *Available on a number of websites and also at Selfridges stores and MAC counters worldwide (MAC counters are also available in airport duty free stores, so it will be a bit cheaper there)


      *Once you have twisted a certain amount of pencil up you can not twist it back down into the tube, so you could end up wasting the excess pencil
      *As the tube is black and opaque you can not see how much product you have left to use

      For more information: http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/

      Thank you for reading my review


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