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MAC Lipstick

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68 Reviews
  • Excellent Pigmentation
  • Stays on lips for a long time
  • Can be quite expensive
  • Can be drying
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    68 Reviews
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      15.10.2014 15:19
      Very helpful


      • "Well Pigmented"
      • "Comfortable on the lips"
      • "Long Wearing"
      • "Great Colour Range"


      • "Can be quite expensive"

      A cult item for a reason!

      I bought my first MAC lipstick, Pink Plaid, this April and I have not looked back. This was the most gorgeous cool toned pink and was a matte finish. This blots pefectly and stays on my lips for around four hours before I need to reapply.

      My natural lipline almost looks smudged and often lipstick can make this look worse. These lipsticks do not do this and for the first time ever I can over draw my lips!

      The lipsticks have are a number of different formulations and what to pick depends on your personal tastes. I have tried the following formulas.

      Matte - a full matte lipstick, creamy to apply and only slightly drying. Opaque finish.

      Retro Matte - again full matte, this time very drying. Very high colours pay off and extreme long wear.

      Cremesheen - a glossy almost sheer finish, very comfortable on the lips. Not as long wearing but great of people who have dried/damaged lips.

      Amplified - a creamy finish with a slight gloss, but can be blotted to a semi matte finish. Amazing colour pay off and great wear.

      There are also glazed, satin and frosted, however I am yet to try any from these formulas as they are not ones I would choose.

      The mattes are my favourites in the line due to the long wear and the colour range across the board is amazing.The packaging is lovely and sleek and looks amazing in my draws too!

      These retail for £15.50 ( they have recently put the price up - kind of annoying), but the limited edition ones can cost more. These can be bought from a number of outlets and the MAC website has a really good store locator.

      I adore these lipsticks and I am forever suggesting these to my frends - there is a reasons they are a cult item.


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      15.08.2014 17:29
      Very helpful



      the best lipstick ever!

      Mac is probably my first choice when it come to lipstick. They are more expensive than most other brands i have tried over the years but I think that they are worth it .

      Mac is quite a well know mainly department store brand which also has a couple of mac stores.

      **The range**
      In the range they offer a few different types of lipstick-mainly matte,glaze,lustre and amp(amplified). Each type has a good range of colours.
      They also bring out limited edition ones quite often. Past collections have included liberty of london,beach collection,hello kitty , disney villians . The difference with these being that instead of the black packaging you normally get the packaging on collections is normally themed- so like the beach collection was orange with seashells. Within collections they still normally bring out lipsticks with different finishes but not always a big colour selection.
      I dont have a finish i like more than any other. If i had to pick a least favorite it would be glaze just because it is not that noticeable compared to the other colours/finishes and I think the idea of lipstick for me anyway is for it to be quite bold/noticeable (like lime crime)
      The colour selection is great. I do think I have a habit of sticking to the same sort of colours though so I have about every pink shade on the colour wheel.
      The lipstick itself stays on quite a long time and I don't notice a taste or smell- that may sound like a weird comment but I hate the smell and taste of rimmel.

      Prices are around £15 depending on where you buy. One good thing about mac is if you take back 6 emptys you get a free lipstick- i think i have had a few this way from empty foundation bottles,perfume bottles,depotting my eye shadow

      Overall I do recommend them. I don't like many cheaper brands (with the exception of barry m 101) and the other brands I like are more expensive so this is the best option for me.


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      18.07.2014 14:30
      Very helpful


      • "Different textures and finsihes"
      • "Variety of Colours"
      • "Excellent Pigmentation"
      • "Long Lasting Colour"


      • "Too much choice"
      • "Can be drying"

      Pure Zen is the perfect shade to highlight femininity and use with every outfit effectively.

      Item: Pure Zen
      Collection: Marilyn Monroe Limited Edition Range (now available in Cream sheen formula)
      Price: £16.50
      Retailer: MAC @ House of Fraser

      The perfect everyday shade I rely on all the time. For that moment, that I''''m sure many of us can relate to, when your lips are dry and colourless and your in a rush- Pure Zen is the one. A primarily nude pigmented lipstick Pure Zen has a undertone of pink and peachy tones to give it an evident softness and the ability to suite any skin tone and complement any outfit. Pure Zen is a must for any womans makeup collection. Cream sheen formula is a step down from Matte for its coverage and at first I was reluctant as normally I stick to Matte lipsticks. However, now after this I am more open to different formulas as this nourishes the lips more than a Matte lipstick and also gives a long lasting coverage. My only qualm would be I have to keep repurchasing as it is my everyday colour and they are often out of stock and also, if you don''''t apply a lip balm or base underneath you might notice the lipstick being to hang ever-so slightly into the creases and imperfections on your lips. A final thing I adore about Pure Zen is its ability to go from day to night- on a day its perfect on its own no lip liner required because of the subtelty of the shade but on a night adding a lip liner that''''s a darker nude (normally I go one to two shades darker) creates a different approach to the normal statement red lip that everyone seems to do these days.


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      12.06.2014 18:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Available in an amazing range of colours and finishes"
      • "Stays on lips for a long time"
      • "Has a lovely subtle scent of vanilla"


      • "Expensive though ultimately worth every penny"
      • "Many limited edition shades are brought out and then quickly discontinued"

      Lipstick royalty

      I own a number of MAC lipsticks in both dark and pale shades and I have to say that, on the whole, I find MAC lipsticks pretty hard to beat. They come in sleek, stylish packaging and are a great size for handbags. The MAC name features on both the lid and inner chamber of the bullet. The lipsticks themselves have a delicate fragrance and slight taste of vanilla to them, which is something I absolutely love. It's so different to a lot of the high street lipsticks which I've found can have a chemically, chalky or generally unpleasant smell/taste to them. Even the MAC lipsticks which I've owned for over a year have kept their vanilla fragrance. MAC lipsticks offer a wide range of colours and finishes, making them very versatile and personalisable. They are also very easy to use alongside each other, so you can easily achieve your desired lip colour. The pigments in MAC lipsticks are really superb, in that the majority of shades can be worn both as a delicate wash of colour as well as an out and out strong lip, depending on how much you apply. In terms of longevity, I would also sing MAC's praises. I recently tried a very bright plum/red colour when passing the MAC counter that, even after going for a coffee with my mum, stayed on my lips. With my usual shades I've never had to keep reapplying them, as I've found they do stay put on my lips for a good length of time. As a general rule I don't find MAC's lipsticks overly moisturising, but nor are they at all drying. I tend to suffer from dry, cracked lips, but even when they are having a bad day MAC lipstick goes on and looks good. The consistency of the lipsticks I've tried is very even and the bullet always glides across my lips without any tugging. The one criticism I would have is that, on a number of occasions, I have fallen in love with a limited edition shade, only to suffer heartache when it disappears from the counter/online. MAC are always bringing out limited editions and, although this is great in a way as it allows the company to shift with the current trends, it can leave you saving up to buy just a couple more in that one amazing shade, to stash away in your cupboard for later.


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        10.06.2014 20:02
        Not Helpful


        • "easy to apply and come off"
        • "satin finish"


        • "can be dry"
        • pricey

        Would recommend to everyone

        Ive just reviewed MAC''s Viva Glam II - a light pink-mauve colour. Lovely colour - blends in well and perfect for neutral days. Full review here: http://bit.ly/1ikZF1H


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        30.01.2014 19:58



        Good for everyday use

        Oh my,if you thinking to buy a new lipsticks, I would definitely recommend from MAC, why ? Cause me and my friends are using them and we love it to pieces.
        The good thing about Mac lipsticks are that they have tons of colour for you to choose from, from bright red to pink to peach to orange to purple,you think of a colour they most likely to have it.
        I got the peach colour, it really stands out and easy blend into the make- up. I don't like putting on heavy make-up , i usually go nude make-up so the peachy colour really suits me. It last long and doesn't give you that terrible taste which normal lipsticks gives you.
        But what i don't like is it's quite dry, i always have to put a lot of lip balm before apply to the lipstick

        But overall its really good :)


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        09.01.2014 18:59
        Very helpful



        Amazing lipstick, excellent quality but not right for me!

        I have had a fascination with MAC lipsticks for a long time. I've dragged my friends into many shops to stare at the range and test them all out but I have never been able to justify parting with the cash to actually purchase one. Safe to say, when one of these friends that I have dragged around with me many times brought me one of the Lustre lipsticks for my birthday I was beyond excited to try it out! The colour she brought me is called Plink! and is described me MAC as 'a warm seashell pink'. To be honest, seashell pink doesn't really mean anything to me, but the colour is a very shimmery light rosy pink.

        The packaging for this product is very stylish. In typical MAC fashion, it is very simple but very sleek. The tube is made from plastic but feels very sturdy and once you take the lid off, the lipstick is encased in an inner metal tube, from which it twists up. What I like most about the design of this lipstick is the shape of the lid, it is curved at the top and when but onto the tube, the whole thing is a bullet shape. This is unusual because most lipsticks have a cylindrical lid and it is very effective. The tube is quite thin and would easily fit into a clutch or evening bag.

        I have already mentioned that this lipstick is very shimmery and when I initially wore it I was a little disappointed with the colour. This lipstick is very sheer and with one coat on I could see more shimmer than colour- I looked as though I had eaten something shiny! However, once I applied a few more coats the pink colour started to come through. This colour on my lips is a lot lighter than it looked in the tube, almost like a bubblegum pink. I have fair skin so this colour washes me out a little and I would prefer if it were a bit darker. However, I will still find use for it in the summer when my skin is (hopefully) a little more tanned. I think for someone less fair than I, this lipstick would be really pretty. Because the colour is quite sheer, I have found that when I have worn it I have had to reapply quite often to keep the pink colour, especially if I have been drinking from a glass.

        Whilst this colour is not amazing on my skin tone, the quality of this lipstick is amazing. It is so creamy and glides onto my lips with ease. It doesn't dry them out, in fact they feel moisturized after I have worn it. It is very easy to build colour or wear sheer and I like the versatility of this product. It also smells amazing and it doesn't taste bad either which is definitely a bonus with lipsticks! Even though I don't love the colour of this lipstick I can see why MAC lipsticks are so highly rated, the quality is amazing and they really have a lovely formula. I will definitely be looking at buying some other shades, even if my bank balance doesn't appreciate it.

        The one drawback for me, as with a lot of MAC's products is the price. At £15 this lipstick is expensive and you don't get a huge amount of product compared to other brands. Whilst the quality and formula is clear, I'm not sure that warrants such a big expenditure, unless there was a colour you were desperate to have and would wear a lot. I think for colours that you only wear on occasion, it is not worth spending that amount of money on them.

        Overall, I don't love my MAC lipstick, the colour just isn't great with my skintone. No matter how much I want to adore it and apply it regularly in the hope that it looks better than it has before, I can't find many occasions to wear it. However, this has not put me off MAC lipsticks because it is a fantastic product, just not the right colour for me and this is why I am rating it so highly, despite not really wearing it often. I will definitely be looking to get another colour of MAC lipstick, as they are the best brand I have used and the feel amazing on my lips. However, with the expensive price tag I might have to save for a while first!


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          28.08.2013 11:52
          Very helpful



          This lipstick made me feel like a Hollywood movie star circa 1960's

          Item: M.A.C Lipstick
          Colour: Ruby Woo (Matte)
          Price: £15.00
          Bought in: Debenhams

          I was out shopping with my Mum before my wedding and we decided to treat ourselves to some make up from M.A.C in Debenhams. I hadn't tried M.A.C before but it is really well known and a bit more expensive than my usual brands so I was really excited to pick out some treats. Today I am reviewing Ruby Woo red lipstick, which I didn't wear for the wedding, it was just an extra treat!! Haha I'm not usually one for mega red lips, but as this was going to be a treat rather than a 'necessity' purchase I wanted to start with something that I wouldn't wear every day and when I did use it, it would remind me of my day out with my Mum.

          All M.A.C make up appears to come in some kind of black packaging. My lipstick was parcelled up in a small black box with white/silver writing across it. The cardboard of the box is thick and is good quality. The details on the box tell you that this is a lipstick by M.A.C and has info on the ingredients and the weight (3g). When you take the lipstick out of the box the tube is similar to the shape of a "bullet" as it is flat on the bottom but tapers towards the top. The tube is 1.5cm wide and 7.5cm tall. The tube is black with a silver band around the middle where the lid meets the container. M.A.C is written across the tube in silver writing and when you take the lid off the section that twists to push the lip stick up is silver with M.A.C written in back text. The name of the colour is attached to the bottom of the tube with a round sticker and is big enough to be easily readable. When fully twisted up the lipstick measures 2 to 2.5cm tall as it tapers. The tube twists easily and the lipstick goes up and down with little effort. The tube feels really smooth and as it is rounded is quite comfortable to hold. The lid clicks securely shut too and doesn't seem likely to come off by accident. I really like the look of this lipstick and although I do love a bargain I can really appreciate paying a bit extra for this as you can really feel the quality.

          Colour and application:
          The red I chose is proper old school Hollywood glamour (well I think it is) and is very deep. When applying the colour, I used a lip stick brush to make sure that it was applied exactly to the shape of my lips. With lighter shades I just glide the lipstick across my lips and if any gets nearly over the edges it can be easily wiped off, however with reds this is more difficult so I made sure to stay in the lines by using a lip brush. The colour goes on really smoothly. It is a matte colour so is much dried than the average lipstick but I wanted that to ensure that the colour stayed where it was meant to. The colour I chose is a bright red with almost a tinge of pinkness behind it. I find that this colour of red enhances the whiteness of your teeth as some other shades of red can bring out the yellow in them. So it's handy to do a colour test before you buy reds to check that. Once I had applied a layer of the colour I let is settle on my lips for a few seconds then did that thing where you dab tissue paper between your lips so ensure that the colour has set. (I learnt to do that reading Just 17 magazine back in the 90's!! haha) I then applied a tiny spot of clear gloss over the centre of my lips to give them the look of fuller lips. The colour does stay put reasonably well but as it is so bold any tiny bare patches are very noticeable. As I was wearing this when I went on a night out, I had it with me anyways for touch ups and was happy to reapply it a few times during the night. The colour is so bold and bright that I wore quite plain eye makeup, silver shadow with thick eye liner and heavy lashes and I loved this look. It's not something I could pull off every day (but would love to) but for the occasional night out when I am feeling a bit more confident than usual it is a real WOW lipstick.

          Overall I am super happy with my purchase. At £15 for 3g this is way more expensive than my usual lipsticks but the way it looks and makes me feel it is worth every penny. The packaging and overall look of the item is very timeless and of high quality too.

          ALSO this lipstick smells like a lovely fresh made sponge cake!!! Whoop, that's quite literally the icing on the cake for me haha :-)


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            10.07.2013 12:14
            Very helpful



            iconic lipsticks

            MAC is a brand which embraces all kinds of beauty and produce products to cater for those who favour a natural look to those who consider black lipstick a daily staple. The beauty of MAC is not just their beauty ethos but also how this translates to their products. They not only have colours to suit all skin tones but also have different finishes which drugstore products are unable to replicate. As my make-up weakness is lipsticks and going into a MAC counter makes my pulse quicken such is the vast array of shades and textures!

            As I have quite a few MAC lipsticks and I thought I would include a quick rundown of my MAC lipsticks and how they look on my pale skin tone which I hope is helpful!

            Pink Plaid - a strong dark pink (matte) - this shade is pretty "out there" but it looks lovely worn alone with minimal blush and eye make-up - you have your statement red shades well this is definitely a statement pink!

            Hot Gossip - a purple pink plum hybrid (cremesheen) - this shade looks a little drab on my skin tone, I think it would look amazing on dark skin tones

            Russian red - a classic burgundy blue toned red (matte) - a classic! I love it, it is full on glamour and decadence, many an oligarch would approve

            See Sheer - a deep orangey red (lustre) - I love this shade it very natural and flattering and is great for those wanting to rock a red lip without committing to a very bold colour

            Chatterbox - a Barbie pink - this is very pink but with just enough red mixed in to keep it from being too girly
            Vegas Volt - a true orange coral (amplified) - I love this shade its bright but very wearable

            Crème Cup - a flesh toned pink (cremesheen) - I think this would look great on olve skin tones on me it just washes me out

            Saint Germain - a blue toned light creamy pink (amplified) - I love a bold lip colour but this colour is beyond bold, suitable for raves

            Syrup - A mauve based muted natural red (lustre) - makes me look ill

            Regardless of whether the colour ultimately suited me or not I have found that despite their differing formulas all of the lipsticks are easy to wear. They are long lasting but don't cling or dry out my lips and the pigmentation and coverage - especially of the matte and amplified shades - is unmatched. When I have found a colour that suits me it is like I have struck gold and it becomes an instant favourite.

            I will continue to purchase these lipsticks as a little treat as they are iconic and brilliant in their own right. I feel high street make up brands have upped their game in terms of lipstick shades but there are some MAC shades which are not replicable! At £15 these are an affordable luxury and are a justifiable purchase!


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              30.05.2013 23:42
              Very helpful



              my favourite lipstick!

              As I've mentioned before I love Mac, it's probably my favourite make-up brand. They are constantly bringing out new collections, shades and exciting limited editions and I think thats what keeps things interesting. I'm always excited to go to Mac (I'm going tomorrow - yay!).

              I love lipsticks and this is definately my favourite. I was first introduced to the lipsticks whilst watching a make-up tutorial on youtube and the first shade I purchased was 'Faux' I've since repurchased this shade and a lot more besides!

              Mac is available in some department stores, in there own stores which are dotted around in the big cities and online. The website is very impressive with clear swatches and descriptions of the shades available which makes shopping online much easier.

              THE CLAIMS:

              * Colour plus texture for the lips

              * Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street!

              * What made M·A·C famous

              MY EXPERIENCE:

              I cannot say enough about this lipstick! It glides on smoothly and feels silky on the lips. Lips feel hydrated and the colour stays on very well! I normally find the colours that stay on well are drying and generally don't feel nice on the lips. The Vanilla taste/scent of the lipstick is gorgeous!

              SHADES AVAILABLE:

              There are over 150 shades available on the website! I'm obviously not going to list them all but not only are there so many shades there are also a lot of different finishes available:

              * amplified
              * amplified creme
              * cremesheen
              * frost
              * glaze
              * lustre
              * matte
              * satin

              An unbeatable variety! I can't think of any shade that is missing from the range there is definately something for everyone!


              The Mac packaging is simple and classy, the lipstick comes in a black bullet-shaped container with the silver writing on the side.

              VALUE FOR MONEY:

              These are very high quality lipsticks and for £14.00 they are worth every penny! I love them and will no doubt be purchasing lots more! (possibly tomorrow ;) )


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              19.05.2013 14:27
              Very helpful



              Long lasting, high quality lipstick that gives me confidence.

              ~~~MAC Lipstick~~~

              Now owned by Estee Lauder, New York based MAC Cosmetics (Make-up artists Cosmetics) was started in Canada nearly thirty years ago. It's a well-known purveyor of beauty items; originally for those within the fashion world and then available later to us mere mortals.

              I have been using MAC products for approximately six years, which was when I was languishing in Heathrow airport with time to kill, treated myself to a MAC makeover and purchased several of the products. This was quite an impulsive action on my part, as I'm usually much more careful with my money, preferring to spend it on Cover Girl (or similar priced) products.

              The item I buy and use most often is lipstick.

              ~~~Shades and Finishes~~~

              Obviously there is a wide range of lipstick shades, but surprisingly there are also seven different finishes. Gone are the good old days of gloss and matte!!

              Some shades are available in just the one finish, others are available in several finishes. My preference is for satin. My favourite and most worn shade in this finish range is Twig, accurately described by the company as a soft muted brownish-pink. It's also one the company's best sellers according to its website.

              ~~~Packaging and Price~~~

              From memory I usually pay approximately £10 per lipstick from Heathrow duty free. The lipstick comes in a black and silver twistable tube with the brand name on the lid in silver writing. It's sturdy and the lid stays on well. Unlike other brands I used earlier in my adult life, I have never discovered a lidless MAC lipstick at the bottom of my bag.

              ~~~Application and Performance~~~

              This is a lovely lipstick that is smooth to apply. It feels creamy, but is not too heavy or too light. It gives good coverage. The colour does begin to fade slowly but is still very pigmented. During the day I need to reapply after several hours when I am not wearing foundation as a base coat. It has never bled or feathered.

              The MAC lipsticks have a pleasant, very subtle scent - possibly a light vanilla.

              I cannot say precisely how long my lipstick lasts, as I always have several shades on the go and also the same lipstick in three different places (work, home, travel bag). However I can say that I feel this lipstick is very long lasting and that I m very happy with its performance.

              ~~~ Finally~~~

              I feel that I cannot write about MAC without pointing out that such products should only be obtained from an official source. There are many counterfeit make-up products available on line, and in some circumstances even in-store. You can read how the Australians were recently duped at www.macarthuradvertiser.com.au /story/1480156/target-left-wearing-fake-cosmetics-as-us-supplier-vanishes/?cs=9


              Long lasting, high quality lipstick that gives me confidence. Highly recommended.


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                02.05.2013 08:34
                Very helpful



                High quality lip colours

                I must confess, im a MAC a holic

                I got my first MAC lipstick as a gift many years ago. It was Angel, and it started my obsession!

                I love this as it is so flattering on every skin tone. It's a nude-pink without being TOO nude and it's pale without being washed-out...It's all-in-all the perfect shade.

                MAC lipstick is easy to apply, and the colour is very vibrant and pigmented. It doesn't bleed like a lot of other lipsticks. With the matte colours I usually like to put a little clear gloss over the top, but that's just a personal preference. There is literally a colour for all occasions, and to suit EVERYONE. The lipsticks are nourishing and feel nice on your lips. There is no need for a primer, as the colour clings to your lips really well.

                Its no wonder MAC has no many celebrity collabortations - they are a fantastic brand for sure.

                I buy MAC regularly now, both for myself and for gifts for other people.

                This review isnt about any colour specifically, but I do have some favourites.

                Girl About Town - hot pink
                Ruby Woo - Matte Red with blue undertones
                CremeCup - peachy colour
                Cosmo - nudey pinky colour - very natual
                Rebel - dark purple.

                What MAC claims:

                Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.

                The lipstick comes in a black cardboard box. The lipstick comes in black bullet-shaped casing with the MAC logo printed on it in silver. The shade name is written on the bottom of the lipstick.
                Some of the LTD edition lipsticks come in slightly different casings, but the original collection are all as described above.

                You get 3.0g of lipstick for £13.50 ( slighly more for LTD editions ) but you definitely get what you pay for.

                Where to buy:
                MAC online. House of Fraser. Debenhams. Airports. MAC Flagship stores.

                MAC has five social initiative programs currently in place
                M·A·C Cruelty-Free Beauty:
                Back 2 M·A·C Recycling:
                M·A·C Kids Helping Kids
                The M·A·C AIDS Fund:
                M·A·C Viva Glam


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                  28.04.2013 14:12
                  Very helpful



                  I would recommend

                  I bought this lipstick in the colour Candy Yum Yum. I choice to use mac as i had heard such great reviews about the brand and i have been very impressed with the other products i have bought by mac.

                  The lipstick comes in a black and silver twistable tube with the brand name on the lid in silver writing. The colour of this specific lipstick is a sweet candy coloured pink which is matte when applied. Mac offer this lipstick in lots of different colours and shines. I like the colour of this pink as i think it makes my teeth look really white and is a fun colour.

                  The lipstick once applied lasts quite a long time much more than your average lipstick. The colour does begin to fade slowly but is still very pigmented. You can reapply it if you prefer your lipstick to pop rather than be subtle. I like to wear mine subtle for the day time so do not find myself reapplying it very often probably once or twice a day depending on how much i eat. But for a night time look i do like my lipstick to be vibrant so apply it every few hours to stop the colour from fading.

                  Overall i would definitely recommend this lipstick as it is perfect for both day and night looks and is a lovely colour. The price is not too bad for a mac product at £14, so i would say it is pretty good value for money.


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                  22.03.2013 09:33
                  Very helpful



                  Once you go MAC you never go back!

                  I love trying new brands of lipsticks so around a year or two ago when I started to invest in some more expensive, premium make up I decided to give MAC lipsticks a go after reading numerous positive reviews about them. Lipsticks are actually one of MAC's most popular make up products due to their colour payoff and longevity. Being an avid lipstick wearer, whether they be bright, bold shades or sheer nudes this seemed to be exactly what I needed in a lipstick. Although they were pricier than what I have spent on a lipstick in a past, I do believe that their quality surpass' the price and have so far been thoroughly impressed by the MAC lipstick range.

                  ===~~Price, Availability and Packaging~~===
                  As previously mentioned, these are a little pricier than your average highstreet lipstick and retail at £14. Although at first I thought this was very expensive for a lipstick when comparing it to the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford lipsticks it actually seemed a very reasonable price for a premium brand lipstick. Sometimes the limited edition lipsticks are a little pricier, though this often only £1-£1.50 and often come in limited edition packaging. MAC also do a 'Viva Glam' lipstick range in which the full £14 cost of the lipstick goes to a charity to help men, women and children with HIV and Aids.

                  It is very difficult to find any MAC lipsticks (or MAC make up) at a discounted price, however Debenhams do often do an offer of 10% of beauty in which the MAC brand is included. You can pick up MAC lipsticks on the like of eBay for a little cheaper, however there are also many fakes or copies and therefore it is sometimes worth paying a little extra to ensure you have the genuine product.

                  MAC lipsticks are available from their online store and when over £30 is spent in one transaction you qualify for free delivery within the UK. MAC cosmetics are also available in the likes of Debenhams, John Lewis, House of Fraser and other large department stores. along with their online stores. If it is your first time ordering a MAC lipstick I would recommend going into a store as the swatches on websites are often very different to how the lipsticks appear in real life. If you are still unsure upon seeing them what colour will suit you there are often people on hand to help.

                  The MAC packaging is very simple, yet very effective. Like most MAC cosmetics they come in a black cardboard box. The lipstick itself is the shape of a bullet with a curved, tapered edge. The lid of the lipstick meets in the middle and the whole bottom twists in order to turn up/ down the lipstick. All MAC lipstick packaging is black in packaging (other than that of limited edition) yet is neither matte nor glossy. It seems to be semi-matte with a very, very slight glitter to it. Personally, despite the packaging being very simple I really like it as it is easily recognisable. One downside is that due to all the lipsticks having identical packaging it can be a little hard to find the shade you want to use as they all are labelled on the bottom and I have found this to sometime wear off after time.

                  ===~~The Scent~~===
                  MAC lipsticks have a really distinctive scent to them that I actually really like. It is a fairly sweet vanilla smell, that is not at all overpowering yet neither is it subtle. Due to it being vanilla scented those who do not like sweet smells or who are not keen on scented cosmetics may not like it, however you can only really smell it when you first open the lipstick and once applied the scent is almost non existent.

                  ===~~The Finishes~~===
                  Perhaps one of the most important things to know about MAC lipsticks is the fact that they come in different finishes. This is important to know as this can dramatically change the way a shade will appear on the lips and therefore will not necessarily look the same way as it appears in the bullet. This means that it just as important to consider the finish as well as the colour you are after when buying a MAC lipstick. There are currently seven different finishes available; Amplified crème, Cremesheen, Lustre, Satin, Matte, Frost and Glaze.

                  ===~~The Finishe's Colour Payoff and Longevity~~===
                  As stated there are seven different finishes and due to this it can change the way you may perceive a lipstick to look. Some of the finishes are fairly similar, yet some are dramatically different which will therefore very much effect the way they look on the lips.

                  Matte is perhaps one of my favourite finishes of lipsticks by MAC. This is finish is great for the bolder, darker colours yet at the same time can work equally as well with certain nudes and pinks. My favourite shade I have in this finish is that of 'Russian Red', this is a very true fairly deep, yet still bright red. To apply it feels very rich and creamy in texture and glides easily across the lips. It also does feel slightly thick in consistency which means that when applying it can feel a little heavy on the lips, though does not feel uncomfortable in any way. One thing I really like about the MAC MATTE lipsticks in particular is that of their pigmentation allowing them to be very opaque in colour even when applying them lightly and this is very true for that of the MAC Russian red colour. Despite it being a red I actually found it fairly easy to apply and was pleased to see that it did not bleed as I was applying it. Despite this I did find that if I made a mistake when applying it, it was fairly hard to remove from my skin and did leave a pale red stain which I needed to hide with concealer.

                  I love the finish of these lipsticks, they are indeed very matte on the lips which could give the illusion of the lips looking flat, yet due to the dark and bold colours it still gives the lips that 3D look. They are very pigmented and therefore a little goes a long way on the lips so I did not feel the need to go over lipstick due to it being very true to that of the bullet. Due to it being a matte lipstick, despite the fact it had a creamy texture when applying, I do find the matte lipsticks to be fairly drying on the lips. Nonetheless I didn't necessarily find this uncomfortable and tend to find it a trait with most matte lipsticks and therefore this didn't both me that much. The thing that really impresses about the matte range of lipsticks is that of the staying power. They last far longer on the lips than any other lipstick I have tried, whether it be matte or not. I was pleased to find that it didn't smudge or feather on the lips and lasted my pretty much all day even when eating, drinking, etc. If it did begin to fade at all it was only the very middle of the lips making it very easy to reapply if needed.

                  The Glaze finish is very different to the matte, yet is another of my favourites. These still have a very creamy formulation and therefore glide onto the lips from the bullet very easily, yet are far less heavy feeling on the lips. My favourite shade in this lipstick is that of 'Hue' a pale nude pink colour that is very easy to wear, though does suit that of pale to medium skin tones better. This lipstick feels very light to apply and actually has a balm like texture in that it feels very smooth and silky on the lips. Despite this lipstick being a sheerer finish that that of the previous, I again found it to be very pigmented meaning again a little went a far way.

                  The finish of this lipstick is far less bold than the previous and instead is a very soft finish, in particular the pale pink finish of Hue has a rather delicate finish to it. This finish reflects the light and has a balm to gloss like finish to the colour. Due to this it is very comfortable to wear throughout the day and although it does give the illusion of being moisturising on the lips it does not actually nourish the lips in anyway. Due to the finish this does not last as long on the lips and does need to be reapplied every 3-4 hours, though what I really liked about this lipstick is despite the colour I chose being very pale it still left my lips with a pretty pink stain on my lips so there was still something there in between applications.

                  This is another finish by MAC. The thing I like about this finish is the formulation with this finish works great with all shades lipstick, whether they be pale or brighter and bolder. Like the name suggests this is really creamy in formulation and therefore applies very smoothly to the lips. A colour that I really like in this finish is that of 'Lickable' a really bright, blue toned pink colour. This lipstick does feel a little heavier when applying to the lips than that of a glaze finish, yet is nowhere near as heavy as that of a matte finish. I was again pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation to this lipstick and again I only needed a little to cover my lips. It is much more opaque than that of a glaze finish and therefore the pink colour was extremely bold and true to the bullet.

                  This lipstick lasted far longer on my lips than that of the glaze, yet was not quite as long lasting as that of the matte finish. This lipstick sat very comfortably on my lips and the creamy texture meant that it was not at all drying and despite the fact the formulation was a little thick it did not at all feel heavy on my lips. I do feel the need to reapply this lipstick in the day, though only once or twice as it still lasted very well. I particularly like the colour Cremesheen due to the fact it is a blue toned pink and the blue tones in it do make the teeth a little whiter. It is a lovely rich, bright pink colour that is neither your Barbie pink nor your neon pink so is a really nice and different way to wear a bright pop if pink on the lips. This colour can leave your lips with a pink stain, though does not smudge or feather so does not bother me.

                  As the name suggests this finish does have a sheen to it, which really gives the lips a bigger, 3D appearance. The sheen is nowhere near as intense of that of a lip gloss, yet does not have that sometimes greasy appearance of a lip balm and is somewhat of a subtle in between.

                  This finish is not one I particularly like the whole collection of and find some of them hard to wear yet the lipsticks I do own from this collection I really like. To me, this finish is fairly similar to that of the glaze finish, yet as the name suggests is slightly more 'frosty' on the lips. By this I mean it looks slightly icier on the lips and can look quite cold, which is why I sometimes find this particular finish hard to wear. Other than that I find it very similar to that of a glaze finish in both opacity, pigmentation and lasting power although I do find it to feel slightly thicker/creamier, yet still comfortable on the lips.

                  One shade that I like in this is that of 'Angel' which is a soft, nude pink. It is very much a muted pink colour yet is much more pinker than the colour 'Hue' in the glaze finish. The frost finish on this lipstick I personally do not find too noticeable, though does have a slight sparkly balm like finish to it.

                  Despite the fact I only own one Satin finish lipstick I also really like this finish. These are incredibly smooth and silky to apply and glide really easily across the lips. It has a really creamy formulation when applying to the lips, yet unlike that of a cremesheen and matte finish it is also really light on the lips and does not feel much heavier than a balm.

                  Despite the fact it is incredibly light and comfortable to wear on the lips it is also very pigmented and opaque; however it can be easily blended into the lips to achieve a much sheerer look. I have the Viva Glam Nicki lipstick in the satin finish which is a very bright, neon pink colour. This colour is a little hard to wear, yet looks great with a tan and due to the fact it is very opaque and has a great colour payoff means that it does not need reapplying too often. I still do feel the need to reapply this, though far fewer times than that of a glaze or frost finish.

                  I am personally not really a fan of this lipstick, mainly due to the fact I am not too keen on the colours available and also find it very hard to wear. I personally find this lipstick very similar to that of the Frost, even more so than that of the Glaze. I find it to have a slightly frostier finish, which is why I find it quite hard to wear, especially due to the fact many of the shades are fairly cool toned. Nonetheless many of my friends suit the Lustre finish very well so I do think it depends on your skin tone and they so suit much better in the summer months.

                  One colour, however, that I would recommend as it suits almost all skin tones is that of Plink! It is a warm, yet fairly pale pink colour yet is not too pale so that it won't suit darker skin tones. I do find that this lipstick does need fairly frequent upkeep and I do find the need to reapply it 3 or 4 times throughout the day.

                  ==~Amplified Crème~==
                  This finish is great for those who like really powerful, bright, bold pops of colour yet do not necessarily want them to be matte. These are really creamy to apply, yet at the same time have a very slight almost 'stickiness' to them. This does not at all feel uncomfortable on the lips and neither is it that same gloopy stickiness that some lip glosses have. As you would expect by the name of this finish these lipsticks are indeed very pigmented and the colour is very 'amplified' hence adding to the bold colours. Despite being very pigmented, they can sometimes be ever so slightly sheer when first applied but takes very little to build up to its full opaque colour. I really like this about the lipsticks due to the fact that the colour are quite bold and bright it sometimes nice to apply them a little sheerly during the day time and then build them up a little more the night time.

                  This formula also lasts really well on the lips, almost equally as long as the matte lipsticks, though they do begin to fade whereas the matte lipsticks don't. This means that they do leave a stain on the lips, though I actually like this as it means there is no need to reapply the lipstick straight away.

                  ===~~Shades/ Colour Range~~===
                  MAC definitely have one of the biggest colour ranges for lipsticks that I have ever seen and there is definitely a shade available to suit anybody and everybody! Whether it be a beige toned nude, soft pink, vibrant red or a tangerine orange MAC really do cover it all and with the different finishes to choose from it means it is easier to identify a sheer soft pink to that of a matte soft pink. I really cannot fault the colour range, the only downside to it is that there are so many to look at it means that I spend ages at the make up counter looking through them all!

                  Overall I really love MAC lipsticks and they are by far the best range, as a whole, that I have used. Although I will and have continued to buy lipsticks from other brands, whether they be high street or premium, MAC will continue to be my firm favourite. I love the fact that many of the formulations require very little upkeep which means a lack of reapplication. Although they are on a pricier side, I thoroughly believe that this price is justified in the quality of the product, I often find it hard to find a lipstick that have both good colour payoff and longevity and MAC far surpasses any expectations I had for these two.
                  MAC also offer a Back to MAC service in which when you take back 6 empties (not all MAC products are included in this offer, but empty lipsticks can be taken back) you can receive a free lipstick of eye shadow which I really like as no other brands I know offer this.

                  With everything considered there is no doubt as to whether I would recommend these lipsticks as they are definitely the best lipsticks I have ever tried, at £14 they are something I like to treat myself to every now and then and also make great gifts for any make up fanatics and am therefore awarding these lipsticks the five stars they are very much worth of!


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                    07.12.2012 18:07
                    Very helpful



                    Warm lipstick for the winter months.

                    My party lips, this season, have to be warm to combat the cold winter months. I don't wear lipstick on a daily basis but I do for going out evenings and weekends.

                    It's time to razzle dazzle with your femininity and chose one of the vast colours from the MAC lipstick range. Make sure it matches your skin tone.

                    To razzle and dazzle, in the past, I've picked out bright red. I have that in my make-up collection but I really shouldn't. My skin is of Mediterranean appearance. If I choose lipstick that is too bright I end up with a clown face. It's not a good look unless you belong to a circus.

                    This is why berry red is one of those colours that do olive skin a real favour. Luckily for me I have an American friend who sent me this lipstick and saved me from further embarrassment. I'm convinced it makes my eyes look brighter too. My ideas on bright party lipstick might not match the thoughts of those people who like to wear make-up on a daily basis but to me The MAC Frost New York Apple provides the razzle dazzle, which I require, without being garish.

                    This is easy to apply and comes in a smart black and silver case. I can also remove the lipstick, at the end of the night, with ease.

                    MAC products are used by some celebrities and are popular amongst make-up artists so that's a good endorsement for us women.

                    This lipstick lasts me about three hours before I disappear into the Ladies for a top up. It doesn't dry out my lips as my other lipsticks have done. Nor does the lipstick have the opposite problem of overly moisturising and creating greasy appearing lips. Instead, my lips glow with a warm, and gentle, gold frosted shimmer. It's the perfect holiday season lipstick.

                    There are two downsides. Firstly, it is an expensive lipstick. Secondly, you will need a lip liner because there's a slight pinkish edge to it around the lips. It's easily concealed with liner though.

                    My MAC coated lips feel soft. I'm ready and waiting now for these soft lips to get a kiss under the mistletoe.

                    You can buy the cosmetics from a MAC counter, or order online, but make sure your purchase is made from a reliable source as the market is flooded with fake goods.

                    The lipstick is priced around £12 to £15.

                    Keep those lips looking fantastic with a MAC lipstick and if you can't decide, buy the whole range!


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                  M?A?C Lipstick / Colour plus texture for the lips / Stands out on the runway / Simmers on the street! What made MAC famous /