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MAC Mineralize Blush

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Brand: MAC / Type: Blushers

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    6 Reviews
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      29.09.2011 15:49
      Very helpful



      Gorgeous little gems that do the job as well as any other high end blush!


      I love MAC cosmetics in general, I love blusher, but I always give 'shimmery / sparkly' products a wide birth. Most of the mineralise blushes are indeed shimmery, but if you chose carefully, they aren't overpoweringly so.
      I've added a few mineralize blushes to my collection, most of these from limited edition collections (MAC bring out a few each year), although there are some mineralize blushes in the permanent range too.
      They're a couple of pounds more expensive than the standard MAC powder blushes, and generally a bit smaller, but a pot will still last you ages and they're nice for bumping up your collection.


      Here is what MAC have to say about their mineralize blushes:

      "Baked minerals refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage. Veils and enhances the cheekbones with a luminous, pearlized shimmer." - MAC Cosmetics UK

      Apparently 'baked' products are only strictly counted as being 'baked' if they're in their little teraccota pans. MAC baked blushes are still in metal pans, so I guess that makes them imposters in the 'baked' world!? For me this doesn't make any difference whatsoever, but I thought it was quite interesting to know! They get their 'swirliness' from different liquids being merged together and when they dry (or are cooked / baked) into powder form, the pretty swirly patterns of different colours and finishes are your end result.


      These blusher pots will set you back £19, and seldom can you find them cheaper. MAC don't have sales, but you may get lucky if purchasing MAC from one of their other suppliers (just Debenhams and Selfridges in the UK).
      Be wary of purchasing MAC from ebay and other online shops. MAC is faked A LOT, although saying that, I haven't yet seen a fake mineralize blush. It's up to you if you want to take the risk or not!

      You get 3.5g of product in a little sleek black pot. This is less than a standard MAC blush, but is still a good amount. The pan is about the size of a large Christmas chocolate coin, and the product itself is raised in a dome, so you do get a fair bit in there.

      The little pots have a clear pastic lid, so you get to see just how attractive the blushes are. To give you a few examples, I have one that is called 'Daft Pink' and has lots of different pink and yellow tones swirled together. It looks almost like a plannet! And another I have is called 'Giggly' and is a simple baby pink colour, but with a shimmery lilac heart design baked into the middle.


      Regardless of whether a blush is sheer or very pigmented, I like to use a smaller blusher brush to make sure I don't get carried away / end up looking like a clown!

      I use a small MAC brush that isn't tapered / fanned (although these are just as good!).

      You can apply your blush on bare skin, over moisurizer, tinted moisturizer, any type of foundation (be it liquid, powder, cream), and so on!

      None of the mineralize blushes I've tried have been as pigmented as say, some of the matte blushes, but they do still provide a good colour payoff from product, to brush, to face.

      Some may look very shimmery in the pot, but luckilyl shimmer is that that's there. No unslightly big chunks of glitter are present!

      With these blushes, I like to start with a small amount, so may just swirl my brush over the product very lightly. I then always apply to my cheek bones in an upwards and circular motion. I take the blush as far up as my temples if I'm using a fairly sheer colour. I find this balances the look and adds a nice highlighting quality. I may then go and add a bit more to my cheek bones, depending on how much I love the colour and how carried away I get!

      I haven't yet come across a mineralize blush with a bad colour payoff / finish, be it a peach, bronze, pink or lilac toned colour I'm using.

      Once on, you can chose to set your blush with a transparent finishing powder. This might give you a few more hours of wear, but I tend not to favour this method because I find it 'mutes' the colour / finish of your blush a little bit.

      Without anything to 'set' the blush, it'll last you as long as your foundation and everything else lasts. In fact, sometimes I'll notice my foundation has worn away, apart from the patches with blush on top! So I think the best indication would be to say that you'll need to reapply your blush if and when you reapply your foundation.

      OVER ALL

      I like these for a change. I wear blusher every day and most days do automatically reach for a matte MAC blusher. However, some of my absolute favourites are mineralize blushes, I just tend to save them for a special treat!

      I can't fault these products, but it would be nice to see more of them in the permanent range! At the moment there are only 4 or 5 permanent mineralize blushes and I'd like to see a few more!

      If you love your beauty products to look as pretty in your makeup box, as they do on your face, I assure you that you won't be able to resist some of these!

      They do the job as well as any other MAC blush (ie, very well!), and despite their high price tag, are a makeup box must have for me!


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        28.08.2011 15:23
        Very helpful



        A nice blusher that delivers a healthy glow to your skin.

        Product: MAC Mineralize Blush, Limited Edition, "Quite Cute" Range
        Name of the colour: Giggly
        Price (at the time of purchase): £18

        I should let you all know before I start that I am a make up junkie from the most premium make up to the cheapest, I am on a mission to try it all.

        This year in April, MAC launched their "Quite Cute" Range for the Spring/Summer Season. The range was limited edition and featured an array of products in pastel and muted spring colours such as: pinks, mint greens and lavender. I decided that I wanted to try the range and decided to buy a mineralize blush I ended up opting for a blush called "Giggly".

        -- The Colour --

        Giggly is a light dolly pink colour bush with a lavender heart in the centre. When I swept the brush over both the pink and the lavender together, I was left with a bright pink colour which had slight plum undertones. When I just used the pink part of the blush I was given a candy pink colour and when I only applied the lavender heart I was left with a barely there frosty glow and not too much colour.

        Giggly has a "frost" finish which meant that when the blush was applied it gave my cheeks a nice pearly, luminous sheen.

        -- Application --

        To apply this blush I just used an angled blush-brush and took some powder from the pot, I then tapped the brush to get rid of any excess powder and then applied on my cheek in one clean sweep starting at the at the apple of my cheek and then applying along my cheek bone.

        -- The Positives --

        After application you are left with glowing pink cheeks. There is a pearly sheen that isn't over board but just enough to give you a healthy glow. The blush doesn't go on too cakey and it does not go patchy.

        The blush even with daily use lasts a long time as I still have loads left and I have used it every day since I purchased it at the end of April. The colour of the blush is a really nice, vibrant colour that isn't overly glittery or shiny (like a lot of cheaper blushes).

        Another positive thing about this blush is that a little goes a long way but you have to be careful with the application so that you don't look cartoonish.

        Also there is no weird fragrant smell to the powder which can be found in other blushes and cheaper products. I really dislike scented make up so this is definitely a plus for me.

        -- The Problems --

        The things that I have found to be at fault with this Mineralize blush is that it fades off my skin easily. I have to re-apply it about 1-2 hours after application and then re-apply it every few hours throughout the day. This really annoys me because after paying £18 for a blush I would expect a bit of longevity in the wearing of the product.

        The lavender heart has faded from the middle and now I am just left with a normal pink blush. The purple heart faded after around two weeks (of daily use). This disappointed me as I expected the lilac heart to be present all the way through to the end of the blush. This is one of the things that made me buy the blush as it was unique.

        Another problem I have found is that no matter what brush I use or what type of stroke I use a lot of powder comes off onto my brush. This can cause problems so I always have to tap my brush once or twice, this I find can be a little bit wasteful of the product.

        -- Would I recommend this product? --

        Yes, I would because I love the frosted finish of the product and I also quite like the colour.


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        16.06.2011 17:14
        Very helpful



        I feel pretty in pink wearing this

        This costs £17.50 and can be bought from Mac counters in Selfridges or Debenhams or from the Mac Cosmetics website and is available in six shades. The shade i have is called Dainty, which is a light pink colour.

        They come in a black case with a clear lid just like the usual blushers that Mac sells except they are twice the size than Mac's normal blushers so you do get a lot for your money.

        Straightaway when you look at this product you notice how different it is to normal blushers. Firstly it has a domed appearance so it isn't completely flat. Also it has a bit of a marble like appearance with little swirls going on so it doesn't have that one shade matte appearance of your average blusher.

        The product information on the website states: 'Baked minerals refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage. Veils and enhances the cheekbones with a luminous, pearlized shimmer.'

        So really this is a blusher and highlighter in one. I wear blusher every day but sometimes i like a bit of a luminous glowing look so i sometimes put a highlighter over my blusher (either Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick or Mac Strobe Cream - see my other reviews). But this appealed me in that i could get a blusher and highlighter in one go, saving me a bit of time.

        I apply this with my Mac blusher brush the same way i apply my usual blusher (on to the apples of my cheeks and going a little upwards to my cheekbones).

        The result is gorgeous on my pale skin. It does appear quite shimmery on the skin, so this may not be to everyone's taste but i thought it made me look really glowing and healthy.

        My boyfriend did ask me why i was wearing glitter though so think this is more suitable for a night time look rather than wearing it during the day where it may be a bit OTT.

        But saying that, It doesn't look harsh or too in your face. I I really liked it and thought it looked lovely!


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        03.10.2009 22:53
        Very helpful



        Suitable for all skintones and give a lovely luminous finish to make up

        MAC make the best blushers in my opinion and the mineral blush are fantastic. There is a range of shades available, and occasionally there are blush duos released with half being blush and the other half a mineral highlight. From peach shades through to deep pinks, there is a colour for everyone, and as with all MAC products, they are suitable for various skintones.

        The blushers are densely pigmented so light handed application is needed, especially for the more vibrant shades. I tend to use MAC 187 brush for initial application and then use the 182 brush to buff the product to give a dewy, non caked finish. You can build the colour up as needed to give the best finish for you. The blushers are veined with a highlighting pearly shimmer so you get a lovely finish after application.

        Currently the blushers are priced at £16.50 and MAC tend to release new colours from time to time to coincide with their new collections. They are excellent value as you need such a small amount of product to give a fresh looking effect that they last for ages.


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        28.12.2008 21:58
        Very helpful



        MAC does it again! A+

        A sweep of blush across your cheeks followed by a light dusting of highlighter is the easiest way to achieve a healthy, flushed and glowing face. For some, this technique can take a while to master - Which highlighter shade matches my blush? How can I make sure the two products are blended together well enough? For those still practicing, or simply low on time, MAC's "Mineralize Blushes" are here to lend a hand. With one quick stroke your cheeks are perfectly enhanced with a shade thats foolproof and perfect for your skintone.

        The "Mineralize Blushes" are mineral packed powders which are baked to create a concentrated, yet lightweight application. They have a soft, buildable texture which can be easily layered to create your desired effect / coverage. Binded into the blush shade are coordinating pearl pigments which act as a subtle highlight, giving the skin a gorgeous but natural glow.
        This product is packaged in a small, black, flip top-pot with a clear window on the top which allows easy viewing when finding / choosing your shade. MAC currently sell six shades (though there were more, which have since been discontinued), which are as follows -

        "Dainty" - A pale, golden pink with a soft gold pearl. Perfect for paler skins, or those wanting a natural hint of fleshtone colour.

        "Gentle" - Soft raspberry shot through with gold. One of the boldest shades currently available, but still completely wearable. Perfect for any skintones.

        "Gleeful" - A deep, blue based pink with gold pearl. Although dark in the pan, once applied this blends into a natural, rosey flush of colour that suits many skintones, especially those cool toned.

        "Love Joy" - Warm, medium brown / terracotta shade that works well as a natural, nude blush for darker skin. Shot through with gold pearl to highlight.

        "Love Thing" - A dark plum shade that leans toward burgandy. Again, suitable for most, but needs a lot of blending / buffing when used on pale skin.

        "Warm Soul" - Mid tone nude beige shade with gold pearl. Perfect for fairer skintones. Gives a great sculpted / professional effect.

        Depending on how heavily you apply these blushes, they will all work on most skintones. It's easier to add more so use a light hand to begin with, since they are surprisingly pigmented!
        At £15.00 each, they last me a very long time even when used everday. Great value in my opinion and I just wish MAC would release some new shades!

        To apply I use a densely packed brush, using short circular motions to buff the colour right into the skin. The MAC #181 small kabuki or #109 round blusher brush work best for this in my opinion. I apply from my hairline, down my cheekbones then onto the apples of the cheeks. Although the flatter, traditional shaped blush brushes will work too, the colour will apply sheerer and may need a few more layers.
        I love the finish these blushes give me. A soft, diffused glow that almost looks like it's coming from 'within'. Much easier / quicker than having to use two or three different products.

        Overall, I'd recommend the "Mineralize Blushes" to anyone who wants a quick, simple way to achieve professional looking results. Great for learners or more advanced users alike, a 'must have' product for your makeup bag!


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        30.11.2008 16:35
        Very helpful



        a very wearable, light and good value for money blush

        MAC mineralize blush first came out a little while ago as part of a limited edition collection but since they've discovered that their mineral range has become so popular, they've decided to make their mineralize blush range permanent and have chosen 6 of the most popular colours to be part of the permanent collection.

        These mineral blushes are available from any MAC store on the high street and online at maccosmetics.co.uk. They currently retail for £15.00, which is quite reasonable in my opinion, as the quality is excellent and the colours are so vibrant, a little goes a long way.

        These blushes come in little round black compacts with a clear cut out plastic bit on the lid with the MAC logo on it, this makes it easier to see the colour. I've got so many colours, so this is very handy.

        The colours range from neutrals, to plums, pinks, peach... There's bound to be at least one to suit anyone looking for a mineral blush.

        The blushes are dome shaped and have been baked into the pot, so you won't be able to depot these and put them in a blush palette, as they have no pan to grab on to.
        The powder is very fine, which makes it easy to buff into the skin, which gives a beautiful, natural glow and doesn't look chalky or cakey at all.

        Whilst the powder is very fine, it won't fly all over the place and onto your clothes and surrounding material, unlike other mineral blush and powders I've tried.

        The best tool for this blush is a kabuki brush (I bought the MAC mini kabuki but I think this is also limited edition) or any good blush/ contour brush or even duo fibre brush.

        Bare in mind that these colours are very vibrant and to apply a little at a time. You can always layer more colour on but removing colour is more tricky than just adding some more.

        My favourite shades are warm soul (a beige/ golden colour) and gentle (a raspberry pink with gold pearl). These two shades are part of the permanent collection. I'm so sad that I missed out on the other shades but they're bound to create some more in future collections, or even add to the permanent range.

        These are excellent blushes, as they feel light, stay put for a very long time, wont' cake or crease or grab onto dry skin and can be worn with or without foundation. They give a petty glow to the skin and look very natural (or even dramatic, depending how much you apply and what effect you're after).
        I think they're excellent value for money, will last a long time and won't make you break out.


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    • Product Details

      MAC Mineralize Blush / Baked minerals refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application / Colour builds lightly / layer after layer / without heavy coverage / Veils and enhances the cheekbones with a luminous / pearlized shimmer.

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