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MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

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21 Reviews

Brand: MAC / Type: Bronzing Powder / What it does: smoothens,

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    21 Reviews
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      16.09.2013 21:03



      Get product and overs brilliant coverage, could be on the pricey range though!

      I use the mac skin finish as a powder finish in the winter on top of my foundation and can easily get away with just this powder in the summer when I have a little bit of a tan. It offers a very good coverage and goes well on top of my foundation.
      I love that it has a little sparkly through it so can be used as a highlighter as well.
      I do find that the product can run down very quickly but i am quite a heavy user and it is part of my every day make up routine applied with a kabuki brush, i think if it was used with a powder brush then would last you a little longer but i prefer to have more coverage. It is a little more on the pricey end but I think it is worth it for such a good product!


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      22.08.2013 10:41
      Very helpful



      even coloured bronzer by Mac

      I previously reviewed my Dior Bronzer which up until now has been the best one for me and I had never looked back until recently after only having it for four months it all seemed to break up and four months later I found myself buying a new one which is not what I expected after paying £37. I certainly was not paying for one of those again so decided it was time to look for a new bronzer, it is so hard as so many have shades that are not right etc but I went into Harvey Nichols and to the Mac counter as it is one of my favourite make up brands. I looked for an assistant who didn't wear make up too heavy and wore it similar to me and asked her which bronzer and shade she would recommend for me. She looked at me and instantly said this Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and told me shade 'Give Me Sun' was perfect for me.


      This bronzer is packaged similar to my Mac blusher which is what gave me confidence as it has never crumbled and always kept intact which is what they should do. Like all Mac powders, it comes in a black matte finish box and it has a cutout window where you can see the top of the powder case and the colour as well as it stating the product name and shade and ingredients on the box too. This bronzer is easy to spot as it has a clear window on the lid which not all of their powders have and it has the Mac logo on the front as well as the compact being black. The shade name is also underneath the compact and it contains 10g/0.35oz of powder.


      With this powder, they do ten different colours and these range from golden browns to light more neutral shades, there is a good range to suit most skintones ranging from fair to olives to get a healthy glow. I always find it quite difficult selecting a shade of bronzer as sometimes the lighting in a store can make it look so different from how it does in daytime, also not only that but sometimes bronzer can look great darker at night but if you are using it for a healthy glow in the day you don't want it to noticeable. I have had beauticians select a shade for me before and then gone home and it looked too dark that I've had to take it back but this time 'Give Me Sun' was the right shade.

      This bronzer is in a compact and when opened up there is a dome of bronzer in there and this particular shade looks quite a deep golden/terracotta brown but I have olive skin, although I am not the darkest skintone but wanted a bit of a healthy colour. Sometimes I feel I can look tired and washed out so this is why before going to work, I like to brush this over my face to get some colour. I use it with a big powder brush for the best application to give an even dusting over my face, usually when tapping it onto the dome of bronzer, it can sometimes look quite a lot so I tap it lightly to get rid of excess powder and then I brush it on or it can look quite heavy and patchy if not applied right.

      It looks dark on the compact but if applied right without putting too much on the brush, it won't go on too dark and actually looks really healthy. I always evenly dust it over so that it shows but not too heavily and it looks really good. I never like my face to look too bronzed compared to my neck which is why I apply it evenly. This powder has been created by minerals being baked slowly to create a natural matte finish. It does create a great look and instantly makes me look more awake in the mornings, what I also love is that this bronzer doesn't fade through the day like others I've had, it actually stays on and keeps me glowing all day.

      For the price of this and being Mac, I am very impressed as I have been using it for months now and it shows no sings of cracking or running low anytime soon which is what I love about Mac make up. It is quality and offers a good finish and look and really is worth paying for as it lasts. I can use this bronzer in the day and wear it differently at night which is what I love about it. It is so easy to apply and if you are unsure of what shade to get, the girls at the counter are always helpful in picking out a shade and testing it on you before you buy, I have also never found them pushy which is another thing I really value about buying from Mac.


      This bronzer can be purchased either online on the Mac website or from any Mac counter or store which you can look up also on the site. This bronzer cost only £22 which is a lot cheaper than my previous poor quality Dior one and it is one that will last a while so not really pricey at all for the quality.

      The official Mac website is http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/.


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      27.06.2013 21:15
      Very helpful



      A good quality face powder that is an excellent match for my skin.

      Up until buying this MAC mineralize skinfinish powder I had never purchased or tried any of their products before. I had only heard good things from friends that use this brand of make-up and from reviews I had read, with most of them being positive ones. I really wanted to try the make-up for myself and so when I recently needed some new powder I decided to give MAC a try. I have used many different branded face powders before and have found with this products in particular, it is worth paying a bit more for. Some face powders can leave your skin feeling caked in make-up and it can look that way too - not a natural look that I want to go for!

      MAC mineralize skinfinish powder is available from MAC directly which can be found in a range of department stores including Selfridges, where I purchased mine from, House of Fraser and also online from the MAC website. It costs £21 for 10g. A lot of MAC products can be found slightly cheaper if bought from Amazon or eBay. However, I was new to this make-up and didn't know what shade I would need without looking at it and so could not buy it online. Plus I was in London on a shopping trip and so it was the perfect time to treat myself a little! Now I know what shade I need I can find it cheaper online next time.

      This particular face powder is available in several different shades. I purchased 'medium plus'. It was only a tiny bit darker than the 'medium' shade. I didn't want to purchase a shade that made me look too pale though. As I was looking at these in store I tested them out to compare and see what colour suited my skin tone. You can get help from the sales assistants there who are always offering to help you or try the make up out on you, but this I cannot stand. I much prefer to try them out for myself, after all I am the one who will be applying it on my self everyday, and make-up is always going to look better when a professional applies it for you, which is probably going to make you buy even more make up that they test on you. I think MAC is well known for their sales assistants trying to test the products out on you and so when I know what shades I like in their products I will definitely start purchasing them online to avoid this!

      ~ Use and results ~

      When using this I first apply my foundation as normal, then I get a powder brush and lightly dust this over all parts of my face. It goes on very easy and light, it is very weightless and so feels like you aren't really wearing any, but it's there!

      It goes on amazingly well and it doesn't 'crack' when on your face making you look blotchy or caked in make-up. When I first starting wearing this I actually got a couple of compliments from two different people, asking me if I had started using new make up or a different shade. I was quite pleased with this as face powder isn't usually something I would get complimented on because it isn't meant to exactly stand out! However it made my skin look clear and shine free.

      This doesn't come with a pad or a brush to apply this with and so you will need to use one you already own or purchase one if you don't. I was a bit disappointed with this because expensive face powders I have used in the past such as Clinique always give you something to apply it with. However, the good results this left me with soon made me not bothered about that.

      The powder lasts all day in my opinion. I do not feel the need to reapply this again throughout the day. The only time I would reapply is when wearing it all day and then going out on the night too. Other than that it is good for lasting all day whilst at work. I feel this works better with foundation on my skin first as it lies nicely on top of that, whereas if used alone this appears to be slightly crackly. I am now tempted to buy a MAC foundation to see how good the results will be from using both products together.

      Overall this is a good product and I wil definitely purchase this again. It is quite expensive but considering how long face powders last this doesn't bother me too much. They usually last me around a year! I am now very excited to try out other MAC products.


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        10.06.2013 20:11
        Very helpful



        another gem from Mac!

        This was another product I purchased after seeing it used in a youtube make-up tutorial. I love Mac anyway so it didn't take much to twist my arm! I think there are several uses for the product but I use it as a bronzer.

        Mac is a high-end brand available in some department stores and online, they do have there own stores dotted around in the larger cities aswell. There website is very impressive with clear swatches and good descriptions of all shades available. One thing I will say is be careful buying Mac from ebay! There are a lot of fakes out there.

        THE CLAIMS:

        * A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish

        * Provides perfect low coverage

        * Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.


        As I mentioned above I apply this product as a bronzer, I bought it in the Summer and went for the darkest shade in the range 'Sun Power' I had spent a week in Egypt and it was a great idea at the time...maybe next time I'll tone it down a little and go for 'Give Me Sun'. 'Sun Power' is literally the colour of rust in the compact! I can still get away with it if I've got a little self tan on and I blend it out really well. Anyway enough of my silly shade choices!

        This product applies and blends out like a dream, the smooth powder is like silk on the skin and once on provides you with a bronzed, matte finish. There's no hint of shimmer which is perfect for me, I can't stand shimmer in bronzer! I apply the product just under my cheekbones, along my temples and across my hairline and it does manage to stay on perfectly throughout the day giving a gorgeous glow but still with no shine. I'd really like to try this in more of a natural shade and try it as a powder rather than a bronzer actually.


        This product is available in 10 shades:

        * light
        * light plus
        * medium plus
        * dark deep
        * give me sun
        * sun power
        * medium
        * medium deep
        * medium dark
        * dark

        I like how they've covered the inbetween shades like 'light plus', 'medium plus' etc. I think there would be something for everybody within the range which is great.


        Like all Mac packaging, the design is very simple, the compact is black, the lid is transparent so you can clearly see the shade through it (handy if you happen to own more than one)


        The compact costs £21.00 and for that you get 10g of product. I think this is good value for money especially considering how far just a tiny amount of product goes. I bought this probably in August last year and it's still going strong so I'm very pleased with it.


        I love this product and will happily repurchase and as I mentioned above I'd like to try it as a power aswell. Big thumbs up!


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        27.05.2012 04:37



        almost perfect highligter or bronzer

        Let me start my saying that I am absolutely in love with The shade Lightscapade in this product. Its a light beige and it is perfect for highlighting or as a very light blusher. MACS mineralize skin finishes are all a very finely milled powder, making it extremely soft and a dream to apply. It is very very blendable and buildable so it doesn't look like a huge thick unnatural like running across your cheek bone. You also wont end up with huge chunks of glitter across due do the lightest of shimmer in the product. One thing to note is that every product no matter the shade will be slightly different due to veining, the more veining the darker it will be. A thing to remember though is that the veining is not on the natural skin finish, which I use more as a bronzer. It works like a charm. The problem with the non natural skinfinishes, that you will not find in the natural line is the wear time. They really need to be reapplied after four to five hours or else the get blotchy and begin to fade. The product itself, even though is pricey at twenty nine pounds a pop doesn't seem to finish no matter how much I use it. The packaging is round with a click lid on a hinge. It is black in colour with a clear section on the top to see which item you are picking up, this unfortunately has the tendency of popping of and needs to be re-glued.


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        25.02.2012 16:08
        Very helpful



        good highend setting powder

        This product is part of a new range of mac makeup that is mineral based, baked powder foundation. Mac claim that this provides a low coverage, and is ideal for setting makeup and covering up shine. It can be used ontop of, or instead of foundation.

        I bought this product in the natural form, instead of as a shiny frosted powder, as i simply wanted a setting powder. The product comes in standard mac form, a black, round case. Simple and sleek. It has a variety of colours, and in fact, is the only mac foundation range to step away from the NC35, NC40, NC45 colour chart, having colours such as medium, medium plus, dark, deep dark.

        They also produced the same product in blusher shades, highlighter shades and bronzer shades. When i was shopping, i got the impression that the products are all basically the same just in different shades with matte or shimmer aspects to them.

        The product itself is very finely milled, and is picked up easily using a powder brush, however i do find that there is a lot of fallout when using this product, and when going for a second application i tend to use my brush to pick up some of the loose powder thats floating around the edges. Once stippled on over my foundation i find that its a perfect setting powder, helping to combat oil throughout the day. It doesn't dry my skin out, even when i have built it up to help cover any blemishes i may have that day. Once on my skin really does feel lovely to touch

        Overall its a good product, it really evens out my skin tone, sets my foundation, and even when used alone it makes my skin look lovely.


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        22.09.2011 19:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Worth the money

        Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is a baked mineral powder that comes in a range of shades from Light to Dark, including "in-between" shades e.g. Light/Medium. It can be used on top of or instead of foundation. MSF Natural is halfway between a normal pressed face powder and a full-coverage powder foundation.

        The MSF is very finely milled, so it can be applied in light layers. One light layer over foundation is perfect to set it and reduce shine. The layers can also be built up over a light foundation, or no foundation, for a flawless finish.

        Because the MSF is solid, not loose powder, and comes in a sturdy compact, it is ideal for putting in your bag to touch up your make-up and remove shine throughout the day.

        The only downside is that it can sometimes highlight dry patches of skin. I have dry skin so I have to make sure my skin is well-moisturised and that I haven't missed any areas before I use this product. I also avoid putting it over matte-finish foundations as it can make my face look too cakey then.

        10g of product costs £18.50 from MAC stores and counters, which can be found in department stores. I've had my current MSF for six months, using it 3-5 days a week and I'm only half-way through it, so it lasts a long time.


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          04.08.2011 12:54
          Very helpful



          Lovely powders! Different shades suitable for all occasions!

          MAC currently has two types of the Mineralize Skinfish powders available: Mineralize Skinfinish and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. I'll try my best to review both since I do own both and they're quite different to each other!


          "A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day."

          My reasons for purchasing this were that I love to wear a powder to 'set' my foundation and mattify my face. For general every day wear I don't like shimmer, so was attracted to the matte finish offered here.

          These are the colours available from MAC at present. They're listed in ascending lighter to darker shades.

          Light Medium
          Medium Plus
          Medium Deep
          Medium Dark
          Deep Dark

          There are a few limited edition summery colours available too at present, these are more bronzey mattes, whereas the above colours are more natural.

          Give me Sun (Limited Edition)
          Sun Power (Limited Edition)

          I have fairly light skin and 'medium' would probably be my best colour match. However, I wear 'medium deep' because I find this gives a healthy glow, but still looks natural.


          "A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, brows, anywhere on the body: provides an ultra-deluxe polish to the skin."

          My reasons for purchasing one of these powders was simply down to how good they look in the pots! The way the different colours are swirled together. So pretty!

          These powders usually feature a lot of ever changing limited edition colours. My favourite skinfinish is 'Red Head' which came out a few years ago and is no longer available. The nearest colour match to this at the moment is 'Semi Precious Crystal Pink' - another limited edition colour.

          At present you can select from:

          Gold Deposit - Soft Reflective Gold Bronze
          Soft and Gentle - Gilded Peach Bronze

          Limited Edition Semi Precious Collection:

          Crystal Pink - Base: Beige Champagne. Innercircle: White, Plum, Bronze
          Rose Quartz - Base: Pink Champagne. Innercircle: Pink, Dirty Green, Bronze
          Goldstone - Base: Rosy Pink. Innercircle: Silver, Lime, White pink, Copper


          The Skinfinishes come in classic MAC rounded black pot, with the pan sitting firmly in place inside. The lid is see through so you can see what colour you're getting, and has MAC embossed in black. Underneath you can find the product details such as colour name, MAC address and batch code (made up of a letter followed by two digits).

          The powder is solid, not a loose powder. It is peaked / dome shaped, rising up from the pan in it's pot.

          The RRP for the Skinfinish Natural is £18.50 for 10g. For the Skinfinish it is £20.50.

          You can purchase your MAC products from the MAC stores, Department Stores with a MAC counter (Selfridges and Debenhams), MAC online, or the Department Store Websites. Make sure you purchase from one of these approved suppliers to avoid fakes.

          If you're put off by the price tag, bear in mind that these powders are long lasting. I've had my two favourites on the go for about 18 months now! And I wear one or the other every day pretty much. If purchasing from Debenhams, keep your eyes peeled for voucher codes online, as some of these will apply to the beauty section of the website too.


          I love the very natural tanned look that you can acheive from wearing a Skinfinish Natural a shade or two darker than your own skin. I wear heavy foundation and this powder sets the foundation beautifully, making it last all day and giving my face some of it's 'natural' look back. A heavy foundation can cover over every bit of natural colour contrast on your skin and without powders and blushes, can look mask-like.

          I find that this skinfinish works best applied all over the face and neck very lightly. To acheive a light application, I use a huge powder brush. I alternate between MAC's 134 or 150 large powder brushes. Any big face brush will do a good job though.
          I wouldn't apply this with a puff because I think it would sit too heavily on the skin. If you're using your perfect colour match this wouldn't be a problem, but if like me, you're going for a few shades darker, you'll need to keep things light!

          This powder does apply really evenly, meaning you can't go too far wrong, even with the heaviest / clumsiest hands! Start cautiously and build up to the finish you desire.

          The initially application will last for a good few hours. If you have naturally oily skin you will most likely want to reapply a few times during the day. So pop your brush and this little compact in your bag! It reapplies well over the top of the makeup you're already wearing. Ideal for on the go.

          Over all, I like this powder mostly for daytime. It's so natural and perfect on top of foundation, without making you look like a) you're wearing a shimmery / glitzy bronzer or b) a caked on pasty pale face powder.

          I'd recommend this to anyone, especially if you love your MAC products and also wear a heavy duty foundation.


          Although this is a limited edition product no longer available, my thoughts will apply to the over all nature of a MAC Skinfinish.

          The powder is made up of different 'stripes' of different shimmery reddy / pink / bronze tones. It would be difficult to pick out one single stripe, so I swirl these together with a big powder brush.

          The payoff from brush to face is more noticable than with the natural skinfinish, so make sure you go gently. I think these shimmery powders work best on sunkissed skin, whether or not you're naturally tanned. If you have caught a bit of sun during the day and are going out for the evening, sweeping some skinfinish over your bare skin looks amazing. Therefore, I'd say this powder is a must have for a holiday evening.

          If you sweep this all over your face with a big brush, the powder seems to settle naturally on the areas of your face that would most likely catch the sun anyway. So your cheekbones, forehead, nose... it looks great even if you're wearing no other makeup, and brilliant over any aftersun / face cream becuse it just adds to the dewy sunkissed look.
          I like this over collar bone and shoulders too since there's no reason why you can't use this powder anywhere other than your face!

          With 'Red Head' the colour you get is a subtle gold blend, but with other colours in the range you can go for something else shimmery, but either darker or lighter, or with different colour tones. So go for whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

          As well as all over the face, you can use this one more 'concentrated', ie, with a smaller brush to highlight certain areas. Use it as a highlighter or a cheek colour instead of all over, and you'll still look lovely and glowing!

          As with the other type of skinfinish, this is a good quality, long lasting powder. Ideal for wearing on it's own or on top of makeup / face cream.

          A holiday essential in my opinion!


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          17.07.2011 21:03



          Very impressed, excellent product

          Mac describes this product as follows:
          A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.

          Price: £18.50 for 10g

          My Experience:
          I love this product. It's excellent to set over foundation and it reduces shine. Basically, it provides a flawless finish in a natural tone and is just brilliant!

          I have the light-medium shade, which the sales person picked out for me. It looks quite dark in the pot but is actually a perfect match. I even wear this product on its own and it still provides lovely coverage and a soft look.

          I would definitely highly recommend this product and I would probably buy again if it ever runs out. Seems to be lasting ages even though it's only 10g, which doesn't sound like a lot, but a little goes a long way.


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          31.05.2011 16:32
          Very helpful



          Gorgeously glowing

          On the Mac Cosmetics website this product is described as a 'luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.'

          It comes in 10 different shades. The one i will be reviewing is the 'light' shade.

          I mostly use powder over my foundation, concealer and blusher to set my make-up as i find that otherwise by the evening my make-up has nearly disappeared and doesn't look as good as it did in the morning- this is especially true when the weather is hot.

          I also have an oily t-zone and i find that without powder my face looks shiny.

          Many powders are very drying and can look chalky giving an unatural appearance. The powder can also settle into fine lines around the eyes which looks horrible.

          The reason this product is so great because not only does it stop the shine and set make up, but it doesn't look chalky. Instead it gives a natural look and it makes your face look even better by giving an airbrushed look. After using this my skin looks glowing and flawless.

          It's not a heavy, cakey powder but very light and also gives an even skin tone, so i sometimes wear it on its own without foundation when i want to let my skin breathe a little but still want a bit of coverage.

          I apply this using a bronzer brush from Body Shop which picks up just the right amount of powder.

          I also use this to accentuate my cheekbones. I apply my blusher and then apply a bronzer with shimmer (usually my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick) to the top of my cheekbones then apply this with a contour brush to the bottom of my cheekbones.


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          09.04.2011 12:24
          Very helpful



          Fabulous and flawless!

          What Do I Think?
          MAC describe this as a "luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day". Especially now the weather is warmer, this product comes into its own, it's the perfect partner for a light summer foundation/tinted moisturiser, or even used alone over moisturiser and SPF for a light coverage. I can't stand that cakey effect that some powders give, and thankfully I have never experienced that with the MSF Natural, and I can't see that it would be possible unless you really layered it on with a trowel! It has such a nice finish and natural looking effect on the skin, it mattifies excess shine but still allows your natural skin and 'glow' to show through. I would say the coverage of this is light to medium, but the beauty of it is that you can use as much or as little as you like, to achieve the desirable results that you want. It doesn't irritate the skin - I sometimes get itchy or irritated skin from mineral/powder products - and if anything I would say it helps to calm redness/existing irritation. Also, I'm super duper pale, but I'm not the lightest shade - hallelujah - I use 'light medium', and think the shades offered cover a pretty good range of skintones. I have experienced all skin types through pregnancy, and I can safely say that whether oily, normal or dry, this product has worked perfectly on my skin. I honestly wouldn't be without this product, and as much as I probably overlook it in terms of thinking about how good a product it is, if I suddenly couldn't have it, I'd probably cry (well, that's a given at the moment, silly hormones!).

          Where Is It Available?
          MAC products are available instore and online from MAC stores and counters, for more stockist info check out their website.

          How Much Does It Cost?
          This retails for £18.00, and I would say with medium daily use (obviously the amount used will vary from person to person) these last for approx. six months

          Would I Recommend It?
          Yes, yes, yes! This has been an absolute must have in my daily routine for ages now, in fact, I can't believe I haven't used it for longer!


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          31.03.2011 19:38
          Very helpful



          The best face powder I have used.. and that's saying a lot!

          So, an all time favourite product of mine? MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - a medium coverage powder which provides gorgeous coverage. It's been my all time favourite through think and thin, and definetely one of those holy grail products. I paid around £18.00 for a 10g/0.35 oz powder, which is quite a generous amount of product if you ask me. I bought mine at Debenhams in Leicestershire, but MAC can be found in a range of department stores all across the UK.

          This product comes in very sleek black packaging, and a clear lid with pops open and closed. The MAC logo and product name is imprinted on the top, and the product looks very professional looking. At the bottom is the colour and some other information, mine is in 'Light'. There are a whole range of shades in this product, and I guarantee there will be a colour to match everyone.

          The powder is in a dome shape and the case is fairly shallow, so you can tell you have got a decent amount for your money. I use this powder everyday, and it lasts me for months and months, my last one lasted me a year and a bit.

          The actual product provides a lot of coverage, so this is a great lazy day product for when you just don't want to faff around, but you still want a natural, flawless coverage. Personally, I use a tiny bit of concealer over any spots and then I let this product do the rest of the work. If I have an especially stubborn spot that won't completely cover up, this powder gives that extra coverage for a flawless canvas.

          Even if you don't have spots, but you just want to even out your skin tone this powder does an excellent job. Don't get me wrong, of course if you are one of those girls who want COMPLETE coverage, this is an amazing setting powder for foundation as well, which I have done before and it has worked flawlessly.

          This powder makes me look fresh and flawless and doesn't give me that awful matte powder face some other powders give me. I like to apply mine with a fairly dense kabuki brush to help blend and distribute the product evenly.

          All in all I would definitely recommend this product as a must have face product especially if you don't want to be faffing around to much with your face makeup anyway. This is something I will repurchase over and over again because this is the standard I want my face powders at, and MAC have aced this spot on. :)


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          04.02.2011 12:48
          Very helpful




          After making a suggestion to Dooyoo and being told that they already had the product in the system, I figured out that they were actually talking about this, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. I'll actually be talking about MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (MSFN) which is a completely different product in my opinion, but Dooyoo seem to want it posted here! MAC MSFN is one of my all time favourite products for multiple reasons and I believe every make up wearer should own it.

          MAC MSFN is described as a luxurious face powder that has been baked slowly to provide a natural-matte finish. Provides low coverage and can be used on it's own, to set foundation or for touch ups during the day.
          As this is a mineral product, it lets your skin breathe and therefore won't damage your skin in any way (unless you're allergic to any of the ingredients, then you're screwed). Mineral products are also the least damaging makeup products to fall asleep in, and let's face it, we've all done that before!

          The products comes packaged in a sleek, black cardboard box, just like most MAC products do. I no longer have the box as it's a bit of a waste of space to keep it in my opinion but I do know that all of the information is printed in silver. The box tells you the brand name and product name, whilst also telling you the colour of the product inside and the fact that there is 10g of product in the compact. I use both Light and Light Medium depending on whether I've applied a light covering of fake tan or not.
          Inside the box, you'll find a round, black plastic compact with a clear plastic section on the front. This says 'MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural' in black print on it and also lets you see the colour of the product inside. The back of the compact simply tells you the colour and weight of the product and some random bits of information about where it was made etc.

          To open the compact you just have to press down on the catch and flip it open. Sadly there isn't a mirror inside this compact so you'll have to have another mirror to hand but that isn't much of a problem. There is a thing plastic covering over the powder which can be tossed away as it is essentially useless and a waste of plastic. The product inside is shaped like a dome and although it doesn't look like you get much product inside, you'll find that this will last you a very long time. I can't really comment on the colour of the product because each one is different to match different skin tones, but for reference I use Light with Revlon Colourstay 110 Ivory and Light Medium with Revlon Colourstay 150 Buff.

          I use this product in a few different ways, so I'll talk a little bit about my experience with them all.

          The first way I use this product, and the way I usually use it is to set my foundation. This also provides the last little bit of coverage I need to fully cover my freckles. I switch between using a kabuki brush and a fluffy powder brush to apply it depending on if I want a heavier application or not (kabuki brush - heavier coverage, fluffy powder brush - lighter coverage). I like to gently pat it on over my face before buffing it in to get an absolutely flawless finish. Due to this being a very fine, mineral product I've never experienced any caking or been left with a powdery finish, this leaves you looking like you just have perfect skin naturally!
          There is a very subtle 'glow' baked into this powder, so while it will cover any oiliness you have on your face, your skin will still be glowing and look very healthy. None of that super matte skin here, that never looks natural!

          The second way I use it is if I'm taking an "ARGH I cannot be bothered wearing makeup today!!!" day but still want to look relatively presentable. I again just buff it into my skin with either one of the brushes I talked about earlier. This provides low coverage so it won't be covering your imperfections, but it evens out your skin tone beautifully and I've had a lot of people compliment me on my skin when I've just been wearing a touch of concealer, MAC MSFN, some mascara and a bit of lip balm (that's my nudie face)!

          The third and final way I use it is actually to set my lipstick. I've talked about the ball I was attending in many of my reviews (it was amazing, if you're interested! That's my boyfriend and I before we left in my profile photo) and this was another trick I used to ensure my makeup lasted all night. Red lipstick seems to wear off onto glasses, faces and everywhere you don't want it to be, but after applying a light coverage of red lipstick, blotting it and applying another light coverage then lightly setting it with MSFN, I was left with a beautiful red lip that lasted me the whole night - this product made no difference to the colour of the lipstick because I used a very light hand to apply it.

          The staying power of this product is absolutely fantastic, I find that I never need to touch my makeup up during the day which is perfect for me because I usually can't be bothered to do that anyway! As for using it to set my lipstick, it lasted 9 hours before I removed it. Success!

          As I mentioned before, this is a mineral product and therefore will not damage your skin like many other makeup products do. The ingredients are listed on the MAC website (www.maccosmetics.co.uk) if you're interested.

          The 10g compact lasts me anywhere for 8-10 months, depending on how many "ARGH" days I have - it always lasts longer when I have more of those. The price has recently increased (thanks very much, VAT increase!) to £18.50 and while this seems like a lot of money for a setting powder, it really does work and it's totally worth it. That's only £1.85 per month if it lasts you the full 10 months! Also, this is a powder product so you can keep it for 24 months if you can make it last that long before it needs to be thrown out.

          I'll be rewarding this product 5 out of 5 stars as it really is my favourite product. There aren't many things that make me happier than knowing my skin looks flawless, and with the amount of compliments I've received recently, I'm safe in the knowledge that it does!

          Thanks for reading!


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            23.08.2010 13:35
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            A nice little powder to top up your look

            Mac Mineralize Skin finish Natural

            I haven't been reviewing in a while due to moving house and work life been hectic and came back on to see the mile system has changed which will take me a while to work out! Anyway I thought I would review this little Mac item seeing as I am a Mac fan. Whilst on a weekend away for my birthday to Edinburgh I decided to treat myself to some new Mac items as you can't get them in my town. I went into Harvey Nichols for a browse (not a shop as too expensive) and spotted in the corner the Mac counter. There were plenty of ladies working in the Mac counter and to be honest they could put you off your purchases as they either pounce on you or ignore you if really busy and their makeup technique on themselves is a little frightening. So much so that they look like supporting acts for Lady Ga Ga. (So please don't let that put you off!).

            *A bit about the powder and where to buy it*

            The lady that served me who did look like a clown with her over the top eye shadow that had in fact smudged and the customer in front had to tell her! She explained the benefits on this powder that it was a low coverage powder to give a matte finish which could be used on top of the foundation or by itself. The Mac blurb sounds like a recipe ''luxurious face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural matte finish'' and low coverage to use to set foundation or touch up in the day

            She showed me the mineralize powder colour range for it which came in 8 colours : light, light medium, medium, medium plus, medium dark, medium deep, deep dark and dark. It comes in a black box and then a black circular case with a clear lid to see the powder and is 10g costing £18. It doesn't come with a brush or powder puff. Mineralize is a range for Mac where you can buy this powder and also foundation, loose powders, blushers and eye shadows.

            You can buy in the bigger department stores like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser in the bigger towns or online from http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/. I didn't realise you could buy online so it must be something newish and it says if you buy online and spend £50 you get free postage/packaging. This is going to be fab for me personally with the nearest Mac store being in Newcastle which is not that near! If you buy in the department stores you can get offers though they aren't cheap. In Harvey Nichols you had to spend £90 to get the free gift and I stupidly even considered it though luckily thought better of it and just settled on this product and a make up brush which cost more than the powder!

            *My thoughts*

            As it was coming into spring time and I was a little pale I decided I wanted to bronze up my face a little on top of using my foundation. I had just updated my foundation to a Mineralize Mac one so thought I would get it some kind of bronzer from them. After the advice from Ga Ga the clown and looking at the colours I picked the medium plus which is mid range and probably much darker than I would normally go for considering I normally where ivory foundations. However it has been a good choice for me.

            In putting on my make up I put my YSL touch éclat on then my Mac foundation and then this powder on top. I use the Mac makeup brush which cost a small fortune to apply the powder (though you could you a powder puff) and I find the coverage goes on well so that you don't know I have too much make up on but my skin looks and feels a little more 'glowy'. I can't fault the coverage aspect or the look as it is excellent and what I was looking for. I just like the extra smoothness it gives to my foundation to give me a more completed look. I do add on my Mac pink crème base to my cheeks on top too.

            The only blip I have had with this powder is firstly I temporarily lost my brush and tried one of my cheaper ones and found the coverage was not working as well. This was luckily found two weeks later in my car of all places! I then had a disaster with the case and dropped it and the lid cracked off so it is now taped over to keep it in place.

            Considering I use it everyday since I purchased it in March it has yet to run out. I think this is due to using the brush which makes sure you don't overuse the powder and gives you a finer coverage.

            Once it runs out I will re-buy probably online when my foundation runs out too as I know I like the product. If buying for the first time though you are better going into the department store to look at the colour range as it isn't cheap at £18 and with there being 8 colours you need to know what look you are wanting and you can try it on.

            I would have given this 5 stars as it is excellent but I had to buy an expensive Mac brush to apply it seeing as it came with no 'tools' and then I broke my case! But I will replace it when it runs out.


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              27.07.2010 22:35
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              A must have in my make-up bag!!!

              Product: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder

              Price: £18.00

              Shade: Light

              From: MAC (I purchased mine in Selfridges from the MAC counter).

              I'm a huge fan of MAC products, every product i've purchased from the brand have always been of great quality and long lasting, definitely a firm favourite.

              I was out shopping with a friend one weekend when we decided to check out the make up counters in Selfridges. I'd been recommended the MAC mineralise skinfinish powder by my sister and a couple of friends who already had used the powder and raved about it so decided to test it for myself at the MAC counter with the MAC make up artist testing various shades of the powder on my skin to see which is best suited.

              I paid £18.00 for a 10g/0.35 oz powder, which i feel is a generous amount. I chose the light shade as i'm quite fair skinned and found that gave me a more natural finish. There's various shades to suit everyones skin:

              * Dark
              * Deep dark
              * Light
              * Light medium
              * Medium
              * Medium dark
              * Medium deep
              * Medium plus

              You can use the powder to set and fix foundation or as a touch up throughout the day. I don't wear foundation as personally i prefer the natural look so i just use it on it's own.

              As the powder is mineralised it feels luxurious as you apply it onto your skin. I use a powder brush as my applicator and sweep the powder gently over my face/neck in sweeping movements. It gives perfect coverage, natural looking with a matte finish and best of all feels smooth, soft and silky to the touch.

              I have sensitive skin but had no problems, irritations or breakouts with the powder which was a huge relief.

              This is one of my favourite products, it lasts quite a while too and definitely something which i'll continue to purchase in the future.



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            • Product Details

              MAC Mineralize Skinfinish / A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish / Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks / brows / anywhere on the body: provides an ultra-deluxe polish to the skin.