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MAC Nail Lacquer

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Brand: MAC / Type: Nail Varnish / Suitable for: Nails

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    6 Reviews
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      15.09.2012 16:12
      Very helpful



      A great nail polish which is available in plenty of shades

      I love nail polishes and I already have more than I could ever possibly need but that doesn't stop wanting more! Everytime I see a pretty shade, I have to have it... Even if I already have one which is remarkably similar!! And this is what happened when I laid eyes on the Near Beth Experience Nail Laquer by Mac.

      What does the product do?
      The product promises to cover your nails with glossy, long lasting colour that won't chip or streak. It also contains conditioners which strengthen and nourish the nails, as well as UV protection to protect the nails from sun damage.

      Available Shades
      The polish comes in plenty of different shades so they should be something to keep everyone happy. I personally want nearly all of them. The colours range from pinks to metallics and oranges to purples. I chose Near Beth Experience which is a gorgeous yellow shade. They each come with a cute and quirky name such as Midnight Tryst, Spirit of Truth, Faint of Heart and the randomly named Vagabondage!! The colours come with three different finishes which are creme, frost and pearl, so you can chose the look you like the best.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes contained within a glass pot which is transparant and you can see the colour clearly inside so you know exactly what you are getting. It has a block black screw top lid and the wand is attached to the lid in the usual way. The packaging is minimalist but cute and I think they look quite collectable. Each polish will cost you around £10 and it can be bought from any store which has a Mac counter such as Boots and Debenhams, and also from a range of online websites.

      Application and Performance
      There is nothing special about the brush for this polish. It is just black with bristles that are soft and average in length. The consistency of the polish is quite thick and creamy. It is runny enough for you to apply the product evenly but not so runny that you lose control of it. The polish is simple to apply and you can cover the whole nail with three strokes. The colour goes onto the nail evenly and gives a fairly good coverage. I need to apply two coats in order to achieve the colour that you can see in the pot. The colour is gorgeous and Near Beth Experience comes out as a creamy custard colour that is very eye catching and different. The polish dries completely within about five minutes.

      The polish has a beautifully glossy finish. Mine stayed chip free for about three days, even though I was doing jobs around the house so this is pretty good going in my opinion. When it comes to the time for the polish to be removed, I can easily remove it with my usual nail polish remover and it doesn't stain my nail underneath. My nails don't seem to be 'conditioned' by the nail polish as promised but they aren't weak or brittle so that's a positive.

      All in all, this is a really good polish with a beautiful colour and a glossy finish. It's easy to apply and long lasting, and remained cheap free for quite a few days. It is easily removed and doesn't stain the nails so it's worth every penny in my opinion. I can't wait to buy my next shade!! I'm knocking one star off for the fact that more than one coat is required but it's not a big problem!


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      26.05.2010 19:55
      Very helpful
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      Glossy nails from MAC.

      After being fed up of cheap nail varnishes not doing a good job, I decided to purchase a one from MAC from their recent Liberty of London limited edition range and then a bit later I got a nice summery coral shade from the To the Beach range. MAC calls their nail varnishes, 'nail lacquer' and they come in a good variety of shades and finishes, which many new shades released when new ranges appear. They cost £8 for a 10ml bottle so are comparable to Nails Inc though probably just that little bit cheaper.

      The Nail Lacquers come in their own little cardboard boxes with a small circle cut out at the front to show the colour of the lacquer inside. The shade name is often on a little sticker somewhere on the box too, which is usually the standard plain black and white packaging but this can vary if you purchase a limited edition lacquer from a special range. I love the size of the MAC Nail Lacquers, they are much bigger than the types of nail varnishes you might buy from brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline and it's good to see you do get quite a good amount for your money. The bottle is the same design as all nail varnishes in that the lid unscrews and has the brush attached, except with the MAC Nail Lacquers the lid is a good, large, thick feeling matte lid, which sounds daft but you really get a good grip on this lid compared to the small flimsy plastic lids on cheaper brands.

      As an added bonus, MAC Nail Lacquers have a high gloss formula along with a no streaking finish. They also contain conditioners and UV protection to help stop your nails from drying out, which I must say I have noticed a slight difference using the MAC nail lacquers compared to cheaper brands, as my nails feel softer than normal.
      Using this nail lacquer is quick and easy, yet gives excellent results. I find one coating is good enough for my nails, though I do often go for 2 coatings if I can be bothered! I find that applying 2 coats or one decent thick coat helps my varnish last a good couple of days chip free. It might not sound much, but when I use cheaper brands such as Barry M or Rimmel, I often chip the varnish within a few hours, never mind days! I love the finish that the MAC Lacquer gives too; it really does have a lovely gloss finish to it, as well as it being completely streak free like it promises.

      I'm certainly no expert when it comes to applying varnish, I wish I could apply it perfectly, but at least using this varnish gives me more of a professional looking finish than a cheaper brand does. It gives a nice bold colour with only one coating, the shiny gloss finish on my nails is gorgeous, and it even lasts a good 2-3 days for me before the first chips begin to appear around the tops of my nails.

      I love the 2 shades that I have been using, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy some more Nail Lacquer from MAC as I've found it to be a really decent nail varnish. The £8 price tag might be deemed too expensive for some, but you really do get a good sized bottle of varnish and considering you won't need to be topping up those chips or re-painting the whole of your nails as often as a cheaper varnish, I would say it's extremely worth it.

      MAC products can be bought from a MAC counter or from their website at www.maccosmetics.co.uk


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        10.04.2010 13:09
        Very helpful



        try it for yourself, but don't believe the MAC cosmetics hype!

        If you are a makeup lover, I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when, as a broke student and a young female, I received a bottle of MAC nail laquer for Christmas!

        It was in $$$$$Yes (which is a dull, metallic silver, foil-like colour) and was a great colour when painted on your nails. It took about 2 or 3 layers for the colour to look its best, but it looked completely different to any silver polished I've used before. It contains no glitter, but instead has a very metallic quality, yet remains still quite dull instead of shiny, making it quite unique and expensive. Silver nail polishes can look cheap and messy, as they usually contain chunkier flakes of glitter or just look grey, but I was very impressed with MAC's unique shade.

        So, I opened all my presents on Christmas day, painted my nails with this beautiful new polish, then sat around with the family eating and drinking treats, watching my 7 year old sister carry on opening her mountain of gifts, watching movies, the usual Christmas antics. I opened a can of Coca Cola or two and messed with my gifts, but, to be quite honest, I probably did less on Christmas day than I normally do on an average day.

        So, we sit down to our big Christmas meal about 3 hours or so after I've painted my nails. We eat, then return back to the living room for more Christmas chilling, when I noticed how incredibly chipped the polish is already! Large chips at both my cuticles and nail edges had appeared, and it looked a complete mess! How can this polish not last a relaxing Christmas day?!

        I tried to do some damage control by painting over my nail and previous polish, but it looked a complete mess. I hunted down a bottle of top coat polish, but it made the dull, unique colour look glossy, and sort of ruined the whole effect.
        I don't like having to use top coat clear polishes, as it not only takes up so much time waiting for the colour to dry then painting that on and waiting for THAT to dry, but I think that if I am buying a nail polish, then that should be all I need really! I have had other, cheaper, nailpolish that have lasted, but haven't been of these unique shades that MAC are producing.

        I do love the shade, but I don't bother using it very often, unless I'm going out for a special occasion, like a meal or a night out, where it doesn't matter if it is all gone by the end of the night. For the price of MAC polishes, I was very shocked that it did not last long at all, and I am very glad I didn't buy it with my own money (of course, I am still very grateful for it as a gift!)


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        16.02.2010 17:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Yet another wonderful product from MAC

        I am a huge fan of the MAC ranges in general, but I am totally soppy about the nail polishes. They come in an amazing range of colours, with the classic MAC packaging that shows them off in their element.

        Understandably, a lot of the great colours are part of limited edition collections, my favourite to date being the Barbie collection with gorgeous girly pinks. But whatever your taste, there is a colour from MAC from anyone.

        In terms of application to get the great block colour you see in the bottle you will need to apply a minimum of 2 layers. I would recommend 3 to get the colour to perfection. If you get any spills around the edges, don't worry they come off easily when you're in the bath.

        Chip resistance - this nail polish lasts for about 2-3 days before starting to chip - but that obviously depends on how much house work/hair washing etc you do, thus exposing the polish to other chemicals. But if you want to give it a touch up a quick extra layer will have them looking as fresh as ever.

        Shelf life - a lot of nail polishes don't have great shelf life and seem to separate into scary oils after a short time, but I don't think any of my MAC's are yet to do that, and some of them have been in my make up bag for a couple of years.

        Removing the nail polish - a few wipes with the remover and the nail polish will come away. However, the edges are always the hardest but this is true for pretty much any good nail polish. Especially those in bright colours.

        Price - you can buy directly from the MAC website and the stores, as well as finding concessions in many department stores. A bottle costs £8 which is pretty standard for high end cosmetics.


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          02.01.2010 11:56
          Very helpful



          A good formula product, just a shame about the lack of permenant colours that are 'interesting'.

          My Review:
          MAC are well known for producing some good unique shades (albeit usually as part of their limited edition collections, their permenant line is afairly 'safe' shade range).

          I bought On The Prowl from the Hello Kitty collection ('09) and it is a lovely glossing opaque grey. The polish stays 'mixed' in the bottle, it doesn't seperate like some cheaper brands. I really liked the rubberised brush handle, it gave me an extra degree of control.

          The polish applies smoothly (no streaking/ colour distributes evenly) and if you were in a hurry, one coat would suffice. I prefer two coats for that extra smooth luxe look. I was happy with the drying time, it obviously doesn't match the 'dry in 60 second' type polishes but I was touch dry around 4 minutes after application.

          I found this polish lasted 4-5 days without chipping, bearing in mind I work in a job that involves a lot of typing and filing.

          I purchased this product from the Hello Kitty range earlier this year. I usually prepare my nails by buffing and polishing with a Leighton Denny 4-side file, then one coat of Nails Inc Kensington base coat, followed by 1-2 coats of polish and finally a coat of either Rimmel 60-second polish in clear or Nails Inc Kensington top coat.

          Although the brush handle is 'stubby', its covered in a rubberized material which means you can get a really good grip on the brush, a definite plus!

          This is the prohibative factor for me. I bought this polish because it was such a unique colour but I would choose a cheaper brand if I could dupe a shade. £8 (price correct at date of review) for a single polish is not something I could justify on a regular basis when cheaper brands perform just as well.

          Also reviewed on BeautyJudge.


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          01.10.2009 14:05
          Very helpful



          Highly recommended for professionals and novices.


          Having recently experimented with Mac make up as part of a fashion make up application course, I have become completely addicted although I don't think I will drop my Body Shop love, I have put it on the back burner to find the best of the Mac bunch.

          I have only been using Mac for the past few months and I have found many exciting products that I just love, but I am only going to shard the best of the bunch with you all.

          Having nice strong long nails is a must for me, so a good nail varnish is very important to me, especially with my job as my hands are always in water and abused by other nail products, so I need something that is durable.

          I have now found the ultimate answer that nothing on the market compares too, in the form of these Mac nail laquers. I am so impressed that I just had to share it with you all.


          Nail Laquer is just a fancy name for nail varnish and I have to say this laquer has every right to be fancied up as it really is outstanding and excels in every aspect, you would want your vanish too.

          What makes this different is that each laquer now includes a high gloss formula, which when completely dry allows an outstanding shine on your nail, which lasts for weeks. This is very unusual as many other brands do have the shine formula also included but you need to re-apply it every few days to keep the shine alive. With this Mac laquer this is not the case as the shine stays for as long as you are wearing the coloured laquer.

          Another huge benefit is the fact that it offers a non chip finish, this is very important to me as I hate applying a varnish to have to reapply it in a day or so after it has chipped. I find this is a cheap free laquer that really works, I filed nails and deal with nail varnish remover on a daily basis and this laquer remains perfect as if it has been freshly applied.

          If like me you always apply your varnish when you are in a hurry and it is basically chucked onto your nails, then this is the polish for you as it is unstreakable, which basically you can just sweep it on your nails as thickly as you want and still get a perfect result.

          It really does sound to good to be true but if fact this varnish holds up to everything it says it will, the best bonus for me has to be the hidden conditioners and UV protection which helps strengthen and protect my nails without me even knowing about it, after using this for a few weeks my nails are less brittle and do not peel at all.


          Mac only have a small range of colours, but I think there is a colour to suit every ones needs some of which are to my tastes and some not so nice, but it is each to their own.

          These longwearing nail laquers come in three different finishes a matt finish which is a basic all over colour, a sheer finish which has a high shine gloss finish and lastly the frosted finish which is basically a glittery shimmered finish.

          Here is a list of the current colours available in all three finishes.

          FOR FUN is a vivid plum colour, which in my experience is very popular and has therefore become very hard to find, even the Mac web site has it out of stock on certain occasions.

          DANCE ALL NIGHT is a rich ruby red, which is a nice colour on the nail but you need to be very brave to wear it.

          STEAMY is a bright pink vivid colour, this has become very popular with youngsters but I personally love it too.

          VINTAGE VAMP as the name reflects this is a gothic plum colour, but I have to say it is very nice on, especially if you buy the high shine finish.

          SHIRELLE is a bright red, basically the same as a post box. I am not really keen on this colour as this is what my granny used to wear.

          COOL RESERVE PINK LILAC is it a light pink lilac colour, and it is my personal favourite which also reflects why this is also hard to get at times.

          DARK RICH DELICIOUS sounds like my ideal man, but in fact it is a chocolate dark brown shade.

          ROUGEMARIE is a dark red brown colour, again this looks better on the nail that in the bottle.

          DARK ANGEL this is another colour I would class as gothy, as if is a very dark black with a hint of plum that reflects in different lights. This is also another favourite of mine but I do have to say I am not a goth.

          NIGHT FALL is a silver / grey colour that is awful in the matt and gloss finishes, but the frosted finish is stunning.

          BEYOND JELOUS is a dark green colour that reminds me of the British racing green cars, not to my liking but can look nice if you add a bit of bling to the nail as well.

          DRY MARTINI is a brilliant coffee brown that can be worn as a perfect day varnish, this has been very popular with everyone who has tried it.
          NOCTURNELLE is a black varnish, I have to say this is the only shade that I will recommend all three finished my personal favourite is the hi shine finish but the other tow are equally as nice.


          I will tell you how to apply to polish correctly so that you will get the perfect finish and a result that will last you weeks.

          1) You need to remove any existing nail varnish with a lint wipe / cotton bud, using any nail varnish remover. Once you have cleaned all of your nail plates clear of nail varnish you can then start to apply the new coat.

          2) Remember if you are wearing a coloured polish you need to apply an undercoat, this is to protect your nails from staining and dehydrating. You just apply one thin coat to all of your nails and wait for it to dry before applying the coloured laquer.

          3) Once the under coat has dried you can now apply the nail polish, I personally apply the polish in two coats to get a perfect application, but with this Mac polish you can do it in one coat and still get the best possible results.

          I apply the polish in three strokes, one down each side of the nail and then one down the center of the nail, but doing this you create an illusion that the nails are actually longer than they really are.

          After applying the varnish to all ten nails allow them to dry before repeating the three stroke process.

          4) Now to ensure you get the longest possible time out of your varnish you will need to apply a top coat, as this varnish is very good in itself you don't need to compensate the shine aspect of things by applying major amounts of top coat. You only need a minimal amount to sealing the already applied varnish.

          5) Lastly apply cuticle oil to the cuticles and this will hydrate them and make them looks and feel amazing.

          This is the nail vanish application method I use on a professional level, but to be perfectly honest you can miss the three stroke step and apply it in one coat, I would only recommend this if you have experience in applying varnish as it will be very messy if you don't know what you are doing.

          If you desire the best possible results, try my application method as this will ensure professional results that will last and look amazing, I promise you.


          As you can expect this is expensive at £8.00 for a 10ml bottle, but it really is worth the money as it delivers on every aspect.

          You can buy this online at www.maccosmetics.co.uk or any Mac shop, which are usually located in major towns and cities across the globe.

          If you do decide to give this laquer a try I strongly recommend the Mac under laquer (under coat) and the Mac over Laquer (top coat). Both of which can be bought to £8.00 for the Mac web site or shops.

          MY OPINION

          This has to be the best nail varnish I have found to date, as it is so easy to apply and it does not chip or streak which is everything I want from a nail polish. I can apply this coloured nail laquer and it is still perfectly intact two weeks later, so it really does get the thumbs up from me on a personal and professional level.

          It is a little bit expensive but as this lasts a lot longer than normal nail polishes the actually bottle will last a long while, so I am in no doubt it is worth the money.

          Some of the shades are very off putting in the bottles but they all need to be tried as they look totally different on the nails, if you are unsure which to try I would recommend the light pinks and purple shades as these are all very nice in every finish.


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