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MAC Overlacquer Nail Varnish

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2 Reviews

Brand: MAC / Type: Nail Varnish / Suitable for: Nails

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2011 17:58
      Very helpful



      I can't recommend this overlacquer since I've tried so many better topcoats from other brands!


      I recently purchased this clear topcoat from MAC Online. I needed a new topcoat and MAC were offering a few mascara with every online purchase. Never one to pass up a freebie, I thought I'd try out MAC's topcoat and see what it was like. I figured that it would bound to be fine 'because it was MAC'. Oh, how naive!


      "A fast drying high gloss top coat that amplifies M·A·C Lacquer's high gloss finish while providing a protective coating against everyday wear and tear. Formulated with UV protection, helps reduce sun-related fading and discolouration. Colourless. Instantly guards your nail and manicure!"


      If you purchase this from MAC, MAC's website, or a department store that supplies MAC (Debenhams or Selfridges) it will cost you £9 for the standard 10ml bottle.

      You're probably not going to find a genuine version of this cheaper elsewhere so I'd recommend spending the full £9 if you want to try this.

      The bottle comes in a black cardboard box with the details printed in white. There is a cut out at the front of the box so you can see what you're getting.
      The lacquer itself is in a clear glass bottle with rounded matte black lid. The MAC logo is embossed on the glass. A sticker underneath will give you the product details.


      When I received my MAC overlacquer I was disappointed to see that the bristles of the black brush were splaying out in all directions. I'm a huge fan of MAC cosmetics and have probably over 50 MAC bits and pieces in my makeup box. This is the first product that I felt was 'faulty' in some way.

      I didn't send this back due to the time / effort involved. I figured I could put up with the brush issue because it's a clear polish and therefore I wouldn't need to be so precise with application.

      I gave this top coat a try over two coats of a MAC nail polish (Ice Cream, which is a bright pink from MAC's Quite Cute collection). As I would usually, I let the two coats of pink dry before applying my topcoat.

      Despite the 'faulty' brush, the polish applied reasonably well. The bottle is a decent shape so you can easily hold this in one hand when applying your topcoat. Had the brush not had the sticky out bristles, I still don't think it would be a top quality brush. It's quite cheap looking and not tapered or slanted as you may expect with a high end branded product.

      The coat dried quickly so I was impressed here, not overly impressed because you can buy quick drying top coats on the high street for under a fiver!

      What I really want from a good quality overlacquer / top coat, is longevity. I am usually busy with work and house work, so without a topcoat can end up with chipped polish after a day or so of wear.

      I also look for a high shine. I first discovered my love of super high shine topcoats with Nail Inc's Albert Bridge. So for a topcoat to impress me I'd want it to be equally shiny!

      MAC overlacquer did keep my polish unchipped for a day or so longer than if I hadn't been wearing any top coat at all. But not as long as with other topcoats (Albert Bridge for one!).

      It did not have a high shine appearance at all so I'm very surprised that it boasts a 'high gloss finish'. It wouldn't say that it added any extra shine to my manicure.

      OVER ALL

      I was quite disappointed with this overlacquer from MAC, and am surprised to see the rave reviews elsewhere!

      The price is reasonable compared to some, but you can pick up a Nails Inc Albert Bridge Topcoat from ebay for about £4.99 posted (despite it having a slightly higher RRP).

      If you're a MAC addict like myself, you'll probably end up trying this anyway, and like some other reviewers, might even like it!

      If you're after a really good topcoat, I cannot recommend this one and would recommend going for a brand that specializes in nails rather than cosmetics in general (so Nails Inc or OPI would be good places to start looking).

      MAC has some amazing ranges of cosmetics, and their pigments, lipsticks, brushes and blushes are top notch. Unfortunately I haven't been overly impressed with their nail products. Sorry MAC, I can't rate you highly on this occasion!


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      08.01.2010 17:19
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended high shine protective top coat.


      As many of you are aware I have been a nail tech for many years now, so I get a insight into whats new, whats good and whats not worth bothering with.

      The one product I have struggled with over the years is a good qualitly top coat, Yes the professional ones do a brilliant job but they are very expensive to pay out for your own use, so I have been experimenting with cheaper brands to try and find the perfect top coat at an affordable price.

      My of my clients love the effect my top coats give, but they are not willing to pay the 18.00 price tag so I have found the perfect top coat, which delivers everything they want at a much cheaper price.

      The best top coat that I have found is the Mac Over Laquer, this is still a little bit pricey but if you want professional results this is the one to buy.


      This Mac over laquer is basically a high shine nail varnish top coat, it is designed to prolong your nail varnish and give your nails a stunning glassy shine, that protects and strengthens natural nails.

      This can be used on natural nails or any gel or acrylic nail enhancements, It is produced to bring out the colour of the nail vanish that has been previously applied to the nails and prevent it from chipping or flaking.

      The laquer itself if clear in colour so it can also be used alone to give you nails a nice glassy natural shine, if you suffer from thin, flakey or peeling nails I strongly recommend this as it will reinforce your own natural nails, making them much more durable and less likely to break off.

      If you use this Mac laquer over a nail enhancement, you will also benifit as it is very thick in consistancy very similar to a gel, so it seeps down into any ridges making them less apparent and therefore saves you money as you don't need to go for a back fill every few weeks.

      Another big plus for this product is the fact that it is fast drying, your nails will be dry to touch within two minutes. Which makes this ideal for at home use, if you are anything like me you paint your nails and then scuff them up by being inpatient and not letting them dry fully before tackling your next job.

      This comes with a UV protective fomula, so it prevents the nails from discolouring in the sun of even under a sun shower, some may not think this is improtant but and sun bed queen will know this is a very good bonus.


      This is the same application technique as any other nail varnish you my have used in the past, so it is basically self explaitary but i will go through it to give you a couple of helpful tips.

      1. Remember to remove all exsisting nail varnish with a nail varnish remover and cotton wool bud. Once your nail plate is free of any varnish you can begin the varnish process.

      2. Now select the colour nail varnish you want and apply 1-2 thin coats on each nail, to get a perfect cover apply one thin stroke of varnish to each side of your nail and then finish with a thicker stoke of varnish down the center of your nail. This will give you nails a longer appearace and it will cover perfectly without any brush strokes.

      If you need to apply another coat to get a darker of brighter cover, then apply in expactly to same way.

      3. Once you have your desired colour and you are completely happy with the cover, you can apply the Mac over laquer. If you just want a glossy natural look apply the over laquer only and miss step 2.

      The laquer brush is on the big side so depending on the size of your nails you may only need one stroke of each finger, in this case apply one thin coat down the center of your nail. If your nails a bigger apply the two side coats and then the center coat, as you do with the colour application.

      4. All you do now is sit for a few minutes and you are finished, you with have a nice colourful but glassy set of nails that look like you have just stepped out of a nail salon.


      You can buy this Mac over laquer from any Mac stockest of shop, which are usually located in larger cities or shopping centers.

      I personally get my from the Mac web site www.maccosmetics.co.uk which do charge for postage on small orders, but I tend to buy enough to get the free postage. This is normally £20.00 but at certain times of the year this can go up.

      You can expect to pay £8.00 of a 10ml bottle, which will last you a while as it is a bigger bottle than most other top caots on the market.


      I feel this is the perfect top coat for both natural nails and enhanced nails as it fills in any ridges and therefore gives your nail plate and nice even but nautral finish.

      I find even the cheapest of nail varnishes can be used with this top coat, I bought a cheap varnish in the sale at superdrug and when I had applied it, my nail colour looked very dull and matt finished so I applied a thin coat of this over laquer and it instantly revived the colour, making it more vibrant and shiney.

      This in my opinion is just as good as any professional over coat that you will get within a salon, if gives you all of the same benifits and the results are identical.

      I promise if you love to do your nails then this is a must, as it give amazing results that can last up to three weeks. So it is highly recommended by be.


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