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MAC Studio Moisture Tint

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Brand: MAC / Powders / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Moisturiser / UV Protection Factor: SPF 15 / What it does: Moisturizes, Protects / Skin type: for all skin types

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    5 Reviews
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      15.02.2012 22:33
      Very helpful
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      A really good product for a flawless and natural finish

      When I first began to purchase Mac products a few years ago, I went to a Mac Cosmetics store in London to see if I could try on a few things. I had tried one or two products, but was looking to try out their foundations. I don't like a really noticeable coverage and was recommended the studio moisture tint in the end which i ended up purchasing after it was applied on me.

      ~~Product Description~~
      (maccosmetics.co.uk) A light, tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 and other skin-nourishing ingredients. An easy one one-step finish specially suited for the season, this sheer tint provides just enough coverage to even out the skintone while creating a flawless protected, softly moisturised finish. Suitable for all skintones.

      ~~Current Price & Additional Information~~
      There are seven different shades to choose from and they're priced at £20 for a 40ml tube. It's likely that this will be the price you'll pay if you decide to purchase the product elsewhere.

      It comes in a white, pearly box with MAC embossed all over it. The tube itself is made from squishy plastic so the product comes out easily. It's quite a pretty pearly grey colour and the shade of the product is show on the front as a colour sample. The lid is a nice soft matt black lid.

      ~~My Thoughts~~
      I was sceptical about how long it would last but I've found that I don't need much to cover my whole face. One or two presses from the tube applied from my hand and it's normally enough. What I like about this is that it gives a nice dewy look without looking heavy at all. I put some concealer over my blemishes and also any discolouration before putting this product on top of it. I find this gives my face a much more flawless look. Please note that whilst I do have imperfections I don't suffer much from acne so I wouldn't recommend this if you're looking for a product to really even out skintone.

      Since the coverage isn't heavy, the product looks pretty natural which is what I aimed for. I typically apply this with a foundation brush in sweeps. There is pretty much no risk of looking cakey with this! I'm happy to use this for maybe 5 hours without any primer or powder, but if I know I'm going to be out past that time then I will apply a primer and maybe some powder, particularly because it's not very comfortable to reapply when you're out! In terms of smell, there is definitely one and I can smell it on my face for several hours after putting it on. It's not a bad smell, although it definitely smells unnatural. Since it's not very strong or distracting, it's not something I tend to think about too much but this might be a negative for those of you who are uncomfortable with certain scents on you. In terms of the description on the Mac website, I actually find myself agreeing with it!

      A pretty decent product and great for a very natural but flawless finish. I really like using this and have repurchased it based on positive experiences. I wasn't sure how much it improved my skin tone after I come home from purchasing it, but after seeing photos my skin does look healthy and glowy! I would still recommend anyone who is interested to go to a Mac counter before committing since £20 is quite expensive for 40ml of product!


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        02.09.2011 17:32
        Very helpful
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        A summer essential face product for most skin tones!


        Up until a few months ago, I was pretty lucky with my skin and was looking for a tinted moisturiser for the summer. I didn't have many specifications other than a colour to match my skintone and a reasonable level of SPF.

        I love MAC in general, so when I realised they had a tinted moisturiser, I headed to the Covent Garden MAC Store to buy this.

        For me, the lightest colour which is simply named 'Light' was most suitable.


        The RRP of this is £20 and you're getting a generous 40ml tube. You can buy from a MAC Store (as far as I know the UK ones are only based in London), from a MAC counter in a Department store (Selfridges and some Debenham branches stock MAC) or from MAC online.

        Unfortunately with MAC, you can rarely find a bargain. You'll most likely have to pay full price, but you can console yourself with knowing you're getting an extra 10ml compared to most foundations which come as 30ml bottles / tubes!

        The tube is simple and sleek. Pale silver plastic with a flash of colour (the colour of the tint that you've chosen). The product details are all there on the tube, and it has a smooth matte black screw top lid.


        "A light, tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 and other skin-nourishing ingredients. An easy one one-step finish specially suited for the season, this sheer tint provides just enough coverage to even out the skintone while creating a flawless protected, softly moisturised finish. Suitable for all skintones."


        What I like about this one is that you don't really need to worry about a primer, and obviously you don't need to apply a moisturiser first either!

        With it being less pigmented than a foundation, you don't need to spend as much time blending. You can chose to quickly blend this all over your face with your finger tips and you'll look lovely and natural. No streaking or 'tide marks'.

        Since my skin has steadily got worse over the last few months (I put this down to my pregnancy!), I don't find that it provides good enough coverage. This one is ideal for skin that is mostly blemish free. It'll cover the odd faded spot or any unevenness of skin tone / colour, but it's not ideal for evening out major imperfections. Chances are, if you knew you wanted high coverage, you wouldn't be looking at tinted moisturisers anyway.
        As far as this compares to other tinted moisturisers, it does indeed provide a good level of coverage.

        So after you have blended this onto your face (I suggest a blob the size of a large pea), you're left with a nice, healthy moisturised finish, and any minor imperfections ironed out. You can then chose to apply your powders, bronzers or blushes if you like, but this'll still look great worn alone. Unlike heavy foundations, you won't need to add the expression back into your face!


        Unlike MAC foundations, this tinted moisturiser only comes in seven shades. I use the lightest, and this would be ideal for most pale people. Medium if you have a bit of a tan, and then the darker shades if you're olive skinned or darker.

        The Light was fine for me and I'm usually a shade up from whatever is the palest foundation in any brand.


        The tint lasts a full day on my skin, which may be expected since the moisturising element will stop it from drying out or cracking.

        In terms of lasting in the tube, I think that with every day use, you could have this on the go for around 6 months. You don't need loads and you're getting that 40ml which is quite a generous size.

        OVER ALL

        This is an ideal tinted moisturiser for anyone with reasonably good skin. For problem skin, I'd recommend sticking with a foundation, perhaps a lighter coverage one for summer.

        This ticks all the boxes for easy application, sun protection, good colour and is long lasting.

        For £20 it is a little more expensive than some, but a tube is large enough to last you half the year.


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          04.08.2010 19:00
          Very helpful



          Worth the money and is a reasonably priced MAC product!

          I don't normally wear foundation or tinted moisturiser as I tend to have an allergic reaction to most makes and come out with a rash - not pleasant!! However so far when using this product I have been fine with no reaction!

          - 40ml of tinted moisturiser for £19 in store
          - White tube with a screw top lid - it needs to be squeezed to get the product out of the tube, which is great if you are like me and tend to leave the lid off things!
          - A range of colours to choose from so you will find one that matches your skin tone!

          - - Easy to apply and blends well
          - I find it doesn't irritate my skin so I'm not trying to scratch my face off because there is foundation on!
          - It has staying power! Stays on while I dance the night away and get all sweaty, but when it comes to removing it I don't have to scrub away at my skin! And you know it has stayed on because when you look at your make up wipe you are slightly disgusted at the orange streaks all over it!
          - The tinted moisturiser covers all blemishes well whilst feeling as though you haven't got anything on your face at and leaves you looking dewy and fresh faced!
          - I tend to apply with a brush and it cleans off the brush well!


          For a foundation/tinted moisturiser I do think this is a reasonable price especially as I think it is such a quality product! It applies and blends beautifully but for me the main benefit is that it works well on sensitive skin, covering up your blemishes without causing more thus breaking that seemingly never ending cycle!!


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          07.10.2009 13:33



          Perfect for a light everyday cover up, or holiday useage

          I was introduced to MAC make up by a friend and needed a light foundation for my holiday. After consultation with a MAC assistant she recommended the tint and I have to say it was perfect for what I required. I didn't want heavy powder or foundation and knew I would be getting a tan so needed something darker. I got the Dark colour and it was perfect. I even used it for a good few weeks when I came back until my tan faded. I am now going to actually buy a lighter tint for every day use. I still use a mineral powder to remove the shine but it certainly does what it says on the tin.

          This was my first experience of MAC make-up and I havent looked back since and I am now a converted MAC make-up wearer.

          I actually used to refuse to pay large amounts for make-up, however now I am wondering why it took me so long, you certainly pay for quality. However I actually don't think this is very heavy on the pocket either so winner all round!


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          18.08.2009 19:18
          Very helpful
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          This is my favourite makeup item ever

          I am a big fan of MAC cosmetics, so when I was wandering through duty free after my summer holiday I was extremely excited to see that they had released a tinted moisturiser. If you are familiar with the staggering array of foundation shades that MAC does, fear not. This tinted moisturiser comes in 5 shades from light to deep dark. Having seen some sun I purchased the medium-dark (i'm normally a NC27 prior to summer).

          It is part of the 'Baby Bloom' collection (released on 30 June 2009) which is focussed on soft, sun-safe, lightly tinted face and lips. It cost me £16 duty free, so is around the £20 mark.

          The packaging:
          Typical MAC minimalism, this tinted moisturiser comes in a 40mL silver tube with a black screw-top lid. The tube says it will expire in 24 months, although I'm sure you would have used it all up by then!

          The product:
          MAC has gone all out on this product and it has a whole array of skin beautifying ingredients. These ingredients include aloe and lecithin to soothe, caffeine and sucrose extracts to help skin defend itself against environmental irritants, humectants to regulate moisture levels, cholesterol to help repair the skin's lipid barrier, collagen-stimulating palmitoyl oligopeptides to help repair the skin and vitamins C and E as antioxidants. In addition to all that, MAC tinted moisturiser also has an SPF15 built in so there is no need for a separate sunscreen.

          It could not be easier to use - after cleansing, just smooth on all over with your fingers and make sure it is well blended. I use an amount a little larger than a 5p coin. It can also be applied with a brush, although I have not tried this yet.

          The finish:
          I found that this product provides a bit more coverage than other tinted moisturisers. It gives my face an incredibly even and dewy look, and hides little imperfections such as small pimples and red patches. I also tend to blush quite easily, and the coverage this provides ensures that this is pretty well hidden.

          Staying power:
          When I take my makeup off at the end of the night, a whole lot of tint is on the face wipes - it lasts and lasts throughout the day without budging. My skin feels soft and moisturised throughout the day, and it even manages to control my oily patches.

          I have sensitive skin that is prone to pimples and this product has not caused me to break out or given me any irritation at all.

          As someone who is lazy, this is the perfect product for me. An all-in-one base and sunscreen, it provides me with a flawless light coverage that stays put all day. It looks natural and even, and my skin feels so soft. All I need to do is put this on, a bit of mascara and some lip gloss and I'm ready to face the world. It is pricey, but so are all MAC products, and this one is well worth the expense.

          I think it is perfect for dry to combination skins, and those who don't need a whole lot of coverage.


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        • Product Details

          MAC Studio Moisture Tint / A light / tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 and other skin-nourishing ingredients / An easy one one-step finish specially suited for the season / this sheer tint provides just enough coverage to even out the skintone while creating a flawless protected / softly moisturised finish / Suitable for all skintones.