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Make Up Academy Blusher Shade 1

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8 Reviews

Brand: Make Up Academy / Type: Blushers

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    8 Reviews
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      06.05.2013 20:38
      Very helpful




      Its only in the last couple of years that I have started to wear blusher, I always thought my face was too round for it, my favourite one is the Mosaic Blush from MUA however last year when I ran out and had to order some more online (my local Superdrug is quite small and they don't stock it), I had brought this as an interim measure to keep me going and because it only cost £1, I wasn't too concerned if I didn't use it after my mosaic blush arrived.

      As with most MUA products, the packaging is very basic, however when the retails price of the products is so low, yet the quality of the products is good, this doesn't bother me. The blush comes in a small little compact which contains 2.4g of the product. The hinged lid to the compact is clear with the product name MUA written in silver lettering.

      The blush is available in 6 different shades although my local doesn't stock this many, I think depending on the size of the store, depends on how big the product selection is. The product range is quite big online, but you can also buy direct online at muastore.co.uk.

      To apply, I simply rubbed my brush a couple of times over the compact, the powder transfers easily to the brush and then onto my cheeks and even better, it stays there and doesn't fall all over my dressing table and by the end of the day the blush is still on my cheeks. The product does have a little bit of a shimmer, but not excessively so I look like I am off clubbing! The pigmentation of the blush is good, and it transfers nicely onto my skin, another good point is that it is lightweight and doesn't feel heaving, even when I have layered it up.

      Overall, whilst I would recommend, I would only re-buy again should I not be able to get hold of the mosaic one but that is just because I prefer that version, there is nothing wrong with this, in fact, everything right and for that reason, the blush gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

      Thanks for reading,


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      22.06.2012 22:42
      Very helpful



      Cheap- you get what you pay for.

      Just to note- this review isn't based on just the number 1 shade, as there wasn't a listing for the blusher itself.

      As far as blushers go, I'm not a huge user. In fact this is only the second blusher I have ever tried and it was bought for me a few months ago. Since then, I have continued to buy it because of its great price.
      This isn't an amazing blusher, you do get what you pay for although id say this make up is pretty decent. However if you are a big blusher fan, I probably wouldn't recommend using this as your main cheek highlighter!


      This blusher only costs £1 from the Superdrug make up academy range. Just £1! So if anywhere else tries to sell it to you for more, then tell them where to put it! Because this blusher really is an amazing price!
      At just £1, you cant really go wrong with giving it a try, because if you find you don't like it, you've not really lost much.

      The rest of the make up academy range are also a great price, so they're worth taking a look at if you decide to try this blusher, I've heard the eye shadow is great!

      **The Product**

      The blusher comes in a small compact thin container of 2.4g, with no box or blusher brush, although for £1 you can't expect the world! This also means you can choose to use your own brush, or buy one separately.

      The container has a see threw lid, so you can see the shade you are buying, and the lid snaps open with quite a sturdy hold. I've never had problems with the lid coming open in my make up bag so far, although every time I open my blusher recently, I get the product everywhere!
      I have been using my blusher for about 6 months now, so it has last me quite a while, although as I don't use it everyday I didn't expect it to go anywhere fast.


      There are 6 shades to choose from, although they haven't been given special names like 'light rose' or 'blushing cherry' or anything stereotypical! They are simply, shade 1 to 6.

      I started out with shade 6, although I have recently gone for a slightly lighter, and chose the shade 5.
      Shade 6 for me was OK if I applied a small amount, although very easily noticeable if I applied too much so I had to be careful. The brush I used wasn't amazing, so I did have a few embarrassing moments leaving the house looking like id been slapped across the face when I forgot to check in the mirror before I left!
      I worked at a school recently, and having a kid ask 'Omg what have you done to your face?' isn't the best line to hear on your first week! In fact, I didn't use the blusher for the rest of my placement!

      There are pale pink tones for people with fair skin, and there are the darker shades for those who are more daring, or people who are lucky enough to have tanned skin! I've always gone for the mid range tones because I'm slightly tanned, but I don't like the noticeable 'blushed' look, which is why I am going for paler tones.


      I've always found the blusher goes on easily, it sticks to my blusher brush well and applies to my skin well. For me, it is very easy to apply too much as I'm still learning! As the product is quite soft, it easily turns into a powder and comes out of the container, which means whenever I apply I only ever give my brush one swipe or dab of the product. I find it really easy to go wrong with blusher, and usually dab a splodge of it in one place on my face, although this blusher is very easy to wipe off and blend in and it's easy to re-do, undo and make over with this blusher.
      When I want a small tint of blush to my cheeks, I apply a tiny amount and use the brush to blend the colour in which I find fades and tones into my skin really well.

      I usually use the same brush, which is quite an expensive soft brush, although I have tried this blusher with a slightly harder, bristly brush and I found the blusher breaks from the container really easily and with harder brushes it's easier to apply too much blusher.
      It's important to use the correct brush and choose one you personally like when applying this blusher, as it is very soft, it comes out easily and does apply quite strongly. So to get a soft, more naturally looking blush it may be easier to use a brush your used to.

      Although I have had this blusher for 6 months now, I did have a good amount left, but as soon as I began to get to the bottom of the container, the blusher began to crack and it is now just a clump of powdery mess. I will have to throw this one out which is a shame as I will be wasting loads, but every time I open it, the product comes out everywhere! I do keep my blusher in my make up bag, which may be a contributor to the blusher breaking into pieces, although I feel it has broken far too easily and became one big mess! I can't use the blusher whilst it is like this as the clumps get into the brush and it's hard to get a nice even tone when applying.


      I didn't expect this blusher to last all day and perform miracles, but as I'm not a huge blusher wearer I wasn't that bothered to begin with.
      When I apply this blusher in the morning, I find it is slightly noticeable during the middle of the day, but completely gone by the evening. Even when I wipe off my make-up before washing, there are very little to no signs of the blusher ever being on my skin at all!
      In a way, I like that the blusher doesn't cake my face and stick to my skin, but at the same time, most people expect their make-up to last without having to reapply.

      Sometimes when I apply this blusher, I realise I've put too much on, or it doesn't look right- I'm really not much of an expert when it comes to make up! So I sometimes need to wipe off some of the blusher and I find it comes off really easily! I either use my hand, or a square of tissue paper and it comes off very easily!


      I think this blusher would be great for a young teen trying out and experiencing make up, as it is cheap, there's quite a decent range of shades to choose from and it wipes off easily after applying.
      I will continue to use this blusher as it is a great price! Although if I was to ever become a heavier blusher user, I may go for something which lasts longer throughout the day.

      I would recommend this make up range to everybody! And I would recommend the blusher to anybody who doesn't rely on blusher as part of their daily make up.
      This blusher would be brilliant for people who use blusher for nights out or special occasions because of the short lasting of it. But for now, I will continue to use the blusher every now and then to make me feel a little bit better on the odd days.. for few hours at least anyway, and when I apply right!

      Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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        10.06.2012 10:36
        Very helpful



        A great bargain beauty product!

        Just before Christmas I had plenty of spending to do mainly on other people and I had just moved into a large flat that needed so much. I like many women like to treat myself to bits of make up however I was on a tight budget and not only did I want a new eyeshadow and things like that for the festive season I actually needed a couple of things I had ran out of too and blusher was one of the things that I really did need!

        The Packaging:

        This blusher comes in an oblong plastic and transparent flip top compact and on the top of it we are told what it is and on the underside we are told the colour we have, the size is stated (which is 2.4g) and contact details for the manufacturer are given etc. It's a cheap looking but robust compact this to be fair to it and no mirror or applicator or anything within it but to be very fair this product only costs a pound and you do get rather a lot of the blusher really for the money!

        The Product itself:

        The colour I am reviewing is shade 1 and that's a very light pink shade. It's a light candy kind of pink and quite girly yet a rather light shade that doesn't contain too much shimmer or any glitter or anything like that.

        This is very easy to apply indeed, I use it as the last sort of product I use on my face and I can use this under or over pressed/loose powder. I need to use my own brush to which I have an array of already and I simply swish my brush within the compact and the powder comes off very easily indeed and then I set about adding a sweep of colour to my cheeks and defining what I have.

        This is a very soft and fine powder and its really easy to blend. I couldn't feel it on my face just the smoothness it created once on and it didn't settle into lines or creases or anything either. Once on this didn't transfer off or fade and lasted me a good few hours before I removed it with my usual make up removing routine.

        What I appreciate the most about this product is that it isn't an in your face colour, its easy to build the colour up with it otherwise it simply gives a nice healthy colour that looks natural and it has never upset my sensitive skin either which is a big bonus for me!

        All in all for a pound I thought this a great little product that doesn't break the bank and so impressed am I, I will check out other colours in the range to which there are a few of!

        Only available from Superdrug and Superdrug.com

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          04.06.2012 21:57
          Very helpful



          I can't fault it..

          Make Up Academy (MUA) is a Superdrug exclusive make up brand. The MUA range includes lipsticks, mascaras and various other make up items at very low prices.

          *~MUA Blusher~*

          'No fuss blush for gorgeous sweet cheeks'

          The MUA range incldes 4 shades of blusher which are all pink tones. I will be concentrating on shade 1.

          This blusher is simply packaged in a lightweight, rectangular compact with a clear lid. When purchased from the shop, the compact is sold with a thin, plastic sleeve around it. The compact can be recycled and has a shelf life of 12 months.

          This blusher is a compact, solid powder blush. A brush and mirror are not provided so you will need to apply your own. The blusher is imprinted with 'MUA'. It should be used like any other blusher by applying to your cheeks with a cosmetic blusher brush.

          *~Price and Availability~*

          A large majority of MUA products are priced at a purse friendly £1.00. For your £1.00, you will receive 2.4g of blusher. Available instore or from www.superdrug.com.

          *~My Thoughts~*

          I am a big fan of the MUA range and have tried several of their products now. I have found them to be of a decent quality and completely affordable - ideal for anyone starting out or on a make up budget or like myself, simply adding extra items to my make up bag/box! I like to wear blusher most days as my skin often looks a little pale day to day. I had an accident with my pot of No7 loose blusher last month which resulted in it landing all over my bedroom floor and the tub becoming empty. I decided to buy a cheap replacement to tide me over until I wanted to spend a bit more though to be honest, I don't feel the need to after buying this blusher.

          If you want a massive shade choice, this range of blushers isn't for you. They are all pinkish shades but this suits me fine as I find pink tones to be perfect for most skintones. Shade 1 is a fairly bright pink shade. The compact for this blusher is very basic but does the job. It holds up to being knocked around in my make up bag despite appearing a little flimsy. There isn't a great deal of blusher surface to work with so some powder is often spread over the edges which causes a little mess but nothing major.

          *~Application and Appearance~*

          This blusher is extremely easy to use and you can't really go far wrong with it! I have lots of blusher brushes from various sets and use a basic brush to apply my blusher. The surface of the blusher becomes loose when I run my brush across it and the blusher transfers effortlessly to the brush. I apply this blusher across my cheekbones and it transfers to my skin very well with just one sweep.

          Depending on what level of colour you want, you may require a few sweeps to build it up. If I just want a wash of colouring, one or two sweeps is more than sufficient. If using for a rare night out, I build it up with an additional sweep which enhances the overall colour without making me look like a clown! Shade 1 suits my pale skin tone perfectly. It highlights my cheekbones without making them look silly and provides a healthy flush of pink colouring. It doesn't have the same 'light catching' effect as my No7 powder but it does look pretty on my cheekbones and provides more than ample coverage.

          This blusher is incredibly gentle on the skin and feels lightweight (ie it doesn't clog my pores). It leaves a smooth, even texture on my skin and doesn't irritate. I often apply this under my loose powder and it looks lovely. If I don't want a full face of make up or simply want to give my cheeks a bit of colour, it looks perfectly fine on bare skin. Providing I moisturise beforehand, the blusher doesn't cling to dry areas.


          I have been very impressed with this blusher. It lasts very well on my skin and if I apply in the morning, I can still notice it on my skin at afternoon tea time which I find excellent. It gives my cheeks a healthy glow without making me look overdone so is perfect for a skin 'perk up'. Any remaining blusher is easy to wipe away with a cleansing wipe or a cream cleanser.

          Despite regular use of my compact, it barely looks touched so it was definitely £1.00 well spent and I can highly recommend it. It would also suit to purchase to take away on holiday as if you lose it, you won't have spent a fortune.

          Thanks for reading :)


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            03.06.2012 16:09
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A very good blush for natural looking colour.

            Having bought a number of Superdrug's Make Up Academy [MUA] products, I have to say I am very impressed with a range that costs just £1 per item. So when I needed a new blusher I decided to try the MUA one first, to see if it lived up to the same standards. This particular blush is one of the pressed powder kinds.

            THE RANGE

            Although MUA ranges include a "Professional" collection and other themed ranges such as those with Love Hearts packaging, I bought my blusher from the standard range, where every item costs £1. There is a choice of 4 blusher colours to choose from. These are known by their number only, rather than by a name. I have pale skin so I choose the lightest pink available which is shade number one. The other colours are darker or more peach in tone. I think there is probably a shade there to suit most skins, even though the number of offerings isn't extensive.


            The packaging is very basic - just a black plastic box with a clear lid. It isn't a product I would buy because it looks pretty, but the lid shuts firmly and keeps stray powder pieces inside so it does it's job. I have found it a little stiff to open at times. Once, after struggling to open it, the lid suddenly flew open and I somehow shoved my thumb into the powder and crumbled a quarter of it. This was frustrating because I had barely dented the surface otherwise. I have bought another one more recently, and it is easier to open so it may be that I had a duff one before. You don't get any kind of brush with your blush, but I wouldn't really expect one at the price.

            It has a light smell, which reminds me of old fashioned pressed powder. It is a pleasant one anyway.


            As my skin is pale, I like to add a hint of colour to add warmth to my complexion, as well as definition to my cheekbones. I don't want a blusher that looks too obvious on my skin - I prefer a more subtle effect. This product is a pale rose colour and I did wonder at first whether it would be too dark. The colour looks more intense in the palette than it does on my cheeks though. It adheres to the brush easily and feels very light on the skin. This is definitely not a product I feel conscious of wearing once it is applied. I was very impressed with how well it blended into my skin. The whole application is very quick because I don't need to spend time making sure it looks natural. There is a small amount of glittery particles in the blush, which I believe is the mica used in most similar products. I noticed it more in this one than others, but it doesn't show up on the skin, except at very close quarters!


            This blush feels very light textured on the skin. There is no tell tale "caking," just a gentle soft and silky finish. My cheeks look naturally pink rather than flushed! It certainly helps to make my complexion warmer and somehow fresher too. As it blends so easily, I have used this blush more often that I would have used others. It just seems to take no effort at all to get right. I like the subtle pink produced by one application , but you could build up layers for a more intense colouring if you wished too.

            I normally re-apply blush about lunchtime, and this was also the case with MUA'S version. In other words, it gave me about 4 hours of coverage. I did think that the colour had faded more by this time than other brands I have used. However as it so cheap, and a pleasure to apply, I don't mind doing so again. In the mean time, it had stayed in place, rather than smudging. At the end of the day, it removes easily with a standard cleanser or wipe.


            I think Mua have produced a good quality blush which is amazing value at the price. It weighes 4.2g so it isn't even a smaller palette for your money. I don't think the packaging is fantastic, but my problems were probably caused in part by too little patience when the lid didn't open straight away. It isn't enough to put me off what is otherwise a good product. I would recommend anyone to try it out, especially those wanting a quick to apply and easy to blend formula.

            [This review also appears on Ciao under my user name.]


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              06.04.2012 02:11



              Overall if your not fussed about ingredients this bar far as good as others on the market

              I had heard about this brand on the internet, however I kind of 'snobbed' it a bit thinking anything for a £1 wouldn't be worth it; how wrong I was. I had tried the nail polisha and eye shadow in the past and they was good so on a random quick stop into Superdrug and the fact I'd forgot to put blusher on before work I grabbed something cheap and cheerful to whack on in the toilets before a metting (classy I know).

              So the basics its £1 yes £1 and it's a very good blusher. The packaging is small and handy, it's nothing special but at the end of the day it's about the product inside and not the outside. The shade I have is No2 which was a lovely rusty/peach pink color. Could be used as a blusher although I work it near the cheek contour as well to try and get some definition. You seem to get a lot of product for your money also so I think it would go a long way as the color is very pigmented also and you deffinitely don't need to use a lot.

              I have rated the product highly due to it's affordability, availability and on how good the product is. The only reason for me personally not rating it the full 5 stars is that it contains Parabens and I am trying to remove this from all my beauty products. Other than thi, the product is brilliant.


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              24.01.2012 18:17
              Very helpful



              An okay low-price blusher if you don't consider it a big part of your look.

              I didn't really use blush before buying this, as I never considered it a very important part when doing my make-up - so it was all new and rosy to me.

              The MUA blusher is very cheap (I got mine for only £1!) and it's really not bad quality for its price in terms of texture and look. It gives my cheeks a really nice colour and accentuates all the right features, which I really adore.
              It also feels very good on the skin and you don't feel all 'caked up' as it might happen with other similar products. It doesn't have any strong fragrance, but a very nice and vague smell.

              However, the blusher doesn't exactly last long. I didn't really manage to measure its 'lifetime' on cheeks, but it's never on my face when I get back home and sometimes I'm really not out for more than two hours. I'm sure that, due to its place on the face it's very easy to be smudged away in the mean time, but it always looks like it had never been there in the first place! So, I can't help but think it's not very resistant, but for £1 it's quite understandable.

              Overall, I like the colour it adds to my face before leaving the house, and whatever happens to it afterwards - well, I'm not there to see!


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              27.10.2011 16:04
              Very helpful



              A wonder blusher from MUA by Superdrug.

              I'm a huge make up fan and my favourite brand must be Benefit, however it is really pricey. So I've been branching out trying new brands hoping to find a cheaper option but something that will still be decent at the end of the day. That something so far is the Make Up Academy aka MUA by Superdrug, all prices starting from only £1.00!

              Make Up Academy Blusher Shade 1:

              "Make Up Academy provides trend shades on a budget, allowing you to achieve the latest looks without breaking the bank! - No fuss blush for gorgeous sweet cheeks"

              - www.superdrug.com

              My Findings:

              For work I always like a light pink tined blusher and as I'm rather pale toned finding a pale pink that can add a little warmth to my completion can sometimes be a task in itself. However Make Up Academy has come up trumps with their blusher shade one.

              Blusher shade one is like a pale candy pink colour which is perfect if you have a light skin tone like me. You don't get a blusher brush but after all you are only paying £1.00! And you can pick up a brush rather cheaply in Superdrug too.

              Once I've applied my make up the last thing I apply is my blusher. I normally start with a single sweep over my cheek bone so I can slowly build up the colour if needs be. However as I choose a light shade for work I normally leave it to light coating over the cheek bone.

              This blusher gave me a wonderful cover and certainly gives me a warming soft pinkish glow to my cheeks. I love how this product covers my cheeks well and evenly, one thing I noticed however not straight away in different lights this blusher also has a cheeky shimmer.

              The staying power of this blusher I guess is pretty much standard and will last me a good six to seven hours. The blusher is a compact powder, as you rub your brush over your blusher the powder forms over your brush with ease without cumbering. As with the eye shadow I purchased at the same time, this has a great longevity as I've been using this for a few weeks now every day and not really made a dent in it.

              When it comes to the removal of this product it really could not easier and a simple baby wipe will do. I don't find it irritates my skin at all so a bonus for me :o)

              For only £1.00 I must say it is really hard to fault this product in anyway, again to be picky I'm just not keen on the packaging. Like the eye shades from this range the lids I find to be on the flimsy side so I feel myself being extra careful when opening in case I snap the lid. But there sure is no faulting the contents.

              Price and Availability:

              Price is only £1.00 which is a complete steal for such a bargain product; you're getting a great quality blusher. It is available in a few different shades so you will easily find a shade to suit you. So far I've only ever spotted this brand in Superdrug. You can either purchase online or in store.


              This for me is a beauty bargain must have excellent quality I just cannot believe it is only £1.00, like most things I can certainly see this going up in price! I wouldn't hesitate recommending this range of blushers; it's just as good as some of the top brands on the market. Perfect!

              Five out of five stars from me.

              Thanks for reading :o)

              Additional Information:

              MUA is a range from Superdrug itself for bargain make up products for only £1.00, which I think is fantastic and will be waving my way through there range.



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