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Make Up Academy Lip Liner

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4 Reviews
  • Good value for money
  • Not too sharp
  • A bit drying
  • Limited colour choice
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    4 Reviews
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      15.03.2015 22:42
      Very helpful


      • "Good colour"
      • "Not too sharp "
      • "Includes sharpener"
      • "Only a pound"


      • "A bit drying"

      A brilliant lip liner

      I saw a YouTube beauty video about how to create sexy matte lips with a lip pencil I thought it looked dead simple because even I can colour in my lips right?! I bought a bargain pound lip liner pencil from Make Up Academy in Superdrug. I I really recommend this budget brand if you haven't tried it yet because many of their products are a real steal at the price and I love trying out new looks without breaking the bank. I wasn't sure I could rock the matte lips but I wasn't going to spend a huge amount of dosh finding out.

      I got the darkest red pencil and I love the deep moody colour. It is really quick and easy to use. It doesn't feel too pointy or sharp and it doesn't drag your lips about. You even get a sharpener included on the lid which is really useful and a fab thing to include at the low price. You can sharpen it to the perfect point for what you need so if you want to outline your lips you can get more of a tip to keep things neat. It doesn't smudge or bleed so you can be really quick at putting this on and not look a disaster. Just one sweep gives me a strong sassy colour that is a perfect matte but you can pop your lipstick or gloss over the top if you want. It doesn't last all day so I maybe put it on two or three times but at the price you can't have everything, and it is totally hassle free to pop back on. The other downside is it sometimes makes my lip feel a bit dry. It isn't a major issue but it is something to be aware of if you would use this every day.

      I love this lip liner as the colour is bold and it is easy to use and control, and easy to get off as well. It's definitely worth a pound.


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      08.11.2014 18:24
      Very helpful


      • "Good value for money"


      • "Limited colour choice"

      Line your lips with MUA

      Review of MUA Lip Liner

      MUA or to use the full title Make Up Academy products are sold as part of the Superdrug own brand range. This is a value for money range offering a wide choice of cosmetics at purse pleasing prices.

      **The Product**

      This is a lip liner, designed for outlining the lips before using a lipstick. I used these a great deal in the 1970’s when the lined lip look was very fashionable. These days, thanks to Father Time, sun bathing and (dare I admit it) smoking, I now have fine lines around the lip area. I wondered if using a lip liner would stop lipstick ‘bleeding’ into these lines. As this was an experiment I did not wish to pay too much for a lip liner and MUA sprang to mind as I’ve had several of their products before and been quite pleased with them.
      I generally wear a pinky/brown toned lipstick so wanted a lip liner to match this as closely as possible. Unfortunately MUA only have 4 or 5 shades, these being beige, a couple of pinky tones, a red and a deep plum colour. I selected the darkest of the pinks, paid my £1 and was on my way.

      When I came to try this pencil, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the lid doubles as a pencil sharpener, a nifty idea and so useful. A couple of twists of the lid and your lip liner is nicely sharpened and ready for use. The thing I remember most of my use of lip liners in the past was the nasty dragging sensation as you applied the product, I am happy to report that MUA lip liner literally glides on.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      The colour I chose was not really a very good match for my lipstick; however that aside, the lip liner is very good for the price. I found it easy to outline my lips and had no dragging sensation or harsh pencil point to deal with. The lip liner lasted quite well although I felt it wore off rather unevenly, that could of course be down to me eating, drinking, talking and so on. This is something I doubt I would buy again, not because there is anything wrong with the product, simply the colour choices were not really to my taste.
      I would say this is fine if the limited colour range suits your needs, although at just £1 you cannot really grumble!

      Thank you for reading.
      ©brittle1906 November 2014


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        27.05.2013 11:30
        Very helpful



        A great lip liner!

        I decided to take advantage of Superdrug's 3 for 2 make-up deal this week and stocked up on 2 MUA lipsticks and a MUA lip liner pencil as well.

        MUA or Make-Up Academy is a budget make-up range made for Superdrug, but it is also available online, www.muastore.co.uk at the same great prices.
        Their products are designed with quirky little extras, such as the lipstick has a little pot of lipstick for using with a brush on the bottom of it and the lip liners and eye liners have a pencil sharpener built into the clear plastic lid. I think they have some really good ideas.

        ~ Price ~
        As their lipsticks and lip liners are only £1.00 each, the 3 for 2 deal meant I only had to pay £2.00 for the 3 products I bought.

        ~ Colours ~
        The lip liner is available in 4 different shades - a bright red, a darker plum colour, pink and a very light pink/ lilac colour.

        ~ Appearance ~
        The lip liner is about 6 inches long and the pencil itself is the same colour as the actual product so mine is red.
        The lettering down the side of the pencil is metallic silver and it says, 'MUA Makeup Academy intense colour lip liner - red drama'.
        The lid is made from clear plastic and a metal sharpener sticks out of the side. To sharpen the pencil you just need to put the lid on the lip liner and twist the lid around and the pencil sharpens as if it was a normal pencil sharpener.

        ~ Use ~
        The lip liner is very effective on my lips. It is very easy to apply and transfers onto my lips easily without having to go over the same area more than once.
        The colour is quite bright, which often makes me worry in case it smudges or bleeds because then you end up looking quite a mess, but this seems to stay put with no bleeding or smudging. If you make a mistake it is easy enough to remove from your skin or lips.
        I sometimes use lip liner to line my lips before applying lipstick and sometimes I use it as lipstick and 'colour in' all of my lips. I have tried using this pencil both ways and I have found it as effective as any other.
        As a lipstick it does look quite dry, but I find this with most lip liners and you could apply lip balm or even a similar coloured lipstick over the top of it for a more moisturised look.
        It doesn't feel drying on your lips. I don't feel constantly aware that I am wearing this lip liner, which is something I find irritating with some lipsticks, liners and almost all lip glosses.
        It lasts for a good few hours on my lips. I'd say it lasts around 3-4 hours, but if you are eating or drinking it tends to wear off quicker, which is also something I find with most lipsticks and liners.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        This is a great lip liner. It is very effective and transfers onto your lips with ease.
        It is great for just £1.00 and I would definitely consider trying some of the other colours in the range.
        It does not smudge or bleed and it is fairly long lasting, although will need to be topped up or reapplied regularly if you are eating or drinking.


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        08.10.2012 18:47
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good quality liner for the price but be aware of uneven fading

        I used to use lip liner a lot as a teenager as a cheaper alternative to longer lasting lipsticks. As an adult, I got out of the habit of using one daily, partly because I didn't see any shades that really grabbed my attention, and partly because I bought better lipsticks! I have had a Rimmel lip pencil in my make up bag for some time, so I decided it was time to change it. When shopping in Superdrug, I noticed that their budget brand MUA did a liner for £1 so I decided to try that instead.

        Make Up Academy {MUA} are exclusive to Superdrug on the High street. They produce a wide range of make up items, with everything in the standard collection costing exactly a pound. They also offer a "professional" range which is slightly more expensive but most products are still under £3. I have tried a lot of the make up, and I am more often than not amazed at the quality they can offer for the price.

        I had to wait several weeks between seeing that the brand offer a lip liner and actually buying it because the colour I was interested in was out of stock all that time. The assistant told me that MUA products go as fast as they come in. Eventually I got my hand on the one I wanted - "Brooding Plum". Most MUA products seem to be known only by a number. I do find actual names easier to remember so I as pleased to see they had been adopted for the liners. There is only 4 shades available, of which plum seems to be the darkest. There are also pale and mid pinks available, and a red. MUA say that they offer a colour to compliment "most" of their lipsticks, but as they offer more than 20 lip stick and gloss colours, I am not sure how accurate that is. The main problem with choosing a shade is that the outer colour of the "pencil" does not bear much resemblance to that of the liner itself, and the packaging allows only a minimal view of the actual liner tip. My plum version looked terracotta under the shop lights, so I was hoping the product name would be accurate.

        This is a liner in a pencil form as mentioned above, and it comes with a small but efficient sharpener in the lid. This makes it easy to use when you are out and about. I didn't expect such a cheap product to come with one. It really doesn't look any cheaper than any other liner to me.

        I like MUA lipsticks because of their creamy texture so I was pleased to see that the lip liner has a similar feel. I don't like lip pencils that feel a little too hard because they seem to drag on the lips. This one glides on, and feels deliciously smooth.The colour applies quite evenly but I find a second sweep is necessary to fill in the middle of the lip completely. The tip of the pencil is slender enough to line the lips accurately and quickly which is important for me. The level of pigmentation is good, but I would not call my liner very "plummy" in tone. It is a bit too red for that in my opinion, but I do still like the colour and it sits well under a number of lipstick shades that I have, both from MUA and elsewhere. I wanted to use this as a sort of base coat to extend the life of lip glosses on my lips, and this is in my opnion where it is most successful. I find glosses fade quickly which is why I do not wear them more often. Using the lip liner gave me a good few hours extra wear out of my gloss. I used to use liners on their own, so I tried that with this one. I thought the colour was bold without being too in your face and I have enjoyed wearing it. The finish it gives is matte, so I added clear gloss on top. Unfortunately, the colour doesn't last long. It isn't transfer proof but I was impressed at first that it hadn't completely vanished after drinking a coffee. A second one finished it off though. What is worse, is that the liner faded unevenly, leaving you with a darker line near the edges of your mouth which is not a look I was looking for! Under lipstick, this hadn't happened when I applied a fresh layer of the latter on top, which is why I would stick to using it in that way.

        In the longer term, with weeks of use, this hasn't dried my lips out, and I never experienced feathering or smudging at the edges. I have had my liner for months, but I have not used it every day because I chop and change my lip colours often. Even so, it is still half size so I think it has lasted well. I did wonder whether it woud wear down faster due to it's soft texture. I would recommend it if you want a cheap liner for use under lipstick or gloss, or to wear on it's in circumstances where you can re-apply it often. I think for the price it is good, beause I have noticed uneven colour fading even when using much more expensive brands on occasion. Choosing a colour may not be easy given the limited choices, and the difficulty of seeing what you are going to get, but at least if you make a mistake it won't be an expensive one!

        [This reiew also appears under my user name on Ciao.]


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