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Make Up Academy Mascara Shade 5

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4 Reviews
  • No flakes
  • Long lasting
  • Doesnt add much volume
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    4 Reviews
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      30.09.2015 12:27
      Very helpful


      • "No flakes"
      • "Long lasting"
      • "It costs just £1"
      • "Good colour"


      • "Doesnt add much volume"

      Cheap mascara can be ok

      I love the Make Up Academy range of make up from Superdrug because despite being super cheap most of it is really good quality. One of the most recent things I have tried is the mascara. I was a bit more reluctant to give this a go despite loving other Make Up Academy products because I just thought that cheap mascara, especially one that cost 1.00 really can't be any good. My eyes are my best feature and I try and make the most of them so I don't want to ruin that with a rubbish mascar. But Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on makeup so I was able to try the mascara for free and I'm really glad I did because it's a really decent one for the price.

      I chose black. There wasn't a lot of colours to choose from but blacks ok with me. There is nothing fancy about this. The tubes kind of boring and the brush is basic but it works. It coats my eyelashes really well. Mascara goes on evenly with no nasty clumps. I was really impressed with how quick it took to dry so you can just get on. It gives a really good dark colour to my lashes which makes them stand out. It makes my blue eyes pop which is just what I wanted.

      I think the mascara makes my lashes look longer but it isn't a super lengthening formula and it doesn't give a lot of volume so it's not really a going out kind of look. No one is going to think you're wearing false lashes but it does define your eyes. The lashes are well separated so if you use an eyelash curler as well you can get a good fluttery look.

      I would recommend this mascara because you can't get a lot of make up for £1 but this one is really good and if I had paid a fiver I would think I was getting a good deal. It lasts most of the day and it doesn't flake so a big thumbs up for cheap mascara. I'm not sure if they do a water proof one but I am happy with this one.


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      23.08.2012 14:38
      Very helpful



      Brilliant value mascara

      Up until recently, I would tend to buy my most of my makeup from the No 7 range at Boots but after reading lots of good reviews about Make Up Academy from Superdrug and as part of a cost cutting exercise, I decided to visit the store and give some of their products a go. The mascara cost me £1, so I wasn't too concerned if it wasn't any good.

      There are several different shades available, shade 5 by is black nut they also do brown, blue or clear. The product comes in a 7ml tube which is black in colour with silver writing on. It has a screw top lid with a standard mascara wand on.

      I have been wearing now for around a month and I am really impressed with the results. Application is really easy; my lashes look quite full and extended without looking too false or clumpy. Once applied, the mascara is quite soft and doesn't make my lashes feel really hard to touch. Because the brush has a standard mascara wand on, application is really easy (no technique like I have noticed some other brands use). The bristles on the wand are really quite soft and because the mascara is a nice consistency, the brush doesn't pull on my lashes as I apply. I use this every morning and by the end of the day, my lashes still look good and I don't have 'panda' eyes. When it comes to removing the mascara, it comes away easily with my eye make up remover and requires little rubbing which is always a good thing.

      The mascara is part of the MUA range which is exclusive to Superdrug, it is available in store and online (Superdrug have quite a lot of free delivery weekends so if you are thinking of buying online, make sure you are signed up to their beauty club so you receive their special offer emails, also, for anyone that uses cash back sites like Top CashBack or Quidco, they normally have a rate of around 5% and any discount codes are also displayed there).

      The mascara is that it is not waterproof, however I don't tend to swim too much (or cry) and MUA do have a waterproof option available for £2.

      The only downside for me is that it is a little too subtle for nights out, although I don't get to go out too much now because of the little one, when I do, I tend to opt for smoky eyes and this doesn't really seem dark or thick enough to get the desired effect. This would not put me off buying the product again, as it is ideal for day to day wear, I would definitely recommend, I will now be trying more products from the range and give 5 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.


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      31.05.2012 15:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good value basic mascara that lasts well.

      I love Superdrug's Make Up Academy [MUA] products as they have proven to be great quality, and cost just £1 for any product in the standard range. I have just finished a tube of their mascara so I thought it was time to give it a review.


      MUA products are only available in Superdrug. I have been able to buy the mascara in most Superdrug stores that I have visited, but to see the full range of cosmetics yoy usually need to go to a larger branch. The range includes all kinds of make up such as lipsticks, blushers and eye liner. As well as the standard £1 range, there is a collection called "MUA Professional" which costs a bit more [£2-3], and offers more specialist or advanced products. I haven't tried any of these items yet.

      The range of colours available in MUA mascara is not large but it covers the basic colours you would expect to see such as brown, black and clear, as well as offering a couple of bright shades. I have mainly used shade number 5 which is black, but I have also used number 4 which is brown. Although this review focuses on the black, all the points are relevant to the other colour too.


      MUA don't make any special claims about this mascara. It isn't said to lengthen your lashes or give a false lash effect. The tube is basic, but functional. It looks inexpensive but not cheap and nasty. The brush is perfectly sturdy, and that is the main thing for me. It is also easy to hold because the handle isn't too fat, which is something I really dislike in a mascara.

      I was pleased to notice that the mascara didn't have a strong scent. I have used some cheap products that smelt strongly "chemically" and that really put me off using them so close to my face. I have never encountered this with the more expensive branded versions. Thankfully, while the product has some scent, it isn't a nasty one!


      The brush is quite fat but not so much that it makes application difficult. It isn't a fancy design, being almost straight rather than having a curved shape. I have found that the curved wands do not always offer as much benefit as they claim, and some of them make application more difficult near the eye corners, so I am perfectly happy to have a "normal" brush.

      The mascara itself seems drier in texture than others. I thought the wand wasn't well coated when I first used it but it is good not to have a brush that needs repeated wiping. It seperates the lashes neatly, and I feel that each one is coated evenly. I am especially happy to say that I have never experienced clumping with this, despite the basic brush and formula. This is true even on a second or third layer of application, and I am no expert at using mascara.


      The first coating produces a noticeable effect. I wouldn't say it is a dramatic one, but my eyes look more defined and my lashes are clearly darker when I compare the eye I have finished to the other. I like a natural look, so I would be happy with just the one coat on most days. You can layer it up, and doing so adds the appearance of some additional volume, as well as deepening the colour. My lashes don't look longer, but this isn't something the mascara actually claims to do. I wouldn't say this produces a result that is as instant as Maybelline Lash Stiletto for example, but if you are prepared to spend the time building the colour, you can get a decent every day look.

      It lasts well, and I have never needed to re-apply during the day. It isn't waterproof though. It doesn't smudge or flake, just stays where it is supposed to be. At the end of the day, it is easy to remove with a basic wipe. I hate mascaras that you have to spend a long time removing as I think the eye area is delicate. I do not personally have sensitive skin, but I can say that I have suffered any irritaion whilst using this.


      I think this is a good simple mascara, that makes your eyes look more attractive and defined, which is the point of a mascara afterall!. If you want a fast false lash effect, then this mascara probably takes too much work as you would need to layer it up a lot. if you don't mind spending time on application, or like me, you want a lighter look anyway, this is great value for money. I still think this is the case even though you may need to apply more than one layer. The tube size is 5ml, so it is smaller than some, e.g my Revlon mascara is 7.9ml. But as you only pay £1, I am not going to complain. Despite my thought that the product seemed drier than some in consistency, it hasn't started to dry up in the tube after 12 weeks of being open. Recommended.

      [This review also appears on Ciao, under my user name.]


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        01.11.2011 22:37
        Very helpful



        A bargain mascara from MUA - Superdrug

        Yes another beauty review for me! I do love my make up and people that do read my reviews will know I simply adore the brand Benefit. However I've been looking for cheaper make up that is still of good quality and Make Up Academy is doing well so far.

        Make Up Academy Mascara - Shade 5 Black:

        "Make Up Academy provides trend shades on a budget, allowing you to achieve the latest looks without breaking the bank! - Dramatic Eyes for a Full on Flutter"

        My Findings:

        For just £1.00 I didn't really have high hopes for this mascara; but as the other products I've tried from the Make Up Academy range have been rather good so I thought why not?

        Mascara is always one of the last items I use when putting my make up on so it is important for it to go right the first time. The applicator brush I must say isn't the best however there is a good amount of mascara that comes over the brush. The brush isn't overloaded in anyway and doesn't clump the lashes in anyway.

        What I think works best when applying this mascara is to apply two coats and on the second coat use some eye lash curlers. This way you get a nice lift to the lashes and adding two coats gives you a much fuller look to the lashes.

        This mascara I find to dry rather quickly and once dry will pretty much last you the whole day. So far I haven't noticed any flaking unless you rub your eyes! The mascara is not waterproof and doesn't claim it is. (They do a waterproof one though).

        I've used this more or less every day now for the past couple of weeks and still plenty more weeks of use yet. So super value for money and perfect for work make up, which is glam and affordable. Removing the mascara is a doddle either a wet wipe/baby wipe will do.

        The packaging is basic but still in a way stylish with its minimalist no jargon approach. It's all black apart from the silver writing and on the smaller side than most other mascaras. So perfect for your little black bag.

        Price and Availability:

        This mascara will only set you back £1.00 and at the moment in Superdrug the MUA range is three for two! - Bargain.


        Again for the price I'm really happy with the results given from this mascara. It purely just adds colour to the lashes and has a great staying power. I think this mascara is great and perfect for work, however for a "going out night" I personally would go for something with more definition and volume.

        I would certain recommend this for one of the better budget mascaras on the market.

        Five out of five stars from me.

        Thanks for reading :o)

        Additional Information:

        MUA is a range from Superdrug itself for bargain make up products for only £1.00, which I think is fantastic and will be waving my way through there range.



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