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Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer

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Brand: Makeup Forever / Type: Concealers

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2010 11:42
      Very helpful



      Great concealer, one not to be missed

      Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer

      Since I have dark circles around my eyes I am always on the lookout for a magical concealer, one that stays put all day, helps to brighten the eye area and gives me full coverage.
      I thought I had found this while searching through the videos and endless reviews on the internet. Everyone seemed to be raving about Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer, even a particular site who rates products used by professionals who use makeup on TV, film etc rated this product top notch, so I had to purchase it.
      I got it from http://www.makeup-provisions.com for £20.00 in shade number 2, which is called Porcelain, unfortunately since looking on the site recently they don't seem to stock it or it is out of stock but you will be able to get it from other sites for around the same price.
      Makeup Forever state to purchase a shade lighter than your skin type, as once dry on the skin it dries a little darker.

      Because of all the fantastic reviews and videos on this my expectations we're very high and I couldn't wait to try it. As soon as I received it I tried it straight away, with my little concealer brush which helps to get into all the little corners with ease. You can use your fingers if you wish but I find you get a more defined and precise application with a brush.
      Makeup Forever say this concealer is long lasting, oil free, with a matte finish and full coverage. This concealer has been designed to cover major imperfections such as scars, hyperpigmintation, burns and tattoos. It is light and creamy with high pigments that stays put all day.

      Any concealer should be applied on cleansed skin with a little eye cream onto the eye contour area and wait for it to sink into the skin. Otherwise if you don't do both steps your eye area may be too dry and your concealer wont sit right or stay put all day, which I have found.

      This concealer comes in a tube with 15ml of product, which is the same size of other brands out there in the market. Once you've unscrewed the black plastic lid and squeezed the tube put a tiny amount of product directly onto your concealer brush or the back of your hand. Personally I squeeze a little product directly onto my brush, this way I am not wasting any product. I didn purchase this product in shade Porcelain and it is their lightest shade they do, although it is light I didn't find it was too light that it makes the rest of your face seem darker in comparrison.
      On my moisturised eye area this product seems to just glide over the eye area very easily and seemed very silky on my skin, start from the corner of the eye (tear duct) and apply concealer across to the other corner very thinly. Gently tap the product into the skin, this helps to warm the product with your fingers creating a smooth and even look that is virtually invisible. Once done apply some more product on the area where you may need some more coverage.
      With this product you're better off applying thin layers to an area than thick layers. All ready with one application you can defiantly tell the difference, if you do the one eye test where you do one eye, stand back and look at the difference. You can tell the made up eye looks refreshed, brighter, the whole area seems higher, well rested, less tired and as if you have perfect skin under the eye area. I didn't look like I had concealer on just a perfect looking eye area, flawless.
      Makeup Forever said when it dries it goes slightly darker? I personally didn't find this to be true.

      Makeup Forever also state to apply their Finishing Powder over the top to help it stay in place all day, I didn't want to purchase another product to do this, after all I have just spent £20 on the concealer I don't want to pay for anything else for it to work. I used my normal finishing power and I found this works just as well.
      Throughout the day this concealer did stay put and my dark circles didn't show up, which was great news as you know you will look great all day without any retouching up.

      What I did find however is sometimes I get a little eczema around my eye contour area and this product is a no, no when you have dry under eyes. The consistency of this product seems to gather even more into the dry areas and made it look 10 times worse; after all it is a heavy duty concealer. When this did happen I resorted back to my other concealer, which is just as good but lighter in consistency and I just avoided the dry patches as best as I could.

      I know Makeup Forever say this product will stay put all day, and yes I agree but there has been one or two times when I haven't looked after my eye area as well as I should of and the concealer doesn't seem to last all day, I can see my dark circles seeping through and I need to apply a little more to cover them.

      The other thing I like about this product is the packaging is clear so I can see how much I have left without guessing. Why cant all products be like this?

      I believe this concealer is good and I am glad I purchased it but I am undersided whether to re-purchase once finished? And that will be months and months before I have to think about that. I just cant decided, which of my concealers are best, this one or my Amazing Cosmetics? Decisions, decisions.


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