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Mally Evercolour Lasting Liner Eyes

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Brand: Mally Beauty / Type: Eye Colour / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      24.12.2011 11:47
      Very helpful



      an eyeliner which stays put

      I was first introduced to Mally make up products whilst channel-hopping and saw an interesting presentation by this zany and highly enthusiastic American lady who apparently is a make up artist to many of the the US celebrities. However, having no interest in the majority of celebrities, it was the eyeliner I liked the look of, not the chat!

      I have worn different eyeliners for over 30 years and must have tried the majority of those on the market. Some were cheap, others were expensive but the main problem I had with them was that they were either difficult to apply or they smudged/ did not last. Mally claimed this eyeliner was bulletproof because it does not smudge and lasts all day.

      Taking full advantage of QVC's 30 day money back guarantee, I decided to fork out the £12 (plus p&p) to give it a try but feeling very sceptical I have to say.

      The eyeliner arrived promptly and looks identical to the Dooyoo picture if you look at the green eyeliner pencil (not the liquid as ahown).

      The pencil measures about 6" so is fine for popping into my make-up bag and it does not need sharpening - in order to get a finer line you just twist the barrel which is a plus. I chose Deep Cherry which is a dense burgundy colour with a slight sheen) but there are quite a few to choose from in this range including 2 types of black, dark green, navy etc. Although not perhaps to everyone's taste I do like these shades - the burgundy does seem to make my eyes 'pop' and look less tired.

      I cannot find any ingredients listed for the eyeliner but what I can tell you is that I have quite sensitive eyes and they are not at all irritated when I apply this eyeliner, so I'm guessing the ingredients are gentle and (hopefully) harmless. I have used eyeliners in the past which have made my eyes dry or even gritty, but have not had any such problems with this.

      The eyeliner can be applied in several ways depending on the look you want - eg
      - using it inside the rims of the eyes as you would do with a kohl pencil
      - use as an eyeliner on the lids as a thin lime to contour the lids
      - use underneath the eyes to accentuate the eye are
      - for more of an evening look use all the above plus extra on the lids

      I can honestly say this eyeliner has staying power yet only takes 30 seconds to settle. I have found it lasts for a full 8 hours and it does not move so doesn't need touching up. I have been out in the rain, cried whilst watching a weepie film and even forgot to remove it when taking a shower and the eyeliner was still just as good as when I had first applied it! To date I haven't been swimming in it though...

      Do not worry about removing the eyeliner though at the end of the day - it comes off easily with an eye make-up remover.

      So Ms Mally I am awarding you a full 5 stars for your eyeliner and will be re-ordering when this runs out which may be a good while yet as it seems to last for ages.


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        01.06.2010 12:45
        Very helpful



        Another great product from Mally Beauty

        Following my successful last purchase of Mally Beauty who is a top make-up artist for A List celebrities from LA, which was her best selling product of all time, her Cancellation Concealer, because of this I was itching to try something else of hers. While searching QVCUK.com I came across a product that I wear all the time and have many of, eyeliner. I can not be without eyeliner and hadn't done so since I was a teenager.
        Because of my hooded eye lids I find wearing eyeliner a real pain in the neck. I can't wear pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner on my naked top lash line as the liner ends up all over my lids in a matter of minutes, even the one that say they don't budge. The only way I can wear eyeliner on my top lash line is if I have eye shadow on as well, then I am half way there. Other wise I get a pencil and line my inner rim, which I don't want to do all the time as lining my top lash line actually makes my eyes appear more open.

        At the moment on QVCUK Mally has two different eyeliners, one is a pencil that comes with a shadow to line your eyes, and to be honest this is what I wanted to try but that was until I came across Mally Evercolour Lasting Liner For Eyes.
        Mally says this eyeliner will help your eyes to stand out from the crowd, helps you to achieve long lasting, dramatic, perfectly lined eyes that will last. This professional eyeliner can be used on the inside rim of your eyes for a great night time look. Liquid eyeliner that glides on with ease, while it bonds with your skin it won't budge all day until you take it off.

        Sounds good to me, after all my last purchase was a success and that lasted all day, why should this be any different?

        When Mally Beauty is on QVCUK I like to watch her shows and to learn about her makeup and her techniques into using them, Mally also gives you stories as to why she made the product. When Mally demonstrated this eyeliner a few weeks ago it looked easy to use, well as easy as a liquid eyeliner can be. Mally said she made this particular eyeliner due to celebrities being asked to be in the rain or water for either their videos, magazine shoots etc. She said other eyeliners couldn't cut it and their makeup would be all down their face so Evercolour Lasting Liner For Eyes was born.
        The product comes with 4ml of liquid eyeliner in a choice of colours including black, brown or navy and a stiff slanted eyeliner brush that you can create a thin or thick line with for £21.00 and £2.95 postage and packaging.
        There are two ways to applying this eyeliner, you can either apply it with the thin brush that is inside the eyeliner tube or you can brush some of the liner onto the thin slanted brush and apply it that way, which ever suits you best.
        I remember reading a quick review of a lady who purchased it and she had great results even though she has hooded eyes like me, with this point alone I was sold and purchased my little 4ml miracle.

        Every time you receive a Mally product the presentation is always lovely, the packaging is a lovely light green colour with small faded white bits, like snake skin. The writing is in silver, and the contrast together gives it a classy look.
        Inside you will find your liquid eyeliner that comes in a see through plastic tube with a silver screw top handle. The only change is the writing is in pink now, although this would have been better in silver to go with the packaging.
        You get a small green slanted eyeliner brush, (writing in silver!) and a little booklet.
        You unscrew the eyeliner like you would a mascara, the downside I found with this product is unlike a mascara wand the liquid stays behind in the tube when you pull the brush out, with this there is a lot of liquid that comes out with it, this I am worried over time it will dry up, but the lid does screw back on quite tightly so it may be fine. The liquid is very pigmented and very black, for black.

        There are two ways of applying this eyeliner, you can either use it straight from the tube but you will have to take a lot off otherwise it will end up as a big mess, or the other way, which I do is brush some of the liner onto the slanted brush and apply to your eye. This way you've got the right amount on the brush and there is no fear of over loading. Both brushes give a lovely finish to the eye. When you are applying this eyeliner you had to have a steady hand otherwise it will go everywhere, but I guess this is the same with all liquid eyeliners, even if you do make a mistake it is easy enough to correct it.
        The other good thing I found with this eyeliner, which you don't find with other liquid eyeliners, is that you can apply this to the inner rim of your eye, without worrying it will be scratchy and damaging.

        Mally's big claim on this eyeliner is it will stay on, all day. Will not budge, move, or smudge, nothing. This was the biggest test for me and my lovely hooded eyes. As I have said before I have used pencils, gels, liquid and every other formula in the world, nothing works especially on my naked lid. If I wanted to wear any eyeliner on my top lid I had to wear full eye shadow as well, and this didn't always work either, so if this works it would be a miracle.
        I applied the eyeliner as above on my naked lid and closed my eyes for a few seconds while the liquid dried. Then I literally got on with my day, every time I looked in the mirror my eyeliner still looked perfect and it was still perfect 5 hours later! I can not tell you how happy I am about this. That night I went into the shower, once I came out my eyeliner was still there and intact! It really is miracle eyeliner and I am over the moon.

        At the moment all my other eyeliners have been made redundant as this is the one I pick up time and time again.
        Even though this eyeliner is hardcore it is very easy to take off with eye makeup remover, so there is no need to worry there.
        I can see this eyeliner being perfect for hay fever suffers with watery eyes, weddings and anything else where your eyes may water as this will not budge, unlike the other women with eyeliner all down their face.

        Although the price for this is a little expensive at first, you need so little product for a day application this will last you a very long time.

        This is a fantastic product from Mally and I can not wait to purchase another of her products.


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