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Marks & Spencer Mascara Correction Buds

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Remover / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2009 19:19
      Very helpful



      Cotton buds with eye make up remover in which you can carry around.

      I always like to wear eye liner on a night out as I think it makes my eyes look more defined and noticeable. However as soon as I go out in the cold it smudges as my eyes start to water, as soon as I start to dance and get warm it smudges and as soon as I have a couple of drinks it smudges for some unknown reason! So overall my eye liner rarely stays in place during a night out which is neither an attractive nor a sober look!

      I got into the habit not so long ago of soaking a couple of cotton wool buds with eye makeup remover and taking these out in my handbag on a night out. The problems with this were numerous... very often the eye makeup remover had dried up by the time I came to use them, the cotton buds themselves were dirty from rolling around in the bottom of my bag and my sides of my bag were stained with the remover... not an ideal situation!

      While reading a women's monthly magazine quite recently I noticed an answer to my problem. Marks and Spencer had a new product in the form of Mascara Correction Buds. The beauty and body ranges were launched in the latter half of the twentieth century and have grown considerably. The company now offers four make up ranges, various skin care products including an economy range, hair care products and self tan ranges too.

      The Product

      The Mascara Correction Buds come in quite a plain white cardboard container that has a hole which Marks and Spencer hang them from a hook on their beauty accessories wall. The cardboard has the brand name and the product name on it as well as the words "Beauty Care" and also "24 Liquid Filled Cotton Buds." On the back are some detailed instructions about using the buds which are vital to read so you know how to use the buds. Overall the outer packaging is quite plain but effective and similar to other products in the basic accessories range.

      The cotton buds themselves are encased in a plastic box which is about five inches by three inches and holds the twenty four cotton buds. The plastic box opens quite easily by simply clicking or pulling the lid off at the top of the box. It's also quite secure as you do need to exert a fair bit of pressure to open it which means that the cotton buds won't be spilt easily in your makeup bag. The buds themselves look like standard cotton buds; they are clear plastic in the middle with two white cotton bud ends, one of which has a thin blue line going around it.

      So what do the buds actually do then and how do they work? Well they allow you to correct mascara imperfections or remove eye makeup easily while on the move. They are filled with a gentle but effective mascara remover according to the box. To use the common buds you have to hold the cotton bud upright with the coloured blue ring at the top. Then you need to carefully bend the end with the coloured ring until it snaps off which releases the liquid into the tube and allows it to pass down to the other cotton bud. Sounds simple really doesn't it?

      You'll find that it's easy to snap the coloured cotton bud end and that the clear mascara remover travels down the tube to the other cotton bud in about two seconds. At first you can't actually see it moving which made me think there wasn't anything there! You can then use this cotton bud as you normally would to wipe away any mascara or eye makeup imperfections. When you're done you simply throw the cotton bud away as you would with a normal cotton bud. That's all there is to it really, they are incredibly simple to use and they're really effective as well.

      As for the results well they're no different to using a normal cotton bud with some of my Simple eye makeup remover on. Wiping the bud gently above your upper lashes and under your lower lashes will ensure that all smudges are erased from view in a matter of seconds. You can also use them to touch up eye shadow imperfections as well. The cotton bud does become soaked with the mascara remover quite quickly which means it can be a little too wet and end up removing your foundation as well, if this happens I just blot the bud with some toilet roll.

      Apart from that I don't have any complaints about the cotton buds at all. The skin around my eyes is quite sensitive which is why I tend to use Simple eye makeup remover yet these buds have not irritated the skin at all. They're really easy to store and if you're taking a small bag on a night out then you can easily pop one or two buds out of the plastic box and stick them in your handbag. It's always a good idea to wrap them in a bit of tissue if you do this to stop them picking up any grime from the bottom of your bag, that's where the plastic box comes in handy.

      These Mascara Corrections Buds are priced at £3.00 and are available from all larger Marks and Spencer stores. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and have used about half the box so far, I always carry them with me but only seem to use them on nights out. I find that one bud will sufficiently do both eyes which means I tend to use about two or three buds every night out. Obviously if you use more than this you'll get through them faster but I think £3.00 is a really reasonable price for them and I'd certainly buy them again.

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Buds are filled with a gentle but effective mascara remover to correct imperfections or remove makeup /

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